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  1. dz9
    Jun 17, 2012
    This movie doesn't necessarily have anything intrinsically wrong with it, but it doesn't do too much right either. But what does it do right? I'm sure everyone has heard of the amazing visuals, which it does have, but it does not necessarily make this a good movie. Also, the movie has some outstanding performance such as Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, and Idris Elba. Even the main character, however a little obnoxious at time, shows up to the plate. But the acting is a double sided sword fore outside of those characters, the rest of the cast were Missing In Action, either feeling cliched or irrelevant. Bad acting isn't the only thing which plagues this movie. This movie doesn't seem like it knows what it wants to be. In a few scenes it sets up to be a intelligent thought provoking cinema begging the questions of life itself, but it never lets you, the audience, ponder fore it seems to have all the answers. Skip a few scenes down and the movie feels like a classic horror film with cast members being picked off one by one. Skip a few more scenes down and the movie feels like a quarantine horror flick.. These shifts in story directions never mix well and the result feels like a story that never truly has an arch. Meaning that this movie never seems to "pick up" and hit its climax, so it feels like you are watching scene after scene with no true direction to them. In the end: In Prometheus, you have some excellent acting mixed with some bad, stunning visuals, an extremely interesting premise, but added into a 3 hour movie that never hits a story arch or climax making the movie extremely, well... boring. Go see this movie if you are an Alien fan or if you are bored and the ticket is only $5, and embrace yourself for an only slightly above average cinema. Expand
  2. Jun 17, 2012
    This film was absolutely amazing! Beautiful, scary, intense, and yes lots of philosophy to think about. The one thing I really loved was the musical score - particularly the main theme that is notably played at the beginning of the film. At first I found this theme to be very "American" (I'm Canadian) - the style would work well in a WW2 film such as in Saving Private Ryan. But the theme is used throughout the film and brilliantly that is. In the depths of space and terror, this theme really helped pull me back to the comfort of home or Earth and this sort of 'journey' and experience what really knocked this film out of the ballpark for me. As well, the basic concept of this film is an extremely difficult subject matter to approach. The origins of mankind are obviously so mind bending that no human will ever truly know. Yet Ridley Scott took a stab and this film and it's philosophies are just spectacular and in the end highly entertaining with lots of thinking. The bad: the scene where those 2 scientists meet their demise with the"water snake" was really too silly for this film's caliber. Otherwise, loved every moment of the film and looking forward to watching it again hopefully soon. Expand
  3. Jun 17, 2012
    The greatest sci-fi film this past decade. Simply unbelievable. This film is imho on equal par with Alien and Aliens in terms of pure excellence, quality and entertainment. The story has many layers, interwoven so successfully and ties into the original Alien very well. I can understand the many poor reviews here, but really, any film that tackles the origin of mankind is up against all odds; but Scott did justice to the film, the franchise, all while entertaining. There are many unanswered questions but Scott did this intentionally to make the viewers think - it was done right and made me appreciate the film even more. You also need to have watched Alien to truly appreciate this film. The one and only draw back of Prometheus is the crew - i.e a mission into space of this caliber and of historical importance would require a team of top professionals, no less. Very much not in this case, but the character David stole the spot light - just spectacular character building. I do hope there will be a director's cut to give more insight into the film - there is easily 30 min of story telling that would make this film even more complete. I saw this in regular 3D and now plan to see it again but in IMAX 3D. The visuals and the cinematography are simply jaw dropping. I truly hope that an IMAX version comes out on blu-ray. I normally don't anticipate bluray releases, but for Prometheus I can barely wait....really can't wait!!! Expand
  4. Jun 17, 2012
    These characters are the worst scientists ever. That may sound like a nitpick, but much of what happens in the move is a result of that. I found practically every character to be unlikeable or a cliche, the plot is murky, and I didn't find the film suspenseful or surprising. I love Alien and Aliens, and this movie is not in their league.
  5. Jun 17, 2012
    Prometheus is a pretty good film, but some of the undeveloped characters and "plot holes you could drive a Death Star through" really let down Fassbender's superb performance and some of the best visual production I've ever seen.
  6. Jun 17, 2012
    Yes, it did have enough visuals and mesmerizing cinematography to fascinate and rock to the very core the target group of people for whom this movie was made and heavily advertised. But to me, it's just another multi million dollars disappointment. Actually, the movie was so unexpectedly (considering the director) goofy and clumsy at some points, i felt fascinated by the fact that such screenplay has been approved by a major studio. Probably it wouldn't have fared far at the box office if it wasn't for the viral marketing campaign. Expand
  7. Jun 17, 2012
    Firstly don't go to see this expecting Cameron's "Aliens" as this is quite slow paced for the vast majority of the movie, go in expecting a bit suspense and your likely to enjoy this. So what's the movie like? well I does flesh out the series origin fairly well although there are quite a few missed opportunities in the way it ends... unless they plan on a sequel it leaves far too many problems unanswered. I actually burst out laughing in a few places as dialogue was stolen from other movies. Expand
  8. Jun 17, 2012
    This is the whole ball of wax--action, danger, horror, and the fascination of the unknown. Faster than the original Alien--which is one of my all-time favorites--and more challenging, more thought provoking. An android of immense subtlety and power, both mental and physical, acted with great skill. A powerful heroine. Superb 3D and CGI. And, one more thing! If you can't "figure out what was going on" you're not trying: I thought of a plausible fact-matching explanation for every uncertainty in the movie within ten minutes of leaving the theater! That's doesn't mean I've stopped thinking for better explanations--it's that much fun. Just question your assumptions, and all of a sudden the possibilities will start falling into place. Expand
  9. Jun 17, 2012
    Saw Prometheus at Cinerama dome in LA in 3d. It is the story of a trillion-dollar mission to discover the origins of human life on a distant planet. Basically, this is supposed to be the greatest exploration undertaken in the history of mankind. So who do they send? A gaggle of fractious goons who last had acting jobs roles in Deliverance. Within minutes of touching down (conveniently beside the only 'man-made' structures on the planet ) the 'scientists' are dipping their fingers into strange primordial goo, lugging a severed alien head back the size of 2 watermelons back to an unquarantined spaceship in a glad bag. Two female Expand
  10. Jun 17, 2012
    Prometheus could have been a good movie, but its bad acting and mediocre writing keep it from being a classic. It is, however, very pretty, and some may be able to excuse its faults for this reason, but I just couldn't get into it. Entirely predictable and packed full of flat characters - Boring. 4/10.
  11. Jun 16, 2012
    For those who have not seen this movie, let me offer you a spoiler. IT IS NOT GOOD. Please save your money in the hopes that it can be put to good use. Instead of telling you why this movie sucked (see any of the other red reviews), I will instead give you ideas of better ways to spend your $10.Buy 10 twinkies. Pay someone to rub your feet. Buy some jello. Buy a new pair of socks. Get a haircut. Pay someone to clip your toenails. Buy a sandwich.

    Ok, I could write all day betters ways to spend your movie money. Really, anything you do with the $10 you save will be better. I'm still beside myself that I sat through this movie with high expectations only to be kicked in the nuts and sent home with gum on my shoe. In typical 'Lost' fashion, the recipe the author of this movie uses is to put 100 vague incomprehensible ideas in a hat and pull them out randomly to form the basis of his script. He aspires to be a smart, profound writer but delivers an inane, insipid monstrosity of a script. The fact that people that this script was good is way scarier than the contents of the script. Is this movie supposed to contain fear or suspense? The most suspense I had was the black movie screen moments before the movie started. From there, it degenerates into a circus of laughable situations better suited to a sci-fi version of keystone cops than a credible drama or suspense movie. The writer(s) clearly feel much smarter and in tune with intellectualism than they can deliver. It took about 10 minutes into the movie before this frightening realization becomes apparent. Nothing in this movie can be adequately explained by either common sense or even the most elastic form of science fiction. Some scenes are so ridiculous in nature, I have to wonder how R. Scott could actually direct them with a straight face?! Well, the R. Scott of yesteryear would not have. I guess people do lose their wits when they get old. People go on about the effects and cinematography. Ahem...Really? It's nothing great at all! Wooooo some nice flyovers of a waterfall....geez people. There are 3 settings in this movie. The alien ship, which is dark and mostly hollow and uninteresting. The planet landscape, which is just some earthlike mountains and sand, and the prometheus ship with its neato sliding doors and flashy lights. BIG DEAL! Not great at all. Forgettable. Some mention the music, which is annoying. Too loud and ever present. They are trying to lull you into a trance so you will ignore the daft sillyness that takes place on screen. Only a moronic screen writer would think that a good movie means to drown you with loud whispy music, while dazzling your eyes with irrelevant visual effects, etc. etc. It's good for a commercial, which is basically what this movie is. A commercial for what I have no idea. I can only hope it's not advertising another movie like this......
  12. Jun 16, 2012
    There was very little that was redeemable about this movie. So we'll start with that. The cinematography was excellent, the ships and the world seemed complete. Michael Fassbenders character "David" was well thought out and incredibly well acted, and above all memorable. But the rest was a muddled mess that was hardly worth the money shelled out to watch it, and was the kind of thing that torrenting was made for. The archaeologists had less of a grasp of the scientific method or proper procedures than Indiana Jones did. Why was Guy Pearce in old people make-up? Why didn't they just find someone who was old? The movie tried to mesh science and religion with horror movies and unclear villains. But above all, it lulled for long periods of time and was ultimately rather forgettable. Expand
  13. Jun 16, 2012
    This is a mess of a movie that uses grand visuals to make up for poor characters and incoherent story telling. It has the theological ambition of 2001, but lacks its technical perfection and absolute believability; it sets us up for another Alien-style horror, but can't keep us interested, let alone scared. Its characters are cartoonish and stereotypical, paper thin. For science fiction fans, there isn't a lot of science. For horror fans, there isn't a lot of suspense. Characters who are purported to be scientists are just not believable in the least. In typical fashion, when they announce not to touch anything, they quickly proceed to touch everything, only to later predictably regret it. The corporate stiff who's there to watch over her billion+ investment is completely uninterested in the mission, and I'm not sure what her purpose on the ship is supposed to be other than being a good looking, nasty control-freak. The captain acts like some bored truck driver dude who just wants to get laid. The android is the only redeeming feature, but that's just not enough to save this mess. Many of the scenes in the 2nd half of the movie have been done before, and the whole thing smacks of just a setup for the next movie. There is no depth, no tension, no story, no pathos to this movie: it's a lot of eye candy, but we have seen a lot of this stuff before, and little seems truly original. This was an opportunity for the next iconic science fiction movie of the decade, and it misses badly. Goes to show that no matter the quality of the effects, the grandeur of the vision, or the money spent on actors and sets, without a great story it's just another forgettable McMovie, empty calories. Shame on you, Mr. Scott, you know better. Expand
  14. Jun 16, 2012
    It looks great, but it's a typical noisy 2012 filmunderneath that. The characters, script and plot are poorly set out. There is little tension, partly because the characters are continually stupid and unlikeable, and partly because the inappropriate soundtrack never shuts up. It needs more room to breathe, more silence, and some honest examination next time. And fire the writers, please.
  15. Jun 16, 2012
    this film is basically genius. Whether it's worth a ten or not, i do not particularly know right know. However, there is so many things in this film left unexplained, with so many theories.. it really is clever. I reckon over time the usual 'alien fan-boys' will dissect every single part of it too make sense. they are not what idiotic 'critics' call plot holes, really are not plotholes. people didn't read watchmen and say 'stupid book about spandex wearers' no, it was much more than that. Scott just doesn't give you everything, and that's what i believe he intended too do.

