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  1. Nov 14, 2013
    Hard to pick up at times, and lacking Lee Jones' cynicism which Brolin's performance was not able to recuperate, despite him being a decent replacement (for over half of the entire movie, it should have been just Smith and Brolin). Special effects were the best part. I found the movie (overall) as almost tedious except for several smartly written scenes. I do not recommend a fourth film.
  2. Nov 12, 2013
    It's nice to see a new MIB movie. It's got a great mix of humor and action. Josh Brolin nails it as young agent K, Will Smith brings his expected excellence, and it's just an all around good movie. It's not the best MIB, the time travel plot is decent, but it takes some familiar and predictable turns. The villain in this movie also isn't the most memorable. Still if you're a fan of the series then you'll enjoy this. Hopefully this is a start of a return for the MIB series. Expand
  3. Jul 29, 2013
    The formula for trilogies is simple, the first one is amazing, the second one is terrible, and the third one is pretty good. Almost all trilogies seem to follow this format, but Men In Black has always played by a different set of rules and as it turns out, the third film was far and away the best of the trilogy. In this installment of MIB, the notorious Boris The Animals escapes from his prison on the Moon. This is significant, because putting Boris away is what made Agent K's career and cost Boris an arm. Boris, determined to change things, goes back in the past to kill K. Once he does, everything descends into chaos and the Earth is at risk, so Agent J, goes back in time to stop him. Once in 1969, J enters into a strange new world where he sees that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Josh Brolin plays the younger K and is absolutely terrific, it was amazing and hysterical how he captures and mimics every single one of Tommy Lee Jones mannerisms to a tee. Will Smith is his usual self, with his quick one liners and terrific actions scenes, he hasn't missed a beat, even all these years later. For as good as the acting in this film was, the story is even better. Watching this film it's hard to believe the story is based on a comic book, because the writing really was tremendous. They took a step back and show what MIB and it's agents were like 40 years ago, at the very beginning and it was really interesting to see. Men In Black 3 is far and away the best of the trilogy and one of Will Smith's best films in years. Science Fiction is usual a narrow genre, that isn't for everyone, but this film does have something for everyone and for that it gets the label of a can't miss movie. Expand
  4. Jul 21, 2013
    Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back after a decade, and most movie-goers barely remember the plot for MIB 2. But it doesn't matter, the third installment refreshes your memory and adds a whole new dimension--the past. Time-travel movies are always interesting and always problematic because of the classic paradoxes that are caused by time travel: 1) the predestination paradox and the similar bootstrap paradox, where going back into time causes the future to change, creating an endless loop (e.g. I know a secret that I whisper to President Lincoln after traveling to the past, and he uses the secret to win the Civil War, which leads to the modern US and my birth, where I learn a secret that I take back to whisper to President Lincoln, and so on); 2) the grandfather paradox, where visiting the past might cause the death of your grandfather or some other event that will prevent your birth, in which case you were never born and you can't travel back to the past.

    This film tries to address that--Agent K's nemesis, Boris the Animal is in jail on the moon, one arm shot off by K, and after 40 years of imprisonment, Boris breaks out and he wants to go back to 1969, the day K shot his arm off and arrested him, to kill K before he loses his arm. Boris gets a time-travel device from a geeky genius, goes back to 1969 and kills K. Suddenly the present changes--K disappears, a young family lives in his apartment, and at headquarters, there's a memorial bust in K's name. But Will Smith's J gets caught in a time warp; he's the only one in the present who remembers the old history. He goes to work and suddenly finds he has a new partner. His boss, O, played by Emma Thompson, shows him the memorial bust to the great K who died 40 years ago. Agent J is confused and he craves chocolate milk, which he steals from toddlers, a classic symptom of a man who is caught in a time warp. So J visits the geek, gets his time machine, and goes back to 1969 just before Boris's arm gets shot off to prevent Boris from killing K so that the past will get set right and so will the future. There's a psychic character in 1969 played by Michael Stuhlbarg, who is capable of seeing alternate futures, which is more or less being offered as an explanation for the time-travel paradox.

    Back in 1969, Agent K gets to comment on old-fashioned racist views. When he gets pulled over for car theft, he tells the cops, “Just because you see a black man driving a new car doesn't mean he stole it,” even though he did but that was incidental and should not be used to reinforce racist beliefs. Back in the past, J meets the young K played by Josh Brolin who gives a hilarious and perfect rendition of the young Tommy Lee Jones. But the young K still has a heart. “What happened to you?” J keeps asking. “I don't know because it hasn't happened yet” is always K's reply. The film is charming, funny, and visually entertaining. We don't get to see enough of Emma Thompson, whose best line is when she gives a eulogy at an agent's memorial service and quotes saddened words spoken by an alien in his native language. Her screeches, squeaks and shrieks are incomprehensible but clearly denote a grieving alien. There could have been a few more laughs to make this film perfect and perhaps fewer people getting killed by Boris's scorpion, but it's still a lot of fun and hugely entertaining.
  5. Jul 2, 2013
    one of the best movies of all time. It was funny interesting and really really good It's one of my favorite movies of all times and I like it very much
  6. May 25, 2013
    Men in Black III is a decent movie. It's probably the best of the trilogy, finishing narrowly ahead of the original and totally eclipsing the lackluster sequel. Josh Brolin is great as younger K and is totally convincing. It's still not an essential movie but it's fun popcorn fluff.
  7. May 12, 2013
    Too violent for the model of the films Men in Black, but that does not erase their quality and originality though obfuscate a bit, because this is the most fun and funny trilogy, but the best and humanizing her characters.
  8. Mar 30, 2013
    As someone who was extremely disappointed with the Men in Black 2 sequel, I can say that Men in Black 3 is FAR more superior to its predecessor. A good movie, with a somewhat confusing plot, but it doesn't take away from the experience, and great action make this a must-see for any fan of the series.
  9. Mar 29, 2013
    Considering a third film in a franchise? Considered a time-travel plot to breathe some life into the story? This is exactly what MiB 3's writer, Etan Cohen, did and it largely works, taking Will Smith out of the present, dropping him into 1969 and adding either new characters or younger versions of characters from the previous two films. Trying to splice elements of time travel into a story always runs the risk of tying the narrative up in knots and although MiB 3 steered clear of these complications, I still found myself pondering the repercussions much afterwards. Due to the plot this instalment features considerably less Tommy Lee Jones than before, but fear not, the buddy movie concept is not lost as Josh Brolin accurately replicates, not just impersonates, Agent K some forty years earlier to butt heads with Smith's fast talking Agent J. Brolin's note perfect performance as a younger Jones is the highlight of the film, helping the plot move forward in anticipation of the event that leads to K's even more dead pan and serious demeanour. What causes this actually turns out to be a surprisingly tender ending to the film, and one that deserves to finish the franchise.

