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Description: In a working class district in the north of Paris, a neighborhood that probably had a name once but that everyone now simply calls the Faubourg. At the top of the hill, a view over Paris to one side, and, to the other, the burgeoning suburbs of the city. A small square, a few shops, lospided buildlings, cobbled streets and the peeling facade of the neighborhood music hall, the Chansonia. In this blue-collar neighborhood, the triumphant election of the Poplar Front government is greeted with enthusiasm and hopes for a brither tomrorrow, yet stirs up all kinds of extremism, Among the new government's promises, the famous law on paid holidays that will allow numerous workers to see the sea for the first time. In early May, three inhabitants of the Faubourg, show-business workers and close freinds, do not share other people's wild hopes, the Chansonia, the music hall that employed them, closed down four months earlier leaving them all unemployed!

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