Red Flag Releasing (RFR) | Release Date: January 6, 2012
Summary: Tokyo, the late 1960s... Students around the world are uniting to overthrow the establishment and Toru Watanabe's personal life is similarly in tumult. At heart, he is deeply devoted to his first love, Naoko, a beautiful and introspective young woman. But their complex bond has been forged by the tragic death of their best friend years before. Watanabe lives with the influence of death everywhere. That is, until Midori, a girl who is everything that Naoko is not - outgoing, vivacious, supremely self-confident - marches into his life and Watanabe must choose between his past and his future. (Red Flag Releasing)
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Runtime: 133 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://www.norwegianwoodmovie.com/
Production: Dentsu
Genres: Drama, Romance
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Director Credit
Anh Hung Tran Director
Writer Credit
Anh Hung Tran Screenplay
Haruki Murakami Based Upon The Novel
Cast Credit
Eriko Hatsune Hatsumi
Haruomi Hosono Record Shop Owner
Ken'ichi Matsuyama Toru Watanabe
Kengo Kôra Kizuki
Kentaro Tamura Cast
Kiko Mizuhara Midori
Makoto Sugisawa Cast
Reika Kirishima Reiko Ishida
Rinko Kikuchi Naoko
Shigesato Itoi Theatre Professor
Takao Handa Midori' Father
Tetsuji Tamayama Nagasawa
Tokio Emoto Storm Trooper
Yukihiro Takahashi Gatekeeper
Yusuke Cast
Producer Credit
Chihiro Kameyama Executive Producer
Joe Ikeda Associate Producer
Kaoru Matsuzaki Associate Producer
Keizo Shukuzaki Line Producer
Masao Teshima Executive Producer
Mioko Ogawa Assistant Producer
Satoshi Fukushima Co-Producer
Shinji Ogawa Producer