    Michael Stuhlbarg (gangster Arnold Rothstein from Boardwalk Empire) has an amusing, scene stealing turn as Griffin, the quirky alien capable of seeing all possible permutations of the future, all that was missing was a mention of Schrodinger's Cat.

    All things considered, MiB 3 is a likeable return to the form for the franchise, but one that isn't truly funny or inventive enough to suggest that the franchise can go much further.
  10. Mar 24, 2013
    It’s very well made, very slick and everything we’ve come to expect from an MIB movie. It has been said that Tommy Lee Jones plays the part like he really didn’t want to be there and I can see what they mean; he seems to be just going through the motions in many of his scenes. I thought Josh Brolin did a decent job as the young Agent K and Will Smith played Agent J with his usual panache. I did feel they went for a few too many cheap laughs, but it was good to hear ‘Pictures of Matchstick Men’ by Status Quo in the Andy Warhol party scene. Maybe not as good as the first one; about on a par with the second… Worth a look if you’re a fan of the franchise; otherwise, I’d give it a miss.

    SteelMonster’s verdict: RECOMMENDED (just)

    My score: 6.5/10
  11. Mar 14, 2013
    This was a cash grab and should have never been made. There is to much talent for a movie this bad. More than the other two the aliens in this movie are extremely annoying.
  12. Mar 14, 2013
    An improvement on its predecessor, but still not as good as the first movie. Script and characters are good, but a very under utilized villain that should have been a bit more prominent. Josh Brolin is fantastic as young Kay and Michael Stuhlbarg introduces a really great character that adds a bit of flavor to the story. Overall: A very enjoyable film that could have been better.
  13. Feb 13, 2013
    Surprising return to form for the Men In Black, this film went through some developmental twists and turns to finally make it to the big screen. I'm glad I seen it, because lets face it, the second entry was enough to turn anyones once great love for this bizarre but brilliant franchise into a sour, bad-tasting, happily distant memory .
    It might not be just as good as the first in the
    series, a few too many pop culture references for my liking, but it had a very interesting story, everything is brought into full circle, and the performances of the three leads is enough to re-watch this movies over and over again.
    Will Smith returns in his first starring role since 'Seven Pounds', four years ago, in the role of Agent J, who continues to investigate alien life forms on earth with the returning Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K.
    A new threat named Boris the Animal (Jermaine Clement) has broke out of his prison on the moon to exact revenge on K, who severed Boris' arm in the 60s.
    A time travel story ensues involving J going back to help prevent a major catastrophe involving everyone named.
    Josh Brolin enters as a young Agent K, and he is fantastic, and spot-on in his delivery as a young K, and a dead ringer for a young Tommy Lee Jones, and the chemistry and witty throwbacks with Will Smith are genius.
    Will Smith himself is a welcome return, his screen presence is oozing confidence and appeal that many fail to match, his comedic quips with Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin are quite unmissable, lets hope we don't wait another four years for him to be on screen (We won't, look up After Earth). Tommy Lee Jones smaller but more significant appearance in this takes his straight-faced acting to new heights, and he doesn't disappoint.
    A supporting cast includng Emma Thompson, Michael Stuhlbarg and even Nicole Scherzinger, there is plenty of familiar faces to entertain everyone. The special effects and action are brilliant, especially the time-travelling sequence, showing a glance of other periods of time in the same location was quite ingenious from director Barry Sonnenfield and writer Ethan Cohen.
    With a marvellously touching finale for our suited heroes, this was a revealing form of personal emotion for the franchise, and it therefore solidifies itself as an great, fun and well-thought entry into the series,
  14. Jan 28, 2013
    I enjoyed this movie, felt that it captured my attention and entertained me throughout. The team of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones is a wonderful one. Overall quite good.
  15. Dec 16, 2012
    Now this is the sequel I think we were all waiting for. Will Smith plays Agent J as great as ever but the real surprise here is what an amazing job Josh Brolin does at emulating Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K. The add the incredibly interesting plot and this movie was just fantastic. Previews show how J must travel back in time to save K so that's no spoiler. However, the way the story was written was absolutely genius and the way the plot unfolds is even better. I didn't like how J continues to play the "punching bag" of sorts, even though he is now a senior agent. I think that hurts the progression of the characters some. However, the character development in this film actually goes pretty deep into their histories and the relationship between J and K gets a lot of "meat" added to it which I enjoyed. Overall, I didn't think it was quite as entertaining as the first but it was a great sequel. Now if I can just get a neuralizer to erase Men In Black II from my memory... Expand
  16. Dec 14, 2012
    A much better entry into the franchise than Men in Black II. In fact, it's just entertaining enough to justify the move to make another film. Most of it feels rushed, conveniently plotted and, while it resonates a little more than the last entry, the touching twist at the end comes about with awkward footing. Granted, the rip on the sixties isn't nearly as clever as the jokes lead you to believe, but the plot is more engaging than most summer releases (maybe I'm just a fan of time-travel films) and the effects pop, while also providing for most of the humor that works. A big flaw is that the relationship between J and K, while it is explored more than the past films, feels fake to me. The chemistry between Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith seems to be lacking and I think it is how out of touch the actors have been with these characters over time. However, we are graced with a great, original performance from Michael Stuhlbarg and Josh Brolin's Agent K impersonation is really spot-on. Expand
  17. Dec 8, 2012
    Bad sequel, disappointing but entertaining ...
  18. Nov 28, 2012
    Surprisingly entertaining and affecting film with well written characters and solid action.
  19. Nov 23, 2012
    The movie wasnt as bad as I thought, it was intresting to watch. It was fun at times and with a decent story!
    The visual effects sometimes were just stunning!
  20. Nov 14, 2012
    I didn't even notice the quality of the acting. This movie is all about playing with ideas. I haven't seen the same physics ideas played with like this in any other movie, which makes this unique. Especially for a Hollywood production. Apparently it was written by Etan Cohen, the guy who wrote Idiocracy. An under-the-radar new classic which involves awkward time-travel. Here, it's less about 'funny' and more about 'fun'. Less jokes, more action. Expand
  21. Nov 7, 2012
    I don't understand all the complaints and the bashing critics, it was exactly what you would expect from a MiB movie: light entertainment, nice effects for who's into that, shameless plot-holes and that sort of comedy MiB has always had. If you are not a fan of men in black and/or of the "more of the same" concept I guess avoid this at all costs, otherwise the movie is exactly what it has to be. (Which of course doesn't mean that it's super good, it's... good). Other various merits of the movie: bringing the trilogy up to date with the obligatory new pop-culture references, young K was perfect, and the subtle (read: tasteful) Frank appearences. Expand
  22. Y-L
    Oct 4, 2012
    Funny, with a different storyline from the previous two.
    In 2012, the director, Barry Sonnenfeld brings us another chapter of the MIB series, one that has a slightly different storyline than the previous. As we can expect, MIB 3 stars Will Smith(Agent J) and Tommy Lee Jones(Agent K), and joining them this time are Josh Brolin(Young Agent K) and Jemaine Clement(Boris/ Boris the animal).
    In between MIB 2 and MIB 3, Barry Sonnenfeld directed a couple other movies and TV series of different genres, such as Runaway Vacation(comedy) and Play or Be Played(thriller). Both of which, did not have many favorable reviews from the general public, but MIB 3 did exceed my expectations. MIB 3 is a hybridity of three genres: sci-fi, action and comedy. Throughout the film, many special effects are used, such as the appearance of aliens, the use of space guns, Agent K jumping off the building, alien crawling out of Boris Expand
