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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 36
  2. Negative: 7 out of 36
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  1. It's a buoyant, old-wave disaster pic for a generation of well-conditioned thrill seekers charmed by the revelation that Richard Dreyfuss really is the Red Buttons of our day.
  2. Beyond being a showplace for crash-and-burn effects, Poseidon seems to be stumping for togetherness.
  3. Reviewed by: Simon Braund
    A shot in the arm for the classic disaster movie: awesome effects, nail-biting tension and a cast of characters we don’t want dead after half an hour - even, amazingly, the cute kid.
  4. 75
    You'll end up entertained if you forgive the cliches and let Petersen grab you with the visuals.
  5. As clumsy as the movie is in many ways, it strings together maybe a dozen situations in which we are absolutely, excruciatingly, on the edge of our seats -- which is to say that the new Poseidon essentially does its job.
  6. The new cast is no match for the star-clustered original, but Lucas, who looks much like a young Paul Newman (you may think you're watching "The Towering Inferno"), has a strong, matinee-idol presence, and Russell is a reliable old hand at this sort of thing.
  7. Among the willing cast, only Jacinda Barrett and topliners Josh Lucas, Kurt Russell and Richard Dreyfuss manage, just barely, to suggest a third dimension to the script's cursory character sketches. But that won't matter to audiences craving a disaster thrill ride.
  8. Reviewed by: Brian Lowry
    Thanks to its simple construction, Wolfgang Petersen's large-scale liner moves reasonably well, though anyone with the faintest memory of its 1972 predecessor will wonder where most of the plot went.
  9. Petersen leaves out, largely, character, back story, anecdote and warm personal relations. Poseidon isn't cute, funny, warm, nice, inspirational or uplifting. It's about the incredible labor of survival in a world turned totally sociopathic in an instant.
  10. 70
    An extremely well-crafted exercise in physical invention and fear. Yet within those limits--the limits of a pop-digital survival drama--Poseidon is an exciting show.
  11. 63
    Poseidon is devoid of anything that might conjure up memories of the Winslet/DiCaprio coupling. Its straightforward action/adventure approach is both a strength and a weakness.
  12. By stripping the genre down to its essentials, long on the serial disasters but thankfully light on the stupid dialogue, [Petersen] not only maintains an acceptable modicum of suspense but -- here's the major bonus -- also manages to set a blissful speed record in the process, bringing his pricey blockbuster home to port in under 100 minutes.
  13. 60
    The effects are terrific, from the two-and-a-half-minute opening sequence that tracks around the brilliantly lit liner from below, above and round about, to some amazing exterior shots of the groaning vessel rolling around in the churning sea like a giant, wounded whale.
  14. 60
    In the plus column, Poseidon is a tightly-paced action movie that doesn’t depend too much on special effects for its thrills.
  15. 58
    "Titanic" without the metaphors, the class-consciousness, the love story, or anything resembling a theme, Poseidon invests so little in its screenplay that it might as well be an episode of "The Love Boat" gone horribly awry.
  16. 50
    There is nothing wrong with the performances. All of the actors are professionals, although none have as much fun as Shelley Winters, who is the actor everyone remembers from the 1972 movie.
  17. Reviewed by: Michael Phillips
    At least Poseidon takes care to dispatch the Black Eyed Peas' Stacy Ferguson who, as the shipboard entertainer, sings what may be the worst song ever written, reprised over the end credits.
  18. The special effects, with one painful exception, hold up beautifully. But the people have no personalities, the story is unconvincing, and the whole movie is as shallow as the puddle left on a flat roof by a 20-minute shower.
  19. There's nothing hip or ironic about Poseidon, which makes Russell and Lucas the perfect leading men.
  20. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    Maybe it's the era we're living in, but the new film is as much fun as a shroud.
  21. Pretty much pure boilerplate: a reasonably well-executed throwaway that, when you finally get around to seeing it in its proper setting, will make you glad you decided to travel by air instead of by sea.
  22. More than characters, dialogue and lighting, here Petersen is interested exclusively in suspense of the will-he-or-won't-he-be-crushed-by-that-falling-flaming-elevator variety.
  23. Exciting and nerve-racking in the moment, but empty.
  24. 50
    Aside from a disturbingly graphic depiction of a drowning, there is also death by fire, electrocution and giant falling objects.
  25. 50
    After 9/11 and Katrina, this megabudget remake by Wolfgang Petersen benefits from a similar cultural oomph, though it's just as enjoyably silly as the original.
  26. 50
    An acceptably entertaining picture. At just 100 minutes long, it feels tight and trim, and unlike so many contemporary action pictures, it boasts only one ending, instead of three false ones. What's more, it's just as dumb as the original.
  27. 50
    Overall it's slick, brainless entertainment.
  28. Reviewed by: David Edelstein
    The movie is, in all senses, a big downer.
  29. Poseidon '06 is spectacularly noisy, uninteresting and character-free.
  30. Reviewed by: Jessica Letkemann
    Isn't quite self-aware enough to be really funny, and certainly isn't serious or genuinely exciting enough to be thrilling because of it's action.
  31. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    Poseidon is a sodden saga, with a script that is awash in clichés. It nearly drowns under the weight of its own soggy tedium.
  32. An utterly empty-skulled genre mechanism and nothing more.
  33. 25
    If this version had been called The Poseidon Adventure, audiences could have sued for truth in packaging.
  34. 20
    It's all so much blood and brine signifying nothing, not even a good time. Now somebody do us all a favor and cut that albatross from around Petersen's neck already.
  35. A deeply dreadful movie -- no, a shallowly dreadful movie -- that's too unpleasant and repetitive to be entertaining, even as camp.
  36. Reviewed by: Kyle Smith
    It's "Das Bomb." It's "The Perfunctory Storm."
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 107 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. chelsea
    Jan 31, 2009
    This movie was soo intense! some parts made me cry. but i couldn't find anything wrong with it. and plus josh lucas is sexy which is This movie was soo intense! some parts made me cry. but i couldn't find anything wrong with it. and plus josh lucas is sexy which is good enough for me ! Full Review »
  2. Aug 28, 2014
    I don't usually like to watch films like this, as I don't like the nervous, uneasy feeling I experience while watching them. However, I wantedI don't usually like to watch films like this, as I don't like the nervous, uneasy feeling I experience while watching them. However, I wanted to give this a chance.

