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  1. 38
    Made me want to spray the screen with Lysol. This movie is shameless. It's not merely a tearjerker. It extracts tears individually by liposuction, without anesthesia.
  2. Patch Adams is a flawed visionary, but surely he deserves better than this crass and manipulative movie.
  3. Reviewed by: Angel Cohn
    Williams isn't really playing Adams: He's once again playing himself, and the act is getting tired.
  4. Audiences may find this pap brimming with heart and sympathy for the little guy, but as prescriptions go, Patch Adams is pure placebo.
  5. 30
    If laughter is the best medicine, Patch Adams is but a sugary, fitfully amusing placebo.
  6. 20
    This shameless piece of sentimentality is indignantly on the side of feelings and spontaneity and against coldhearted technique, as if those were the only two choices in training doctors.
  7. 0
    The year's most repugnant movie.
  8. There should be a special room in Hell where the makers of films like Patch Adams are sent.
  9. Reviewed by: David Kehr
    Patch Adams is either a brilliantly sly, straight-faced parody of the standard Robin Williams tearjerker or the soggiest movie of the season. [24 December 1998, p. 29]
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  1. Jan 25, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. When I watched this movie Health class, I was interested to see what it was about. I was met with a gloomy, depressing scenario of Patch arriving to a mental asylum. I was happy so far when Patch met with someone to "look beyond" just 4 fingers and that Patch helped his roommate reach the bathroom with his childlike imagination. But then, everything got running downhill when Patch forced that mental hospital doctor to let him out and told him that he sucked at his job. Patch then proceeds to claim that he is helping people, even if he is acting very arrogant. Then, when I looked on the Internet, Patch Adams was actually a real person in real life. This movie, as it turns out, was not a correct description of the real Patch Adams. Unfortunately, in the movie Patch Adams was usually portrayed as a funnyman who tries to make patients laugh rather than truly cure them of their illnesses. The other characters, such as Carin, Patch's college roommate and the Dean, feel like they are just created to make Patch the most likable with their actions against Patch(ex.ignoring Patch's assistance, tattling on Patch, and threatening to expel Patch). That includes the people who love Patch, they are usually portrayed as the "nice" people just because of their affiliation with Patch. The way how the butterfly, ALONG with the sappy music playing during that scene made it's way to Patch suddenly was also rather shallow and cheesy. It feels like the butterfly was there to make the movie so charming too. I also did not like the way the mentally ill guy was portrayed in that movie, he was treated as "psychopathic" because of the way he gave "weird looks" to Carin, before killing her and himself. The scene when Carin gets killed felt forced and contrived in order to provoke drama so that Patch could commit suicide again. I even HATED that ending when Patch exposes his nude buttocks to the audience at his graduation ceremony, and... the movie suddenly ends with a note I can't remember.

    Positives:Great acting, lessons about treating patients the right way, some jokes are rather funny

    Negatives:Shallow music, flat characters, does not follow Patch's true nature, some jokes are too crude to be laughable, and silly situations
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  2. Oct 14, 2012
    All idiots that say this movie is good are **** retards who shall burn in hell with no compassion or they are being paid for it. it makes no sense and it looks IMPOSSIBLE to take it seriously. its an insult to the real life men who i met once,he was normal,not like robin williams dirty piece of **** Full Review »
  3. May 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. This movie is absolutely terrible. It has nothing to do with the actual hunter Adams, and it practically refers to him as a criminal at one point. It also says that he worked without a license at one point, which he did not. Plus they made up a child molesting and murder story just for some cheap romantic character, which was actually Adams' friend, who was a man. This movie isn't just terrible, its absolutely disgusting. Everyone who gave this movie a positive review must be getting paid for their scores. Full Review »