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  1. Jun 14, 2012
    Just saw Prometheus in 3D and without doing a full-blown review which is my wont, I would say overall I give it a guarded B+. Loved the first half hour with all the nods to Stanley Kubrick's 'Space Odyssey', and the final half hour was really good bordering on great. Alas, the middle hour was kind of a mess. Also, I loved lead Nooma Rapace, but felt Oscar winner Charlize Theron was given short shrift. Anyway, it's my hope that the director's cut will restore a lot of footage and give the middle section a bit more coherence. Still in all I stayed glued to my seat the entire time, at the end I left the theater with mostly good feelings, and I definitely want to see the director's cut DVD when it comes out. Come to think of it, the 'Alien' does owe more than a passing nod to HP Lovecraft's Cthulu beast. ;o) Expand
  2. Jul 3, 2012
    First off HUGE fan of the Alien series. I was immensely excited with Scott coming back to the franchise (we all know its been lacking since Alien 3). I was expecting to be blown away, but It was slowing becoming more and more disappointing as the movie dragged on. The cast of the movie only has a few that stand out, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender (David), and Idris Elba. The rest were pretty much red shirts to me. The alien designs looked cool but eventually impractical to me. David the robot killed close to half the people on the ship (intentionally, unintentionally) which surprised me, but what surprised me more was that no one was really at all mad with him. The didn't even give him the cold shoulder. The movie ended up just flopping at about the hour and a half mark and I really felt that the movie would have been much better if it had ended there, but instead they drag the movie out another 30 minutes. The CGI in this movie was very good, except for the alien surgery part, you would have thought that part of her stomach was made of play-dough it looked so bad. This movie is a totally let down, but for some of the mindless movie goers of the 21 century they'll probably praise the movie. Please don't be one of them, avoid this. Expand
  3. Apr 7, 2013
    This film's alternate title is “Let Sleeping Aliens Lie.” If you don't like that title, try “God Is an Alien.” This film takes a novel view of the eternal question, where do we come from? Darwinism is given a new twist—alien creatures landed on Earth and seeded the planet with their own DNA, which was deposited in the ocean. They apparently came from a planet two years away from Earth, where humanlike Titans were so advanced that they could engineer the human species, which they did after they selected planet Earth to be their experimental laboratory.

    A group of Earthling scientists, funded by a corporation that spent a trillion dollars on this project, are being flown to investigate this theory which emerged from a series of ancient cave paintings from diverse cultures, each one indicating visitors from outer space in a star cluster that could be mapped. Unlikely, but disbelief must be suspended. Their target is a moon that revolves around planet LV-223. The landscapes in this science-fiction film are gray and sweeping, an alien no man's land that is starkly beautiful but strangely dead. (It is later ascertained that this moon was just a military base for the Titan aliens.) The evidence indicates that the alien spaceships and their occupants, save one lying in stasis, were somehow attacked before they could take off to destroy the very species they had created. Why they wanted to destroy human life when they invented it, and what calamity prevented them from taking off to carry out their destructive plans are the two biggest questions in the movie. And strangely enough, neither question gets answered, perhaps because it will be answered in a sequel.

    Michael Fassbender plays an unfeeling, caustic robot who has eternal life but no emotions, and with his blonde hair brushed back severely and his classic profile, he looks like the perfect Aryan Ubermensch. Charlize Theron, playing Meredith Vickers, could be mistaken for a robot, but she's actually just an overly businesslike corporate employee who is in charge of the spaceship. The entire cast puts in a good performance, but the attention is focused on archeologist Elizabeth Shaw, played passionately by Noomi Rapace. You would never recognize her as Lisbeth in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (original Swedish version), except for the intensity that she radiates in both roles. She creates the suspense and the terror in this film with every expression on her face. The plot jumps around a bit, so that in some scenes, the viewer might be a little confused about what just happened, as I was, until I read a detailed synopsis of the movie. Nevertheless, if you are a science-fiction lover or a fan of director Ridley Scott, the film has enough entertainment value to keep you riveted to the screen.
  4. Jul 7, 2012
    Prometheus is a good film and a definate prequel that deserve to be in Ridley Scott's universe. Perhaps the best aspect of Pormetheus would have to be the special effects and art direction, it is very well made from the aliens to the landscapes explored, it is just marvelous. The acting is top-notch especially Michael Fassbender's android character and it easily and enjoyable (albeit at times disgusting) movie. The movie isn't too much reliant on scares but that is alright because the movie is still gripping. The main problem I had with the movie was the fact that it raised several intriguing questions yet the movie never answers them and you are left trying to figure it all out without a good conclusion. But all in all, Prometheus was a good movie that was definately worth watching. Score: 7.0 out of 10. Expand
  5. Jun 9, 2012
    This a great film and a must see, the acting is top notch and the special effects are out of this world.
    Though it has confused me and left many unanswered questions in its rear view mirror.
    I think it would be better to have not seen Alien because this film will make less sense if you had. Don't to show spoilers so just don't go seeing this film and expecting for all the unanswered
    questions about the space jockey to be answered.
    It provides all the needed tension and all of the alien life (I do not mean the the alien from previous films) that a sci-fi film needs but it does not provide all the answers it should have.
    Though this does not mean you should not see it because this film is amazing just don't expect perfection. Anyway Michael Fassbender is reason enough to see this.
  6. Jun 2, 2013
    Prometheus is a film that invites a lot of discussion; a hard sci fi flick that is melded with your typical Hollywood blockbuster. Fanatical ALIEN fans will say that it fails to become a hard sci fi, like 'the never made' Rendevouz with Rama'. They say it takes a lot of narrative 'short cuts' in the form of 'stock', predictable characters. The list of criticisms goes on and on....But to me, Prometheus has Scott's biggest strengths and weaknesses as a film maker: visually stupendous at the expense of narrative. It's a Ridley Scott film for crying out loud, in a genre he practically reinvented 30 years ago. When the dust is clear, I think people will realise what a great film this is. Not in the same caliber as ALIEN, but one of his most energetic and mind boggling film he made since GLADIATOR. But a thrill ride that will make you think; it doesn't spoon fed you with answers. Things are left vague for audiences to make their own mind. Scott has also created another 'harrowing and gut wrenching' horror set piece that is up there as the best in the last 10 years (beside the chest bursting scene in ALIEN). So folks....buckle up and just enjoy the ride. Oh yeah, it also uses 3-D in a great way... Expand
  7. Jun 9, 2012
    I went into movie only having the trailer once and seen/ read no reviews to not spoil it. I had hopes this would be a movie that would rival the Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers Assemble quality and as best summer film.
    I was wrong. The plot is well average in everyway, the characters apart from one exception are generic and the action feels limited.

    The plot - very generic and
    follows a storyline you've seen before
    Characters but David ( Fassbender) - All generic , 2D dimensional with little backstory or development, so you dont really care what happens to them.
    But I will address the positives, the CGI is absolutely amazing and I give credit to Ridley Scott for this, its trully beautiful. Then there's David, one of the best characters I've ever seen, you constantly question his motives and actions and his performance is truly stand out.

    To conclude I would say you should see the movie but only at a reasonable price , and if you wait for it appear on TV or DVD , your not missing much
  8. Jun 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The movie is about first contact with aliens. It's usually something I enjoy. Especially when, like here, the exploration/action ratio isn't too low. The design was ok, there is the usual and boring overuse of holograms, but the spaceship and spacesuits are awesome. The crew social interactions were better than in most of movies. But despite the hopeful settings, there were quite a few things I didn't like. Mostly, the way in which the thematic ideas are treated and the philosophy bits are very poor. Overall the entertainment was at average level, I wouldn't like to read a book with a similar plot, but as a movie it was ok. The 3D looked more decent to me than it did in Avatar, although there still were some few times where looking at blurred parts of the screen was hardly avoidable.

    There will be some spoilers from here, you may not want to keep reading.

    The main plot theme throws science out by the window, as even one character points out in the beginning of the movie itself. Humans were created by extraterrestrials. It was actually naively guessed with no evidence whatsoever by the main character and surprisingly turned out to be correct. My understanding of this part of the plot is that although life did evolve on Earth with possible abiogenesis, humans did not evolve from there but were created and just put there. I sometimes don't mind when science is ignored for the purpose of an interesting plot, but Prometheus tries hard to make it look like it takes place in our universe.

