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  1. Jun 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. when ridley scott does a movie well, it's beautiful! i loved aliens, gladiator, blade runner, but prometheus was a big disappointment mostly because of the script...

    ridley scott's signature is his ability in depicting the vastness of or closeness of an environment, the intricate detailing and grandeur of of a scene, and creating an impactful ATMOSPHERE; i didn't really get much of that in this movie. also, there was very little character development so you didn't become involved with anyone; i wanted to learn more about charlize theron's character but it never happened, the altruism of the captain and crew to sacrifice their lives wasn't developed so i didn't feel any empathy, even with the main character ('shaw' noomi rapace) i didn't get a sense of her motivation for her search? the only character that had any character development was david the android, but his motivations were not clear either, although it seemed there was a "pinochio" metaphor going on..and is he supposed to have emotions or not, confusing? and the whole scene and aftermath of the pregnancy and self operation, was terrible! it didn't add to the story nor was it believable how she could do it awake and then start running right after? (oh, yeah medical technology i guess...whatever...)

    overall a let down. wait for video.
  2. X0R
    Jun 11, 2012
    Could have been a great film, but riddled with story holes, poor character involvement & development, awful dialogue ... typical for SciFi-Channel quality but not for a film that had a $120-million budget. So disappointing. And Ebert's sell-out review is disgusting....did he even watch the Alien series? He didn't even criticize this film for any of the plot flaws or terrible acting.
  3. Jun 11, 2012
    Actually, I am surprised at the lack of intelligent investigation/critical review by many of the formal critics. Only one, Ebert, out of Chicago caught and interpreted Scott's "Grand Design". Prometheus is about mankind's divine/physical origins. From the myth-like divinity of Prometheus, god of science and mankind's friend, to elements of scientific theory and fact (Eratosthenes, Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Sagan, Hawking) Scott brings to his tale of divine origin a host of ideals and threats. Is life the survival of the fittest or the survival of the brightest, and/or is life about faith and discovery of self and the universe? Does science buy immortality or at the least the keys to immortality or does faith unlock the secrets of immortality? Without question, the scientists and philosophers' of the enlightenment pepper the script and Scott's movie reflects his remorse that contemporary philosophers are so rare - yet Jarad Diamond, "Gun, Germs and Steel" emerges reflecting that the true enemy of mankind is not one another but bacteria and viruses or even what is hidden in the subatomic mists. Blending the constructs of religion versus faith by introducing a Voltaire element of "Candide" into the script - Scott continues to utilize the great moments of sci-fi by replicating the primordial ooze of life similar to Clark's short story. The protagonist, Shaw, played by Naomi Rapace, is without question the Eve Gene - a truth seeker, scientist and adventurer who will challenge the boundaries of science and faith with her desire to find the land of the divine, man's creators. The glue that binds the above elements together is Hawking "Grand Design" - that divinity resides in the universe and life itself. The question; will it be a singular entity, tight and congruent like a Kantian model or is life in constant need of repair? Scott and his writing team - Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof - incorporates the best of the best in grand celluliod tradition and example, touching on the intellectual dominance of the sci-fi genre of Bradbury, Asimov, Clark, Herbert with a blend of sci-fi fantasy that includes the eternal battle between good and evil, negative and positive polarity, matter and antimatter. At the same time, Scott tickles his audience with images of great moments in Sci-Fi movies - the slimy snake like creatures that are parasites (Star Gates Gao'ld), Van Danikens (Chariots of the Gods) reflecting a race of superior aliens in archeological stone, David = Hal the computer of Kubrick's 2001, and often tongue in cheek moments of Scott's own trilogy Aliens (Ash resembles David or is David really the "Lawrence of Arabia of other worlds"?) or the moral debate when Shaw removes the parasite from her body conflicts with Ripley who birthed and destroyed the hominid-alien link of DNA cross breeding.

    Of course, any intelligent critic will see the next movie - the sequel - and the leap from current theoretical debate to Hawking's "Grand Design". And in doing so - will Ripley look the lens "darkly" or give his audience a tiny picture into the Divine? This movie is not for the banal or the horror advocate - it is a movie where Scott, in all integrity, uses art to mirror society. So will his intellectual critics condemn or praise Scott's vision? Will it become a provocative movie (similar to Kubrick's 2001) that will mirror current theory of our origin and the struggle to survive? What is life, where did it begin, is it Divine or Darwinism, or a combination of both or neither - and is life governed by good or evil, negative and positive, or is brith itself the singular event of life?