  23. Sep 11, 2012
    A LOT better than the horrible MIB2 who almost killed the franchise but still not an equal to buddy-comedy classic MIB1. Brolin is well cast as Jones' younger version and works well as Smiths straight-man counterballance. The VFX are not entirely realistic even at the 225m$ budget but they are in line with the comic book style of the series. All in all I had great fun with the film and never got bored (as I did with MIB2) so a worthy sequel that got the series back on track! Expand
  24. Sep 8, 2012
    Men in Black III is sure an amazing piece of work by Will Smith , Tommy Lee Jones and Sonnenfeld .Even though the basic story was amazing the script wasn't that funny and solid . There wasn't funny moments like the last 2 times and i felt that the script was too fast . Many character didnt even had much screen time as they should . Acting was very well done but this time Visual Effect wasn't good at all . Those effects were so eye glowing .
    Over all its a fun movie but not Funny movie . Great performance by the actors but bad performance by the Effect Crew !
  25. Aug 13, 2012
    Watched it again, after sleeping throughout the second half of the movie last time. Like all MIB movies, it's simply filled with so much plot holes that it's staggering. However, it's a solid entry in the franchise and is actually the best one for me.
  26. Aug 9, 2012
    Really funny, judging from my audience's reaction--that's the best part. The script uses time travel and a "new" character--Young K (Josh Brolin)--to mix up the formula from the last two. The Big Baddie, Boris the Animal, is probably the weakest part. He's just angry and kinda dumb with no interesting features. Boris is basically a rehash of MIB1's Bug but somehow worse. MIB3 is a little worse than MIB1 mostly because it's just not "new" anymore, though the writing is probably technically better here and this one is much funnier. Way, way better than MIB2. If you liked the first one but hated the second, it's still worth a watch. Expand
  27. Aug 1, 2012
    The revival of the Men In Black series is definitely a good closing argument. Agent J(Will Smith) and Agent K(Tommy Lee Jones) don the iconic black suits for a time travelling and unravelling adventure. It presents action from the gate as Boris the Animal(Jermaine Clement) escapes from a prison on the moon. The film cost $215 million total, (no doubt all spent on keeping Jones young enough to stand next to age defying Smith) landing it spot number 11 on the list of most expensive films of all time. But the experience is worth the bill.
    Without spoiling, Agent J has to go back in time to save the world and Agent K. And while Tommy
  28. Jul 23, 2012
    I like it but it has a lot of information.It has a funny part.It is so funny.It has a lot of vertigo the time-jump.Agent J is so funny.OK,ha ha ha ha ha!
  29. Jul 22, 2012
    The idea was good, but poorly executed. This is more of a children's movie, MIB 2 was much better, with funny jokes, including the one with Frankie singing, hilarious.
  30. Jul 20, 2012
    Did we really need yet another sequel to the fantastic original, no not really, but what we do get is a very good threequel which is miles better than the second one. After all the production problems, this film doesn
  31. Jul 15, 2012
    i'm a big fan of men in black movies but unfortunately the third part is the weakest link of the series. it was funny but the first two movies were better!
  32. Jul 15, 2012
    This is a men in black movie. As usual, it doesn't really takes itself too serious. And that's a good thing that gave me plenty of laughs during the movie. It's the best of the 3 in my opinion. I found the story better than the original 2. What was a great surprise was how the young agent K played so well how the old is that I could believe it was him. Anyway, it's a Men in black movie and if you liked the previous ones, you should check this out. Expand
  33. Jul 13, 2012
    Definitely improves on the franchise's second installment. The performances are funny and the whole time travel thing is pretty interesting. At sometimes it went a little slow, but it was a good time nonetheless.
  34. Jul 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Men in Black III is the best film I have seen this year (in the cinemas), it's writing seems slightly sloppy and out of date but it doesn't harm the movie, in fact it may make it more enjoyable (it's not Shakespeare is it?). The special effects are very good, which makes me wish I watched the film in 3D. The acting by all involved is top-notch, especially that of Josh Brolin as a "Young K": Who's onscreen chemistry with Will Smith is fantastic to watch. The antagonist this time is more enjoyable and memorable than that of either the first or (particularly) the second film, maybe helped by Jermaine Clement, who always adds some originality and fun to films (when you see his USP, you might even cringe a little). The ending of the film is sweet, although it is a little confusing. It may not be the first film (which I haven't seen in ages) but it is certainly very good. Bring on Men in Black 4! Expand
  35. Jul 9, 2012
    There is something magnetic about Will Smith
  36. Jul 3, 2012
    This movie wasn't half bad. The CGI was okay, that acting was decent and the story was intriguing. Sadly you don't get the funny humor and arguments from the first two movie but there's enough to satisfy you. Not as good as the original but much better than the second installment.
  37. Jul 3, 2012
    An undeniable improvement over it's predecedessor. Great acting, particulary from Josh Brolin. Almost as good as Men In Black 1, perhaps if they cutted the first 20 minutes, it would be just as good, and would mantain the short lenght it always had.
  38. Jun 27, 2012
    Men In Black III comes out to be a really good and fun time. It's great to see Will Smith again (his last film being "Seven Pounds" back in 2008) and seeing him back on the big screen where he belongs really can't get any better. Great writing and a hilarious script make Men In Black III a summer hit, and quite possibly the best Men In Black yet.
  39. Jun 24, 2012
    There are many things that shouldn't have happened in this world, Nazi Germany, Mai Lai you can now add Men In Black 3 to that list. A film which should have been dumped somewhere in 2004's movie schedule. But instead trumps everyone and comes in 10 year after the last time (Which I quite enjoyed). It's not a good sign that the filmmakers stopped production 1/2 way through because they discovered that this piece of **** doesn't make sense. Jolly Will Smith then steps in to save the day with this god-awful time travel plot. The story has more holes then a sieve. Arrr and it cost so much money, $225million and for what? Will Smiths wage? There is no big time action set pieces and shoddy CGI. And it has the campiest villain since Battlefield Earth. Expand
  40. Jun 21, 2012
    well at least it's better than the sequel...Its one redeeming quality was the work of Josh Brolin (bang on)
    i'm shocked to see "Top Critics" give this movie positive reviews; It seems that they set their expectations so low for these films that any decent element (i.e. josh brolin's performance) is enough to give it a passing grade...
  41. Jun 17, 2012
    The third installment of MIB3 was long in coming but does a fair job in recapturing the fun lost by the abysmal second movie. My greatest compliment for any movie is that i never lost interest or found myself having an internal dialog about how uncomfortable my seat is. From fast paced beginning to touching end i was enthralled. Whomever did the casting did an excellent job not choosing any failures to be in this installment...Yes, i am talking about you, Johnny Knoxville! The story itself was streamlined and fit perfectly into this sci-fi universe...what sci-fi show does not have a time-travel episode. What is thought to be cliche to some is tongue and cheek to a true fan of the genre. Fun movie during a so far pretty lackluster time for movies. Expand
  42. Jun 17, 2012
    Making a 10 year gap between the 2 movie was a big risk to take, but I'm glad to announce that Men in Black 3 was a great movie. Josh Brolin (Young K) was did soo well in this movie playing as Agent K, he sounds almost identical to Tommy Lee Jones (great actor). Jemaine Clement (Boris the Animal) played a Baddie in this movie and did a great job at it too. The movies plot was a tough one to pull off especially in a 1 hour and 47 minute film length, but it was executed beautifully because of it's melodramatic twists through out the movie. You HAVE to listen carefully though because this one of the three is not just about saving the world, it also have a deep and meaningful separate story with in it as well.

