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  1. A powerful new documentary that addresses the issue of "hypocritical" male politicians.
  2. The movie excoriates the hypocrisy of self-hating gay lawmakers (several of whom it outs), yet it also explores the burden of the public closet.
  3. 83
    Audience reaction to Outrage will depend heavily on how people feel about outing. Dick’s film probably won’t persuade anyone who finds the practice to be a loathsome and intrusive invasion of privacy, but after a relatively dry beginning, the film builds in passion and intensity until attaining a stirring cumulative power.
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  1. ArnoldP
    May 9, 2009
    Interesting but not as compelling as it should have been on material that has been already covered in the underground press. It probably will not be seen by many heterosexuals and the pity is that the hypocrisy exposed of these politicians will not be viewed by the public that needs to see it. There is much gossip aired, not concrete enough evidence that somehow feels insufficient To hear the wisdom of an Andrew Sullivan is yet worth the price of admission. Probably seen a few years ago it would have been groundbreaking, but seeing the likes of Ed Koch or a Larry Craig just makes them look pathetic. Flawed but still worthwhile film. Full Review »