    It is a big movie, a big challenge. I think for the most part Scott has succeeded. The challnege will be his sequel - the dynamics of the main plotting. I, for one, will be to see the results of Scott's vision. "f he is successful, he will join the ranks of enlighten men and women.
  4. Jun 11, 2012
    For the average Joe, it's a great sci-fi horror movie (score 7.5). But for me, a fan of the Alien universe, it was a disappointment, and a reminder that big names (Ridley Scott) do not always mean a good story. The movie has shallow characters, lots of story holes, sequences that defy your intelligence and lots of questions unanswered. Fassbender and Rapace are great (her, after things start going wrong). The movie has good things, though: the C-section sequence, the visuals, the score. That's about it. Expand
  5. Jun 11, 2012
    Dreadful. Ridley Scott has harvested all the best bits from the previous Alien films and jumbled them all up together to make a clumsy hotchpotch of a film that tarnishes his record. Some of the dialogue is embarrassing. The action is tedious, I was bored after about 30 minutes. The story is infact quite dull. Wait til it's on TV one Christmas, see something else unless you enjoy disappointment. Expand
  6. Jun 11, 2012
    As one of two most anticipated summer blockbusters of 2012 by most fervent cinema-goers, me included (the other is THE DARK KNIGHT RISE, doubtlessly), I watched it in the cinema, a plain 2D version, but in a nutshell, it is not satisfactory at all.

    The film has wrought some doze-prompted moments, there are just too many routine procedures have to be dealt with (tediously) to tell a tale
    (with cliche-ridden dialogues and stereotyped roles) before any flare or more precisely, casualty to take action. Then quite ironically, the ill-fated first casualties are the geographer and the biologist (no career-based prejudice, I may watch too much of THE BIG BANG THEORY), whose raisons dâ Expand
  7. Jun 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What a spectacular disappointment. The pictures are pretty, but that's it. The characters are paper thin. Their motivations are never explored. Everyone does really stupid counter-intuitive things that leave the audience groaning in disbelief. It assaults any sense of disbelief by continually ejecting you from the movie with an incongruous plot device. Science fiction should be smart about science, there should be internal logic. This movie isn't scientifically fact checked at all (the half a billion miles from earth that Theron says they have travelled, puts them near Jupiter, not another solar system - which would have been an incredibly easy thing to check... but it isn't). And that's just the beginning of the disgrace (flamethrowers work without oxygen, a woman runs around after having her stomach muscles cut, medical machinery is gender specific, video camera's cannot record, there is no gps to find missing team members although they are wonderfully display in HD mapped holograms... and on and on... it seems to go out of its way to be stupid). Science is treated as magic and smart scientists as people with "faith - not facts" in science with wonderful responses like "I choose to believe" when asked for scientific evidence that begins a journey costing a trillion dollars. These are scientists... you know people who spend their whole life looking for facts. But in our story, the main scientist doesn't present facts, we the audience (and the Peter Weyland the financier) must just accept her word that she might be right because she has faith. Peter Weyland pays for everything, secretly wakes up on the ship, goes to meet his maker and is summarily killed. Wow... Guy Pearce has about as much screen time as the aliens do. Groan.The musical score is turgid, just doesn't fit and repeats far too often. All in all, it's the worst Scott movie I have seen by far and is most certainly the most expensive flop I've ever seen. Stick to the viral movies on youtube... they are far more interesting. Expand
  8. Jun 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. PART 1 OF 2 (Due to space limitations)

    I'm reproducing a review here written on from Weyland Smithers, who puts it all far better than I ever could:

    "Prometheus is a hilarious comedy in the tradition of "Spaceballs" and "Men in Black" about a motley crew of forgetful, scaredy-cat scientists who go into space and try to find their alien creator. They find maps in caves that are their invitation, but this turns out to be a hilarious trick, like a mousetrap for retards.

    The first scene is a giant, german-looking albino steroid guy who drinks some coffee out of an ashtray and gets sick and falls in the waterfall. Special effects reveal that he has little, tiny ladders in his blood called D&A. This guy looks like a member of the Blue Man Group, except White. There is a UFO flying overhead that is never seen or mentioned ever again in the movie. Just one of the many pranks that the writers and director have put in the movie to trick you with.

    Next we meet these two very forgetful and silly scientists and they get to go into space on a beautiful ship. It is taken care of by a gay robot who does stuff like dye his hair and dress up like Robocop with a colander on his head to entertain himself. If C3PO had a human face, he would be this guy. All of the silly bungling scientists wake up from hyper-sleep in time to watch a hilarious hologram of a guy in an "old man" mask that looks like the Emperor from Return of the Jedi. I think he is wearing the old guy mask to get some laughs from the wacky scientists, but no one notices it. There is another funny guy with unconventional hair and tattoos who is really mean to everyone - that's so true! Guys that look like that are always dicks!