    Men in Black 3 is not that violent or rude but is recommended for older audiences because younger kids wouldn't understand it's difficult designed plot. Overall Men in Black 3 was a great movie and definitely a must see!

  43. Jun 16, 2012
    I was completely surprised that the critics would have been so negative about this movie. It is by far the best movie in the series and one of the better sequels of all time. The story is a great example of classic science fiction writing. The characters of K and J were flushed out from plucky comedic characters to full 3-dimensional people.

    The story was fun, exciting, and had a good
    share of plot twists. You won't guess how it will end until shortly from the end. Some plots were easily predicted, but they were still very fun to see unfold.

    I think the big issue with this movie is that it steers away from a constant joke reel about aliens, and turns into a more soul searching story that leaves you both laughing and crying.

    So far, best movie I've seen this year.
  44. Jun 14, 2012
    This is not the worst movie I have ever seen, though probably the worst that cost triple million figures to make. I don't know where that money went, since the special effects seem to have escaped from some flick from the mid to late 90s, that hand-palm CG looked no better than Scorpion's "Get over here" deal from the Mortal Kombat movie! Of course, special effects aren't the only limiting factor of any movie, but MIB III does no better on the acting or story front - Will Smith seems so subdued and robotic I found myself looking at the back of his neck for a body-snatching Alien, alas nothing doing. I doubt any intelligent actor who read the script would sign on unless a giant sack with a dollar sign was involved...hey, wait a minute, maybe that is where those hundreds of millions went! Apart from Lee Jones and Brolin, all the other actors were unfamiliar to me, most couldn't act a dime, and I am guessing the producers cheaped out on the rest of the cast because of you know...the matter of Smith's fee. The plot involving time travel is trite, underwhelming, cliche ridden...most of the effects laden action happens in the fist half of the proceedings, and then in the second things almost slow down to a crawl through Molasses, with no witty jokes, interesting exposition, good banter or anything, if by this point you haven't escaped to the Lobby and decide to stick it out you find the situation doesn't improve and the whole thing fizzles to a less than lukewarm climax. What interested me with the movie was it cribbed from some unlikely movies I have seen like Fright Night Part 2 (1988), Dead Heat (1988), and
    Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey to name but a few, however MIB III doesn't even have half the energy of those movies. Most non discriminating viewers will probably have an okay time with it, it isn't out-rightly unpleasant or anything, but every aspect of the movie is so flat and dull, it tries for a sense of whimsy & wonderment but the movie is constantly at war with its own half-hardheartedness and sadly loses.
  45. Jun 14, 2012
    The synopsis of this third installment of the Men in Black trilogy has a familiar plot, but with a scent of distinctive taste of difference that the director Barry Sonnenfeld (first two Men in Black films, and the Addams Family) gives regarding the plot. Agent J travels back in time to the early years of the MIB of the year 1969. Agent J
  46. Jun 13, 2012
    I thought, for what this movie was, it was very good. Keep in mind that Men In Black is almost a spoof on science fiction movies, because of its comedic element. I thought the movie lagged a bit at the start, but then sped right up and kept me on the edge of my seat, while still being very funny and enjoyable. I thought the early development of Tommy Lee Jones' character was brilliant, seeing as he is such a tight-lipped character about his personal life. Overall, I thought this movie was excellent. I would reccomend it to anyone who is looking for a good time. Expand
  47. Jun 12, 2012
    Men In Black 3 had it all comedy, action,and great monsters. To me this was one of the best movies this year. I recommend this to all ages, and parents can take there kids to go see it.
  48. Jun 12, 2012
    This fantastic movie seems to be harshly scored at an average 7. For fans to the series this movie will mean a lot to you and the ending will bring you to tears. On another note, Will smiths return was not a let down. If you've seen the previous movies this is a must watch, if you haven't, give it a go. I'm sure you'd still enjoy it.
  49. Jun 12, 2012
    +Josh Brolin as Tommy Lee Jones
    +3D was cool
    +storyline was good
    +best of the series
    +surprising twist at the end +Jermain Clement

