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  • Summary: Martha (Gedeck) is a head chef for an upscale restaurant who relies on her culinary skill as her primary means of communication. When her sister dies in a car accident, her orderly world falls apart as she has to care for her eight-year-old niece, a girl who proves as resolute and single-minded as her aunt. (Paramount Classics) Expand
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  1. 90
    Extremely enjoyable, though a few degrees shy of perfection.
  2. Add Mostly Martha to the list of great mouth-watering food flicks - "Eat Drink Man Woman," "Big Night," "Babette's Feast" -- but don't stop there. Add it to another list: movies that get at the heart of what family, and love, is all about.
  3. Nettelbeck has created a movie recipe that ladles great dollops of dessertlike joy and equally dark tragedy around her strong-willed heroine. It wouldn't work without actors capable of finding vulnerability, humanity and kindness in sometimes inaccessible characters.
  4. If you liked "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," you're on safe ground here -- Next time, I'd like to see Gedeck serve up a hearty meal instead of a tasty but unfilling appetizer.
  5. 63
    The film has a rather charming way of convincing you that there are times to shrug off the caviar and champagne and go for a fulfilling bowl of spaghetti.
  6. It's a drag how Nettelbeck sees working women -- or at least this working woman -- for whom she shows little understanding; there's a puritan, even punitive, cast to the way she sees her character, whose pathology she digs at with the tenacity of a truffle hound.

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