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  1. Jul 10, 2014
    In all honesty, the only reason I watched this movie was because it happened to be on TV and I had nothing else to do. I expected this movie to be okay, not anything truly amazing, and it still managed to greatly disappoint me and waste my time despite my standards not being set very high at all. The visual effects are average and at some points very cheesy, the actors are more good-looking than talented, and the writing was fairly poor, resulting in a story that lacks sense throughout and that somehow manages to stretch on for over two hours. I was never really a Wizard of Oz fan to begin with, so that may have impacted my level of enjoyment, but none the less, it is difficult to watch this movie and not be distracted by all the nonsense over the course of this movie. Expand
  2. May 24, 2014
    Oz the great and powerful is a magical movie but not the greatest products of the year it is a good movie it is trying to be the Wizard of Oz but suddenly it fails you can't copy a movie and turn it the classic terrible movies can't be a classic . Grade C-
  3. Apr 28, 2014
    By accounts, this should have worked. Sam Raimi knows how to give us a good blockbuster, and it had many Oscar nominees in the cast. But it doesn't. The story has been done millions of times before, the characters were all one-note (even Glinda, who is a love interest for some weird reason), and James Franco can't muster up any wonder for the world he's supposedly in- and thus, neither can we. If it weren't for the eye-popping visual beauty, this film would have nothing. Well, not completely true; it helps if you watch the movie with a slightly perverted friend who can make an innuendo out of every single line and/or event. Because I have first-hand knowledge that it is possible. Expand
  4. Apr 28, 2014
    I tend to rate movies based on a few basic points: is it true to itself; is it interesting/stimulating; and does it leave me with a different mood ie does it move me?

    I tend to be moved by corny, black and self-aware humour, and Oz managed all three: hence this movie was great for me!

    There are different ways to define movies by genre, and this one falls, in my private method of
    delineation, of 'death dream'. Other movies such as the original Oz, Donnie Darko, Dark City, and possibly the Matrix, fit this bill. Moving an audience past the end of life and onto the bridge between here and not-here is a challenge, and one I love seeing done with consistency within the definitions of the movie itself.

    Matrix 2 and 3 were dismal failures becuase they left the lead-centered nature of Matrix 1, and ventured from exploration of concepts into something preposterous. These other movies were successful in the way they maintained the psychological focus within the main character's perceptions and projections, and the world within the movie operated as a function of their psychology.

    Oz the Great and Powerful is a pure death-dream movie, and is a continuous journey from one regret and failure to another as the main character transmutes guilt to wholeness. I thoroughly enjoyed the main character's journey!

    One a more superficial level, the style of the movie was completely integrated with the characterisations, and I LOVED the wicked witches three! Casting was spot-on! There was an almost total absence of non-white characters - green face-paint and monkeys don't really count, but it was wonderfully refreshing to have the male require saving from time-to-time! And: My name's 'Knuck!!!'