    however. if you are your general b-movie watcher, you will absolutely hate this film. it has practically been created for alien fanboys, and philosophers. if you have no idea of the alien franchise, and have a low IQ.. this film will definitely not be for you. This is almost Scott's way of saying thank you too the fans.

    also from an ignorant angle, the effects were **** awesome.
    however, there
  16. Jun 16, 2012
    This movie is a pretentious mess. It would seem to want to be 2001 but is so badly written it just jars any sensible viewer out of any immersion. It looks pretty but whatever questions it wants to pose are obscured by the screaming stupidity of character actions and glaring holes in the plot. it gets credit only for some striking visuals quite unrelated to the story, and admirable efforts of actors Rapace and Fassbender. Efforts by some to credit the movie with deep meaning by hanging all manner of ex post facto metaphor and symbolism are like actually trying to tell the future with a fortune cookie. NOT recommended viewing except as an example of lazy, incomprehensible writing (thanks for nothing Mr. Lindlhof), and failure of communicating either interesting or meaningful ideas to an audience. Expand
  17. Jun 16, 2012
    In an effort to prove that George Lucas isn't the only director who can ruin an iconic cultural force from the 70s and 80s, Ridley Scott has provided a series of moronic answers to all the questions you never asked about Alien.

    This steaming pile manages to be filled alternately with both an offensive lack of nuance and subtlety and also such glaring plot holes that it makes me wonder
    which the writers hold in more contempt: The Alien franchise, or its fans?

    Once you get past the cheesy opening scene, the film actually starts off fairly well, building a strong sense of growing terror on a foundation of naive hopefulness, but descends into a pointless mess in the third act. In those rare moments where it manages to be unpredictable, it is idiotic and nonsensical. Where the original Alien was a delicate tool which built a sense of dread by subtle implication and rare, quick glimpses of the creature, Prometheus is a club, smashing you in the head with overt and cartoonish monstrosities meant to appeal only to the dumbest humanity has to offer.

