Echo Bridge Home Entertainment | Release Date: March 23, 2007
Summary: While lecturing in Brazil, Dr. Taylor Briggs (Zane), an American authority on memory, consults on a patient found deep in the Amazon. During the exam, Taylor is accidentally exposed to a mysterious substance which unlocks a series of memories in his brain. Memories that are not his. The memory of a killer who committed crimes before Taylor was even born. A killer who is much closer than you may think. (Echo Bridge Entertainment & 3210 Films Inc.)
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Runtime: 98 min
Rating: Rated R for language and frightening images.
Production: 3210 Films
Genres: Drama, Thriller, Horror
Countries: USA, Canada
Language: English
Home Release Date: May 22, 2007
Director Credit
Bennett Davlin Director
Writer Credit
Anthony Badalucco Writer
Bennett Davlin Writer
Cast Credit
Alex Ferris Ricky McHale
Alexis Llewellyn Little Girl
Alisha Davlin Young Alisha Briggs
Ann-Margret Carol Hargrave
Billy Zane Taylor Briggs
Deirdre Blades Alisha Briggs
Dennis Hopper Max Lichtenstein
Emily Anne Graham Allison Frost
Emily Hirst Bonnie McHale
Hailey Shand Lisa Mullens
Joel McFarlane Nick Chang
Matt Fentiman William Terrell
Scott G. Anderson Scott McHale
Terry Chen Dr. Deepra Chang
Tricia Helfer Stephanie Jacobs
Producer Credit
Anthony Badalucco Producer
Bennett Davlin Producer
Brandon K. Hogan Executive Producer
Chris Lytton Associate Producer
Christine Stringer Associate Producer
Jeannette Weinstein Associate Producer
Jesse Newhouse Producer
Robert J. Monroe Executive Producer