    Final verdict: Ya!
  5. Apr 27, 2014
    This movie is good, don't get me wrong. But the only way you can really enjoy it is if you block out everything you already know about the original classic the Wizard of Oz. At times it's hard to follow if you are clinging onto that, especially as half of the characters that are in this movie, don't even get the slightest mention in the original which is mean to come after this one on a timeline scale. However, forgetting all that the movie is whimsical and magical, and actually at times makes really good comparisons to the original story. Expand
  6. Mar 30, 2014
    Oz the Great and Powerful is a pretty okay film, but it definitely has it's flaws. While I do think that there are some elements in the story that are good and also some very good visuals, I thought this film was a little cheesy at times and also had some pretty mediocre acting; also the story also had some pretty predictable moments. I think that the film does have it's good elements, like there are some elements in the film that were pretty old school, but of course in a good way. Overall Oz is okay, but it's not for everyone. Expand
  7. Mar 20, 2014
    Some of the worst acting i have ever seen. the movie is just pointless, stupid, and corny. if i didnt pay i wouldve left halfway through. very tough to watch
  8. Mar 8, 2014
    Other than the special effects, which are actually distancing us from the whole message of the film, it's a cluttered mess of a tedious plot, unlikable protagonist, and uninteresting villains. Frankly, the 'Wizard of Oz' was good enough. A prequel to a children's fantasy film from the 30's seems dated and utterly pointless. My brother, who's actually older than me, dragged me into this.
  9. Feb 28, 2014
    This movie is basically about Oz who ends up in an enchanted world and has to face 3 witches. Its not like The Wizard of Oz in case you have not seen it. This movie may make some people angry as I am one of the viewers who was Oz (James Franco) is a selfish and greedy fraud. His acting is very good and he fits in well with his role. He meets Theodora (Mila Kunis) eventually throughout his journey pretending to be the powerful Oz because he knows that he will get money. He is very lucky and manages to trick pretty much everyone there that he is Oz even though he is not. She then takes him to meet her sister one of the witches who he then also tricks into thinking he loves but she doesn't take it to heart as much. He is basically a player. He then leads Theodora on to thinking he loves her but he does not he doesnt know that she is one of the witches and he breaks her heart when she finds out he was a fraud. Her sister Evanora (Racheal Weisz) is also one of the witches they all posses a different power. is the one who he has also lead on. Theodora comes to Evanora crying telling her about "Oz" she then cries in a scene and her tears burn her flesh she does very good acting throughout this whole time. She becomes furious when her face burns and her sister Evanora convinces her to take a potion of some sort to get rid of the pain in her heart. This makes her an evil green which who seeks revenge on Oz. Mila Kunis does not fit in well at all with this role she plays her "evil laugh" is very weak and she just cant pull it off its ridiculous. Eventually Oz meets many more people till he meets the nice witch Glinda who he also then starts make to fall for him he is very good at playing a player in the movie. She also does a very good job playin her role. The evil witch then plans to destroy the land and Oz witch is why she told Theodora to take that potion to turn into an evil witch. The movie seems like it could have been good but these people are dumb..... they just get tricked and think that Oz is the powerful wizard and he is not. Mila Kunis should not have played the evil witch seems like she just got the role because she is a big actress. This guy basically a player, a fraud, a lair, and yet at the end he ends up with falling for the nice princess its just not a good message to kids if that's why its a Disney movie I regret even witching this movie there's much more to the movie but bare with me people. Expand
  10. Feb 3, 2014
    Esta pelicula me gusto, tuvo fantasia."Oz the Great and Powerful" es una buena pelicula de fantasia, que ademas se destaca por tener un buen argumento y por sus excelentes efectos visuales.
  11. Dec 23, 2013
    This movie was garbage. The black-and-white portion is the best part, and the green screening was horrendous, the visuals were terrible, the supporting cast was little help to Oz, many parts that came were predictable, and was a waste of 215 million dollars, if they even used that much.
  12. Dec 18, 2013
    When I first heard that Disney was doing a prequel to the Wizard of Oz, I was kind of annoyed. Then I remembered that they did a pretty decent job making a sequel to it, 25 years earlier. My hopes got even higher when I heard that James Franco would star in it. To me, he was such an interesting choice to play the wizard. Franco is a very versatile actor, but he's known more for action and comedy, not family films, but he brings a very interesting dynamic to the movie. Much like the Wizard of Oz and Return To Oz, this film is taken directly from the original Oz stories of L. Frank Baum. Once again, instead of just adapting a book, the screen writers picked and chose from several stories to create this one, and if I may say so, they did a very good job. Of course there is a bunch of Disneyizing to it, as seen with the spunky china girl and the talking monkey, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Franco is terrific and really carries the story. He combines his charms and looks with goofiness and ingenuity to make his character come alive in a way that L. Frank Baum would have loved. He's paired with Mila Kunis who is also really good and used to playing unlikable characters...Shut up Meg! What I especially liked about this film is how they played off the original. Starting in black & white, in an old box format, before opening up to the tradition high def. widescreen view was ingenious. I also loved how people from the black & white story had roles in Oz, just like the original. What was strange though is that they made Oz out to be a real place and discounted the whole dream aspect of the stories. In all of Baum's writings it was never known for a certainty weather or not Oz was a real place. The fact of the matter is that nothing in this genre will ever be as good as the original Wizard of Oz, but The Great & Powerful answers a lot of questions, is taken directly from the writings of the original author, has a great cast, and really does an impressive job of connecting to a film that was made 75 years earlier. Expand
  13. Dec 16, 2013
    While this film has a cliché story and meh characters it does have some charm. Some of the characters are likeable and the story decent. Additionally, this is the Wizard of Oz the film stays true to the spirit of the classic film, which helps it feel acceptable as a prequel. I’d recommend this film to anyone who didn’t like Return to Oz as this film is more colorful and light-hearted. This film is also good for kids as the film seems to be their target audience so they’ll probably enjoy themselves. For me this is a rental. Not entirely bad but nothing spectacular. If you are looking for a decent film to kill some time this is the movie to check out. It’s not as good as Return to Oz but it is definitely better than the last big budget live action film from Disney Alice in Wonderland (2010). Expand
  14. Dec 16, 2013
    At the beginning normal, then slow and boring and at the end poisonous, there's nothing good to say about this movie besides its good for kids to watch, but as a movie, it is just a film that takes away time of your life. I thought it would be a better representation of the meaning of "Oz, the great and powerful", as its title says. Hopefully, there are other millions of films in the world.
  15. Dec 3, 2013
    Falar que falta criatividade em Hollywood e que a onde de continuações, prequels e refilmagens confirma isso chover no molhado, mas, não deixa de ser verdade, e isso pode ser constatado na existência de Oz: mágico e poderoso, um desnecessário capítulo de acontecimentos anteriores ao clássico filme de 1939, que resolvia-se de maneira excelente por si só. Por outro lado, por mais desnecessário que o filme possa ser, interessante (e surpreendente) constatar como ele funciona muito bem tanto como um “anteriormente no mundo de Oz”, não negando os fatos vistos no filme original, como também como uma aventura independente, não dependendo da experiência prévia do espectador com Dorothy e companhia para funcionar. E, ao se estabelecer como um bom filme, Oz: mágico e poderoso passa então, a justificar sua “desnecessária existência”.

