Oscilloscope Pictures | Release Date: December 7, 2012
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Pixote_MikeMay 30, 2013
This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Interested? Hard to tell. The story goes nowhere, and centers aroung the wrong characters.

While the very-forgettable-blond young (sic) dude has simply nothing to offer in terms of charisma and story, and following the incredibly pointless vicissitudes of Garrison who falls in and out of love no more than two times in less than 1h10, yes an 1h10, we are simply gutted to miss the sole interesting story of
(wait for that) Skies (don't ask).

Yes she's quirky. But quite mature and so damn real! Her story is obviously the richest. Her ressurected heroinoman mother, her jailed dad, her house getting repossesed, her granddad too old and destitute, two boyfriends...and yes all that in less than 1h10... puff!

Alright, so you have a pool scene that goes nowhere, a party scene that goes nowhere and then when you think it gets redundant, (listen to that) you are thrawn into a pitiful forced love triangle introduced by that blond dude I still don't remember the name who so clearly seeks attention boasting about his scarification that It just shows blatant clumsiness from the filmaker failling to (at least) skillfuly forced down our throat un-eventul interesting stories.
This doc goes nowhere! and who the hech is Mr Conway? We will never know.

But there is still a subtle angle, despite the incredible dullness. What was once the American dream reveals its cracks, filmed in remote California, emptied houses serve as the playground and background of those kids. Families ousted out by credit mortgages.

Their genuine immaturity isn't enchanting but it has the merit to be authentic.
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