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  • Summary: Something evil is stirring in the small mining town of Gold Lick, and it’s not happy. Guan-di, the Chinese protector of the dead with a strange affinity for bean curd, has been awakened by reckless teenagers, and now his bloody crusade to wipe out the town’s entire population can only be stopped by one man -- Bruce Campbell, B-move star and deadbeat ex-husband extraordinaire, who’s recruited to be their unwitting savior. Thinking the whole scenario’s a publicity prank, Bruce is distracted from his mission by a hot mom and fan boys aplenty -- but when our hero has to face off against a dark force more fearsome than a Hollywood agent, the laughs and screams start flying! (Dark Horse Entertainment) Collapse
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  1. What's surprising is that the film has genuine laughs and smart-aleck asides that will keep even nonfans happy (although it helps if you at least like the genre).
  2. Reviewed by: Scott Mendelson
    My Name Is Bruce can be read as a man coming to terms with the career that he has been dealt, or it can be read as simply a trashy B-movie directed by the man who knows best.
  3. 50
    If you don't already know who Bruce Campbell is, it will set you searching for other Bruce Campbell films on the theory that they can't all be like this. Start with "Evil Dead II," is my advice. Not to forget "Bubba Ho-Tep." In fact, start with them before My Name Is Bruce, which is low midrange in the Master's oeuvre.
  4. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    Perhaps because Campbell is a purist at heart, My Name Is Bruce is as awful as anything he has done - a broadly silly gore comedy in which no gag is too cartoonish to be indulged in at least once and preferably three times.
  5. 38
    While sporadically funny, the sophomoric My Name Is Bruce is no "Bubba Ho-Tep," the movie where Campbell unforgettably played Elvis Presley as a nursing home patient battling a mummy with the help of John F. Kennedy. But Campbell's fans can feel free to add a star or two.
  6. Willing as Campbell is to Shatner-ize himself, his movie will appeal only to true believers.

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  1. ManuelB.
    Feb 13, 2009
    Though campy, its exactly everything that is to be expected of a bruce campbell flick.... he is genious!
  2. ChrisM.
    Nov 8, 2008
    The movie was hysterical. If you know Bruce Campbell and his career this movie is perfect for you. A lot of great meta humor that had the whole audience cracking up the entire time. Expand
  3. JohnT.
    Dec 8, 2008
    A silly yet extremely fun movie, a definite must if you are a fan of Mr. Campbell.
  4. Jun 23, 2014
    Go into this movie knowing what it is, a cheap and cheesy B-movie starring and directed by Bruce Campbell. Not by any means a masterpiece, but it was never meant to be, but what it is an entertaining film. If you like the Evil Dead series and/or Bruce Campbell, then this movie is a must see as you can probably find something to like about (There are plenty of references in this film as a bonus). Expand
  5. DavidB.
    Nov 6, 2008
    Have to agree with the critics I'm afraid, and I'm a Bruce Cambell fan. I was so excited when I managed to get in to see it at Cannes, but came out gutted. Its just a string of fart gags and painfully bad acting. With a premise like that you'd have though there would be some clever in-jokes and side-swipes, but nope. There are plenty of references to old Campbell movies which will cause a chuckle or two but there's nothing clever on show here. A real disappointment. Expand
  6. JayH.
    Feb 2, 2009
    Hopeless and inane, on a rare occasion it is funny, but the vast majority of the movie is crude and unfunny. What possesses people to make movies like this escape me. Expand