    Iniciando em uma inspirada intertextualidade que homenageia o longa de 1939, Oz: mágico e poderoso nos apresenta Oscar Diggs (ou Oz, seu apelido), um mágico de circo que além da clara falta de talento, exibe também uma falta de ética assustadora, estabelecendo-se como uma figura resmungona, mentirosa, gananciosa e, por tudo isso, sem amigos. Rodado em preto-e-branco e com razão de aspecto de 1.33 1 (similar ao longa da década de 30 que, rodado 1.37: 1, exibia uma tela muito menor e próxima um quadrado), essa introdução eficiente ao estabelecer a existência do protagonista como uma vida pequena e sem cores (sentimentos), tornando sua chegada na terra de Oz levado por um tornado enquanto fugia de uma birga um sinal de que sua vida está para mudar, evidenciado no aumento de sua presença (a razão de aspecto cresce para 2.35 1) e pelo surgimento de cores expressivas na tela.

    Claro que, em impacto, essa cena não supera o momento em que Dorothy abre a porta de casa e, através de seu olhar subjetivo, somos espantados com as cores de Oz, mas, uma homenagem bonita, elegante e que, encontra na narrativa uma razão de ser.

    Ao chegar terra de Oz, o protagonista tomado como o mágico de uma profecia deixada pelo antigo rei do lugar, e que, viria para libertar todos das mãos da bruxa-má Theodora, que governa a cidade das esmeraldas. Para ajudá-lo em sua jornada, Oz conta com um simpático e divertido macaco voador, uma boneca de porcelana e a bruxa-boa, Glinda. Porém, tudo se complica quando, Evanora, a terceira bruxa (irmã de Glinda e Theodora) tem seu coração partido pelo mágico e se torna a terrível bruxa-má do leste enfrentada por Dorothy.

    Contando com um roteiro irregular (de autoria de Mitchell Kapner e David Lindsay), Oz: mágico e poderoso alterna escolhas inspiradas com outras claramente equivocadas. Na primeira definição podemos encaixar a maneira como o filme nos faz “entrar” em sua história e nos importar com o final de seus personagens que, apesar de conhecido ora, já vimos os acontecimentos posteriores em outro filme, não mesmo? em momento algum torna o que vemos na tela menos satisfatório, conseguindo por vezes, despertar o suspense no espectador. Da mesma forma, a maneira como diversas situações posteriores são explicadas de maneira interessantíssima (a ideia do mágico de projetar-se em um rosto gigante) e rimas temáticas são criadas (os presentes entregues ao fim do filme), contribui para angariar pontos positivos para a projeção. Por outro lado, os roteiristas parecem não confiar na capacidade dos espectadores de se entreter com um filme sem um clímax recheado de ação e lutas, já que todo o confronto final entre Glinda e Theodora parece ter sido inserido na trama apenas para dizer “olha, prometemos um grande combate e aqui está ele”.