    The spaceship starts to land on the planet, and as luck would have it, lands exactly near the alien castle on the very first try without even looking around too much - another hilarious example of serendipity! These guys are so lucky and fun to watch! The crazy scientists go into the alien castle and two of the guys get so scared that they decide to go back to the ship and get lost, even though they have flying superballs that make 3D maps of everything. Those two bungling doofuses! They are like "Dumb & Dumber" or "Abott & Costello". The rest of the gang finds more poisonous coffee and somehow the gay robot steals a whole pot of it without anyone noticing. He's such a Sneaky-Pete!

    Everyone has to go back to the ship at the last minute because the Captian pranks them and waits until a violent storm is nearby before telling them about it! Haha! This guy is great! The two bungling idiot scientists get stuck in the castle and decide to goof-off all night. They try to pet a space cobra that lives in the poisonous coffee, but it kills them, which I think is what ALL cobras wish to do, space or no. Meanwhile, back on the ship, the gay robot does a HILARIOUS prank on the whiny scientist who wears a hipster scarf. He puts a little poisonous coffee in this jerk's drink and gives him pink eye and diarrhea (probably). Haha! That's like a whoopee cushion x100! Luckily the scientist has enough health left to hump his forgetful girlfriend one last time before he is all the way super-sick from the bad coffee. As one last prank to his fellow scientists, he suits up and goes back to the castle with them, even though he secretly knows he is very, very sick. Haha. What an inconvenience to the rest of the group - the ulimate prank!

    The mean lady burns him later. The forgetful scientist gets pregnant with a white octopus and has to take it out using Michael Jackson's special oxygen bed. Now here is where the movie gets really hialrious, because she TOTALLY forgets that the alien squid is in there and just leaves to go do some errands! HAHAHA! It turns out that the funny guy in the old man mask is really hiding on the ship and he does some funny slapstick "old man walking" with a cane! I love it!

  9. Jun 11, 2012
    Hard to imagine it's by the same director as Alien, it's so far away in tone, pace and a lot of the acting*.
    Like a remake for the short-attention-span generation, or a George Lucas prequel, there's enough happening for 5 movies, all rammed into 2 hours and with the odd 'big concept' thrown in there, with no time to make anything to seem believable.It seems borderline insane instead.

    Certainly entertaining though, can't say it's boring - I needed a few moment's silence after the end. Looks amazing in places too. However I don't think I'd want to see it again in a hurry and it.certainly won't be seen as a classic in 30 years.
    *There's some very dodgy supporting character acting, - the Scottish woman was particularly cringe-worthy.
  10. Jun 10, 2012
    This movie is so incredibly atrocious that it's hard to put into words just how bad it is!

    The story is laughable, the character development is non-existent, the pseudo-science claptrap is intolerable. It is a hateful pastiche of the Alien films with other elements stolen from any recent sci fi you can think of. The dialogue is cringe-worthy in the extreme - just embarrassing. There is
    exposition delivered at every possible opportunity.

    Going against evolution and having humans made by a creator means you're starting with by wiping out our knowledge of science, which strangely won't appeal to many sci-fi fans! Yet if you're going down this route, don't use DNA matching with the engineers as evidence, as it quickly begs the question, what about the DNA similarities with our evolutionary cousins? The man who wrote this tosh is clearly an ignoramus - best start with a basic understanding of science if you plan to write sci-fi!

    I left the cinema feeling extremely disappointed and just plain angry that I wasted hours of my life watching such drivel. It makes me sick to see the great talents of the visual effects artists wasted - not to mention the gargantuan sums of money that it must have cost. I have lost all respect for Ridley Scott, and I hope this pile of offal fades quickly into the obscurity of failure and doesn't besmirch the incredible legacy of Alien and Aliens.

    Read the Forbes review for a pretty spot-on summary of its failings:
  11. Jun 10, 2012
    A major debate that underlies the film is what's interesting, what I believed was supposed to be the question of Religion Vs Science, Creationism Vs Evolution. Unfortunately the film doesn't really do much with it. Apart from that the film offers a few interesting new ideas to the Alien story and of course the gorgeous visuals and a few expected scares.

    Overall this film was enjoyable to
    watch but just fell short of being a great film, it seems as if there were missing scenes, if not then some lazy story telling but I find the later hard to believe coming from a seasoned director.