    The plot then revolves around how humans think of, learn about and finally interact with their creators. This includes some bits of very poor philosophy about religion, but also some more interesting things. The rich dying man who funded the Prometheus expedition to seek for the creators mostly wants to meet them to ask them to help him avoid dying. It seems that he views them as god-like aliens and has a quite religious attraction to them, the way he speaks of them hints that he is a kind of worshiper, almost irrationally fanatic about his creators, which is how I think a lot of humans would behave in such a situation.

    The creators themselves are humanoids which is a bit disappointing, but it is used to explain why humans are what they are. Their design and their technology looks way too human, the only main difference is the architecture. Fortunately, it doesn't get completely uninteresting because although they are humans in appearance, their behavior remains difficult to grasp, almost incomprehensible to the humans, and remains unexplained through the whole movie. Their mass destruction biological weapon was quite nice, the way in which the aliens we know from previous Scott's movies got created was entertaining to watch.

    There were some mildly interesting parts of the movie about a robot and his relationship with humans, mostly because there are a few lines making the parallel with him being created by humans and humans being created by aliens. So his feelings towards the humans were actually relevant to the main ideas of the movie.
  9. Sep 20, 2013
    We are "scientists".

    The cartoon parody of this film actually highlights rather well the problems surrounding this movie. I'll start with some positives, though. The cinematography is excellent beautifully shot and edited. The underlying musical score is outstanding. It combines to take you back to a more classical style of film making of now household names in the science fiction
    genre, like The Abyss. Michael Fassbender's performance of the android David was stellar, very rich and nuanced, despite the fact he was essentially playing an automaton. Also of note are Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba and Charlize Theron.

    I think this movie's main problem is that it suffers from an identity crisis. It has absolutely no idea what kind of film it wants to be. Some trailers advertised it as an action-adventure, a'la Aliens. Others advertised it as something more horrific, a'la Alien. Then other trailers advertised it as a deep philosophical examination of the "big questions" that Humanity tackles, a'la Blade Runner. Looking at the interviews, even the actors didn't seem to know what this film was. Was it an Alien prequel? Was it a stand alone film? Was it a prequel in the sense it just takes place before the original Alien? Nobody seemed to know. After watching the film, neither did the writers.

    It feels like a mash of ideas rather than a coherent story. In places it wants to be scary and tense, akin to the original Alien. In other places it tries to be subtly philosophical, akin to Blade Runner. In other places it just wants to be a sci-fi action film, akin to Aliens. It can't seem to focus itself into telling its own story. The appearance of a proto-Alien at the end, as if this was the inevitable outcome of all the film's events, confirms this attitude that the film makers either simply could not or were unwilling to tell a story that did not have some connection to the original Alien somehow.

    Admittedly I was not too confident upon hearing Damon Lindelof (of Lost infamy) was going to be writing the story and screenplay. Lindelof is one of those writers who can produce good ideas, but noticeably struggles to hammer them out into a coherent screenplay. The essence of the story is a $1 trillion dollar mission to find the origins of Humanity (which explains why all the "scientists" who are so gung-ho about their attitude they make the stereotypical redneck look like Einstein all signed up to this four year mission knowing precisely zero about it, as none of them were briefed until they arrived at their destination) based on extremely flimsy evidence (a few cave paintings of ancient Humans pointing to a pattern which happens to correspond to a star constellation). Ignoring the obvious problems with this (red shift, changes in star formations over time and so on), there is already a problem with this concept.

    We later learn the place Humans were pointing to is simply a weapons research facility, where the Engineers (the aliens who engineered life on Earth again ignoring proven Darwinism) were creating a biological weapon, apparently to unleash against Humans some 2,000 years ago before their own weapons turned on their creators. So why direct Humans to this installation? If they were planning on destroying us when the Roman Empire was still at its height, it can't possibly have been to make Humans visit to test the weapon, or to undergo any other test, as its just a military base. Why go to all the trouble of influencing ancient cultures to this degree, if there is sweet F.A. of any significance at the intended destination? What were Humans supposed to do when they landed outside the Engineer's military outpost?

    Then its a cue for plot cliches and things happening because the plot demands it, not because it is natural in any way. The biologist is scared he found the existence of alien life when stumbling across an Engineer carcass and runs away with the geologist, who despite mapping the structure and having a near-constant comms link to the ship manages to get lost (my god, even US soldiers nowadays have a dead reckoning navigation if their satellites go down), but then when the biologist comes across an obviously hostile alien snake, he wants to stick his face in it. Score one for character consistency.

    David the android then contaminates Holloway's drink with a drop of the biological weapon, because he magically knows Holloway will have sex with Shaw, who will then give birth to an alien squid which will then impregnate an Engineer which will then give birth to a proto-Alien. Sure, he may have just been curious about its effects, but it all seems too convenient, just to force the Alien creature into the film in some way.

    The reveal of Weyland being on board also did not need to be a secret. Weyland does not give two when he is discovered alive by Shaw, and his reason for being there is because he wants to ask the Engineers to grant him eternal life. Uh-huh. 5000 characters is not enough.
  10. Jun 10, 2012
    Prometheus is a true prequel to Alien but not of the same caliber. Great cinematography but as hyped as this movie was, it fell short because of a serious number of plot holes and things that were left unanswered. If your the type of person that is in it for the suspense and entertainment then you will be satisfied but if you find yourself asking questions your gonna find no answers.
  11. Jun 7, 2013
    Definitely a cool story. It raises a lot of questions that it can't answer, and I feel that it is simply the film being honest with itself and its viewers. This seems to have angered a great many people. On the other hand, some people felt the film was too "anti-sci-fi" and I can see this as a valid complaint, because I often felt this way as well. The main character injects faith into the narrative of the film, and while I can see how it would be necessary, I could have done without it. It felt generic and cliche'. It felt, honestly, a little too family friendly at that point. The film is driving home a hard hitting point, and I felt that the "faith" talk was a way of patting the audience on the head and saying "there, there, no need to fret!" I don't know, maybe that's just me. If you are looking for a hardcore prequel to Alien, then you will also be disappointed. The story is very much its own. It's a good watch, and even a good buy, but I felt it had an identity crisis at times and failed to really drive home its message with confidence. The acting is pretty superb. Fassbender and Theron knock it out of the park. I really love Charlize Theron. She is one of the few "cross over" actors who I feel really have earned their stripes, and she is hands down one of the most beautiful women alive today. Expand
  12. Aug 7, 2012
    Amazing, simply put. Director Ridley Scott does it again with Prometheus. just to say one thing, if you think this is a movie about aliens, It's NOT. This is a new chapter in the world of Alien, granted Ridley Scott does give us some suprises from Alien, this is not a derivitive of Alien. People have been complaining that this movie has alot of unanswered questions. The reason is that Ridley Scott wants you to use your imagination! This movie was beautiful, the acting was off the charts, David played by Michael Fassbender was incredible, the visuals were amazing, and the story was beautiful. It was a great movie. It was everything I had hoped for and more. Expand
  13. Nov 29, 2012
    Prometheus was better than I expected but not as good as I hoped. Bottom line, it was just an ok movie, nothing more, nothing less. Certain scenes were pretty ridiculous and made the movie almost laughable. The acting was nothing special. This was one of those movies where the characters made annoyingly ridiculous decisions. It's tough to really review the movie without giving away too much but I will say this; For a movie that was essentially a prequel, they introduced too many questions without really answering anything. Sure, sometimes this is done in movies to make you think. That's not the impression I get with Prometheus. It honestly felt like there was just some seriously lazy writing. Expand
  14. Jun 15, 2012
    I can tell that many will find this movie fascinating but others will find it boring and lackluster. For me Prometheus is in the Middle of all this. I was somewhat expecting the film to be a prequel to the "Alien" franchise but not to my disappointment it wasn't and I'll tell your right now the only thing the film has to do with Alien is the very last scene of the film which I will not discuss so I don't spoil it, but the last scene I believe was thrown in their to please fans or to stir up emotions for a sequel nothing more, nothing less. The film is very slow paced but fascinating and captivating at the same time, your looking forward to some action happening. The film does not have any immediate action sequences nor is a action/adventure or horror film. It is mostly scifi film about finding our creators and finding the meaning of our existence and I found it dry and lack luster but the after I left I couldn't help but think the message of the film is essential and it fascinated me. A great film for many but some may find it boring. Expand
  15. Jul 20, 2012
    Prometheus has two faces. On one hand, it offers stunning 3D visuals (quite a compliment from a person who hates 3D movies), great music, very good photography and locations, not to mention good performance of the top two actors (Fassbender and Theron). On the other hand, the return to Alien universe is marked by complicated plot with too many loose elements (even dull towards the end), treated in a hasty and pretentious, new-age-ish way, which is quite a shame for a picture with a tonn of small resemblances with the genre's classics (think of 2001: Space Odyssey, Blade Runner or, more recently, Mission to Mars etc.) and books (In the Mountain of Madness, some hints at King Lear's parental drama). It seems to me that after 30 years of absence from sci-fi universe Ridley Scott wanted to tell us everything, ending with telling us nothing in specific. 6/10 for the plot, boosted to 7/10 due to great technical elements. Expand
  16. Aug 24, 2013
    special effects and cgi are 10/10. unfortunately the rest is crap. The acting is mediocre, the plot is predictable. It starts off essentially as Ancient Aliens: The Movie. they find many cave paintings from across the world and are able to deduce from them that a certain planet may have life on it. By 20 minutes into the movie they are already on their way to said planet. Also, the themes are shoved down your throat. Challenging faith in God, challenging religion in general, etc. I'm not fans of films that completely lack subtlety in their approach to thematic elements. There are myriad ways to explore these themes other than very explicit dialogue from characters. Overall this movie is a 6/10. The CGI/SFX are top notch and I think it should have taken home the academy award for it. But everything else is just... forgettable. Expand
  17. JYT
    Jun 9, 2012
    Ridley Scott tried to push the limits from previous Sci-Fi/Horror done before and in all directions at the same time: more picturesques, going further with the creation of manking, the horror of the self-surgery, smotther special effects, etc... Charlize Theron plays very well also. Good to watch.
  18. Aug 1, 2012
    Wonderful visuals with an extremely interesting premise ruined by a terrible script, awful characters and a severe lack of tension. Prometheus poses some interesting questions and much of what is presented is left open to interpretation which is always appreciated, but the overall presentation of these ideas is disappointingly weak and I left the cinema feeling rather let down by what I saw.
  19. Jul 22, 2013
    Me encantan las peliculas de ciencia ficcion, ahora se relaciona con los origenes de Alien, tiene buenos efectos especiales, reparto etc...