    Irregular também em sua técnica, Oz: mágico e poderoso apresenta um excelente design de produção, amparado em cenários grandiosos e belos em sua explosão de cores e, claro, em figurinos precisos que, por si só, já evidenciam importantes traços da personalidade de seus personagens repare como Glinda usa roupas sóbrias e claras, enquanto Theodora usa um vestido escuro e mais ostensivo e, como a mudança de personalidade de Evanora retratada apenas através de uma inversão no chapéu, revelando por si só como a maldade já era algo inerente bruxa. A fotografia e os efeitos visuais, por outro, surgem irregulares, indo do orgânico (os planos aéreos que passeiam pelos cenários e as expressões realistas do macaco e da boneca de porcelana) ao completo desperdício das técnicas (planos claramente criados em função do 3D, com coisas arremessadas na tela e, claro, a falta de cuidado em certas cenas recheadas de efeitos, onde percebemos nitidamente a “falsidade” do que visto em tela).

    O elenco, por outro lado, se sai muito bem. James Franco no papel-título exibe carisma e presença de tela que o garantem como escolha acertada para protagonizar o longa. Rachel Weisz se diverte com suas caras e bocas de má, convencendo como a traiçoeira Theodora. Michelle Willians retrata a bondade de Glinda de maneira eficiente, com expressões e fala t
  16. Nov 29, 2013
    Oz lacks the magic of its source material and might just be too dark and dull for young viewers. James Franco gives an uninspired performance and to say that a china doll was the best character sums it all up. It's visuals dazzle though.
  17. Oct 23, 2013
    If anyone was going to tackle the works of the L. Frank Baum and catch the imagery Sami Rami was the perfect choice. The idea was intriguing and not only did Disney pull it off, they also gave us another reason to love the world of Oz.

    Oscar(James Franco) is a magician, or more of a con artist and when he ends up in Oz after being pulled into a tornado everyone in Oz thinks he has come
    to fulfill a prophecy to defeat the evil witch.

    The world of Oz is stunning. The visuals for the most part are incredible.It was a pleasant surprice that they did not go too close to the original so viewers would not be making comparisons scene by scene.

    The first half hour did feel very rushed and they could of benefited with developing the character of Theodora (Mila Kunis)

    A couple of the casting choices seemed miscast like Racheal Weisz who didn't seem to fit the role of Evanora. Mila Kunis defiantly steals the show with a fascinating personality who you seemed to really care about.

    James Franco played his character fine and it was a brave choice to cast someone so young.

    Overall Oz is a must see for anyone who enjoyed either 1939 Wizard of Oz or the novels. It most certainly has the potential to become a successful franchise.
  18. Oct 1, 2013
    Oz the Great and Powerful was actually better than I thought it would be.My favorite characters in the movie was the China girl, and Witch of the west.Allot of people seem to think this is a remake but it`s a separate story.
  19. Sep 21, 2013
    The magic and eye candy will keep you and the kids interested for a while, but where does it all go after that? So, Franco learns his lesson, plays a trick on Weisz, then rewards everyone who helped him along the way. "The best gift I can give to you is the gift of my friendship." says Franco. I bet he got a lot of s**t for that at the roast.
  20. Sep 11, 2013
    A decent enough movie that has some rather pretty visuals. Some interesting characters and it is fun to see how the land of Oz came to be what it was in the classic movie.

    Some OK performances, but nothing memorable. Milla Kunis, while unbelievably hot as usual, perhaps seems to be having too much fun with her role, if ever there was a modern example of over acting, she is it. Franco
    is,? Well? Franco is Franco. A bit hard to see him as anything else as his range isn't that far. China Girl (Joey King) was just so adorable and my favorite character of the movie. A really heartwarming performance. The rest of the cast are just forgettable.

