Mixed or average reviews - based on 6 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 6
  2. Negative: 2 out of 6
  1. Reviewed by: Jeremy Mathews
    Violent, vulgar, disgusting and incredibly funny.
  2. 63
    Far from perfect, but for those willing to laugh at the darker side of life, especially Latin American life, it is fun.
  3. A Spanish-language black comedy with a frenetic style that plays out like regurgitated Tarantino and Guy Ritchie.
  4. 50
    It's abundantly clear that Lozano and company have been re-watching "Pulp Fiction" for the last decade, pausing long enough to pick up the fluid rhythms of "Y Tu Mamá También" and "Amores Perros" while completely missing those films' social and political edges.
  5. Reviewed by: Robert Koehler
    A perfect example of the sad trend in contempo Latin American filmmaking to imitate old Tarantino with only a fraction of the stylistic cojones, frantic comedy dealing with two pairs of confused guys and one pair of kidnap victims is an empty exercise that loses its juice before first reel's end.
  6. A grimly unfunny and stupefyingly inept comedy.
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  1. MonicaS.
    Oct 1, 2006
    Hilarious! But if you
  2. JoseN.
    Aug 27, 2006
    I come from Mexico, and every character shows different sides of Mexico just ass it is. I feel it had a little of everything and thats what made it so reat. Full Review »
  3. CarlinhosB.
    Feb 23, 2006
    so good, so funny, yes it does seem like a Tarantino movie, but that doesn't hurt it at all. I thought it was one of the most entertaining movies of 2005. Full Review »