    -just felt that I should expect more
  50. Jun 11, 2012
    Perfect MIB movie! The story was terrific and heartfelt. The storyline of MIB3 corresponded great with the first MIB. Outstanding movie, not much more anyone can say.
  51. Jun 10, 2012
    I believe that this is a very good, versatile, movie. The plot was slightly systematic, and I am very biased towards this series as it has been so good to me. However, trying to keep a level head I would highly recommend this movie to someone, and think that it is one of the better movies that has come out recently.
  52. Jun 10, 2012
    Hello there!I really liked the movie - it was funny interesting and in some moments i couldnt take my eyes of the screen! Very good ending and i hope there will be MIB4!The only thing missing - some 'Hollywood' things make the story a bit stupid and not realistic in some ways - but it is ok.
  53. Jun 9, 2012
    The first six or seven minutes of this movie were just terrible. TERRIBLE. But after that, it was just great. I was very doubtful of the "time-jumping" they showed in the trailer, but it really worked out. The movie was hilarious at times but some jokes did fail. The story was decent and the acting was just superb. Josh Brolin did so well as "Young K" that made me kind of wish I could see more Men in Black movies with him and Will Smith. Overall, the movie is a blast and I would definitely enjoy watching this film a second time around. Expand
  54. Jun 9, 2012
    An easy to follow, enjoyable film. Some of the story was a little too easy to predict but it didn't take away from the whole. If you liked 1 & 2 then chances are you'll like this. Which reminds me, I might have to watch them again!!
  55. Jun 9, 2012
    I registered with this site just to write this review about MIB 3D because I have a complaint about the way the filmmakers used the 3D technology and I feel it's fair to warn others about the effects. While the film was in 3D enabling you to choose to focus on foreground or background objects, for most of the picture the filmmakers chose to use selective focus so that if you did have a moment where you chose to "focus" on something in the background, it would still be out of focus. In my opinion, this sort of defeats the purpose of having a film in 3D while also increasing the difficulty of adjusting to the 3D techniques themselves. Foreground objects seem to pop preternaturally out from the jumbled mess of out-of-focus scenery. You're eyes spend time adjusting between close, super-focused actors and trying to focus on something in the background which never comes in to focus anyway. Maybe others aren't bothered by this, but if you compare this effect with a film in which 3D is used correctly, this difference is striking. Expand
  56. Jun 8, 2012
    This movie actually had MUCH more dimension than I thought it would! It was well edited, and the dialogue was quite good! It was a far better movie and much more intelligent than Prometheus. Heh..heh.
  57. Jun 6, 2012
    There is nothing that this movie could have done to be great with the plot and script prepared. The basics of story telling are tossed out the window: no presentation, no perspective, and no focus. The pace of the movie is ridiculous. And the dialogue is so bad it would have been funny if I had not paid 5 bucks to listen to it.

    No no no. All wrong. And for reference, I liked both the
    first and the second movies. Expand
  58. Jun 6, 2012
    I'm not a huge MIB fan, but i liked this movie. A very fine sci-fi story, great CGI, and great acting by Will Smith and tommy lee jones. If you're a sci-fi fan looking for a good movie, you found your movie.
  59. Jun 6, 2012
    I thought it was pretty good. I really enjoyed Josh Brolin as young K. I also thought the way they tied up the loose ends with J's father was a nice touch.
  60. Jun 6, 2012
    Saw the film in cinema with a 2D version, after 4 years absence from the screen, Will Smith eventually returns with his most tailor-made MIB suit as Agent J (with his craggier partner, Tommy Lee Jonesâ
  61. Jun 5, 2012
    AWESOME FILM. This film had EVERYTHING! Action, humor, gadgets and the most important thing of all.....ALIENS! Here's the plot, a ruthless beast, borris the animal escapes from a prison on the moon, he gets back to earth to KILL agent K.....But not in the present day. Excellent movie, 9 out a 10
  62. Jun 5, 2012
    The movie wasn't shocking it was just disappointing compared to the first two movies, I found the movie to be less humorous than the others and the ending which i won't spoil was disappointing. The movie was saved from disaster with Josh Brolin's role as young K and his relationship with Will Smith, they just seem tp work well with each other.
  63. Jun 5, 2012
    Esta pelicula es digna de llamarse Hombre de Negro 2, esta pudo ser la secuela perfecta de la primera. Tiene un buen desarrollo de principio a fin, una lastima que Tommy no haya salido tanto en la pelicula, pero bien podemos regozigarnos con su presencia, y Will Smith siempre me ha parecido extraño que en las peliculas de MIB lo veo mas joven que en otras como I Robot y Im Leyend, quizas sea por su traje negro. En fin, realmente disfrutaras mucho mas esta pelicula que la segunda parte, yo le doy un bien merecido 10. Expand
  64. Jun 4, 2012
    Men in Black III was the first sequel to come out in the past 10 years and it was good surprisingly. It was a major step up from the 2nd film's disaster and what made it good was the memorable acting done by Josh Brolin played as Young Agent K. The chemistry between Brolin and Smith was great and the humor wasn't off. The one to point out is the movie felt too long and thats why I gave it a 7. Rent it on DVD Expand
  65. Jun 4, 2012
    The first one was pretty good, the second was awful and surprise, surprise, Men in Black 3 actually turned out okay. It was fun and filled to the brim with interesting visuals and fresh, new ideas. I cringed at times for some of the humor, but it had its moments. I liked the exclusion of the Pug, and most of all, I enjoyed Josh Brolin's spot on impersonation of young Agent K. I didn't go into this expecting anything remotely close to the original, and it wasn't. It has lost a lot of the charm and appeal that was present in the original,15 years ago. The screenplay was at times weak and some of the time travel logic questionable, but that was easy to ignore. This is by no means anything special and I will probably forget about the movie in a day or two, but I enjoyed MIB3 for what it was. Expand
  66. Jun 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Bet you thought Andy Warhol was an alien. Nope!