    I will give it a couple of points for some beautiful cinematography and the compellingly creepy performance of Michael Fassbender, but those qualities aren't enough to outweigh its obvious and innumerable flaws.
  18. Jun 16, 2012
    Raw, intriguing, everything I loved it all! was magnificent, thrilling, praise the assembly work, special effects and cinematography. I'm a fan of this movie Alien and revealed some doubts, but created more and I like that a movie leaves you wanting to nurse a sequel.
  19. Jun 16, 2012
    "Prometheus" takes off the veil of mystery and horror created by "Alien" and transforms it into a pretentious but hollow story, where the lack of realism in the characters and poor search of deepness in the themes are their major problems. This movie made me feel that Ridley tried to put 30 years of "alien ideas" into a single movie, and the result is a movie with no good structure that takes the magic away from the "Alien" universe. Expand
  20. Jun 16, 2012
    Too bad for me who need to be convinced that it could be real, on this respect it was a complete failure, but I think most people will enjoy because they just don't care and the visual is nice. This movie is an aggression to my intelligence. It should be called Idiots on Space. The crew of the spaceship Prometheus is unbelievably dumb. Maybe the producers didn't have scientist advisers to tell them that most, not to say all, of the things this crew does is completely incoherent with the procedures of men going into the unknown. "The air is breathable... let Expand
  21. Jun 16, 2012
    Today I went to see Prometheus, and let me say... I don't regret my decision one bit! From the very beginning until the credits run at the end, you'll be a witness to an exciting story that keeps you interested, fascinated and amazed by Ridley Scott's creation. Let's review...
    POSTIVES: - Amazing and interesting story. - Great acting (Charlize Theron, Logan Marshall-Green, etc...) -
    Incredible music. - Amazing visuals.
    NEGATIVES: - The movie ends... (kind off)
    CLOSING COMMENT: Are you a fan of sci-fi or/and the previous Alien movies? Wait no more, and enlist now to take a trip into the universe with Prometheus... you won't regret it.
  22. Jun 16, 2012
    Eye candy, but jeez,... give me a story that makes sense. I actually feel used by this genre. I endured the Star Wars saga hoping for the heart of the first (or fourth, as it were). It never came. I endured the Matrix Reloaded and Revisited without the magic of the Matrix. I was hooked by Battlestar Gallactica and followed it to its end hoping for satisfaction but was handed loose ends and cheap shots (Starbuck as an angel? Pleez!). Alien and Aliens are iconic but I knew better that to follow the idiotic franchise. Trusting R. Scot for Prometheus, I bit the bullet and got burned. In essence, it's a fabulous setting for a seriously flawed, potential jewel. Expand
  23. Jun 15, 2012
    This movie is just okay to me. The story doesn't make any sense to me neither. My fiancee and I was completely lost and don't even know what actual story about. Action is pretty good but story of itself is weak.
  24. Jun 15, 2012
    I never sign up for these sites. But I did for this one. Only to agree totally with the review written by Taantric! A wonderful review of a sad use of millions of dollars. Everyone should read his review. I too, scratched my head at the sheer stupidity of the worlds greatest scientists sent on the journey to meet our 'creators'. When you consider the creature of the Alien franchisee and then look at the tentacles of what is ultimately suppose to be scary you have to ask why? Too bad and too cheezy. You want to see deeper character development but it is unavailable, so ultimately you don't care as they die off. No Ripley character here worth savings. Just sad. Expand
  25. Jun 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Amazing. This movie is so terrible I find enjoyment in pointing out it's flaws. Obviously the script was so poorly written that they made up for it by vague implications of philosophical questions about existence. In the hopes that their audience was too high from illicit drugs, and mesmerized from the graphics departments high budget visual effects to notice. The acting was either so over the top, or so emotionally dry they had to play a portion of a good movie to fool you into believing they made a good movie. Although the beginning I found rather whimsical in it's introduction of rolling landscapes, and a waterfall. I now find tacky, and disappointing. The characters or scientists prove themselves to be nothing more than a bunch of vagrants an eccentric old business man that looks like Johnny Knoxville dressed as an old person found in the closest bar, and put aboard a ship with a robot that apparently runs on chicken wire, paper mache, and tapioca pudding. Nothing scientific happens in this movie other than the occasional add-lib of "Hypothesis" and calling everyone a doctor before they speak to them. Their method of command is nothing less shallow then a group of drunk twenty somethings trying to drink, take drugs, and **** each other. Each person is only capable of making poor life decisions that will inevitably get themselves or someone else killed. Even the aliens weren't consistent as if the writer's could never fully agree on what was actually on the planet, but decided to put their own story in, and not tell anyone until it came to theaters. Every action scene was lame, and anticlimatic that made you wonder why would they do that? Pointlessly leaping over gaps when what you are standing on will slowly shuttle you to solid ground, running in straight lines from falling objects moving in one direction, acting like the dog whisperer to an alien worm nut sack, leaving safety to race a harmless razor sandstorm, opening the door to your dead exorcist geologist co-worker. Ridiculous. On top of it all, the way this movie portrayed itself was like it was groundbreaking on all of your scifi, action, horror movie senses that it was delusional from the fumes of it's own mystical self worth. It was non of these. Sadly, the blatantly obvious undertones of religion, the constant there is going to be another movie implications, and the superficial life questions confused as depth made this movie completely miserable to watch. In fact the only satisfaction I have is from knowing other people think it is as terrible as I do, and be able ridicule it online. Expand
  26. Jun 15, 2012
    Very intellectual movie and one of it's kind that hasn't been around in at least a decade. Much praise goes to this movie and I have to give it to Scott for making a movie that both feeds to the hungry Alien fans and the minds of its viewers. My only drawback was that every time there was a moment to pause and reflect on what was going on some type Alien fan-service swept me away from my train of thought. At times it felt like a movie that was stocked full of goodies and other times it appeared to flow very gently. Though not a direct prequel to the classic Alien movie it stands proudly beside it with plenty of events taking place that can be pen-pointed to the Alien lore. From David and the "space jockey," to the Waylen Corp. and their deviance way of doing things, and even the aliens themselves. Expand
  27. Jun 15, 2012
    Unanswered questions and a watcher's ignorance do not spell plot holes. I start with this statement for the simple fact that after a week of pondering the symbolism and theological ramifications that Prometheus set down on the screen, I decided to see what others had gleamed from the Alien prequel. What i found was a deeply intelligent discussion peppered by "I don't understand and so it was stupid" comments. Not every movie is meant for every audience member and I do understand that, but a true fan of the series might want to do a little research before stewing out bile. Don't understand the beginning scene, the motivations of the characters, or how intense terror can cause someone to act irrationally? Try finding an answer! The fact that every writer must dumb down their vision to spoon feed the masses is outrageous. the "From Clay to Fire" thesis was a great read and gave but one explanation to the events that unfold in Prometheus. When dealing with a dead race there are always this day many arguments exist on a wide range of subjects about long dead cultures here on earth. To think one movie should unravel the mysteries of the universe and spread it paper-thin for all to behold is asking a bit much even for Hollywood. Prometheus gave us a brief glimpse into man's eternal struggle to craft god into our own image and I, for one, was grateful for the experience. Expand
  28. Jun 15, 2012
    An entertaining sci-fi movie, but some plot holes and head scratching character interaction keep this from being a classic. Prometheus is a movie that screams potential, but after hitting its stride in the 2nd act, it trips and faceplants in the 3rd. There are two majority groups here that unjustifiably overrate this movie and underrate this movie. People giving this movie an 8,9, or a 10 claim that there are no holes (or you are stupid) and that this is an instant classic. The other group sees the gapping holes and silly character interactions and fail to see the aesthetic value of this movie. Lets be frank here, there are plot holes big enough that you can't formulate educated theories around. This is not as smart of a movie as it tries to be. The characters do not act realistically on numerous occasions and it breaks the immersion. However, every other part of the movie is very pleasing to the eyes and entertaining. Fassbender is the highlight of the movie and the movie is at its best when hes on screen. The movie throws in some fan service at the end that blatantly tries to connect it to alien, but fails to evoke more than a "wtf" pause. This movie is definitely worth a watch if you are a sci-fi fan, but make no mistake, this is no Inception in the "smart movie" department. An enjoyable, but frustrating experience. 7 out of 10. Expand
  29. Jun 15, 2012
    I can tell that many will find this movie fascinating but others will find it boring and lackluster. For me Prometheus is in the Middle of all this. I was somewhat expecting the film to be a prequel to the "Alien" franchise but not to my disappointment it wasn't and I'll tell your right now the only thing the film has to do with Alien is the very last scene of the film which I will not discuss so I don't spoil it, but the last scene I believe was thrown in their to please fans or to stir up emotions for a sequel nothing more, nothing less. The film is very slow paced but fascinating and captivating at the same time, your looking forward to some action happening. The film does not have any immediate action sequences nor is a action/adventure or horror film. It is mostly scifi film about finding our creators and finding the meaning of our existence and I found it dry and lack luster but the after I left I couldn't help but think the message of the film is essential and it fascinated me. A great film for many but some may find it boring. Expand
  30. Jun 15, 2012
    The special effects may be splashy, but they serve a brainless horror movie, a third-rate knockoff of Alien. The problem is in the writing, which is clumsy and superficial. The plot suffers from trickery, the dialog is silly, and the characters are preposterous. I expect a science-fiction movie to take some liberties with physics, but I expect the characters to be somewhat believable and the plot to hang together. Extended space travel I can accept better than, say, the ship's low-life captain. This horror movie doesn't raise serious questions about human origins; it merely contrives a way to set up a sequel. If there's a large question to ask, it's what were the movie-makers thinking? Expand
  31. Jun 15, 2012
    Poorly written, a script charred by ambition, leaving a brilliant director to rely on special effects and stunning vistas. Theron is sorrowfully miscast and misused, traipsing around the ships deck as though it were the Parisian catwalks, rendering every minute of her performance a pretense. Rapace is enthused and dedicated, but seems to be the only character that is genuinely effected by the dread around her......towards the end the multiple mini climaxes are collectively anticlimactic, and sadly familiar. Can you outrun a falling spaceship? Do you care? No, not really. Expand
  32. Jun 15, 2012
    Ideal para fanáticos de la franquicia, deja muchos puntos aclarados y pone en suspendo otros dejando abierta la posibilidad de una continuación. Visualmente increible!
  33. Jun 15, 2012
    I thought this was a brilliant movie. Great acting, intriguing and original story line and stunning visuals. I'm quite surprised it's copped a lot of flack
  34. Jun 15, 2012
    Beautiful movie that must be seen in 3D. Fantastic premise and entertaining all the way through. From reading some of the reviews prior to seeing the movie I anticipated being a little disappointed by plot holes or bad characters or a less than acceptable ending to the story. This wasn't the case at all for me. In fact, I appreciated how some of the unknowns were left unanswered. If I had to point to any negative aspect of the film I found myself a little disappointed some of the characters simply didn't respond to situations in realistic ways. Even though I wouldn't call this a horror film at all, it's suspenseful and creepy, it felt like some of the people were running up the stairs when they should have been running out the front door. The movie was so well done I just found it frustrating they couldn't write more realistic responses. If you are a fan of science fiction, space, suspense, or are piqued by the topic of our origins, this movie is a must see. Expand
  35. Jun 15, 2012
    It's unfair to compare the film to the original Alien. Taken on its own, I enjoyed it both times I saw it. Sure, it left many questions unanswered, but I'm hoping a sequel will delve into those issues. Fassbender and Rapace are both terrific. And Idris Elba is a perfect casting choice - there is a certain Tom Fontana symmetry there - Yaphet Kotto, from the original, is another Tom Fontana (Homicide / The Wire) favorite. Both excellent actors. Expand
  36. Jun 14, 2012
    Joining the recent flock of movies inspired by ye olden days, Prometheus undeniably has appealing visual and boosts great acting talents, but somehow falls flat on the suspense. The pioneer journey which will set up Alien mythology is just that, a long prequel to Ripley's haunting inevitable encounter, which wasn't as breathtaking as Prometheus, but clearly had more visceral feel. That being said this is a decent space claustrophobic flick that might entice you with its flair.

    Space age looks gorgeous in this rendition. The choice of color is sharp in its futuristic holographic setting while the hostile terrain of extraterrestrial deity is grimly dark. Carefully placed shots give more details for titular spaceship, and it's good to see the setting infused seamlessly into the plot. There are clean visual ambiances in contrast to the harsh alien planet. Its visual effect is definitely great, although it lost bits of that raw look usually associated with Alien.

    Acting is good throughout with Naomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw, a slightly over-religious protagonist who insists on finding a great deity somewhere out there. She is in no way a substitute for Ripley, and to her credit, I don't think she meant to be so. But she's not very likeable either with most of her time spent worrying about her faith. It's a bit odd choice to bring divinity so much, albeit highly possible and almost warranted in a movie about another being. Regardless, she put some work on making a strong protagonist, and she does looks like fem Shepard, I just don't think it's powerful enough for a lead character.

    Michael Fassbender as David, a robot created by Wayland, played by Guy Pearce, is excellent throughout. You'll often look at him and ask whether he has emotion behind his smile. It's a very cold depiction of a character built just to serve his maker, he's an absolute enigma. Guy Pearce delivers quite convincing role as a dying old man, he moves very fittingly and talks just as a near death man wanting to find more to his life than waiting for death. His complex senior make-up and prosthetic limb add to that depth.

    Charlize Theron as Meredith Vickers, whose gaze can petrified men, is almost as robotic as David. Callous and calm, she only exhibits some of her emotions, especially the later parts. She's in a sort of antagonist, yet again after the evil queen, very imposingly stunning. The rest are memorable by their silly deaths or the same lines repeatedly over the course of the movie.

    What lacking here is that gory depressed feel of impending doom, instead you'll see the characters walk into volatile situation without lack of self-preservation. It's baffling to see that a group of scientists who perfected space flight go into their merry way just to be slaughtered, at least they must have seen a space horror movie in a century later, even David has a collection of classic movies.

    There are only a few gory moments spread too sparse in the length of this quite long movie. It spends too much time in the build up but doesn't deliver that well, it seems that they want to make these moments to be extraordinary but just aren't suspenseful enough. The script is themed highly on faith, sometimes the characters are needlessly confrontational and most of the plots aren't resolved, which arguably a set up for another sequel.

