Men Cry Bullets

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  • Summary: Gloria (Lauren), a novelist who enjoys rough sex, picks up an aspiring female-impersonator Billy (Nelson) and rapes him after which he falls for her. Gloria loses her rough edge when she comes to believe that Billy is attracted to her more attractive cousin (Ryan).


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  1. 80
    Beautiful story of doomed love.
  2. 60
    This amateurish no-budget effort has earnest charm, and a sensitivity to the tragic dimension of amour fou that saves it from lapsing into shtick.
  3. 60
    Writer-director Hernandez is comfortable with violent, perverse emotions, and can find humor in them -- a refreshing quality that keeps one watching long after her movie has jumped its own tracks and zoomed to a private world of obscurely motivated quarrels and uninvolving reconciliations.
  4. The acting is more amateurish than Billy's diva act, and for all its ambitious editing, the film looks like something made in the Addams Family's attic.
  5. A lobotomized attempt to make a no-budget John Waters movie, Men Cry Bullets is a painful reminder of just how bad indie cinema can be - especially when it plays with gender roles. It's desperately unfunny and dreadfully acted, written and directed.
  6. Strains to be shockingly original but winds up as cheap and cheesy as its characters.
  7. Overlong, naggingly pretentious, more absurd than absurdist and a cruel, cruel bore.

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