    An OK movie that was better than I expected, but not by much.
  21. Sep 7, 2013
    A triumphant prologue opens up a film that tosses and turns in its confidence and ambition, ultimately falling short of the magical and memorable moments that made the original Oz film such a classic. What the film is missing is the definition of fantasy and reality, the original often toyed with the audience about whether Dorothy ever went to the Emerald City, but this film sets out with many callbacks and mentions to the original, but doesn't add up to a significant or plausible adventure. This is a prequel, a "how it all began" approach, but James Franco shows a different side to the man we may remember, he womanises, frauds and cheats anyone he meets, until he here whisked away in a hurricane (sound familiar?) and ends up in the mystical land that shares his magician name, Oz. While stunning and epic on beauty, it feels empty and a chance to show how far special effects can push the spectrum, the familiar yellow brick road is there, but it was much more fulfilling seeing Dorothy, Scarecrow and friends bouncing along and singing their way to the great city, but in this, Oz arrive in moments after meeting a beautiful witch Theodora (Mila Kunis), who sees no wrong in her new companion, and then he is gone again, off to defeat the wicked witch.
    The film takes an interesting but under-explained twist, one which has very little build-up in terms of deep character development, it all happens very fast, leaving little time to revel in some of the finer moments of the film, the set pieces are big, but the plot inconsistencies put a darker light on moments that could have been appreciated more. These scenes pick up well after a slow start in the land of Oz, but tonal shifts and confusing assumptions still cloud the goal that was trying to be reached by the ambitious director Sam Raimi. I'm still on the fence about the casting of James Franco as the "great and powerful" Oz, he brings an interesting charm to the role, but seems to miss the opportunity at a charismatic and controlling individual, something the heavily rumoured Robert Downey Jr. would undeniably have brought. Mila Kunis is certainly the standout of the film, she plays a conflicted and passionate character in Theodora, proving her worth when it matters most. Her sister in the film is played by the talented Rachel Weiz, who is a charming yet equally cunning witch who never sits easy as the film unfolds.
    This isn't the return to Oz that I'm sure we all hoped for, while there are very impressive visuals and some sturdy performances, one can't help but revisit the old ways to sing a long with Dorothy and her pals, rather than a heavy CGI flick with only passing moments of marvel.
  22. Sep 5, 2013
    I have always loved Disney. This is a movie I wouldn't expect from them, because their movies are normally kid movies. This was amazing, and it is my favorite movie. It is hilarious, well-written, interesting, and you are always on the edge of your seat.
  23. Aug 28, 2013
    The story is bad from the beginning to the end. The visuals are not the astonishing art that a usual blockbuster should deliver. James Franco and his wonderful moment is the only nice thing I can save from this one.
  24. Aug 28, 2013
    One point for Michelle Williams's performance which was fantastic. Everything else in this film was poorly crafted, poorly performed, and generally uninteresting. I suppose if you thinking yelling is acting, really like James Franco for whatever reason, or have no concept of what tension is this film would be worth watching.
  25. Aug 26, 2013
    Horrible it's not just horrible, this cost 215 million to make. Same as Jack the Giant Slayer ,The Lone Ranger, Man of Steel, Battleship, World War Z, Pacific Rim, Snow White & the Huntsman, Wreck-It Ralph, Furious 6. Movies that are great, impress me are great movies with very little budget, not only that movie that made huge profit. Movies like Jurassic Park, The Lion King, Ice Age,Independence Day, Star Wars. I don't understand why would a company let directer to spend that enormous money. Most high budget films are bad, some are good, but not worth a money. Expand
  26. Aug 24, 2013
    Being a prequel to "The Wizard of Oz" (Which, by the way, is the most critically acclaimed movie on all of Metacritic), people probably had high expectations for this movie. Because it wasn't amazing, I think that many people are under-rating it. It's still good and as far as a prequel goes, I thought they did a good job. While at times they add that "Disney Magic" which as much of an inner child I am does slightly annoy me, the story line works well. The visual effects aren't exactly Avatar standard, but they don't stoop as low as "Spy Kids: Game Over" either. For the movie that it was, I thought the visual effects were reasonable. Overall, it's not the most amazing movie you'll ever see, but it's still enjoyable. Expand
  27. Aug 18, 2013
    Not the Oz remake I was hoping for. Franco did not carry Oz the way he should have. Even with my love for Kunis, I have to say that her acting in Oz was forced and unnatural. Williams felt out of place, albeit delivering a good performance as the good witch. Weisz proved to be the only shining character in this whole film.
  28. Aug 18, 2013
    Surprisingly dazzling with great special effect and some charming characters. As someone who didn't expect much going into this, and as someone who thought a prequel to the legendary "The Wizard of Oz" was pointless, I must say I was impressed with how much I enjoyed the movie. It in no way lives up to the original movie, but on its own it's still an enjoyable film. It packs humor, excitement, and some surprising emotion. The cast is fantastic, particularly the memorable supporting cast. There are some inaccuracies here and there but overall it ties in nicely with the original movie, and has a slight mature story that tells you not to play with peoples emotions. Overall it's a great film, and while it ay not live up to its predecessor, it's still worth a watch. Expand
  29. Aug 17, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Great And Powerful Oz deserves a mixed review I think. It's greatest accomplishment is the visual wonders it achieves. It's worst feature is that it stretches the boundary of incredulity between how a movie can be so superbly visually portrayed with such masterworks of imagination as to continually stun even a jaded creativity, and yet at the same time allow itself to be so damaged by insipid dialogue in its first hour as to actually create the possibility of walking out. It is all the more paradoxical because of the quality of the imagery is so awe inspiring, and by that same measure all the more unforgiveable in that the discrepency is so great, as though two universes of quality existed in the same production effort and na'er the two were allowed to meet. If this disparity can be thought of as a dis-ease, then it is a disease I would instantly to blame on Disney, as the brand may never shake it’s association with dissolution of the soul of it’s stories by drowning them in artificial sweetener. The soul message of it’s story does finally find some ground to stand on, but only after an hour or so of threatening to not have any ground at all, another horror of the beginning.