    It drags a bit and seems to be a lengthy teaser for upcoming title, although a visually splendid and greatly cast one. 6/10
  37. Jun 14, 2012
    Just saw Prometheus in 3D and without doing a full-blown review which is my wont, I would say overall I give it a guarded B+. Loved the first half hour with all the nods to Stanley Kubrick's 'Space Odyssey', and the final half hour was really good bordering on great. Alas, the middle hour was kind of a mess. Also, I loved lead Nooma Rapace, but felt Oscar winner Charlize Theron was given short shrift. Anyway, it's my hope that the director's cut will restore a lot of footage and give the middle section a bit more coherence. Still in all I stayed glued to my seat the entire time, at the end I left the theater with mostly good feelings, and I definitely want to see the director's cut DVD when it comes out. Come to think of it, the 'Alien' does owe more than a passing nod to HP Lovecraft's Cthulu beast. ;o) Expand
  38. Jun 14, 2012
    If you want to watch Alien, go watch it! If you want to watch something new then stay around for Prometheus. This sci-fi story of finding our creator is beautiful. It is deep and at times to philosophical for some, but if you listen to the last line of Weyland than you can understand the scope of the journey. I really enjoyed it and the action scenes are intense. GO watch it.
  39. Jun 14, 2012
    I think the movie had great ideas about the origins of humanity, and the conflict between creator and created. But There was a serious lack of character development. I didn't really care about anyone, so I wasn't able to go on the emotional or intellectual journey that would have made this movie really great, as was Alien and Aliens . And it's sad because the film is a visual masterpiece. Expand
  40. Jun 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. ridley scott has definitely lost his mind/creativity a long time ago.
    everyone who liked this movie just a little bit, is either lying to themselves or has terrible taste in movies.
    everything in this movie is cliche & the only remotely interesting/relatable character is david. to see more on why this movie sucked watch:
  41. Jun 14, 2012
    I eagerly waited for the movie. I watched the movie without reading any reviewed. I was thoroughly disappointed. I failed to understand why the movie is named Prometheus and what the objective of movie was.
  42. Jun 14, 2012
    I saw Prometheus last week and it was pretty good. When Mr. Ridley Scott came back after hiding away for a little while, he wanted a film that is not an "Alien" prequel and discover the secrets beyond a mysterious vessel unlike any other. The film was incredible and Noomi Rapace (her hair looked the same as Ripley in the original Alien) was incredible. I also praised Michael Fassbender's role as David because he's more like a arrogant and sometimes humble gentleman, but he's more of a robot-like clone from "I. Robot." But the height and sounds of the movie gives you enough adrenaline, your heart pumps, and your feet is shaking as you go into a terrifying and explorational feeling you might can expect from both James Cameron and Ridley Scott. I've heard Prometheus is gonna be out on Blu-Ray sometime in the fall of 2012, but I'll save my money. From now on, I have to see this again. Expand
  43. Jun 14, 2012
    I usually like to let the movie take me where it wants to. However after reading the bad reviews I had my doubts whether to spend my $ 13 at all. I am glad I took the advice to see it in the theater. Special effects audio, and visuals were outstanding. I was prepared to be disappointed by the movie as a whole and yes, character, storyline and ending left something to be desired if I were to criticize them. That being said the WOW factor of Prometheus is undeniable. Too ambitious for its length of two hours it did seem disjointed and confusing for those unacquainted with the Alien films. Full of philosophy and homages to other films (the Alien series obviously, but also to 2001, the Thing remake etc) it had me absorbed during and ruminating after viewing. I kept the criticisms in the back of my mind while watching and let the director do his thing and thoroughly enjoyed where he took me. Obviously there were compromises in the production of the film probably foisted on him by the studio (most notably running time constraints) that prevented him from plot and character development (who knows what wound up on the cutting room floor), but for a sci-fi fan there really is no disappointment in this film. Leave the overthinking till after the movie's over. Prometheus IS a worthy prequel but probably will not be considered a classic sci-fi stand alone film. It should be viewed by all sci-fi fans in the theater. and judged on its merits, not its deficiencies. If you have an open mind it won't disappoint. Lets see what comes out on the extended/directors version blu-ray release. Expand
  44. Jun 14, 2012
    I have been racking my brain all day contemplating just how this terrible movie could have ever been written, made and released. And what I came up with is drug addiction. Everyone involved in the decision making processes of this movie must have been high, hung over or in withdrawals to allow for so many terrible decisions, ideas, errors and redundancies to be incorporated into one two-hour movie. Talk about the inability to criticise one Expand
  45. Jun 14, 2012
    The movie would never be as good as my expectation level for it, but I really enjoyed it. Imax 3D was brilliant. Visually the movie is stunning. It feels like it could have used 15-20 more minutes for character developement,more suspense, and I just wanted more. Like an episode of Lost, it creates more questions than answers given,but I think thats why they hired Lindelof to rewrite Spaihts script. A good film that could have been better is what i get out of it. It has a lot of Alien type scenes recreated but they lack the suspense and dread that the 1st film had. I also dont understand putting music in all the scenes where it should be silent or ambient sounds to create some of that mood that is missing. A sequel should be interesting! 9/10 stars Expand
  46. Jun 14, 2012
    Prior to watching the premiere of Alien in 1979, I had been to the dentist to have my wisdom teeth removed. Needless to say, I was in an immense amount of pain during the movie, which was compounded by the three camera shot of Harry Dean Stantons' stomach exploding on the dinner table. That moment in time is and always will be favorable branded in my youthful memory. Thirty-two years later, the memory of Prometheus, will unfortunately fade after many happy hour rants and moments of solitary silence of my obvious disappointment about this movie. My disappointment runs so deep that I do not know where to begin about how I feel about the film. Nevertheless, I will do my best to convey my opinion. The movie starts out wonderfully with this colorful other world landscape, which leads to the introduction of one of the "engineers" of human life, and then fades into the future to modern life and its discovery of the past life by present day archeologist's. It is sad to admit, but had the movie ended after the first ten minutes then I would've accepted it as a short film or a long music video. However it didn't end after the first ten minutes; hence the need for this unfavorable review. As in Alien, Aliens and Alien Resurrection, there's a robot. The problem with the robot in Prometheus is that it is an opportunist, which gives it a more human like quality rather a machine like quality. At the beginning of the movie the robot is employed by its programmer, but at the end of the movie, after its employer is all of sudden deceased, the robot decides to switch its allegiance to the only person left alive at the end: the same person whom the robot had tried to kill earlier in the movie. Since when did a robot possess the ability to think on its own to the point of being concerned with self preservation. it's a robot. Or is it? Another problem with the movie is that there's an intentional implanting of an alien species for no apparent reason. The robot finds the beginning of a possible alien life form, who then slips this life form into someone's drink, and then this someone drinks the drink, and then this someone has sex with someone else, which causes that someone to become pregnant. The person that is initially infected by the disease becomes sick and dies. The person that becomes pregnant is informed that she is almost at the beginning of her second trimester, which prompts her to logically question how could that be? I'm still asking myself that same question. This revelation of course causes her to take matters into her own hands, as she so characteristically does throughout the movie. Free from the baby alien, or so we think, the victim or the protagonist, you choose, now discovers that her employer has secretly "stowed away, " and has plans to meet the sole surviving engineer of life. So with his posse, the money man ventures into the dragons lair; only to die quickly along with everyone else. Which brings me to my other point of contention with the movie - death happens often and quickly towards the end of the film There's the one, two, three, four, five punch by the sole surviving engineer. Then there's a suicide mission by a very important person on the ship, along with two of his shipmates, and I'm not talking about the Heaven's Gate Cult. Then there's a certain headless someone, whom proposes a merger of the two opposing camps. How convenient on his behalf, since he no longer has a head, but how he is able to make this proposal without a head is mind boggling to begin with. But it does, and well...

    When I first started writing this review, I had given the movie four out of ten, but I'm now lowering that to three out of ten, because I've digested more of the movie over the past thirty minutes, and the taste has become more rancid. An afternoon rental at best.
  47. Jun 14, 2012
    This one tries to evoke a bit more of Alien rather than the action movie Aliens. Well acted, put together fairly well and logically, and beautiful and believable, though in the end Ridley Scott doesn't quite nail it. The first death(s) make the entire movie worth watching for us, though, by themselves, and in the end, we enjoyed the movie without necessarily loving the movie.
  48. Jun 14, 2012
    Embarrassed: The word that flooded my mind while watching this dismaying display of brain dead cinema by the director of seminal sci-fi works like Blade Runner and Alien. Embarrassed for the Alien franchise the film is supposed to be predicated upon and is now forever soiled because of Prometheus. Embarrassed for the script, seemingly scrawled on a few sheets of used toilet paper by a TV writer who should stay the hell away from the big screen. Embarrassed for the actors who will surely endure many-a dinner party jibe at their expense from peers bemused at their self-demeaning displays in this fatuous film. Embarrassed for myself for wasting 2 hours of my life that I will never get back and countless brain cells likely fried in the process of trying to fathom the stupidity on display before my eyes in this film. EMBARRASSED for the human race, that we've apparently stooped so low as to accept this kind of egregious schlock as legitimate entertainment. I'm even embarrassed for the **** Irruminator' monster that was obviously plagiarised from some 10-year-old's scribble book. (*It will become clear upon watching the film).

    Prometheus is flawed on so many and varied levels that it's almost an admirable effort to manage such a confluence of poor film-making in one, single piece of work. How this film went so wrong when having so much going for it, is a question for the ages.

    Unless it's eventually revealed Prometheus was an industry in-joke, aimed at poking fun at the dullard dolt demographic the industry now predominantly panders to, then I cannot see this film becoming anything more than a byword for abjectly bad cinema.

