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    A shallow, transparent satire/social commentary, Palindromes lives and dies on a gimmick.
  2. Palindromes finds him (Solondz) stuck with his single theme inside a sealed dollhouse of his own construction. He has gifts to give a larger audience, if ever he breaks out.
  3. Reviewed by: David Edelstein
    A thesis movie, almost a manifesto for despair, and certainly worthy of the aforementioned NR-DS rating. Except that its bad vibes don't linger. Have dinner and smart conversation with friends, hug a child, pick up a good book--and poof, life returns with a happy vengeance.
  4. 20
    I've never seen anything crazier than Palindromes. You can read that as praise if you're that sort of person, but I don't mean it that way.
  5. This is extremely dark and politically loaded material.
  6. 30
    As a director, Solondz seems to have his own locked-in fate -- to favor caricature over compassion -- and his movies are the worse for it.
  7. On the evidence of Palindromes, the most misanthropic, depressing, hopeless film in memory, I'd hazard that for Solondz, childhood is a problem without a solution.
  8. The human landscape of Palindromes is a vista of grotesqueness, dishonesty and creepiness. These are qualities Mr. Solondz has explored before, but this time he fails to make them interesting, partly because he lets himself and the audience off the hook.
  9. Mostly stiff acting and intentionally flat, banal dialogue.
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  1. Apr 2, 2012
    Sorry, translation Italian / English mechanics.

    It 'a film emotionally powerful, indeed, very strong. The palindrome Solondziana script
    Sorry, translation Italian / English mechanics.

    It 'a film emotionally powerful, indeed, very strong. The palindrome Solondziana script leaves the viewer sensoramiche endless possibilities. There are EIGHT actors for the character of AVIVA, but not the number of actors who are interested, since the possibility of empathic contact chance to hear "from within, in the making" / people around me; minimizing the risk of confusion un'incidentale. For this reason, Palindromes goes "observed". So I understand.

    All of us, I think, if we look at our life, its most significant events, we try to draw, memory after memory, an emotional map. Inevitably the contents of this map contains words that express feelings, engaging, such as desire, friendship, love, passion, possession, nausea, joy, anger, enthusiasm, positivity, nervousness, impatience, disappointment, anger, revenge, despair, hatred / and so on. Palindromes is all about.

    Palindrome, is the unchanging part of us, like it or not. And 'This is the border, this is the extreme boundary, whether genetic, psychological wish that each of us must face in order to learn to accept it. But, everything in us that is blank, inert, may undergo changes, albeit small? The films of Todd Solondz, "guts" of society, its conventions and beliefs, and does so with a director and a screenplay that follow a chromatic scale psychological changes, nuanced and saturations.
    The viewer, the task of "tuning" not at all simple.

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  2. M.Daye
    Feb 4, 2006
    Fiendishly bittersweet, Palindromes will have you both laughing at and feeling for the most sensitive of characters.