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  1. Aug 11, 2010
    In May of 1924, two young Jewish men named Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb had planned to commit the perfect murder they had it all thought out in there heads taking seven months to put their devious little murder into motion. They picked there target a young Polish immigrant named Robert Franks; everyone called him Bobby, Franks was an extended relative and neighbor of Richard Loeb. The duo lured young Bobby Franks into the car where either Loeb or Leopold struck Franks with a Chisel and stuffed a sock into his mouth young Franks died soon after. They covered the body and drove to a remote location near Wolf Lake in Hammond Indiana; they removed Frankâ Full Review »
  2. GaborA.
    Apr 13, 2006
    Let me start by saying that no script ever written could be made into an enjoyable movie done with the terrible, straight to TV directing of this film. It was laughable. On top of that the script was aweful. This is the worst type of thriller, boring and dry and then still inconceivable and stupid. This film really ends up with no redeeming qualities because what would have been good acting is dissolved by the stupidity of the scenes in which they try to act. Full Review »