    Fully expecting a much more coherent directors cut some time in the future. I hope that the film wasn't chopped up on purpose just to push more BluRay sales.
  12. Jun 10, 2012
    Prometheus stood on its own entirely. It was still a classical sci-fi film and had its action/thriller/horror aspects like the Alien movies, but in terms of its message and overall meaning, it was its own entity, and I thought was absolutely brilliant. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, never a dull moment. Plus I saw it in IMAX 3D (and the 3D was surprisingly good and not distracting), which made it a billion times more epic. Personally, I hope that the sequel tries to stay away from the Alien movies. I like the idea of Prometheus by itself, and the fact that Ridley Scott threw in that last scene made the movie a little less climactic. Yes, I definitely agree that this film gives new hope to the sci-fi genre. There were definitely some parts that were a little cliche, but overall it was fresh and absolutely thrilling. No idea why Madagascar 3 beat this at the box office this weekend. I may have to kill myself. Expand
  13. Jun 10, 2012
    Special effects and Guy Pearce's makeup were good but it seems that there's something missing in the movie and I can't tell what it is. Prometheus pales in comparison with Aliens series. And even for the lead character, Sigourney Weaver's character, Ripley, is more likable, trustworthy, and determined than Noomi Rapace's Dr. Elisabeth Shaw.
  14. Jun 10, 2012
    If one can't keep up with the subtext of what's going on in the film, they are going to come away completely disappointed and confused by Prometheus. If you have the chops to hang in there, though, the film is a fantastic, and important, exploration into the nature of human existence. Make no mistake, the monsters and horror of this film exist SOLELY to support the existential quest that is the root of the story. If you are expecting a film about aliens who kill people, you won't be satisfied. (Even if aliens to spectacularly kill people) Expand
  15. Jun 10, 2012
    It has all the trademarks of an Alien movie while combining science and religion in the search for the origins of human kind and the discovery of the possible end to life on earth. Scott uses great cinematography with intense horror to bring the story to life.
  16. D6M
    Jun 10, 2012
    While this movie isn't perfect, it's still a far better experience than Alien 3 and Resurrection, which recycled the ideas of its predecessors and spit them back out; whereas Prometheus attempts to take the franchise in a new direction while still staying true to the core elements of previous installments. Aside from one motive left unexplained and an unaddressed continuity issue in the time line between Prometheus and Alien(it would seriously take 2-3 sentences of narrative to bridge everything together...but sequel maybe?), the movie exceeded my expectations; between its amazing cinematography/visuals and convincing acting, this crazy story somehow becomes believable.
    This is far from a bad movie and the 3D version by far had the best 3D I've experienced yet(no obvious scenes with way too many people at too many varying distances or stuff flying towards my face). To wrap things up, this is a great movie that is well worth seeing on the big screen in 3D, even though it has some faults, they aren't that detrimental to the film itself, but rather it's continuity between it and it's current sequel Alien.
  17. Jun 10, 2012
    "I'm not here to be your friend, I'm here to make money."
    Save your money. Watch it on DVD some day when you've run out of things do, your future self will hate you for it. I know you're a fan, you loved the last movies, you like bad movies that others don't get, sci fi movies, AVP, me this movie is dumb, full of Swiss cheese-wiz and pathetic symbolism. It's like that last
    season of LOST... Expand
  18. Jun 10, 2012
    Poor attempt at cobbling together a new mythology. Good sci-fi is rare; this wasn't even close. While alien movies ranged from pure terror, ego-driven, vain militaristic blends and various other facets, they were at least focused. This movie's lofty ideals execute themselves so badly that one wonders if the director had gotten too familiar with his intent that he assumed others seeing this would simply see his cohesive sweeping grandness that probably resides in head alone. Not so. Director's costly error. Expand
  19. Jun 10, 2012
    This is for sure the best movie of 2012 I have seen so far, Sci fi movies are of my favorites, I also loved Alien I also liked this one but not that much as alien, but still awesome
  20. Jun 10, 2012
    The movie cannot live up to hype. It is asinine, imbecilic, z-grade, cut-rate schlock. It's the SPECIES of our era. A groaner of a dud of a flop.
  21. Jun 10, 2012
    Another great Ridley Scott movie, he is a great director, it has awesome special effects and it has to much suspense, and we have a great performance by a new movie star, Michael Fassbender, who is really popular at the moment
  22. Jun 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Rather than explicitly deliver the plot to the viewer in tight punchlines, this movie flows from one rich template to the next...and the plot unfolds without pausing for the laugh track. When its over, you are left with the intriguing question: why do these Romanesque demi-gods who've engineered themselves into perfect physical specimens...and who've engineered the development of a mirror species (us), why on earth do they design this biological weapon to destroy mankind (their own creation) approximately 100 years after the crucifixion?

