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  • Summary: From the original voice of the great British auteur, Terence Davies, comes a visual poem which draws upon the first 28 years of the director's life in Liverpool until he left in 1973. "Cut it as if it were fiction," Davies says, with "images which speak" and a layered sound track of popular and classical music, voices, radio clips and a powerful, poignant voiceover by Mr. Davies. Of Time and The City is a very personal portrait of Liverpool, beyond its Beatles and its football clubs, the home of the writer’s birth, where youth and inspiration weave his own story into the recent history of the City with fascinating found footage and counterpointed sound. (Strand Releasing) Expand
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  1. ''Documentary'' is too impersonal a word and ''visual poem'' is too mushy a phrase to describe Of Time and the City, a short, beautiful, characteristically sublime memory piece by the great British auteur Terence Davies.
  2. Most of all, Davies proves himself to be a poet of the commonplace whose art is the exalting of the everyday. He may rail against "the British genius for creating the dismal," but his own work is anything but.
  3. Reviewed by: Duane Byrge
    Poetically composed, with marvelous lumps of wit and perspective, Of Times and The City is a masterwork.
  4. 83
    A caustic, witty, regretful elegy for a place so transformed that it's virtually unrecognizable.
  5. Reviewed by: Leslie Felperin
    Result is by turns moving, droll and charming, and niftily assembled, but not necessarily that profound.
  6. The film is made up chiefly of found footage and therefore lacks the mise en scene of its predecessors, but it has the added benefit of Davies's voice-over narration, which, thanks to his training and experience as an actor, is enormously powerful.
  7. 50
    Terence Davies revisits his youth to decidedly mixed effect.

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  1. GeorgeK
    Jun 14, 2009
    A sentimental, pompous ode to a city and time which are of little importance, not to mention long gone. It's basically an old homsexual romanticizing about his youth and the way things were once upon a time. If you enjoy watching gray paint dry,you'll love this movie. Expand
  2. JohnM
    May 14, 2009
    Very disappointed given the reviews I'd heard. To me, Terence Davies' delivery didn't work. Liverpool should have been the star of the show and too often was not allowed to be. Expand