    Que no tiene sentido la historia? pues por eso se llama ciencia ficcion, no se pongan tan payasos..
  20. Jul 2, 2012
    Ridley has his eyes on the prize, but they're too big for his stomach.

    In the thirty-three years since Ridley Scott's suspense-filled masterclass Alien, the franchise has lent itself to all-out warfare in the hands of James Cameron, a misguided hark back to the original courtesy of David Fincher and a pair of lamentable crossovers with Arnie's pal. Now the man who spawned the series has
    returned with a standalone film occurring before the events of all others, attempting to shine a light on the origins of the creature, the man infatuated by it and humanity itself.

    In the year 2089 archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and partner Charlie (Logan Marshall-Green) have discovered a cave painting similar in design to many others found around the world. The pictures are interpreted as a star map, and an invitation to humans to venture forth into the depths of space and meet their maker. So that's exactly what the couple does. In the company of uptight mission director Meredith (Charlize Theron), android David (Michael Fassbender) and the elderly, mysterious Mr. Weyland (Guy Pierce), they board the good ship Prometheus. Upon arrival, the team has their perception of human history and spirituality rocked to its core.

    Ridley Scott was right to make the clear distinction between 'prequel' and 'standalone' in this instance, as Prometheus most definitely falls into the latter category. Chestbursters, facehuggers and acid bleeding xenomorphs are, for the most part, replaced with ancestral beings and foreign substances. Simply put, suspense and thrills are put on the backburner, while typical traits of intelligent sci-fi (issues of spirituality, the presence of greater beings and man's insignificance in the grand scheme of the omega) form the crux of the plot.

    With that said, Scott shows he has not lost his touch in delivering to fans of the original what they paid to see. Allusions to the franchise, both subtle and overt, are prevalent throughout, while the scene in which Dr. Shaw is forced to conduct some impromptu surgery matches any moment of his distinguished career in intensity and exhilaration, providing the film's inarguable highlight. Visually speaking, Prometheus astounds, as inspired settings and sweeping, immersive camera-work make it one of those rare films that actually incorporates 3D into the cinematography and not just as a cheap gimmick.

    Whether intentional or not, the overriding theme that seems to come out in the wash is that there are some things man is not meant to know. For a film covering two and a half hours not much happens, and its attempt to answer some of the biggest questions posed to mankind gives the impression that it has bitten off more than it can chew, resulting in a cyclical narrative that reveals very little. Indeed, it may be the whole point of the film that an understanding of our purpose in life is so far beyond the realms of a human's mental capacity that to even try to comprehend such a universal semiotic would be the ultimate exercise in futility. And so, the criticism comes not from the film's ambiguity and inability to explain the unexplainable, but rather from the expectations it establishes for the viewer, only to meander around the big questions without directly addressing them.

    Maybe we're being a little hasty. Maybe, in the midst of all the pre-release hype, we've overlooked the fact that this film has a very sequel- friendly ending, strongly implying that our discovery of how and why has just begun. And therein lies the conflicting nature of Prometheus. Some will call it pointless, some will hail it as the pinnacle of cinematic literature and some may just have to wait and see if this film really is the disjointed, identity-conflicted slice of science fiction it appears to be in its own vacuum, or merely the preface of a potentially epic series.

