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  1. Mar 5, 2012
    Let me first say that the only reason I saw this movie was because of the New York Times review. I watched this movie from start to finish and realized it was barley a movie at all. It was literally the filming of the most epic party ever. You cannot watch this film expecting character development, deep plots or script. It is literally the filming of a night as it unravels. The cinematography and use of flip cams was awesome and really well done. The only reason why i wont dismiss this film as bad, is how true it is and accurately it portrays a big portion of high school teens. I myself am a senior in high school and can say, the script accurately shows how we talk and the party shows the way we act. the only part i was iffy on was the instant consumption of about 70 ecstasy pills, that i feel would have been met with more hesitation. But long story short, This is simply the filming of an epic night that Millions wish they could have. Expand
  2. Mar 3, 2012
    I walked out of the movie in shock at how awesome the party was. This is definitely a better Superbad. The critics were wrong. The point of this movie is not a deep plot, its just video of the best night of the teens life. Go see it.
  3. Mar 4, 2012
    This is without a doubt one of the most ridiculously entertaining movies I have ever seen. People who complain about the story or morality of the movie are completely missing the point. For one night we get to witness the party that we all wish we had the balls to throw. We get to lose ourselves in the insanity. Anyone who can't appreciate the beautiful chaos of it all has clearly lost touch with their inner youth. Expand
  4. Mar 7, 2012
    You can't expect to go into this movie expecting a plot and a touching story. If you do that, you're just plain stupid. It's made for teenagers to enjoy watching an outrageous party that they wish they were at. Most adults won't find this entertaining at all. But if your a teenager, go watch this!
  5. Mar 7, 2012
    Project X is a groundbreaking comedy that takes the cliche "Don't burn the house down" to a whole new level. This documentary style party film is completely in a genre of its own.
  6. Mar 5, 2012
    For those who wants a "Film" with a plot and everything that goes with... you don't want to see this.
    One the other hand, if you want to have some fun, It finally happened. A movie where you don't care about anything and simply ENJOY. Now my turn. Handy cam + Party = Awesome Awesomeness. Like a mix of all the best party i ever had minus the flamethrower part. I am going to see it again and
    again then buy it to watch it again. If you don't like it, don't watch it and stop hatting, I recommande it to all Partyrocker! Expand
  7. Jun 18, 2012
    oh come on, you have to like this movie and see this movie, out of hand is putting it small, this party movie was epic , it reminds me of the kind of parties i used to have. real party movie and well as you can see i liked it. watch it and well see it for what it really is a couple of teens having fun and doing what all teens want to do.
  8. Mar 3, 2012
    COMPLETE GARBAGE. Hollywood has really gone to hell, they keep dishing out hardcore cash for movies like THIS. I feel robbed of my $10 dollars that i coulda spent on a tshirt, atleast that has more value. I got dragged into seeing this "movie" because i was with a group of friends and they wanted to see it so i was like what the hell ,even though i warned them that this was going to be a bad movie. First of all, the camera will literally make you dizzy. IDK why these producers feel the need to use documentary styled movies. Second of all, every single character is completely unlikable from start to finished, and the Dad's reaction to the party was completely re-damn-diculous. and Third, the movie has a "been there,done that" feel to it so its completely predictable. All of my friends left in nothing but disappoinment, and all i could say was "I TOLD YOU SO". All in all dont waste your money to support trash like this, the more we support crappy films, the more hollywood gives these crappy ideas the "green light" Expand
  9. Jul 30, 2012
    This movie is hella hilarious... in my opinion its right up there with the 1st American Pie and The Hangover movie. It's fun and very funny to watch. Yes there are three main characters in the movie (Thomas, JB and Costa) but the real superstar of the movie is the Epic Party. When you watch this movie you will finally know what it means to party like a Rock Star. The Soundtrack is also awesome. WARNING!!! don't try what you see in the movie at home, you've been warn and you will be brought up on charges... LOL! Expand
  10. Jun 3, 2012
    Laughing at the people getting mad how there's no character development and typical how they're expecting the movie to have this and that. I dont care about that. All I care about if its an enjoyable or entertaining film. Thats it. Anyway, I found the film quite lulzy and typical teens trying to get popular and wanting a successful party. Its great when it all becomes chaotic and the entire place is getting wrecked. If you're looking for people partying hard and lots of alcohol and some chaos. Spend a small amount on this film. Expand
  11. Mar 30, 2012
    Maybe it was the movie with the best script, or the best movie of the story, but this was an unforgettable anthem, went out with excitement, I left never to forget what was that movie, I liked everything, never expecting that was going to p . grilling, entertaining, fun and neck is to forget
  12. Mar 10, 2012
    this is a party licious book i pooped and peeded through my vows while watching this movie, it truly was the the one tht got away , and it was the poop master of all project movie michael bay strikes again!
  13. Oct 30, 2012
    Let me start by saying this is one of the funniest films i have seen in a long time, it brings in a real aspect of life because these kind of crazy parties happen all the time... The fact that these are nerdy kids make it ironic that they pull off such a crazy part. In a way i think of it as a feel good film and it makes you think that nothing is impossible and that don't waste your life being boring have fun.