    As it turns out, he's actually Bill Hader in disguise, who's actually one of the men in black in disguise, some of whom may or may not be disguised as present day Andy Warhol impersonators. Think about it. At any rate, the trip Agents J and K take to The Factory is one of many tidbits of 1960s culture thrown into a film that joyfully blends science fiction with the buddy-cop formula and family-friendly storytelling, resulting in an end product that plays to the strengths of the first film while omitting the weaknesses of the second. Apparently working together for the last fifteen years hasn't brought J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) any closer together, because when we again meet the tandem they seem more 'original odd couple' than 'dynamic duo'. While J tries to get to the root of K's unfaltering crabbiness, his older partner is sucked back in time by Boris The Animal (Jermaine Clement), a ruthless alien criminal who has escaped his lunar prison and now seeks revenge against the man who blew off his arm. J learns that, in this parallel universe, Boris kills K in 1969 and wages present-day war on Earth, so it's up to him to make the save.

    The performances from all involved are a key ingredient of what turns out to be a very enjoyable experience. The perennially underrated Tommy Lee Jones cruises, slipping into his role like an old suit (no pun intended), while it's good to see Will Smith back in the genre he belongs, appearing in his first summer blockbuster since **** Applause goes to Josh Brolin as the young Agent K, who mimics the mannerisms and general demeanour of his older counterpart flawlessly, and also for Michael Stuhlbarg. A genuine up-and-comer through his contributions to the excellent Boardwalk Empire, Stuhlbarg plays the film's most interesting side character Griffin, an E.T. who can occupy an infinite number of parallel universes. On the one hand, he serves to frame the series of events for the audience by explaining what must happen next, but he also parodies the notion of deus ex machina, in that he should be considered the ultimate sidekick due to his incredible recall, yet he is limited by this power and knows when to step down and let the heroes take center stage.

    For the most part, Men In Black 3 keeps in line with the expectations set by the franchise. That is, an ebullient blend of low-intensity action with a refusal to take itself seriously. Little details are included to tickle the funnybones of more observant cinephiles. When we arrive in the swinging sixties, handheld neutralisers are the size of living rooms and the typically computer-generated aliens living among us have been replaced by men in suits. That said, expect to be caught off-guard by two elements of this film. Firstly, Jermaine Clement actually makes a menacing villain. Barring a lighthearted scene where he berates his younger self for not doing the job right the first time, Boris is all business, and some of his moments are the stuff pre-teen nightmares are made of. Secondly, the film comes right out of left-field with a poignant ending that acts as a brilliant payoff for a loyal fan base that has invested so much emotional interest in these characters over the last decade-and-a-half. K's disengagement is foreshadowed with a series of red herrings that only compound the film's final moments, resulting in an unexpected highlight that few people will see coming.

    Naturally, many young adults watching this movie are going to look upon the first film with rose-coloured glasses when comparing the two. Comparative age is the key factor here because, despite its many positives, the original is nowhere near as funny at twenty years old. In that sense, this film applies the same ratio of hit-and-miss humour, but adds to it a lacklustre opening act and occasional inability to suspend disbelief. Surely, the battle between J and Boris atop the Apollo 11 as it prepares to take off would have been noticed by one of the millions watching. That, or the fight really did happen, everyone watching was neuralised, and Barry Sonnenfeld has just uncovered the greatest conspiracy in human history.

    *There's nothing I love more than a bit of feedback, good or bad. So drop me a line on and let me know what you thought of my review. If you're looking for a writer for your movie website or other publication, I'd also love to hear from you.*
  67. Jun 4, 2012
    Men in Black, back on the attack, gonna punch aliens in the sac/ Uh oh, here we go, 'nother Smith movie with music video/ Of rappin' and witty-ass lines, gonna sample the classics a million times/ But hey the movie is good, like it should, yo, does a 'chuck chuck wood?
  68. Jun 3, 2012
    A lot better than I expected, the tone was spot on as with the prevoius men in blacks. The creatures interesting, good action and a nice slice of humour!! I cant quite see how they needed "$250 million" dollars to make it though. But I was more than happy to spend my $10 dollars on it!!
  69. Jun 3, 2012
    Josh Brolin is so good in this movie, you can't help but believe he's actually a younger Tommy Lee Jones. I was a little skeptical about a 3rd MIB outing, but it's a great storyline, Will Smith doing what Will Smith does and Josh Brolin. Heck, I'll pay for a stand up version of him doing Tommy Lee Jones again.
  70. Jun 3, 2012
    this movie was good it was funny alot of action etc but i prefer tommy lee jones and will smith acting it was only mid start then josh brolin in rest it was good he pulled off tommy lee jones but that only is