    *There's nothing I love more than a bit of feedback, good or bad. So drop me a line on and let me know what you thought of my review. If you're looking for a writer for your movie website or other publication, I'd also love to hear from you.*
  21. Sep 30, 2012
    It wasn't bad, Certainly better then what I originally expected, but it was rather disapointing. Scott should have just came out and said it was an alien prequel because that is pretty much what it was.
  22. Jan 2, 2013
    The movie promises to answer some of the most quintessential questions of our existence, but never gets anywhere close. Instead it quickly jumps genre and evolves into an "Alien" for the 21st century (though the old one is still as good and hasn't lost its sheen with time). It's however redeemed by its sweeping visual grandeur and spot-on performances by Rapace and Fassbender.
  23. Jun 25, 2012
    Since I have never followed the "Alien" franchise or sci-fi-horror movies in general, I can't really give an explicitly knowledgeable review of this film, so I'll have to review it from an outsider's viewpoint. Seeing trailers for the film, three things caught my eye: 1) the movie would be intense, 2) the movie would be visually expansive, and 3) the movie would be epic. Only the first two proved to be true for me at least. The epic nature of the film was detracted by the general slowness of the film and how long it took for the story to unfurl. Even thought the film is just shy over 2 hours, you'll feel like you've been in the theater way longer. What took away from the epic nature of the film the most was dialogue. I have never in my life seen an action film that verges on over-sophisticated as the characters try to wrap philosophical ideas about creation in every which way around your head. It's almost as if the film was aiming too high, so that in the end, the dialogue was trying to outshine itself. The result is a film that becomes very confusing and nebulous at times. Maybe it's just because I don't have the background history to the series to know what was really going on. Speaking of that, the film has so many plot-holes that I became very frustrated during the film. I know they are setting the film up for sequels, but I don't believe I have ever seen a film with so many disparate plots, questions, and concerns brought up where by the end of the film, practically none of them are resolved. You will have tons of questions and theories and none of them will be answered. You watch stuff happen, and you can only ask yourself "why?" That's the problem with the film. The good news? Wonderful cinematography and visual effects. Decent acting by all the actors, with acting highlights going to Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender. And then there's the stuff I can't really critique, or else I would be very tempted to give the movie a lower score because of it. Yes, it's the sci-fi-horror violence. There are some pretty gnarly, cringe-worthy, disturbing, and grotesque scenes in the film (that are quite frankly not my cup of tea). If you can't handle that, I wouldn't recommend seeing the film. Overall the film was good ranging on okay. Expand
  24. Jun 9, 2012
    I'll start off by saying that this is unquestionably an Alien prequel, so those rumors are true. That's all I'll give away though. I will admit that I had unrealistic expectations going into this movie. Aliens 1 and 2 are two of my favorite movies of all time, so to say I was excited for this movie would be an understatement. Did it live up to my expectations? Not quite. However, I really enjoyed this movie. The atmosphere is what makes this movie, and the cinematography and effects are truly incredible. The movie immediately thrusts you into this mysterious environment, on a planet far away from Earth. It sounds fairly cliche or standard for a sci-fi space movie, and that's because it kind of is. The story leaves a little to be desired, mainly because of some plot holes that the movie never wraps up. This does help the mystery of the movie, and even when it's over there are still plenty of unanswered questions. I wouldn't be surprised at all if there are sequels to this movie considering the cliffhanger ending. There WILL be a sequel. The bottom line is that Prometheus is an experience that is rare in cinema. It creates another world that is intoxicating and very interesting. While I was mildly dissapointed in this movie, I am still ecstatic for the sequel that is sure to come. Expand
  25. Nov 11, 2012
    "Prometheus" was decent enough, not bad, not great. To me, the plot pace seemed rushed. I thought several times through this that the film would've worked better as sci-fi mini-series. There were quite a few "really?!" moments that could've been tightened up in a mini-series. Other areas had obvious implausibilities like how the "red-shirt" explorers seemed to have no knowledge of contact protocol and predictably suffered for it. BTW, did the opening sequence with the disintegrating suicide make sense to anyone ?! Expand
  26. Jun 10, 2012
    Had high expectations for this movie as I'm a huge Ridley Scott fan and after watching so many of his interviews where the legend seemed genuinely excited and gave fans many promises surrounding Prometheus. Well... I never in my right mind thought I'd be saying this but it was very disappointing, mostly because there was a lot of potential in that the cast was superb and could not have done a better job with what they were given, as well as the cinematography but the script was extremely disappointing and I cannot believe that Scott gave the green light to such a horribly done script with so many novice mistakes, it really is sad to see before our eyes the fact that he has fallen so low. I will focus on the negatives without trying to spoil the movie for you. Basically, I am convinced that if the writing was on par with all the other elements of the film, it would have been everything we were expecting (I thought the 3D was also fairly poor which was very surprising giving Scott's technical prowess but that could have easily been overlooked). It really felt as if 30 or so minutes had been cut as the movie moved lightning fast with no character development (besides David who was the only character you actually care about). Things just happen throughout the movie with absolutely no explanation, only subtle implications that seem to only raise even more questions, and after critical scenes these events are dropped entirely and the characters seem to forget whatever even happened. Character motivations and actions are very questionable and they just don't sell it at all to the audience (it is hard not to spoil this for you but I have to be as general as possible) and then there are inexplicable plot holes throughout : terrifying and intense scenes occur involving death and horror and in the immediate scenes after it is as if nothing had even happened as there is no mention of what has just occurred and instead more things are quickly introduced. Charlize Theron as a character is actually quite useless and I have no idea why she was even in the movie?
    The ending is just extremely sloppy and makes absolutely no sense and it will only enrage you. I still think you should go watch it and see for yourself but do not have the high expectations you would normally have had for a new Scott film in the Alien franchise, which is unfortunate to say the least.
  27. Nov 12, 2012
    So much potential and great special effects that go to waste with a sub par story that leaves more plot holes than questions it actually answers. Its severely weighted down being a prequel to Alien. Would be far better as a stand alone.
  28. Aug 1, 2012
    This movie surprised me in its depth of character, acting, and effects. Rapace, Theoren, and Fassbender performed their roles to perfection. However, despite several choice scenes, there are long stretches of little action or suspense. The long running time also makes this movie less enjoyable than it would be if some of the repetitive scenes were trimmed into a shorter cut. That being said, it is still a fairly good film with many positives and serves as a good prequel to the Alien film series. Expand
  29. Sep 3, 2014
    Essentially out of the Alien-storybook, Prometheus is a moving discovery of life beyond Earth. There is no shortage of suspense and story--Prometheus is enthralling.
  30. Nov 18, 2012
    Let me start by saying the movie looks incredible but that is really all i had to say really good about it. It tries to explain the most important questions of mankind but comes up flat and the plot didn't have an imagination to it when it came to explaining the questions it tried to answer.
  31. Nov 24, 2012
    It could have amounted to much more, but it delivered. It leaves you with the same questions you had going into the movie, so nothing really gets resolved. As a movie itself, it was interesting, scary at times, and quite exquisitely shot. The director seemed to accomplish the atmosphere he intended to have.
  32. Nov 11, 2012
    Why did I watch it?
    Being a big fan of the Alien franchise I was excited about seeing this film as soon as I heard it was being developed.

    What's it all about?
    Prometheus sees director Ridley Scott return to the universe of his sci-if phenomenon Alien in the form of a loose prequel. A team of scientists searching for the beginning of human life follow directions they believe are from
    their creators and funded by the Weyland Corp. head to a far away unknown planet. Here they find clues not only to the origins of human life but the origins of a familiar foe.

    Should you watch it?
    Prometheus is full of familiar characteristics from the Alien franchise, androids, stasis, mysterious eggs and corrosive blood. Although unoriginal, these facets are not unwelcome and made me feel right back at home within the Alien world.
    The script deals with questions of creationism and occasions is a little pretentious and self-serving but this sets it apart from being a straight-up sci-fi horror. Speaking of questions, the script also leaves plenty unanswered at the end, either intentionally (and hopefully) for a sequel or through failings in the writing. I expected no less with one of the brains behind Lost involved in the writing. The acting is great, Michael Fassbender gives a dead pan cold performance as he android David and others including Idris Elba, Noomi Rapace and Charlize Theron deliver as well.

    Didn't they learn anything from Alien?
    I have seen plenty of negative reviews for Prometheus and I disagree with the majority, although admittedly the unanswered questions are a bug I seem to bare more than others. I really enjoyed the film, lets just be happy we are seeing more of Ridley Scott's Alien mythology.
  33. Oct 26, 2012
    Michael Fassbender gives a great performance as the ship android amidst all of the confusion this film evokes, avid Alien fans will be disenchanted by franchise incontinuity and the lack of H.R. Giger design work.
  34. Jul 17, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What I thought of Prometheus (I wish I had the energy to write a full-length review), posted elsewhere: Well, I'll be the contrarian about Prometheus - I loved it. I thought the opening moments of the film were provocative and mysterious. I got what it meant but did it really mean what I thought it did? There are no answers in this film, though the lead female scientist (Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw) becomes dogged about getting some. We are left to come up with our own. It sort of combined the naivete and passion for exploration of the early episodes of Scott Bakula's Star Trek: Enterprise with an ever-growing sense of dread. The goofiness of Rapace and Marshall-Green as Elizabeth & Charlie, the "love you baby" science couple is the innocent/naive quotient. And the moment you meet David, the android who has a penchant for looking/sounding like Peter O'Toole, you know this can't end well, knowing the history of androids in the Alien films. But the best thing about the film, beyond being beautiful to look at (I did not see it in 3-D and it was gorgeous) and intriguing enough for me to shuffle through the hallways of my mind re the earlier films, was to take that "ET phone home" nonsense about our space seed fathers being benign, loving aliens and turning it 180. I take it that most of the criticism directed at the film is by fan boys (sorry, I know y'all are passionate folks) who wanted another "Alien" horror film. While there are some extremely tense scenes (it's rated R for a reason), this film is also grand and filled with wonder in the old-style sense of what science fiction films used to be. And that's what did it for me. I would have given it a 10 but shaving off 1 point for somewhat weak character development (particularly of the supporting variety). Expand
  35. Jun 9, 2012
    I was a bit disappointed with this film. I only go to the movies today for big spectacle 3D showings. Iâ
  36. Jun 23, 2012
    Good movie. Not going to be a classic, but I don't regret paying to see it in theaters. There just wasn't anything that was surprising about the plot. After the first half hour, I would guesstimate that 80% of the rest of the movie was extremely predictable.
  37. Jun 15, 2012
    Very intellectual movie and one of it's kind that hasn't been around in at least a decade. Much praise goes to this movie and I have to give it to Scott for making a movie that both feeds to the hungry Alien fans and the minds of its viewers. My only drawback was that every time there was a moment to pause and reflect on what was going on some type Alien fan-service swept me away from my train of thought. At times it felt like a movie that was stocked full of goodies and other times it appeared to flow very gently. Though not a direct prequel to the classic Alien movie it stands proudly beside it with plenty of events taking place that can be pen-pointed to the Alien lore. From David and the "space jockey," to the Waylen Corp. and their deviance way of doing things, and even the aliens themselves. Expand
  38. Jun 26, 2012
    I wanted to like this movie, I really did. But somewhere along the way this movie just stopped trying to be a part of the "Alien" franchise and just started doing it's own thing. It just attempted to do too many things at once. The visuals are this movies main saving grace, it looks incredible. It's just too bad that the plot doesn't really make sense, the characters are dull and uninspired, and the aliens didn't fit in with the rest of the franchise. Expand
  39. Sep 14, 2012
    The movie with the most exhilarating trailer of the year didn't quite live up to expectations. Prometheus, like many good science fiction films, poses great philosophical questions concerning the origin of our existence (which deserves applause), but it unfortunately goes absolutely no where with it. Each scene set up ideas but there's no payoff. Some scenes set up new ideas and story threads out of sheer convenience, and there's still no payoff. This movie felt like one big set up, with an intended sequel in mind, which simply wasn't doing it for me. Director, Ridley Scott isn't necessarily the one we should blame here, but the Screenwriter deserves some smack, for writing a script with more plot holes and loose end than you could imagine. Despite these flaws the movie was ripe with entertainment; and good performances abound, the best of which came from Michael Fassbender as our shady android, David and Idris Elba as the cool captain of the Prometheus. And while Scott Expand
  40. Jun 11, 2012
    just saw prometheus, don't believe the reviews it was great but it differed from the core ideas of alien and that's what is throwing some people off

