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  • Summary: Based on the true story of a woman who lived with her three husbands under the same roof in Ceara in northeastern Brazil. From this unusual situation, director Andrucha Waddington and screenwriter Elena Soarez created a fictitious plot that blends humor and passion and tells a story of an uncommon love quartet, led by Darlene, a strong intuitive woman full of the joy of living. (Sony Pictures Classics) Expand
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  1. Needs to be seen and savored.
  2. An unexpected delight, a film that weds the humor and magic of a folk tale with a very modern feel for the psychological dynamics between men and women and for the subtle politics of male rivalry in a macho culture. It has been made and acted with intelligence and evident love, which deserves to be requited.
  3. Reviewed by: Loren King
    Manages to find the magic through its documentary style, and manages to find the erotic in the commonplace. Not since the glory days of Italian neo-realism has lust among the peasants looked so good.
  4. The most extraordinary thing about Me You Them is that no one behaves as though anything remotely out of the ordinary is going on.
  5. 75
    Works because the story is sympathetic to the feelings of the characters, observes them as individuals, is not concerned with the sensational aspects of their household but in the gradual way practical matters work themselves out.
  6. Reviewed by: Frank Lovece
    Like the hardscrabble lives of this isolated wasteland, it's equal parts unforgiving white-heat aridity and golden late-afternoon glow.
  7. 30
    Me You Them can't find a rhythm or a consistent tone.

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