    A movie has two things, the soul of it’s master message and the artfulness with which that message is rendered. If only the visual world created here could have played more of a role than a mere backdrop. But that is usually the way of it. It is the emotional relationship between characters and the quality of dialogue which play the most important role in establishing how artfully the message is being delivered. No matter how great the visuals or how clever the little side stories or how good the acting or even how good the message, nothing can save a movie from bad dialogue, and my goodness how this movie suffers. It is that syndrome I suppose of being trapped in the notion that your main audience will be children, and in not really understanding children well, winding up with something that is dumbed down, hamhanded, cliche, trying to be funny and failing, and just plain insipid. This ends up failing to entertain anyone, children included, and that is not a worthy legacy to the great Frank Baum. The dialogue and humor is not all bad and generally improves in the second half of the movie, but even then it still suffers from mediocrity about half of the time.

    The messaging begins to gain it’s very first traction when the good witch Glenda reveals that she knows our protagonist is not really a wizard but a con man, a trickster and yet this is partly because this is how he defines himself within his own mind. If you have stayed to that moment, you will stay to the end. Part of the problem is that there has been no tension established in our wizard character’s personality up to this point. Until this point he is one dimensionally and utterly a boor and a twit with no personal appeal whatsoever. Suddenly however, he becomes interesting, and the movie beings to save itself from ruin. Finally he discovers that he can use his trickstery skills to do good and save Oz from evil. It is an idea which is simplemindedly executed, but ultimately an empowering message and that is probably the best thing about this movie. Until the last scene however, the movie continues to suffer from details which are formulaic cliches before plopping to an end with a standard sentimental happy ending. One such cliche I find hilarious when comparing to the gentle spirituality of Frank Baum is the final superhero battle between the good and bad witch wherein the contest appears to be mostly based on which player has the greatest amount of pure voltage at her disposal an unfortuate nod to the power of technology over spirituality, and a treatment which is unfortunately repeated again and again in modern movie remakes of all the great myths and stories from the past, hence degrading them.
  30. Jul 30, 2013
    A good film to see if you love the world of Oz, but otherwise, not too great of a film, from its basic, cliché (and quite frankly, pointless) story, to its poor overuse of CGI throughout the film.
    Don't get high expectations.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 42
  2. Negative: 10 out of 42
  1. Reviewed by: David Denby
    Mar 18, 2013
    At the center of the movie, in place of the ardent, emotionally pulverizing Judy Garland, there is James he smirks and winks, his reflexive self-deprecation comes off as a gutless kind of cool, and it sinks this odd, fretful, uncertain movie like a boulder. [18 March 2013, p.86]
  2. Reviewed by: Lawrence Toppman
    Mar 10, 2013
    What we get here is Oz the Amiable and Unthreatening.
  3. Reviewed by: James Berardinelli
    Mar 10, 2013
    It's familiar enough to be comfortable but not so familiar that it feels worn and repetitive.