    it was more of a dramatic sci-fi film like say, 2001 (although not as meaningful or cryptic) that tied up a few loose ends provided by alien (but not all of them, it was set on a different planet after all)

    it explained the space jockey, the
    birth of the alien race and it set up a rough idea for how the events of alien were set up

    a lot of the characters weren't quite up to the gritty, rough and really "human" ones shown in alien and aliens, but michael fassbender was amazing as david and the way he interacted with people along with a good steady progression of plot points and information given really made this film

    the effects were really neat, although as I've said numerous times before I hate 3D for the stupid gimmick it is even when it's used to its fullest potential (see like, avatar, I suppose) but in this it was really inappropriate and there were only a few moments were I was even aware it was in 3D

    overall: don't expect a film that captures the same feel of alien, because that's not what it's trying to be, but the characters and good story really make it worth seeing
  41. Aug 8, 2012
    I liked this movie. There are some loop holes in the story but this is also Sci-fi and therefore they dont have to play by the rules. Thats the whole point. The characters are rough and kinda cheesily written in some parts. Lets face it though have you ever herd of an alien movie winning an oscar for best writing or acting. Its an entertaining Sci-fi ride with great visuals and some stuff to send chills down your spine. See it for what it is and you will enjoy this movie. Expand
  42. Jun 17, 2012
    Prometheus could have been a good movie, but its bad acting and mediocre writing keep it from being a classic. It is, however, very pretty, and some may be able to excuse its faults for this reason, but I just couldn't get into it. Entirely predictable and packed full of flat characters - Boring. 4/10.
  43. May 21, 2013
    Is totally dissapointing. I can't believe it. Why Ridley? You turn crazy? you betrayed your universe. Sorry, i'm impressed. Only good are the cast. And Guy Pearce as Weyland...
  44. Jun 9, 2012
    After reading many of the reviews here prior to seeing the movie, I expected it either to be great or terrible, but it turned out to be somewhere in between, but definitely above average and worth seeing. Sure the movie failed in some ways. Some of the dialog is cheesy, some of the plot doesn't make any sense for a movie geared towards 'realism'. I think some of the reviewers here, were turned off by apparent plot holes, but for me the plot holes in this movie make you think and wonder which is a good thing. True the movie wasn't as scary, mysterious, and suspenseful as Alien, but this film stands on its own. It is a different kind of move really. It stuck with me for different reasons such as the big questions of where we came from and, in the movie, why thing were the way they were (not to give away the story). There are a few action scenes and creature scenes that were pretty well done, not to mention an incredibly disturbing scene which perhaps was meant to rival the shock we all recall from Alien when the alien first bursts out of a chest. There is some truth to some of the reviews that the characters were a little superficial, the story a bit lacking in depth, and some surprising predictability, but it is far from being the worse sci fi movie ever made, and far from being Space Odyssey. Expand
  45. Jun 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What a disappointment! Shallow characters, **** story, bad make-up, cheap thrills. 2 hours of boring foreplay for a 15 second climax at the end in the form of a proto-Alien emerging from its host. One thing's for sure: this movie won't ever be the cultural reference point that the original were. Utterly disappointing. Expand
  46. Jun 9, 2012
    I feel that the main characters lacked development throughout the film, especially Noomi Rapace character apart from Michael Fassbender character. The plot was confusing and slow. Towards the end the action was better, however the build up throughout the film was disappointing leading to the end. See this film if you have seen Alien. If you haven't, stay away from this film.
  47. Jun 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. For those of us who have waited thirty years to see the prequel to Alien, it is either a love or hate relationship. Ridley Scott's Prometheus starts out on a roll, as in 2001 with the origins of mankind, but unravels in an ending that basically shows God as a huge, caucasian with bi-polar disorder. Visually, the movie is a triumph, showing how much better the original could have looked with the newer CGI technology. But, whereas the original film is what it is ( a monster on the loose thriller), Prometheus tries to balance the big universal questions, while adhering to Scott's original intention for Alien (the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in outer space). The viewer is awed by the visual spectacle, then shocked at the transition to all-out horror for the remaining hour.

    I will admit though, that the acting is superb (especially from Michael Fassbender who replaces Ian Holm's Ash from the original). But, there are many plot holes, kind of like a celluloid swiss cheese. A new alien birth, that doesn't even get mentioned to the rest of the crew, and a race of alien overlords, who are mysteriously hostile toward their own creation. It is difficult nowadays to justify spending between ten and fifteen bucks for eye candy. Eye candy, like confectioners candy has the same type of substance, it fulfills at the moment, but fails to resonate in the long run like a meal of substance does. I am giving the movie two and a half stars simply for it's glorious visuals, but am truly disappointed with a story that begins with great potential, but eventually becomes lost in space.
  48. Jun 9, 2012
    Excellent move and well worth the time. At first I was confused, but once the movie got going, it completely explains a part of where the "Space Jockey" and alien creatures came from. It starts out slow, but if you hang with it you will thoroughly enjoy watching the entirety.