    but in ending finding out bout J father was hero etc but it stupid time travel movie etc then the whole deal of Agent O i loved Zed he was funny agent o not funny she was snorefeast
  71. Jun 2, 2012
    Sadly a pretty weak movie with nice special effects. James Brolin was brilliant in his role, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith both dialed in their performances..I just couldnt get into, nor buy into the story. On another note, I didnt realize the world was pining for another MiB movie....
  72. Jun 2, 2012
    Absolutely fantastic, this is a must-watch for all the MIB and comedy fans in general.
    As a person who enjoyed the first 2 movies, I must say this one doesn't disappoint. The jokes are mostly funny, Will Smith is awesome as usual and Josh Brolin got into the role of young K with ease. There are some plotholes and dumb moments though, but they don't really affect the overall impression, it
    was great to go back to the heroes of my childhood. The only sad thing is the look of Tommy Lee Johnson, the guy looks damn old, reminding how much time has passed since the sequel. Expand
  73. Jun 2, 2012
    This movie is fairly similar to the other two movies. If you are a fan of the first two (and the style of them), then you would probably enjoy this movie.
  74. Jun 2, 2012
    Men in Black is back and ready for more! ... Will Smith carries the movie all the way, as he has in the last two MiB's, and let me tell you.. he didn't lost his touch. Abit less Tommy Lee Jones, mainly replaced by Josh Brolin who does an excellent job in portraying the younger Agent K. ... On the downside for MiB3, The story is abit too simple, barely any new good memorable music, besides the original theme, and some 'jokes' are realy far fetched. Still, if you enjoyed both MiB and MiB2, and you don't mind a simple but funny alien infesting story, ..then go out now... buy some movie tickets and enjoy the return of the men in black! Expand
  75. Jun 2, 2012
    I have to first say that I am a big fan of the 3 principal actors and especially of Barry Sonnenfeld. That said, if it's a bad movie it's a bad movie regardless of who acts or directs. This, however, is a really good movie. It felt to me to have greater emotional depth than its predecessors. The pace was quick. The storytelling concise. The special effects not overwrought. Funny. The acting - especially Josh Brolin - excellent. Just a thoroughly entertaining "summer blockbuster". Expand
  76. Jun 2, 2012
    who doesn't like will smith? this movie was so cool it literally ROCKED! i saw it in 3D, man oh man was it good! it was so cool, i stole the 3d glasses from the theatre so i could look like agent k. damn, i didn't even get popcorn and i was content!
  77. Jun 1, 2012
    Enjoyed the film, mainly because I like Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and their interaction with each other in the film.
    Nice narrative showing K as a younger man.
  78. May 31, 2012
    I must tell you I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. The characters J & K {old and young} had tremendous chemistry. As for the storyline who really cares as you know they will save the world. It's a comedy lest any of us ever forget it. Josh Brolin had Tommy Lee Jones down pat to his every mannerism. I do hope they do this again as it is just a wonderful popcorn movie. If you can take it for what it is you will have a great time. Expand
  79. May 31, 2012
    This movie needed some work. It should have spent more time with Borris the Animal, gone more in depth with the '69 culture, Jay & his early love interest's relationship and a little bit more with Will and Josh's relationship. More work on the jokes that took place during the early part of the film as well (they weren't bad, just not exactly LOL material.) This film should have been a little bit longer. Having said that, I still found this film rather enjoyable and like most people, I really enjoyed Josh Brolin's performance.This film is probably the third best blockbuster of 2012 so far. :-) P.S. the 3D wasn't bad but it didn't add to the film either. My advice would be: save some money by seeing this movie in 2D. Expand
  80. May 31, 2012
    Years ago, Men In Black was released. It was my favorite movie for a long time. Years later, a sequel was released. It didn't do too well. The critics panned the movie, saying that it was far inferior to the first and was just a bad movie in general. I thought for sure that my favorite series was dead due to such negative reception upon MIB II's release. But, here we are. The story of MIB III is interesting and new to the series, but not an original concept. Time travel has been in fiction since H.G. Well's The Time Machine, and was further made prominent due to the hit 80's movie, Back to the Future. I was skeptical upon seeing that MIB III would take a shot at time travel, but after seeing the movie I can safely say that the movie uses it well. The acting is excellent here, Josh Brolin deliveres an absolutely shocking portrayal of Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), and I was pleasantly surprised by Jemaine Clement's portrayal of Boris the Animal. While the opening scene is ridiculously cheesy, he is still a memorable villain, despite a few flaws. For one, the character is not interesting. The character does not have any memorable flaws, aspects or behaviors. Sure he has one arm, but it's too obvious of a character flaw. Another flaw that the villain has is the complete lack of originality. He can sprout claws, extend some of his features in a beast like manner, and apparently houses a small spider-thingy. Remember MIB I's villain? He was a giant **** right? Now, that's originality. But it didn't stop there, he was a **** in a dude's body. The alien had all kinds of disturbing but memorable abilities and aspects. Remember the final showdown between the two agents and the alien at the end of MIB I? It was awesome. The creature burst out of the man's body, revealing his disgusting true form. The final confrontation lasted a good four to six minutes. In MIB III, when the villain turns into a grotesque alien monstrosity just begging for a fight, he's blown apart by K in about four seconds after appearing. That, was disappointing. Also disappointing, was the revelation at the end of the movie. I'm not going to spoil anything, but the twist wasn't built up at all. And there are some confusing minor plot holes that are caused by this. In conclusion, MIB III adds a hefty amount of new lore to the Men in Black mythos, and I enjoyed the movie. Expand
  81. May 30, 2012
    Disappointing in almost every respect, bad special effects, bad soundtrack, bad performances, bad history, in short almost everything wrong, perhaps saved by their shared sense of humor that you produced a laugh at least one occasion. otherwise this film follows the rule that if a series is "good", the trilogy is the worst thing you can do.
  82. May 30, 2012
    A Great Movie For A 3rd One!
    The Acting Is Fine The Plot Seems A Little Washed Up..
    Still A OK Movie...
  83. May 30, 2012
    Men in Black 3 is what you would expect from the series, plenty of laughs and a comedy the whole family can enjoy. The movie is very well written, the acting is great, and the movie has a great sense of accomplishment at the conclusion. There is one surprise character in this film that will make you laugh more than once, and definitely livens up the darkest parts of the film. But, the movie at times feels flat and the pacing can be an issue. Other than that, the movie is really enjoyable. I'd recommend this movie to fans of the first two and fans of comedy-action movies. Expand
  84. May 30, 2012
    A very enjoyable movie that I wouldn't mind seeing again. You don't really have to know a lot about the other movies to get this one, but I'd go watch the other ones because they are as enjoyable, if not more enjoyable than this. Tommy Lee Jones takes the back seat, but he still has the serious and intelligent feeling that we know him for. Will Smith is Will Smith; funny, yet smart in his own way. Josh Brolin is very refreshing and shows a younger more caring Agent K. Unfortunately, Jemaine Clement doesn't bring anything new to the table when he plays Boris the Animal; it's your stereotypical alien fugitive. The plot is standard Men In Black, finding obvious clues; fighting aliens, which starts in the first 5 or 10 minutes (take notes, Avengers); and keeping a surprise at the end. What really shines is the writer(s) creativity with the idea of time and how our actions affect the future. This really shines with the introduction of an alien (whose name escapes me) who is the last of his race and can see all of the upcoming futures. There are a few continuity issues with this, but they aren't gigantic and thus, I won't explain them. This is also used brilliantly to make jokes, such as joking about how the Mets won the '69 World Series. The movie also has other jokes such as Lady Gaga appearing on the "Wanted Aliens" screen, Howard Stern's cameo, and the idea that Andy Warhol was an undercover MIB agent and he faked his death. Over all, it's not the best movie of the year, but it's one of the better ones. Expand
  85. May 30, 2012
    After the abortion that was Men In Black II, and the concerning re-writes and budget mishaps with it's follow-up, MIB III was a great surprise. At almost two hours, it runs at a brisk pace, Rick Baker's aliens deserve an Oscar and the dynamic between J and K is stronger than ever. This is a thoroughly enjoyable popcorn flick that is a little more special than your average summer fare. A worthy follow up to the first film, and Brolin's performance is uncanny. I don't know if he should win, but he sure as hell deserves an nomination for his transformation into Tommy Lee Jones. Just a warning - there is a surprising amount of cold blooded murder by the grotesque villain, so I wouldn't take any young kids to see this, as it's definitely the most violent of all the films. Expand
  86. May 30, 2012
    Probably not quite as good as 1, but times have changed, this is a different kind of film, one with a bit more substance to the story and some emotion......I was worried during the first 20 or so minutes, there were little glimmers of it being a kids film, silly things that werent needed. But the back 2 thirds of the film were of a much higher level, Brolin plays an outstanding Agent K, there is good banter with Will Smith (although he could of been funnier). A good funny third member is added later along with a decent villain.... Not entirely sure why they chose to pay Nicole Scherzinger, as she plays a 2 minute role in the entire film. Alice Eve and Emma Thompson werent around much either.... The Story is decent, the final 10 minutes very good with an emotional ending. Certainly worth seeing. Expand
  87. May 30, 2012
    A definite improvement over the second film, Men In Black 3 is breezy fun, especially when they went back to the past. While you are waiting for PROMETHEUS, this is a good film to watch. Don't expect something deep though.
  88. May 30, 2012
    It's been a decade since 2, but the wait has been worth it. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back and the only way to stop an Earth-threatening alien attack is for Smith to travel back in time. There, he meets the younger version of his partner (well-played by Josh Brolin) and proceeds to alter the future. Enough of plot. What we care about is cool creatures, neat effects and funny stuff. This one has plenty of it all! Some of the CG look cheesy, but there's much to enjoy, plus a touching story surprise. The most fun at the movies this summer (so far). Expand
  89. May 29, 2012
    The third installment of MIB was better than the second one. It had the quirkiness you come to expect from Ethan Coen, but also the film didn't have the annoying little aliens trying to talk and act crazy the whole time. It was more story based, which is always better. Josh Brolin played a good younger K. Will Smith was funny as usual. Tommy Lee Jones kind of got to sit this one out, but that might be because he is a little on the old side. Needless to say, see this movie if you are a MIB fan. I skipped out on the 3d, which is always a win win for me. Expand
  90. drm
    May 29, 2012
    I'll put it like this. If you like Men In Black movies, you're gonna love this. Josh Brolin brings it as the young K. Also, I was pleasantly delighted with the villain. No messing around. He's straight up evil. Do you know how refreshing that is these days? Will's shtick is decent, and he has some pretty funny lines. Was it a Werner Herzog masterpiece? No. Was it trying to be? No. Did I have a carefree time watching it? Yes. It's fun. People need to lighten up. Expand
  91. May 29, 2012
    Although not a bad movie, it really wasn't particularly good either. Overall, it seemed relatively lifeless with less humor than the first 2 outings with a more serious tone overall that doesn't make a lot of sense in the context of the first 2 movies of the series.