    3/10 (*because no film is a 1 and there are some worse than Prometheus... SOME).
  49. Jun 13, 2012
    Awesome visuals and audio! Cool Alien planet, something we haven't seen before, cool aliens....plot was one of the worst plots ever many problems with it and the characters, its actually kinda funny its so bad. Would only recommend this movie if you aren't going to see it to take it seriously, but to have some fun. I was pretty let down being a huge fan of Ridley Scott and Alien, but I admit it was still entertaining through the first watch even though it hardly made any sense...Not sure if I'd watch it again, but I don't watch a lot of movies more than once. Expand
  50. Jun 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Is this an Alien prequel? Of course it is, it has an alien in it and the space jockey and his ship. The film is really nice to look at particularly the opening sequence, the visuals are most of the reason i have scored the film a 7. Some have been puzzled by this sequence but my take is that the guy disagrees withth the rest of his race to kill humans so he kills himself. As many have said there are plenty of holes in the plot and the film asks more questions than it answers, you may like me leave the cinema scratching your head. This view has been countered with many saying the plot holes are part of the appeal and that this may have been deliberate. I couldnt disagree more, why pay good money to be confused or have your questions unanswered? The part where Fifield returns as some mutation is plain silly, not explained and added nothing to the film in my opinion. This is an average film albeit presently excellently, other than the visuals i cant find anything particularly good to recommend about it. I cant anything particularly bad to say about it either. Expand
  51. Jun 13, 2012
    Believe the negative reviews. This movie's plot makes no sense. It features terrible acting from big name actors, unbelievably bad old man make up, and a complete lack of suspense. Go watch the original Alien, with its outdated effects, and enjoy.
  52. Jun 13, 2012
    A decent score and promising start full of bleak beauty, conveying a good sense of the vulnerability of space travel, isolation, and the beauty of life. Up until the point the main body of actors are introduced, the film was going excellently. Two main things let this film down- the characters and the plot. That sounds pretty damning, like there isn't anything left to salvage it. Not so. Good points were excellent visual appeal, reasonable tension, a believable level of future technology, and engaging questions about the origins of humanity. The characters. It is such a shame when a film is ruined because characters do not act believably. There may not be a faster way to ruin a film. The most obvious example of this is the sheer recklessness of the so-called scientists. They are just falling over themselves to stick their tongues into unknown goo. The list of these incidents honestly goes on and on. In fact, the number of incidents of people actually behaving believably are so few that they stand out like megaton blasts when they finally crop up. The motivation of many of the characters is very muddy, and is never clarified. Most of the characters are never explored at all, which somewhat diminishes the impact of their later noble sacrifice.

    The plot. For the first half of the film, it was essentially the exact plot of Alien, although there is nothing wrong with that. It wrestled (not wholly unsuccessfully) with grand themes, but left most questions unanswered, and the few answers offered were very ambiguous. Everytime it felt like a revelation was about to be reached, the resulting pronouncements were always rather vague. A lot of possibilities were hinted at, but nothing really concrete was ever offered to any of the million questions posed. It felt too much like it was paving the way for a sequel, and not enough like a self-contained plot. In general a lack of answers and a lack of continuity. There was never really any impetus or momentum, just a series of barely related (and generally icky) events.

    The alien beasties were reasonably grim and imaginative, although lacking the classic horror that made Alien so good - allowing the imagination to fill the gaps. Perhaps it's just the biologist in me, but the alien's life cycle made no sense whatsoever. It was as if the film studio had 5 wacky ideas of horrible alien creatures, but couldn't be bothered to bring them together cohesively, so just tossed them into the film willy-nilly (I'd bet decent money that this is exactly what happened).

    The major themes of "Where did we come from?" and "Do we actually need to know where we came from?" and "What does this mean for religion?" cropped up repeatedly, and made for interesting intellectual fodder. There was definitely more than just a cursory nod to exploring these ideas, so well done there Mr Scott. As if it even needs to be said these days, but the special effects were seamless. Many parts of the film were visually very rich, and the score was very good. In fact, the set designs really were outstanding, an extremely lustrous visual world that satisfied very well on a superficial level.

    All in all, not a terrible film. It had all the pieces necessary for a good film, yet it cemented them together disjointedly and inexpertly- like shattered diamond stuck back together with excrement. With another edit, and maybe 3 minutes additional footage here and there this could have been an excellent film. So nearly a classic 80s sci-horror, but not quite.
  53. Jun 13, 2012
    Ridley Scott once again crafts a fantastic science fiction film that stands among his best sci-fi movies like Blade Runner and Alien. Not only does it have an intriguing story, but it also has some memorable characters in it. Is this movie perfect? No, it is not (some lines of dialogue I felt weren't needed, and the movie took a while to get rolling) but if you look past these faults you will have yourself one helluva gorgeous thrill-ride. Expand
  54. Jun 13, 2012
    Has way more questions than answers. Trying way too hard to answer the question of our existence existentially instead of just being a cool science fiction movie. I don't mind these questions being done in an interesting way, but it is not done that way here, and the characters don't have enough depth to make you feel otherwise. This movie looks super cool, and has two or three super intense sci-fi scenes. So if that's your recipe for a great movie, than you will think Prometheus is great. Expand
  55. Jun 13, 2012
    As a big fan of Alien and, to a lesser extent, Aliens, I can't help but find this movie a travesty. As a prequel, it tries to reinvent a classic and fails miserably. Even taken as a standalone effort, it looks beautiful, but it's completely overshadowed by a pretentious, ponderous and incoherent plot that, in the end, amounts to little more than utter nonsense. Extremely disappointing! I've got some advice for you Ridley: keep it simple, stupid. You aren't as smart as you want everyone to think you are, not by a long shot! Expand
  56. Jun 13, 2012
    Absolutely fantastic BECAUSE it was so jumbled and chaotically written.
    The script jumps whole sections ahead and back. True. The characters behaved nonsensical and were flat. True. However; the story does answer a lot of questions ; where do the aliens come from, who are the giger corpses in the crashed ship, why is wayland so horny to exploit it. Albeit chaotic, it has excellent pacing.
    Theres not much suspense, but it mixes mystery exploration with nastiness. I didnt even know who the protagonists actually were until half the way through. Which in times of utter plot predictability is a welcome variation. The main characters are a christian fanatic and a "i wear flipflops while sipping my latte in this space ship" douche who was so stereotypically hipster that ridley scott must have made intentional statement on his hatred for apple stores and starbucks. I couldnt wait for them to die, and my sympathies were with the evil charlize theron all along. Fantastic! A movie that destroys classic plot structures so profoundly and still gets away with it is a true innovation for mainstream hollywood in my book. The story jumps a little too harshly here and there, and some characters are propably supposed to be 80ies cheese stereotypes as a hommage, but too flat in the end. But the visuals are fantastic and the pacing works. Its not an intelligent movie as the questions about the origins of humanity (aliens vs god) is overdone and shallow in itself, but the movie is not supposed to be 2001 anyways. As a plot framework its sufficient. All in all quite unpredictable and quirky, a true experience. I felt thoroughly brain raped. And thats a compliment. Expand
  57. Jun 13, 2012
    **Possible spoiler but maybe not really, but so was the trailer*** What were you expecting? True lies? Half life? Transformers? Alien 5? Care Bears in Space? This is not a remake, nor a direct prequel. I expected the movie to be mysterious and interesting and completely unknown excpect for the fact that it was set before the event of Alien, in which universe i expected it to set. I'm so glad that Peter mother-fukking Cullen didn't do a narration with Optimus Prime explaining the time before time (although he's very talented, would be completely out of place in this movie - despite many half-wit viewers needing such hand-holding). Prometheus is, what i believe, to be the first of several Alien stories that prelude the original movie. This is not another alien or mission to mars story, it's THE Alien story. Pay close attention to everything within this movie. Is this a review section or an explanation message board? So there are a few stupid moments, namely the biologist looking for a root with the alien worm. It could have happened another way with different dialogue but the premise would still be the same: two guys messing about in the egg chamber and that's how they got infected. Remember the beginning, how the Alien started out, as a virus. It could have been a military experiment gone wrong or just with serious containment issues. Maybe the "Engineer" in the pod wasn't really human, maybe not. Was he there to await the scientist and determine their nature if hostile? Most people reviewing this movie giving it low scores didn't actually understand the movie, that it was a science fiction STORY, not a face paced action thriller with all guns blazing. They already made that movie, it's called Aliens or Tron. Sometimes it's like working with children, you take as many shots as you can get in the time frame available, and take the best one. This movie is, like the original Alien and subsequent movies, about a monolithic Corporation using young college graduates to explore and secure an alien world so that the mission specific andriod - played perfectly my Micheal Fassbander - can recover the specimen for what ever military/scientific/monetary purposes back on Earth. It's fairly obvious there will be movies that follow this one, that may answer some questions from this film. This movie is great, fantastic, amazing, deep, and thought provoking. In the book of the original, the SOS distress signal coming from the planet was not an SOS, but a warning. This movie is also set in a fictional future, where completely new attitudes and technology exist. Just like any other movie, go see it twice because you get more out of it the second time. Prometheus is what it is and what it is, is not perfect, but perfect enough for a very entertaining movie. And just so you know, it's based on a true story of actual events! Expand
  58. Jun 13, 2012
    If you've already seen the trailer, then the movie's already been spoiled for you. For those who haven't, this is one of those tragic instances where some truly great elements are lost on what is undoubtedly the most unimaginative, unintelligent and uninspiring story of the year riddled with more loose ends then Alien appearances. While the dialogue isn't abysmal and is well acted out by a talented cast, the characters are all one dimensional at best. Although they hint that there may be more personality hidden below the surface, no actions are made to support any evidence of existence. There isn't a single fighter among the entire group and the heroine's unrealistic amount of luck in surviving a never ending onslaught of dangerous scenarios gives this an almost a Disney-like quality (in a bad way, i.e. John Carter) despite a complete and utter lack of reasons why we as the viewer would want to relate to, emulate, sympathize with, or watch this character. Her bravado is poorly paired with displays of lower-level aptitude, which is simply sad for a scientist. Other things to note are this film plays long (2 hours feels like 4) and anyone who's seen Aliens will no doubt find this (alleged prequel) to be an insult to its' memory. However, if you're looking for signature Ridley Scott shots, special effects and sequences there are some visually appealing parts of the film that make up for about 5 of the 127 minutes of the movie. If you're on the fence, watch the trailer and if you still want to see some nonsense for the purpose of amusement, go watch The Dictator- it's ridiculous as well, but in a good way and funny too. Expand
  59. Jun 12, 2012
    All I want to say is that most of these negative reviews really didn't absorb what this movie is. It's very complex, and in no way did I think for a moment that this movie was trying to be like 2001: A Space Odyssey.
    I'm not trying to sound pretentious here, but the movie does NOT deserve this low of a score, with millions of meat heads going straight to metacritic for spoonfed
    interpretations by movie critics that take away any sense of imagination and insight.
    Think of it this way, when Fight Club first came out, it got ripped to shreds by movie critics...after a few years for it to sink in and now it's a classic.