    Can't wait for the next one.
  49. Dec 9, 2013
    Prometheus' visuals are absolutely stunning. The often mentioned plot holes in Prometheus can be explained away if you're willing to dig deep enough-and for me- certainly didn't detract from the film in anyway.
  50. Jun 9, 2012
    Well, it wasnt horrible. but it really never explained the hole beginning of the aliens, they skipped how the alien was created and why they didnt use them on earth, and i thought it was suppose to be a prequel. well they failed at that too. the ending didnt have **** to do with alien
  51. Jun 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I haven't watched any previous alien films apart from Alien Vs Predator but this was pretty scary for me. Although it felt like it was lacking at least 45 minutes worth of extra footage, there were so many times where I was so confused. For example, you expected to stay with the two men in the tomb for a lot longer instead of skipping back to the ship and watching a head explode. And then magically one of the men somehow becomes like a zombie later in the film which to be honest has no explanation in the slightest. All in all I thought it was quite enjoyable but certainly lacking. Expand
  52. Jun 10, 2012
    Upon seeing Prometheus I was very disappointed with the movie. It was rushed, abrupt, answered no questions that were presented because of a lack of story and the characters were one dimensional. The special effects were great and the action, when there was some, was good. The movie just didn't flow. It didn't off set the negatives though. However, I went back and watched the original Alien film and it made Prometheus much better because you can see how the two are connected. Fassbender's performance was the highlight of the movie. Expand
  53. Jun 10, 2012
    Two days before this review was written, I watched Alien. Two days later, I saw it again, except this time it was in 3D, and not as good.
    Perhaps I should elaborate? The films (plural) are about the crew of a spaceship with a quasi-meaningful name and their discovery of an alien structure. They investigate at first and then attempt to flee after things slowly but surely hit the fan. All
    the while, their efforts are impeded by members of the crew with ulterior motives. I canâ Expand
  54. Jun 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This was a reasonably good science fiction film. It was not the epic or classic film I hoped it would be. The visuals were excellent. The acting was quite good. The story/script was OK, but there were a number of problems (see below). The story tried to be serious and ask/answer serious questions about the origin of humans. It was partially successful. It was way more than a monster movie, but ultimately it failed because of too many unrealistic plot issues. I love Ridley Scott and most of his films. I liked this one and am glad I saw it. It just wasnâ Expand
  55. Jun 15, 2012
    Ideal para fanáticos de la franquicia, deja muchos puntos aclarados y pone en suspendo otros dejando abierta la posibilidad de una continuación. Visualmente increible!
  56. Jun 19, 2012
    For the Sci Fi geek it gets a pass but don't try to copy Aliens which for an 80's Sci Fi was a classic - this clearly wasn't. What it is, is lacking in all areas except special effects which isn't about how good the movie is, it's about how big your budget is. The fundamentals of good Sci Fi is to recreate a fictional world and for that they did a good job. However, the plot has too many wholes in it, none of which are filled. At no point are you pulling for any of the characters and as a result don't care who lives or dies. Finally meeting our makers, disappointing. The big question, why are we here? disappointing. This trend continues throughout the whole movie and finishes with a grand finally crash... literally! Expand
  57. Jun 18, 2012
    You know that feeling when you have a dozen things you could be doing, other movies you could be watching, other games you could be playing, other reviews you could be writing, but you pick something that costs more and you have to go out of your way for it, and it doesn't leave you feeling bitter and regretfull? That's Prometheus. I watched it, and I was entertained, but never blown away. So watch it, have some fun, but don't be expecting anything near they hype. That way, who knows, it might just pass your expectations.
    On a side note, i should have given this movie a 0 for continuing to teach this generation to, when massive objects, significantly longer than wide, are falling toward you, to run forwards, not sideways.
  58. Jun 21, 2012
    I'm confused as to what people were "confused" about. It's just a beginning to a new Aliens story...It's almost like the first chapter of a really good book (that takes 2.5 hours to read)
  59. Jun 21, 2012
    As expected from a Ridley Scott epic, Prometheus is both visually dazzling and atmospherically haunting. However, a director undertakes massive risk upon attempting to combine epic science fiction with questions regarding the human condition. In the film, the crew on board the Prometheus attempt to contact the 'engineers', responsible for the creation of all human life on Earth, and in doing so, try to answer the ultimate metaphysical question - what is our place in the universe? In my opinion, it is in pursuing this point, that the film falls so disappointingly short. Unfortunately, the film lacks the compassion and the emotion captured in such genre classics as Bladerunner and Moon to successfully mount a response to this question. As a result, you are left high and dry when the film finally draws to a close, never really gaining any profound insight into the mind of our creators. The only real piece of genius comes in the shape of a brilliant acting display by Michael Fassbender, who plays the dry and clinical Android, David. As a massive sci-fi fan, I was fairly disappointed by Prometheus. Despite his practically impeccable credentials, Scott has not quite delivered a sci-fi tale to rival his previous work, it certainly does not rank among the genre classics. Expand
  60. Jun 24, 2012
    I was extremely hyped for this movie, and I have to say I was slightly disappointed. I think a lot of people went into this expecting answers to questions raised in Alien. Unfortunately, there's very few in this movie, and the ones they give are predictable or could be figured out from the trailers. There's also an abundance of small plot wholes and unexplained things that raise more questions. But it's clear Scott wanted to make a spin-off instead of a direct prequel, and for that, Prometheus is pretty good. You enjoy seeing this world and people interacting with it. There's some good performances from Fassbender and Idris Elba, but some bad ones as well. Most of the characters are forgettable or just 1 dimensional. Even though I didn't get quite what I wanted/expected, I would recommend this film to any fan of the Alien franchise or any Sci-fi fan out there. Expand
  61. Oct 13, 2012
    Solid movie. Lots of twists, a few really great moments. Does what i wanted which was show me a bunch of cool stuff from other worlds. I love the kind of exposure that you're given to Scott's nightmarish make-believe. If you are looking for a good sci-fi movie, this is the best I've seen in a while. Really enjoyed the slower pacing, let me take it all in. Worth your time definitely, but do not expect action. Expect to be impressed and repulsed sometimes at the same time. I don't care about Aliens though i respect them as what they are. This was a great prologue, I hope there is a second movie. Expand
  62. Jun 30, 2012
    This is a great sci-fi film with spectacular special effects and a great story, what I was disappointed about was that I went to watch this film so it would answer questions about the origin of the aliens but instead by the time it finished several more questions were raised prompting at a sequel. Ignore the bad reviews this is a well made film which Is enjoyable from start to finish but those thinking this is a horror film will be disappointed as it wasn't scary in the slightest, I was disappointed at some of the writing as some of it didn't make sense but this can be overlooked as the film is otherwise fantastic. Overall a great film which links to the alien franchise perfectly, I would recommend this to any alien fan or sci-fi fan in general. 8/10 Expand
  63. Jun 28, 2012
    in the critics vs. prometheus conflict, those who did not like, or actually the vapid script are being continuously scolded for expecting the film to have a developed theme, character development, and particularly for responding with extreme hostility to the illogic of the script and the absolute absence of explanations for what are supposed to be tantalizing artifacts and incidents. difficulty is the fact that the film plays not as a prequel to alien but as a prequel to its own sequel. it suggests everything and pointedly explains nothing. which is why it plays as a two hour length trailer, instead of a coherently plotted story. visually extraordinary, but storyless. that's fine as a television episode, but completely presumptuous in a film. it is thematically indecisive at best and entirely overreaches itself. visually extraordinary as it is, the script is a scattered embarassment to imagination and logic. Expand
  64. Jul 17, 2012
    Ultimately, Prometheus fails to reach the dizzying heights that I had expected (and I think that can go without saying) but it contains striking, seamless visuals and a trump card in the form of Michael Fassbender, which still deems it a good movie-going experience. The plot comes off very standard and predictable, which is the only thing I really was hoping to be stunned by. The characters, well, we don't really care, 'cept for David. But the film does stand as a part of the incredible Alien franchise and after having accepted the films' effect on the Alien universe, it is still a pretty good movie. There is a scene involving Noomi Rapace in a growth-removal surgery that is gut-wrenching, but there aren't all to many genuine horrifying moments throughout. Still recommendable, though. Expand
  65. Jun 29, 2012
    I deliberately avoided the trailers and pre-hype in order to have zero expectation about this movie. Here my brief synopsis; Storyline - intriguing, leaves you hungry for more Visuals - stunning Pace - right balance of action, tension Fassbender - sublime, deserves a gong Rapace - unobvious choice, no Sigourney but pulled it off Theron - underutilised but still sexy as hell in a catsuit
    Pearce - WTF?
    Character decisions - odd
    Gore - perfect

    On balance, let's see the Director's cut.
  66. Jul 1, 2012
    You know how in bad horror movies most of the characters make really stupid decisions and you're just like "Wow, why the **** would you do that?" That's this movie.
  67. Jul 1, 2012
    Loved it so much. The scenes were beautiful specially in the beginning and I loved the aliens ship. The creatures were awesome. The acting was ok but Michael Fassbender was awesome. The 3D was just an extra.
  68. Jul 2, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Charleze Theron was totally wasted here. The movie aspires to be great, but just ends up over the top. The focus on the cross was absurd and unnecessary, but typical of a lot of sci-fi these days. Too much religious fantasy, not enough sci-fi substance. Great f/x, sound, and music though. Expand
  69. Jul 6, 2012
    "Prometheus" is picturesque and inspired, albeit a bit too awkward to be more than a good-to-great picture. What fails the product is a script that allows for an equal measure of wonderful things to every fault, as well as the later-life dissidence Ridley Scott has apparently developed with the slow-burn drama, often causing him to opt for a quick barrage of information instead of the languid technique of his prime. Otherwise, all negative slants aside, the performances were good for the most part and the special effects were especially strong for Twentieth Century Fox, perhaps due to the continued residence of the specialised team brought in for work on "Avatar." Nevertheless, I don Expand
  70. Sep 19, 2012
    This film was a huge letdown. Story wise is an absolute mess. Full of uninspired, clueless, dumb characters following a concatenation of events that can hardly be called a "plot".
    You might be hoping for some cool action or thrill but you would be disappointed anyway. The only good thing about this movie is the spaceship CGI. Very cool design. That said you don't want to spend money on
    this train wreck Expand
  71. Jul 5, 2012
    A sublime sci-fi adventure ahead of its time. The only real fault with this film is not over-reaching, but reaching in too many directions all at once. A flawed gem, but a valiant step forward for the genre. Leaves many unanswered questions which will frustrate the impatient, but lays the foundation for a promising continuation of its own, which will captivate the imaginative.
  72. RPD
    Oct 10, 2012
    I just watched this one and liked it quite a bit. I'm guessing, from what I have read, that not being a fan of the Alien films might have something to do with it...
  73. Jul 8, 2012
    Maybe not as good as the hype, with their seeming to not be a clear beginning and middle, many anti-climaxes and doesn
  74. Sep 30, 2012
    Prometheus delivers what it promised : A side-story set in the alien universe that sets the pieces for 2 sequels.