    Good humor
    Good-ish acting Brilliant Characters Hot chicks (always a bonus) One of the top comedies of the year!!
  14. Aug 21, 2012
    Project X is about the party everybody has dreamed of throwing, the party that will turn the party thrower/throwers into legends and get them any girl they want. While I was watching this movie I couldn't help but think about how awesome it would be to have been there. Your basically watching an awesome party go from crazy to out of freaking control. It's also hilarious, at least I thought it was, bu that's probably because I have an extremely immature sense of humor and I'm easily amused. If you want to watch a movie about the party you've only dreamed of, and get a good laugh this is for you. Expand
  15. Aug 22, 2012
    This is one of the best comedy films I've seen in my life. Want to have a party like this, but with less mess. I can not believe this movie has so little score, should have at least a score of 70.
  16. Mar 17, 2012
    My guess that the majority of people reviewing are oldies or boring people? This movie's brilliant, to the point of ridiculous. I loved it! It's not like it'll leave you with a sense of enlightenment, and it's not a 'must see' but never the less, it's worth your time. Side note: It's based off of real events in Australia, by a teen in Melbourne called 'Corey Worthington' - Look him up on Youtube
  17. Dec 30, 2012
    I like the movie, as every teenager. I think it's funny and it shows reality in some of its moments. I think that people, after watching this film, can notice the effects of alcohol, drugs, sex and parties. But on the other hand, many people can take this "party" as a thing they want to do. That's to say: alcohol, naked girls, sex, drugs. Exagerating, they can end at a police-station. In general lines, the movie is good, and I like watching it, because everytime I find something different. 9 out of 10 marks for Project X. Expand
  18. Nov 29, 2012
    This movie was absolutely epic. It's tough to describe it in any other way. It wasn't all that funny which is what I was hoping for but it was intense. The acting was pretty solid and the sequences were absolutely over the top. Like I said, it could've been funnier and there could've been a little more plot and a little less "highlights" but it was still totally worth watching. Obviously this movie isn't for everyone. It's raunchy, immature, and graphic but it hits its targeted audience on point. Expand
  19. Apr 14, 2012
    Ok, I can see why people hate this movie. But if your aged between 15 and 21 this should be your fave movie.
    It has, humour like harold and kumar, action, alchohal, teenagers, violence, t!ts, A$$ and awesome music.
    The first person camera view gets a bit tedious, and the flamethrower was a bit over the top.
    Other than that, my fave movie of all time.
  20. Jun 21, 2012
    If you're looking for a movie with a great plot with great character development this is not what you should watch. Overall this is a great movie with entertaining footage about an "epic" party. It shows what every teenager and college kid looks for in a party. Crazy drunk memories. It had great camera placement and how they incorperated the home video look into the movie so it feels like you were or are there. Expand
  21. Jul 8, 2012
    I laughed my ass of with this movie! I really don't understand why all these horrid reviews are given! It was the best movie my friends and I saw since months!
  22. Jul 22, 2012
    Just saw Project X. That might have been my favorite movie of the year so far. It was just INSANE! One of the funniest movies I've ever seen. The 12 year old security guards were easily the highlight. Such a crazy ass movie. If your gonna go see it, go with a big crowd. It's so much fun!
  23. Jan 23, 2013
    A very original and funny movie!
  24. May 31, 2013
    Probably one of my most favourite movies of all time. There are 2 types of movies: the "good" movies like The Godfather, The Shawshank Redemption and Pulp Fiction and there are also the "fun" movies like Project X, The Hangover, Jackass etc. Most of the "fun" movies however are bad, but Project X is one of those films that if you are a teen like me, you will find incredibly entertaining. You will also want to watch it again. And again. And again. Expand
  25. Feb 8, 2013
    Everyone who gave this a bad review seems to be some stupid old fart, well get over it, you not a teenager any more and this film isnt made for you, so why would you watch it, let alone give it a bad review, move on
  26. Aug 8, 2013
    I finally got to watch this today, and I don't regret a second of any of it. It felt like I came from the greatest party in history. Sure, it's a bit more... "hardcore" than any other party movie I've seen. If they were going for that, then they succeeded. I would say this is something to watch with friends, NOT your parents! Lol.

    And to all the really negative critics, I noticed a
    pattern among all of them :they're trying to compare this movie to movies that take themselves seriously. It's like comparing an orange to an 8oz steak: OF COURSE it's going to be different from what you expected! It's for a very specific audience teenagers. And I bet that 99% of the 1's or 0's are middle aged farts who don't know what we kids like now-a-days.

    I'm not saying this compares to the Titanic or anything, but for this generation, it is a good watch to just have fun. Fun, fun fun.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 25
  2. Negative: 10 out of 25
  1. Reviewed by: Melissa Anderson
    Mar 3, 2012
    "There's a midget in the oven!" is about as inspired as the dialogue and set pieces get in this queasy-making entertainment.
  2. Reviewed by: James Berardinelli
    Mar 3, 2012
    Project X's first-person verisimilitude is the movie's primary strength and most damning weakness.
  3. Reviewed by: Peter Travers
    Mar 2, 2012
    Most teen flicks just fake being fueled by anarchy. But the gut-bustingly funny Project X is the real deal. It's raunchy, reckless and ready to party. What's not to like?