    This movie gets a 10 from me. I went in, just to enjoy the ride, and I wasn't bored for a minute.
  60. Jun 12, 2012
    Piece of ****
    They say it is a prequel, but you might has well seen a Harry Potter movie where a alien prances out of the woods at the end. Also, the aliens look like penises.
  61. Jun 12, 2012
    I finally saw Prometheus last night and boy was I completely disappointed. For a movie directed by Ridley Scott and set in the universe of Aliens, the movie was a complete letdown. A movie without an effective narration, which this had, is just a waste of 2 hours sitting in the dark. My biggest qualm with Prometheus is the fact that nothing was reasonably explained, for example, who were the 'Engineers', and why did Michael Fassbender's character, David, intentionally infect Logan Marshall-Green's character, Charlie Holloway. Idris Elba's character, Janek, with no explanation and completely out of nowhere, reveals all and concludes that the planet is a storehouse for weapons of mass destruction - it seems like he pulled that one out of his ass. The movie gets to a point where the questions that you want answered you no longer care about because it hasn't effectively pulled the audience into the story, and all you want is for the 2 hours to just pass. At the end Noomi Rapace's character, Elizabeth Shaw, wants David to take her to where the 'Engineers' came from - which is an obvious setup for a sequel - but after about 2 hours, I no longer care if she ever achieves that. All I'm hoping for now is for James Cameron to step in to the director chair and elevate the sequel to Prometheus like he did with Alien. Expand
  62. Jun 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Very , very, very dissapointing. Yes it looked amazing for the most part and maybe the plot makes sense if you dissect everything and analyse it, but I doubt it. I really wanted to like this movie due to its connection with the Alien universe but it just didnt engage me at all. I love the way the Captain figured everything out all of a sudden and without a second thought decided to commit suicide along with the remainder of his crew. WTF. Expand
  63. Jun 12, 2012
    This certainly was not a perfect film, but it was definitely a visual feast. Overally the story was good but not 100%. Prometheus didn't answer everything, which was the biggest thing that bugged me. It still left some things hanging, and the editing seemed spotty. It seemed like it was skipping around at times. I feel like this movie although already over 2 hours, should've been longer. The visuals (cgi and all) were certainly beautiful, and the acting was spot on as well. The main flaws in this movie were the editing and it seemed a bit corny at times to me, and it didn't seem to answer any questions either, i left the movie slightly confused, but overall this movie was slightly over par, but not by much, and if you are a fan of the alien franchise its worth the admission, but if you haven't even seen the alien films, you will have no idea whats going on. 6.5/10 Expand
  64. Jun 12, 2012
    I found the movie enjoyable and impressive on three dimensions: theme, visuals and excitement. However, the plot was a neutral point for me as I have seen worse, but it felt rushed. The characters were not very deep at all, and were very frustrating! I felt so frustrated by the team dynamics/actions/interactions i was nearly pulling out my hair yelling out "why are you doing that!?" or "why aren't you doing this!?". Also the crew seemed incapable of utilising the technology they had to aid their situations, and often didn't act like scientists! Expand
  65. Jun 12, 2012
    A truly phenomenal movie! Acting was top notch, plot was intriguing and the visuals were spectacular. Script was well done despite all the criticism. Many people just can't appreciate the style in which it was written. A kind of style that says, "if it doesn't need to be explained, don't explain it." Also, the characters were GREAT. Michael Fassbender was was brilliant as the android David, and added a great mystique to the character who was already fascinating in the script. Noomi Rapace was fantastic as Elisabeth Shaw. A character who was kick-a$$, but in a very believable way. A magnificent example of a "strong female lead". Any flack the film may receive concerning the crew making "stupid mistakes" is unjustified. Considering humans have never encountered anything remotely close to what the characters in the film come into contact with, it's safe to assume that the same mistakes could be made my any real human being. Point being, the characters were believable, and made choices and mistakes real humans might also make. If you are at all a fan of the Alien universe or good cinema you will love this film. However, if you are expecting a Hollywood blockbuster like Transformers or a token horror film, this film is not for you. Overall Prometheus is a brilliant film and a worthy revival of the Alien universe. Expand
  66. Jun 12, 2012
    I thought this movie had a really good story, great special effects, inspiring movie score, fantastic cinematography, creative creature design, and scary moments that were actually scary. I enjoyed every minute of it, however... the execution was off. The story had plot holes and the transition between scenes were awkward. Now, I know Ridley Scott has a tendency to make very long movies that are very difficult to edit for theatrical release. For example, his film Kingdom of Heaven suffered the same problem and it ruined the movie, but then the directors cut showed us the full version and everything flowed perfectly. I will give Ridley Scott the benefit of the doubt until I see the full version. The movie wasn't flawless do to some poor acting and lack of great characters, so I'm going with a 9. If I see the full version of this film, and it still has those plot holes or transition problems, then I will downgrade to an 8. I think everyone was expecting perfection, and we didn't get it, so the disappointment is resulting in lower user scores than it actually deserves. Expand
  67. Jun 12, 2012
    The special effects & 3D are ok, but the storyline is slack and muddled, unlike Alien. The characters are poorly developed: Charlize Theron is totally wasted and Noomi Rapace is nowhere close to her performances in "The Girl Who" (Swedish version). Michael Fassbender lamely reprises Hal from 2001 and/or Ash from Alien. Really disappointing.
  68. Jun 12, 2012
    Acting in this movie is bad, there is an uninteresting plot full of senseless and illogical stuff where some of it it's based on premise which is of course nothing new to sci-fi genre. We have an alien DNA, besides all those other crap seen and mentioned - oh come on...

    Nothing new there judging by today's Hollywood standards.

    However the thing that really saddened me the most was
    the unstoppable raping of HR Giger's design which is obviously something that in the mind of Ridley Scott should make this film looking interesting, looking ''alien'' . But he pretty much failed there as well. Why? Because he already used it once when he used it with the purpose in the first alien.
    Trying to repeat that effect is just silly and it can easily be compared with what Lucas did with raping SW saga.
    Regarding that ''Bumblebee'' design of Prometheus I wont even talk about. That kind of design totally doesn't fits this movie.

    It seems that even the greatest directors don't know when to stop.

    I'm giving this movie 1/10 only because the first 3 minutes of this movie were very interesting and original which confirms the fact that a good movie can still be made.
  69. Jun 12, 2012
    Appallingly poor big budget movie. Sub standard visual effects. Sub standard makeup FX. Fassbender/Theron are the only decent actors giving interesting performances here the rest are wasted/very poor with the limited dialog they are given. Apart from Theron/Fassbender the other actors could be anyone they are so average/bland & do not even belong in the movies.

    Story is a jumbled mess &
    incomprehensible at times. Approx 90 mins of the running length consists of actors sprouting unmemorable/confusing dialog in boring darkly lite locations (80% of the movie is in underground tunnels on LV223).

    Avoid at all costs this is so poor you would stuggle to sit through it all on TV in a few years its way below Alien3 as a movie going experience & atthe same poor level as Alien4.

    Shockingly bad overall & has some of the most ridiculous action scenes/fights ever created (many are so bad you will laugh out loud which is certainly not the film makers intent!!).
  70. Jun 12, 2012
    If you enjoy a high budget visually appealing movie that leaves the audience to self interpretation, then see this movie. Many will complain about "loose ends" or "holes" in the story, but I for one enjoy the unknown when it comes to a sci-fi psychological thriller such as Prometheus. Ridley manages to take us on a entertaining trip giving us insight as to what happened to the ill-fated ship Prometheus that started the Alien Franchise. I agree with many of the "trolls" who state the characters were very shallow, for the director never really develops them, rather keeps the movie moving and the audience thinking and wondering. In summary, this is not a Michael Bay movie where little thought is required, this is a sci-fi ballet, once complete, will be the buzz in your car all the way home and into the next day. Expand
  71. Jun 12, 2012
    Ridley Scott's highly-anticipated sorta-prequel to "Alien" doesn't live up to expectations. A crew of intergalactic explorers lands on a mysterious planet, where they discover mysterious life forms (nothing original here). Rather than any real surprises or shocks, the plot unfolds in a pretty predictable mannerâ
  72. Jun 11, 2012
    Terrible move. No suspense whatsoever. I kept waiting for the movie to get exciting but it never happened. The storyline stupid. No explanations of anything that was happening. I could barely tell it was a prequel to Alien.
  73. STS
    Jun 11, 2012
    This is a visually spectacular film and one of the best sci-fi films I've seen in a while. I think people that complain that it isn't 'like Alien' just aren't paying attention, and anyways, why would you want Scott to just remake something entirely the same. This is set in the same universe, but tells a different story. There are some weaknesses, such as some of the character development, but then again, the original Alien didn't give us a lot in that regard - perhaps it's more noticeable here due to how much it is trying to show. As for unanswered questions - I have answers for each one, they might not be the "Right" answers, but it's what I'll choose to take away from the film, and as a real sci-fi fan, I love that. I usually hate 3D films, but this was gorgeous, and so smooth, even better than Avatar. Not a perfect film, but a real quality science fiction film for fans of the genre. I sincerely hope something else will follow this film! Expand
  74. Jun 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Prometheus was a Greek Titan punished by Zeus for playing a trick on him. The trick was hiding bull's bones in glistening fat (something inedible inside a pleasing exterior). When Zeus found out, he commanded Prometheus be chained to a rock for all time, where his liver is eaten daily by an eagle, only for it to regenerate overnight, due to his immortality.