    Some hate the movie because it leaves unanswered questions and because it's not the Alien prequel they expected.

    Let's be honest, a lot of fan boys wanted to see this movie for two reason : See aliens and understand where they came from. Yet... Scott clearly said that
    this was not a prequel (it doesn't take place on LV 426 where the original alien events took place). So yes, this movie raises more question than answers. But hey, this IS the first the movie of a trilogy. And the the sequel called "paradise" is actually being filmed and estimated to be released for 2014.

    So don't listen to those haters that wanted all the mistery solved on the first movie or the alien fan boys.

    This movie is NOT alien. If you can take that of your head, you'll like it.

    They are however a few incoherences in this movies. While the main characters are solid, the rest of crew is just awfull. None of them makes logical decision, which leads them to their doom. (spoilers) Fortunatly they are now all dead, so at least we won't have to deal with them in the second chapter.

    Regardless of it's flaws, Prometheus is the FIRST chapter of an adventure that is so far very promissing. Don't judge the story untill you've actually scene the third and final film. If you take prometheus as a standalone movie, it sucks, but as a first movie of a trilogy it asctually does well.
  75. Jul 9, 2012
    Director Ridley Scott is back to the sci-fi genre after a good 20 years or so. What makes Ridley Scott stand out to me is that when he uses visual effects they
  76. Jul 14, 2012
    This was a pretty good film. Obviously not as good as Alien or Aliens, but still better than the franchise's other installments. It started off pretty slow, but then got exciting and tense when they started conflict with the aliens. I don't think that it necessarily lived up to all of its expectations, but it was a good film nonetheless.
  77. Jul 27, 2013
    Prometheus was good and entertaining. Although it does not live up to Ridley Scott's earlier films it is a engaging and decent sci-fi film. It wasn't anything spectacular but this film certainly does not deserve all the negative reviews it has gotten. Plain and simple it doesn't live up to the expectations of the audience but that does not outright make it a bad film.
  78. Jul 28, 2014
    Heading into this one, I heard a ton of differing opinions, but at the end of the day, I came away from this one with a positive take. The cinematography and special effects are undoubtedly the star of this film and are breathtaking to look at, each shot is achingly beautiful, and the tech gadgets are very cool and the other effects very well done. In addition, Ridley Scott's direction is good, as expected. The acting from Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, and Idris Elba, is very good, especially Fassbender. I did not love Noomi Rapace here and was left wondering how they could not have found somebody better for the role. The main complaint I had heard about this one beforehand was the script, but I personally have no complaints and thought it was just fine. Unoriginal, sure, and heavily inspired by the sci-fi films before it without question, but I did not come here expecting an original sci-fi project, now did I. At the end of the day, I came for thrills and great special effects and that is exactly what I got with a little bonus of great cinematography and acting. Only complaint would be the added religious (or non-religious?) element. I think the story could have been approached differently without inserting religion at every turn. Prometheus is far from a great film, but I will be damned if it is not an entertaining and satisfying prequel to Alien. Expand
  79. Jul 17, 2012
    Even though I have never seen "Alien", I can honestly say that "Prometheus" is one of my favorite thrillers. The film was always interesting, mysterious, and suspenseful in such a way that I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen. Although the film may settle for some subliminal pseudo-philosophical messages, as far as the craft goes, it's genius.
  80. Sep 7, 2012
    I' am a huge sci-fi and Alien movie geek. So when I heard Ridley Scott was making a new sci-fi movie, you can guess my excitement. I never go into movies expecting it to be flawed or the next Godfather. It is a great futuristic thriller. A story of a group of scientist on a quest to meeting humanity's makers that goes terribly wrong. Noomi Rapace does a great job as the leading role which has a great resemblance to Sigourney Weaver's role. Micheal Fassbender is just perfect as the android we all know. Charlize Theron gives a great performance as the heartless illusive antagonist of the movie. These three lead characters give the only worth while performances. The rest, I could care less about because obviously they where put as "extras" to be killed with no character development at all. The story seemed very interesting which is the key objective for me. The story has plot holes but so did 1979's Alien and those were eventually explain. Overall I enjoyed watching this film, Definitely worth seeing. Expand
  81. Jul 20, 2012
    Ever since 2002, when Ridley Scott and James Cameron approached FOX about making an ALIEN 5, i was just wishing for it to happen. So when Ridley confirmed a few years ago that he was going back to Sci-Fi and to the ALIEN franchise i was totally jazzed. Then when the teasers and trailers started popping up it mesmerised me and i just wanted to see this movie ASAP, it was by far the one film that i most wanted to see this year.

    So to my actual thoughts on the film, it starts off great and it
  82. Jul 21, 2012
    Prometheus was slow and dull. It was predictable and I felt myself wishing the long-drawn out affair would be over. It had little of the intensity of Alien and really lacked drive. On a more positive note, I thought the visuals were very good and I enjoyed the 3D effects. There weren't any obvious moments where Scott had pushed something towards the camera etc. to get the best use of 3D technology but it was more subtle. Expand
  83. Aug 4, 2012
    The first hour is strong, there is a great sense of foreboding and mounting threat. However, the characters are poorly realised and fail to convince the viewer that they are worth investing any emotional engagement. After the relatively strong first hour, these flaws become more evident as the cast are bumped off, but that failure to care about them denies Prometheus the powerful ending it tries so hard to create. Disappointing, this could, and should, have been so much better. Expand
  84. Aug 12, 2012
    As an Alien quasi-prequel, the elements that make this a prequel does feel like it's hurting the movie. The visuals are amazing. Fassbender great as always. But like Damon Lindelof's other infamous show (Lost), this film has a lot of big mysterious that not a lot have been pulled out unsatisfyingly.
  85. Nov 5, 2012
    I'm not big fan of the series but i likes science fiction films. I think it's wrong the ambientation because 2090 years it's a very short time for similar travels and technologies. 2090 it's early for travels type interstellar. the end of the movie i didn't like. could be better. However the sufficiency is deserved.
  86. Oct 6, 2012
    Though so many question's are not answered, it's hard not to be absorbed into this science fiction mystery. Like 2001 Space Odyssey(1968) raised a lot questions and made the individual viewing the film ponder on answering them. Prometheus in many way's relates to the criticism of the film, but decades later it's praised as the greatest Sci Fi film of all time. Prometheus may not be an instant classic like 2001 Space Odyssey, but it still ask's the right question's and give's the audience the power of deciding them. Expand
  87. Oct 24, 2012
    Prometheus is a bit wobbly and rushed at times (mainly the end) but the acting, direction and effects make up for it. The script is also a bit dodgy at times, as it's very un-technical for a sc-fi epic film.
  88. Sep 23, 2012
    Don't you even try to go watching it thinking you'll understand everything immediately: go watch Prometheus like if it was an old fashioned sci-fi film, where some questions are intentionally left unanswered in order to make the audience wonder and think about it.
    The day after I left the theatre embittered I looked for the explanation of some scenes on the Internet, which seemed to have
    a symbolical meaning: I found plenty of videos explaining the film metaphorically and symbolically.Thus, I thought Prometheus is a good film.
    The acting is not that awesome but David, the android played by Michael Fassbender, is astonishingly great.Visually speaking, Prometheus is magnificent: the visual FX (charmingly) surround the excellent framing work Ridley Scott did.
    For God' Sake: if you are watching it in a theatre, make sure you are watching the film in 3D.
    The Official SoundTrack gave me goosebumps: please note that the HD version of the original Alien's main theme made me giggle in Happiness.
    It is not a perfect film, though
  89. Sep 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I did not know, until I was in the theater and saw it unfold before me, that Prometheus is a prequel to Alien. Somehow that part of the marketing scheme didn't reach me. I thought, oh, that's strange. Ridley Scott is making another space movie that looks remarkably similar to Alien, and he's even using the same lettering. He must be desperate. Oops. My bad. It's a prequel. But it's also not. You see, Prometheus takes place in the same universe as Alien, before the events in Alien. It heavily references Alien, and its main plot is related to an alien race that is encountered in Alien, but not the chest-popping dude with the cool second jaw. That's where it strays from prequel status: Ridley Scott is attempting to develop an original story here, only very loosely related to Alien.