    A New Year's celebration on a luxury cruiser Poseidon is underway, leading us through brief introductions of our future cast (some of the most delightful being an aging gay-man Richard Nelson and an ex-navy Dylan Johns), when a rogue wave appears quite suddenly (no time wasted there) and makes the cruiser do half an Eskimo Roll.

    Up is down, and the remaining survivors hope that their ship stays afloat until rescuers arrives. Not everyone is that optimistic, however, and the previously introduced characters start an uncertain climb for possible survival.

    Through cramped spaces and crystal clear waters - with some fiery inferno to boot - the group thins and obstacle after another arises to dampen their spirits. I think the cast's performances were good, and none of the issues they had to deal with were too unbelievable. That, of course, makes the situations only worse to watch.

    In the spirit of all similar movies before this, and probably after as well, some of the characters make it while others don't. You could make some guesses as to who might not make it, which is part of the "entertaining" factor of the story. Also, I have no idea what drowning really looks like, but we had at least one very good version of it in here.

    All in all, a good disaster story, I guess. It didn't seem too impossible or too long, and this will probably make you eye to horizon for a bit longer the next time you dare to put your foot in a boat of any size.
    Full Review »
  3. Aug 24, 2014
    A remake is not always an automatic negative. The visuals are quite impressive, and if you look beyond some mediocre acting, you actually mayA remake is not always an automatic negative. The visuals are quite impressive, and if you look beyond some mediocre acting, you actually may be entertained. Full Review »