    I do admire the job Josh Brolin did in replicating a younger Tommy Lee Jones, but it wasn't enough to save the movie from
    being a rather uninspired and, definitely for me, completely forgettable movie. It's only been one day since I've seen the movie, and I've already forgotten about 1/2 of it (it was that boring).

    However, it was nice to go back to see the MIB crew, even if it was rather dull.
  92. May 29, 2012
    Fairly satisfying considering the magic and humor from the first film has mostly worn off. Instead of laugh-out-loud moments, you get small chuckles sprinkled throughout. The plot is interesting enough and the characters are quite likable (the insertion of Flight of the Conchords' Jemaine Clement as the primary villain is a nice touch) to help you remember this movie after you've left the theater. It's better than the 2nd film, but not the box office gem that was the original. It's Men In Black with a little serious lying under it's silly surface. For some, it will be enjoyable enough. But there's just no way this 3rd movie can be in the same league as the first. Expand
  93. May 28, 2012
    After 15 years since an actually decent MIB movie J and K are back at it. This is by far my favorite Men in Black film, using all of the things that made the first two movies good, and ditching the things that made the second movie awful. Men in Black 3 could have very easily become too out of this world, but instead they let Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones/Josh Brolin drive the movie. Will Smith being his funny Will Smith self, and Josh Brolin being a perfect TLJ this movie was a hit. It was an enjoyable summer popcorn flick and it will keep you interested until the end! Expand
  94. May 28, 2012
    It is a great Movie! I'm a Fan and the movie was at the level of the other two movies. Good humor, crazy plots, crazy acting, strange devices, the "frozen" faces appeared again. There is quite an emotional climax in the movie, some people rage about it because they said it is very weak and random but... Come to think... What do you know of K & J past life? Well, now you will know something... 10/10 Because I saw in the theater what i was expecting to see and It worth the money i paid for it Expand
  95. May 28, 2012
    This installment was definetly better than the first two and better jokes that made me laugh. But there were some inappropriate parts in there so use caution when taking your children under thirteen
  96. May 28, 2012
    This movie was better than i thought it was going to be. It had a very good plot, great comedy, and good action. It is a little confusing at first but all the pieces come together in the end. B+
  97. May 28, 2012
    It wasn't as bad as they were saying. Like most trilogies, not as good as the first, better than the second. If this is how they wrap things up, they went out on a sweet note. Not a lot of surprises and some weird plot choices (like the very beginning) but it eventually led to an OK ending. Agree with most everybody that Josh Brolin nailed his role.
  98. May 28, 2012
    I don't know if it's possible to recapture the wild fun of the first MIB - mostly because it was the first - but if you look right here for a moment, ladies and gentlemen... FOOOM! Okay, it's a little hokey, but it's Men in Black III. What did you expect? Fun, but not rocket science despite the fact that there is at least one large rocket. K?
  99. May 28, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. this film was a surprise to me. first of all. what the hell happened to agent zed?? he just died! got killed???? by what!? the other thing about this film...was it was unbalanced there was too much info on agent k and j and not much about the villain? what was the villain really tiring to solve or end? yes we see he is trying to kill agent k but really what for besides blowing of his arm?? the only good side to this film is that it shows a lot of the same stuff mib had to offer in the other 2 films. over all this film was done at a satisfied 7.0 i hope this is a lesson learnt for this series. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 38
  2. Negative: 5 out of 38
  1. Reviewed by: Scott Tobias
    May 29, 2012
    Sonnenfeld's best movies function like elaborate Rube Goldberg contraptions, with visual gags popping out on a precise calibration of gears and springs, and Cohen's script, however derivative, is a stable apparatus.
  2. Reviewed by: Mike Scott
    May 25, 2012
    What we're left with is a thoroughly mediocre, shrug-generating disappointment -- and one that certainly doesn't feel like it should have cost more than a third of a billion dollars to make and market.
  3. Reviewed by: Michael O'Sullivan
    May 25, 2012
    This third outing climaxes with a dark and melodramatic twist that, while adding a layer of nuance and back story that the previous two films never had, also feels wildly out of sync with its audience's expectations.