    It is the story of human beginnings, one of the most enticing questions in the history of the world. It is not a true story, of course; don't be fooled by the really cool special effects. It is a story that, at the end of Prometheus, is not over. Scott has announced that he intended from the beginning for this to be a series, and not a standalone film. We do not yet know how many sequels there will be, but I am expecting at least one.

    I liked it, more than I thought I would. I am usually a fan of Ridley Scott, as Gladiator and Alien are two of my favorite films, so I suppose I should not be surprised. If there is a sequel, will I see it? Yes, of course. There are some things about this movie that are really far-fetched, and other things that are definitely not possible with any sort of technology. So that's weird. But for the most part, the story drew me in and kept me interested. The acting held up, and the visuals were really cool. There isn't much to say for character development or hidden themes, though. It's just a story. Enjoy it for what it is, and don't expect it to stack up to Alien.

    A lot of the reviewers on IMDb really hate this movie. I think they must have been expecting something as good as Alien, so they were pissed off at what they got. But it's not a bad movie, folks. I don't need to tell you that the haters are full of **** judging by the fact that most of them gave the movie a 1/10, which is unreal - I mean come on.

    I'm a little disappointed by Charlize Theron in her role, which surprises me, but I'll blame it on her character. I don't feel that Meredith Vickers has a lot of depth, and her little twist is really obvious. I just think she's weird. Michael Fassbender, though... let's talk about him. This guy greatly impressed me in Inglourious Basterds, but his role was so minor that he didn't have a chance to really shine. Now he plays David, the android, in Prometheus, and it's nothing short of splendid. His sparkle is somehow very artificial, his body language just slightly inhuman. He provides the appearance of possessing superhuman intelligence, and the look in his eyes is one of incredible cunning, but also great curiosity, especially toward living things. This is certainly the most compelling depiction of an android yet, and much more impressive than [I won't spoil the surprise] in Alien or Lance Henriksen in Aliens (or, of course, Arnold in Terminator). In the defense of those Alien(s) guys, though, Fassbender's character is much more prominent in the story of Prometheus.

    I also feel that Noomi Rapace does a great job in her lead role; she manages not to allow Fassbender to eclipse her, which is impressive. Her performance is very believable, even if some of her character's actions are far-fetched (more on that in the viewers-only section). The rest of the cast is primarily unknown, but they make a relatively good ensemble. I could do without the goofy guys that get lost, but I can't fault the actors for that; they do their job well. I will note that Idris Elba, who plays the ship's captain in this film, is better known to some of us as Stringer Bell from HBO's The Wire. For those of you who don't know, Stringer is one of the most enthralling characters I have ever seen in film or television, and Elba is absolutely amazing in that role. Since that time, I have seen him in a couple of minor roles, including this one, and I personally wish he had quit acting after The Wire. While his performances are nowhere near poor, I cannot help but think of him as Stringer Bell.

    For a much more lengthy and in-depth review, see my blog at
  90. Sep 23, 2012
    Not because they say that this movie is bad, I thought it was good as far as it goes. The bad thing about this movie is that they do not explain much of alien species emerging. However, the effects of the movie are very good.
  91. Sep 30, 2012
    Decent movie but too much was left open for a though did answer one question. Would movie goers watch another alien sequel if it is well scripted? Yes! Overall this just falls short
  92. Sep 30, 2012
    Prometheus does what you've seen many, many sci-fi movies do before... However, it does it all well. From the get go it is fairly easy to predict which characters are going to die and in which order, but whilst the initial set up feels a bit lacking in orginality, Prometheus delivers its gruesome deaths with a powerful punch. The vistas are stunning and Prometheus represents another huge leap in CGI landscapes. It's easiest to describe the quality of the effects as a grittier version of Avatar. The film leaves many questions unanswered in true Alien style which many audience members may be frustrated with, and a sequel happy ending feels a little bit forced. However, fans of Alien are sure to get a kick out of seeing technologies and locations they know and fear. Overall, Prometheus is an impressive film, yet falls short of the heights it was built up to reach. Expand
  93. Oct 3, 2012
    Prometheus is a prequel of the legendary Alien series of films all of which gripped for from start to finish Prometheus unfortunately does not unfortunately though this is partly due to expectations from the Alien series and the answers we were promised not being delivered.

    I will admit as a stand alone film Prometheus is okay at best which is why i have given it a 5, it's story is
    average as far as stories go these days don't get me wrong the characters in Prometheus are excellent and play there parts well which creates a gripping emotion towards the characters unfortunately this is all Prometheus has going for it . Expand
  94. Oct 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Prometheus is a science fiction thrill ride that leaves you itching for more. Director Ridley Scott stylishly utilizes the latest in CGI and 3D technology to launch the viewer into an alien infested nightmare. The film is a prequel to the hugely popular science fiction series Expand
  95. Oct 12, 2012
    The plot had great potential but both the dialogue and direction seems to have been edited to a level where a lot of scenarios/opportunites was left on the floor. The concept is really good but the whole package come out lacking. After watching the movie I wondered what was it all about.
  96. Oct 13, 2012
    The plot is not tight enough. Questions are left unanswered and some of them are the big ones. But all of this can be shadowed by the film's artistic visuals and the constant thrills that it gives. Prometheus is not perfect nor excellent. It is just good.
  97. Jan 19, 2013
    I want to start off by saying that if you've set your expectations (like I did) on seeing Aliens or at least some Alien "goodness", you will be very disappointed. However, watching it a second time, I tried to be more objective; to see it as a separate title, not as a "Alien' prequel. Without going very deep (because I would ruin the whole experience) I find this movie -- interesting. It's far from great, it's far from what older Sci-Fi movies have done, not to mention it's way below the bar which the Alien series has set long ago. The plot has some problems and, the characters are rather undeveloped and some of them feel out of place (they're not relevant, given the nature of their task) and the story has a very slow pace. On the other hand, the visuals are amazing and the cinematography - spectacular, all the while the 3D implementation is somewhat pointless. I gave it a 7 because I respect Ridley's effort and although I've been disappointed with it overall, I admit it has strong aspects. Let's face it, the movie industry is on a downward slope for some years now, and it doesn't seem to get any better when even the most respected directors disappoint. Expand
  98. Oct 26, 2012
    I've never been this mind-trolled ever. I started thinking of my origin, the origin of the human race and I just wanted it to be a true story. Fassbender delivers (in my opinion) an award winning performance as David, a cyborg/android being.
  99. Oct 26, 2012
    This movie requires suspension of disbelief, and an open mind. If you watch Prometheus with the right mind set, you're in for a treat. If you're expecting an outright Alien sequel, you'll probably be disappointed. The script isn't the best and there are plot holes galore. Some of the holes are there on purpose and some are just odd missteps. No matter, this is a Ridley Scott feast for the eyes and sci-fi cinema fan. I enjoyed the movie on a second viewing even more than the first thanks to the wealth of deep analyses and thought provoking insights found all over the web. View Prometheus with a very open mind and you'll most likely be rewarded with an excellent sc-fi flick! Expand

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  1. Reviewed by: David Denby
    Jun 11, 2012
    Scott may always have had an eye on the box office, but from "Alien" and "Thelma & Louise" on, he has made women into heroines. In that regard, he's still ahead of the curve. Rapace's scene is a classic of its kind; it tops John Hurt's notorious misfortunes in "Alien."
  2. 70
    It's a different sort of experience: a stately, somewhat plodding but endurable science-fiction saga.
  3. 75
    There's definite mastery here, but it's hardly a masterpiece.