    Ridley Scott has delivered a similar trick; a film with a pleasing exterior: beautifully-staged trailers and plenty of talk about what a great film this will be. Ridley should be similarly punished for having delivered such bullâ
  75. Jun 11, 2012
    Although visually wonderful to behold, the story is downright dreadful and dull. People who expect a prequel to "Alien" will be disappointed, even if you just want to see a decent scifi-horror-flick you might leave the theatre dissatisfied. All of the characters seem to suffer from the infamous "character in a horror movie disease": They got the depth of cardboard cutouts and their actions are ranging from inconsiderate to insanely stupid. Expand
  76. Jun 11, 2012
    Being a fan of the Aliens movies (particularly the first two), I was very interested in this movie and made sure not to spoil myself before watching it, but it turned out to be a disappointment. Visually, though, it's impressive: the cinematography and the effects are amazing. I'll try and not give any spoilers.

    The characters are just too shallow and the crew, generally, so
    unrealistically incompetent as scientists and explorers from what you would expect for members of a scientific endeavour in journey to another star system, they just seem like a bunch of ordinary guys with little education put together on a bus, pardon, ship. Given the scientific, religious and philosophical implications of their mission (involving the origins of life), they respond with virtually no interest or criticism in an attitude best described as "just doing my job". The expedition itself has little planning, organization, leadership, discipline, procedure and protocol for extraterrestrial exploration, sometimes with a complete lack of common sense precaution, let alone a scientific method or approach that is to be expected, up to and including downright childish behaviour. However, the technology and gadgets available are amazing, which in turn allow some excellent visual effects... Throughout the movie, the findings and implications are rarely discussed or very poorly so, which is shocking, given what they encounter. Characters aren't really explored that much, and one can only assume their "general motivations", which seem shallow and bland. The performances of the actors aren't particularly noteworthy either, except for Fassbender, though it isn't exactly stellar. Additionally, there's the occasional scientific mistake or inconsistency here and there, which lead to very awkward plausibility. Also, the suspense/horror scenes don't have much tension to them, and the soundtrack was completely forgettable to me.

    The philosophical questions the story poses are only very thinly hinted and left in the air in a not very particularly interesting fashion.

    In short:
    If you've seen and like the Aliens, you will get something out that universe with this, but it can come with a lot of frustration depending on your patience. As a sci-fi movie, this is not a particularly intelligent one and the visual presentation is the only thing to stand out.
  77. Jun 11, 2012
    It was an epic movie. Beautiful, and MUCH more insightful as to what's going on. Not just "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, KILLER ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!", it's taken a great leap into story depth. Ridley Scott is da man.
  78. Jun 11, 2012
    Great movie. The Alien genie has been out of the bottle for years. It was natural to explore the space jockey in this one. This is a mature movie with real thought provoking questions in it. More of a journey more than a destination.
  79. Jun 11, 2012
    This was a bad movie and it had nothing to do fitting into the Alien(s) universe or not. The story made little to no sense but worst of all the characters were idiotic. This trillion dollar expedition staffed with what we presume to be elite & eager SCIENTISTS must have spent years training and planning, at least two years in hibernation travelling billions and billions of miles to make first contact with an alien civilization no earthling has ever encountered before, and what happens when they finally arrive at their destination? They act like a bunch of college kids on a road trip. Let's get laid. Let's get lost in cave system that we just completely mapped out and then immediately get high. Let's remove our helmets and breathe the air, because heck why not? Let's do no science and touch every possible slimy unknown substance we can and take it all back to the ship without any sort of quarantine procedure. In fact, screw it, let's just turn around and go back home.

    Cabin in the Woods had way more humour and suspense and even John Carter was a more entertaining sci-fi movie.
  80. drm
    Jun 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. OK. Let me preface this review with a couple of facts. The original 'Alien' is a masterpiece. That movie scared the hell out of me as a 7 year old. I'd read the book, so I'd coerced my parents to take me to the movie. Sigourney Weaver had a lot to do with that, because she's a really good actress. Prometheus just doesn't quite hit the mark. It's a good, fun, well-detailed movie to watch, but gets flaccid toward the end. I don't blame Ridley for any of this. I blame **** 'Lost' writers for this. Guys who sit up at Comicon panels every year and say, "We're not going do anything that stupid", and then they do. Nice one. There are glaring plot holes in this thing, mainly concerning the evidence left behind from a previous expedition, an escape suite, an escape pod, other fully functional alien spacecraft lying about, and all sorts of unseen wreckage, that the cast from the '79 cast should've seen bold as day. I thought the "Engineer" aliens being near-human was a total lazy cop-out too. It was unnecessary. Weyland wasn't Lance Henriksen, which creates some other problems, and the artificial person really broke with canon for more reasons than I care to count. Despite all it's flaws, I did have fun watching it. It's delightful to look at, but it isn't an 'Alien' movie. need to start writing this stuff yourself. You're better at it than these lousy, lifestyle, wanna-be nerd hacks. Expand
  81. Jun 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am noticing a lot of people giving this movie bad reviews simply because they lack the cognitive capacity to put two and two together. Most of the people giving prometheus a bad rating are complaining that the movie is full of plot holes. Most of these "plot holes" are actually explained if you pay attention to the movie. Yes there are parts of the story line that were unanswered, or to be continued, but that was the way it was panned. Prometheus was shot beautifully and Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, and Charlize Theron did a wonderful job portraying their characters. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and everything the film had to offer. I highly recommend it. Expand
  82. Jun 11, 2012
    I normally don't give out a perfect 10 but this movie deserves even more than that. I was a little upset when i (SPOILER ALERT) heard that no actual franchised "Alien" would be in it, but what they did was even better than i could have ever expected. It's great to get a true director like Scott back in the directors chair. My body was actually getting sore from being in an intense state. I loved every single second of the movie and i can't wait to see it again. If you want to spend 2 hours in absolute intensity then go see Prometheus! Expand
  83. Jun 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ridley Scott is a great director, but he appears to be perfectly capable of making awful movies. Prometheus's problems range from absurdly predictable plot to characters acting in such a stupid manner that horror movie cheerleaders would be appalled. There are many instances were the internal logic of the story breakdown or never develop at all. The horror scenes are not suspenseful, with jump scares that you can predict to the second and blinding stupidity. Combine that with large amounts of pointless religious symbolism, no character development, no emotional connection and an ending that borders on offensive to the viewers intelligence (the main character knowing leaves the planet on a ship that contains a bio-weapon that can cause extinction with the explicit purpose of landing on a populated planet) and you have yourself a bad, boring movie. I cannot give it a lower score, however, because the acting is generally good (its the writing that fails) and the movie contains one of my favorite death scenes ever. Expand
  84. Jun 11, 2012
    A movie of could-have-beens. Could have been written better. Could have been acted better. Prometheus is too much about corny dialogue and bungled mysticism. The characters are flat and stereotyped. I think there were 2 or 3 occasions where my wife and I made eye contact and groaned.
  85. Jun 11, 2012
    A friend told me that this was a horrible movie and that I would be bored to death. With that in mind, I went anyway,and found that the movie was not boring but it was rather stupid. I was entertained but the story is absurd if you apply any logic or reason and you end up asking yourself a lot of questions that are not answered. The crew do things that are beyond belief for this mission and I wonder why the writers thought that anyone watching this movie would find their actions believable. I hope that Ridley Scott will use his talents to make a much better film if he does a sequel. However, do we need another film with those alien creatures in them? That idea has lost its luster many years ago. Expand
  86. Jun 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Be warned, this film is very stupid. Highly intelligent alien beings created all life on earth yet are stupid enough to revisit ages later and leave us clues and directions to their moon base so we can go there and destroy them. This is a trillion dollar endeavor to reach this moon and this rag tag group of characters is the best Peter Weyland could come up with to see this mission succeed? State of the art probes that can't detect worms or mutated snake aliens. An android with the ability to see into the future. How else would david know that by poisoning a crew member with alien goo he would copulate with his barren girlfriend an she would conceive an alien facehugger? This film has more plot holes than swiss cheese. Since when are archaeologists also biologists and skilled enough surgeons to operate advanced surgical equipment on themselves while a squid tears at their insides? Still not impressed? Evolution only takes minutes and hours in this film, not years or eons. One final spoiler: the alien life cycle has no incubation/developement stage and produces full grown xenomorphs that explode out of the host body, no chestbursters here. Very disappointing film indeed! Expand
  87. Jun 11, 2012
    just saw prometheus, don't believe the reviews it was great but it differed from the core ideas of alien and that's what is throwing some people off

    it was more of a dramatic sci-fi film like say, 2001 (although not as meaningful or cryptic) that tied up a few loose ends provided by alien (but not all of them, it was set on a different planet after all)

    it explained the space jockey, the
    birth of the alien race and it set up a rough idea for how the events of alien were set up

    a lot of the characters weren't quite up to the gritty, rough and really "human" ones shown in alien and aliens, but michael fassbender was amazing as david and the way he interacted with people along with a good steady progression of plot points and information given really made this film

    the effects were really neat, although as I've said numerous times before I hate 3D for the stupid gimmick it is even when it's used to its fullest potential (see like, avatar, I suppose) but in this it was really inappropriate and there were only a few moments were I was even aware it was in 3D

    overall: don't expect a film that captures the same feel of alien, because that's not what it's trying to be, but the characters and good story really make it worth seeing
  88. Jun 11, 2012
    Ridley Scott essentially remade "Alien," this time without the suspense or intelligence. I could list off the top of my head 10 unnecessary plot elements, most of which are rendered poorly. While the visuals are, at times, striking, the movie was, overall, a crushing disappointment.
  89. Jun 11, 2012
    A mixed bag. It's no Alien or Aliens and the hybrid of dreamy sci-fi (the best thing about Prometheus) and horror (inconsistent) is at odds with each other. The movie is filled with throwaway characters and dialogue that have none of the spark and wit of Aliens. Prometheus is worth seeing for the expansive effects, but don't expect to leave with the andrenaline rush from the original and the first sequel. Expand
  90. Jun 11, 2012
    Is this an Alien prequel?: yes, definitely! Does it answer all of your questions?: about 70%, some stuff is still unexplained. As this is a Ridley Scott film it surely looks VERY nice, super hi-tech production design and very sleek VFX. I watched it in 3D but you can skip that coz it doesn't add much. I had incredibly high expectations for this film and they are mostly met. The basic ideas from Alien are carried over and expanded from Alien 1. You don't actualy need to have seen any of the Alien movies to appreciate it as the story works on it's own. If you are a fan of Alien or have appreciated any of the Alien movies I would highly recommend seeing this film, you won't regret it! Expand
  91. Jun 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First of all I like to say that this movie is not like Alien or even Aliens. The cinematography is outstanding and the 3D brings it out even more. I would recommend 2D and just imagine how it looks in 3D.

