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  • Summary: Mary (Posey) takes a job as a library clerk to pay back her godmother after being arrested for throwing illegal parties in her loft.
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  1. The film knows how absurd this is, yet its triumph is that, by the end, we're actually rooting for Mary to see the library as her salvation.
  2. 80
    The movie is poppy, clever and more than enjoyable, but Posey is something else altogether. She's a revelation.
  3. 75
    What makes it delicious fun is Posey, a party girl for the ages.
  4. Party Girl aspires to be a mid-90's answer to the Susan Seidelman movies "Smithereens" and "Desperately Seeking Susan." Although it has some of the same frothy energy, it has no real story to tell.
  5. This exudes trendiness at regular intervals, and otherwise manages to be reasonably charming about Manhattan's melting pot culture, but my general response was still "Wake me when it's over."
  6. If Party Girl weren't so contrived, and if Posey didn't exude such cold hauteur, all of that might have worked.
  7. there's no joy in this movie. It's a safe, compromised, even preachy, fable; a wannabe hip romp that never gets going. [07 Jul 1995]

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