    Yes it is a prequel and here is a question to everyone. Don't you believe there will always be unanswered questions to the origins of human life? This movie is meant about to reflect your own ideals about how we came on Earth. This is probably a spoiler but during the movie Noomi's character was tested about her own beliefs with God even to the point that they accused her of abandoning her own belief. Her cross was taken during the movie due to her Medical attention and at the end of the movie she got her cross back from the android David. She was offer to go back to Earth but she still wanted to seek out the questions on why and how these Aliens came to Earth and created humans.

    There are bits of other stuff in this movie that are related to the Alien movies. The thing that came out of Noomi's character would be the face hugger, the Alien that came out of the chest would be the chest burster and the space jockey/engineer are part of the relationship to the other Alien films.

    Wonderful movie but not for everyone.
  92. Jun 11, 2012
    I'm a huge fan of early Ridley Scott sci-fi. Bladerunner and Alien have been two of my top ten movies of all time, for over two decades. It's probably because of this that Prometheus failed so hugely for me. As soon as the first preview was released, I was amped for this film.I watched every preview, Ridley Scott interview, and pre-release item I could find. I knew I had "expectations" that few directors could meet--including my all-time favorite. Now, it seems, I cannot find five redeeming things to say about the film without thinking of 85 complaints.What was the purpose of the Prometheus "God" in the beginning sequence, drinking the "alien Koolaid?" Why were the "gods" angry with the "earthlings? Why couldn't the creature designers pick and stick with ONE alien creature design--instead of the squid-vagina-penis-cobra-Alien 3 morphed creature combos? The original Alien design was so perfect, so basic, so original; it was as if Scott couldn't decide on how to represent that concept in the "pre-story" so he just went with ALL the ideas. What was the point of making the beautiful Bishop re-dux robot character, David, an evil-plotting-alien-spawning bad guy? How many "homages" does one director get in one movie? There was the 2001 Space Odyssey -bicycle-basketball scene, the John WIlliams' Star Wars theme music. .... The narrative is splintered, incongruent, and non-sensical. The special effects canNOT save the film from its many contradictions and easy horror ploys. Expand
  93. Jun 11, 2012
    Wow. Can not believe all the negative reviews. It might be spaam on here honestly. This movie was amazing! the directing, the acting, the visuals, the sounds, the intense scenes, the premise of the film were all fantastic.
  94. Jun 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This was a reasonably good science fiction film. It was not the epic or classic film I hoped it would be. The visuals were excellent. The acting was quite good. The story/script was OK, but there were a number of problems (see below). The story tried to be serious and ask/answer serious questions about the origin of humans. It was partially successful. It was way more than a monster movie, but ultimately it failed because of too many unrealistic plot issues. I love Ridley Scott and most of his films. I liked this one and am glad I saw it. It just wasnâ Expand
  95. Jun 11, 2012
    Prometheus combines all the great aspects of a sci-fi film (special effects, cinematography, futuristic technology) with an absolutely insulting to intelligence philosophy. When Scott tries to answer life's biggest questions he gives you the impression of a 15 year old kid with a religious upbringing who doesn't understand how anything in life works. The crew of 17 supposed "scientists" are scripted to say things most scientists, or even lay people will cringe at. But the film is filled with a few good thrill rides and Fassbender is fantastic as usual. If you want to see another brain dead blockbuster this ones for you. Expand
  96. Jun 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Visually stunning, yet the underlying story lacked futuristic plausibility and authenticity for the created realm. Initially I thought this was going to be this year's "best movie" despite the terrific competition, but unfortunately the movie left me scratching my head way to often. There's so many things I can nit pick to death about this movie that I can only rate it as "a good watch". There's so many questions I wish I could ask the writers, the director, and producers. Here are a few of the things that irked me most... (1) when reaching the planet, why wasn't the planet observed from space first to decipher the best place(s) to land and investigate? They should have treated this moment to be similar to how we in our present time treat Mars exploration. Study the geology of the planet and decipher where best to investigate further. Instead we got an immediate surface cruise with the hope of stumbling across an interesting feature to suggest that intelligent life exists/ed. (2) The removal of the space suit head gear inside the cavern just because some readings reported the atmosphere was similar to earth's air was extremely stupid and unrealistic. The risks... (a) unknown viral contaminates within the atmosphere that may not of been capable of being read by the scanner could have made the scientists deadly sick, any smart scientist wouldn't have risked that possibility, (b) any contaminates the crew themselves might have introduced into the alien atmosphere would have been equally foolish. Just think back to the history of our own world, when Europeans discovered America the sicknesses that got passed to the indigenous people were huge. The fact that all the other exploratory crew simply followed along after the male scientist took his off bothered me... was that a form of peer pressure or mass stupidity? (3) The Biologist and Geologist scientists. Part 1: When the crew discovers the dead alien body why is it alright for the crew to let the biologist guy walk away? Wouldn't the study of that corpse be one of the reasons he was brought along in the first place? Secondly, the Geologist guy, how is it that the guy who's supposedly the expert on understanding the cavern and the one who's in charge of the mapping drones, how is he the one who gets lost in trying to get out of the cavern? Plus, these two characters had the ability to stay in constant contact with both the ship and the rest of the exploratory crew while making their way back out. Not-to-mention, the Captain of the Prometheus was able to watch all of their exact positions within the cavern while being in constant contact with them. Part 2: These 2 characters were so scared of the dead alien body that they left the rest of the exploratory crew to get back to the ship, they also showed that same attitude when they were asked to check out a mapping drone which was signaling that an active life was near it, then when they find themselves back at the initial chamber they decide to have a look around? The biologist guy even decides to reach out in awe when being confronted by a worm-like creature, funny considering he was freaked out by the possibility of encountering something alive just a bit earlier and now he's all stupidly curious. Where did the character consistency go? (4) The investigating method the exploratory team had once the sealed chamber was opened. I'm surprised that the chamber wasn't treated more like a mix between a crime scene and a decontamination zone. Instead you had the characters simply walking around in awe, touching and handling a preserved alien head with their space suits and the AI character messing around and touching **** without using some sort of sample collecting tool(s). Plus, the fact that black goo substance was seen on the top(s) of some of these containers was that not enough of a reason to be more cautious about breathing in the air within that room? (5) The AI's decision to open the alien container inside the ship. First there's no evidence of him running any scans on it, which implies he couldn't have know the potential harm that could have been done to the atmosphere within the ship. He simply pulls out the vase like container from cool storage and he begins opening it. He even eventually cracks open the glass-like inner container to expose the liquid inside. What was a supposedly super smart AI thinking? That action endangered everyones lives within the ship, even his creators. Then there is the question of what happened to the rest of that sample? Did he destroy the rest after taking the amount on his finger to the male scientist or did he keep the rest of it. If he kept it, how did he prevent it from oozing like the black substance was doing in the chamber? BTW, the fact that the black substance was oozing out of the vases inside that chamber, does that imply that all of those glass-like containers were broken, except for the one he took with him? Expand
  97. Jun 11, 2012
    Way too much bad writing and obvious plot holes. Other user reviews have already mentioned in detail the issues with the script, so I won't get into that...but I agree that there are just too many dumb or unexplainable actions by the characters in this movie. If feels like they forced this script into production, yet no one in the process questioned the obvious logic flaws contained in it. An earlier review by the user Taantric does a thorough job of pointing out all of the flaws. Expand
  98. Jun 11, 2012
    I m sure that all of us expected more of this movie. Is Ridley Scott lacking originality in Prometheus? Why resemblance to Kubrick's 2001? Why same sentences of HAL 9000, even the same tone of the voice? Why the landscape that is almost same as "Mission to Mars? Why the main character is "religious scientist"? Many things in this story does not make sense... I know it is SF, but it could have been written better in many ways... It could have been a great movie... Even Anderson's "Alien V.S. Predator" had a much more solid plot with less holes in the story. Special effects are great in 3D but that's it... Anyway, considering the fact that in past few years we did not have a pleasure to watch many decent SF movies, Prometheus is worth watching...and nothing more. Expand
  99. G3R
    Jun 11, 2012
    The cgi is beautiful. The story is an old one, told many times before. What a waste of a great opportunity. I wouldn't waste my money on the theater with this one.

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  1. Reviewed by: David Denby
    Jun 11, 2012
    Scott may always have had an eye on the box office, but from "Alien" and "Thelma & Louise" on, he has made women into heroines. In that regard, he's still ahead of the curve. Rapace's scene is a classic of its kind; it tops John Hurt's notorious misfortunes in "Alien."
  2. 70
    It's a different sort of experience: a stately, somewhat plodding but endurable science-fiction saga.
  3. 75
    There's definite mastery here, but it's hardly a masterpiece.