    What are the parallels between them, human civilization, our destruction, and they symbol of Rapace's crucifix? Could Ridley Scott be tying everything together? Could earth be an outpost for their empire...and when our civilization chose something other than the regimented slave-system of the Roman Empire, this did not fit into their plans for a new colony?

    There are a billion intriguing ideas, and only a few clues...

    One of the best movies in years, IMO, and even if it is not widely praised, I think it will have a spot on many "best sci-fi movie" lists for a long, long time.
  23. Jun 10, 2012
    Wow! Oh, wow. I just returned from the theater and I think my head is still in outer space. No kidding, the special effects and sound in this movie are ramped up to such intensity, it will take you a while to adjust after the first time you see it, too. Hang on to your popcorn. You're in for a ride.

    This movie deals with the theme that life may have come from other planets. Was it
    benevolent? Was it intelligent? Did it have the potential for peace or death? The answer may be, all of the above. A group of humans and an android take a massive craft to the site of a possible civilization. They are out to see whether it was the source of human culture. They are so optimistic, in fact, that notions of potential difficulties don't stop them. Soon they're on the planet, and searching through what seems to be an inhabited mountain. Is anything still down there? The viewer familiar with the rest of the Alien series will recognize the wry nods to the characters down the road. There is the smart-aleck humanoid robot, the eager explorers, and those who are skeptical of the whole thing. I won't tell you too much, since this is one of those stories that's so elaborate, and has such momentum, you really have to see it for yourself. Although I was frustrated by some of the plot twists, of which some are explained and others just aren't, it's clear that this film is a complex, supercharged thrill ride. Fans of science fiction will be agog with happiness over the dark storyline and the special effects. Those who like horror will understand the relentless fear that follows you all through the film. If the entire movie feels as if you are scurrying down a tunnel, it's because much of the time, you are. Good versus evil is always a worthwhile theme. In this movie, although it's not always clear what constitutes winning or losing, the battle is a heck of a thing to watch. Expand
  24. Jun 10, 2012
    This metascore is an absolute travesty. A beautiful, thought-provoking science-fiction film discussing what it means to be human, and the origins of life. It's metascore should be much much higher, at least in the seventies.
  25. Jun 10, 2012
    Yes, this movie has flaws, but that doesn't escape the fact that I just can't get the darn thing out of my head. It's not the flaws, such as some plot holes and lack of character development, that are sticking with me. It's the beauty and the outright audacity of the film. It's the kind of sci-fi no one makes anymore, in that it actually has something to say. What that "something" is is, like the best sci-fi, left up to interpretation. This film does not pander and has no easy answers, and that can sometimes be frustrating. But I applaud it nonetheless. Even if you wind up disappointed, there will definitely be something here that will stick out as memorable, even if it is just the visuals. Expand
  26. Jun 10, 2012
    Had high expectations for this movie as I'm a huge Ridley Scott fan and after watching so many of his interviews where the legend seemed genuinely excited and gave fans many promises surrounding Prometheus. Well... I never in my right mind thought I'd be saying this but it was very disappointing, mostly because there was a lot of potential in that the cast was superb and could not have done a better job with what they were given, as well as the cinematography but the script was extremely disappointing and I cannot believe that Scott gave the green light to such a horribly done script with so many novice mistakes, it really is sad to see before our eyes the fact that he has fallen so low. I will focus on the negatives without trying to spoil the movie for you. Basically, I am convinced that if the writing was on par with all the other elements of the film, it would have been everything we were expecting (I thought the 3D was also fairly poor which was very surprising giving Scott's technical prowess but that could have easily been overlooked). It really felt as if 30 or so minutes had been cut as the movie moved lightning fast with no character development (besides David who was the only character you actually care about). Things just happen throughout the movie with absolutely no explanation, only subtle implications that seem to only raise even more questions, and after critical scenes these events are dropped entirely and the characters seem to forget whatever even happened. Character motivations and actions are very questionable and they just don't sell it at all to the audience (it is hard not to spoil this for you but I have to be as general as possible) and then there are inexplicable plot holes throughout : terrifying and intense scenes occur involving death and horror and in the immediate scenes after it is as if nothing had even happened as there is no mention of what has just occurred and instead more things are quickly introduced. Charlize Theron as a character is actually quite useless and I have no idea why she was even in the movie?
    The ending is just extremely sloppy and makes absolutely no sense and it will only enrage you. I still think you should go watch it and see for yourself but do not have the high expectations you would normally have had for a new Scott film in the Alien franchise, which is unfortunate to say the least.
  27. Jun 10, 2012
    I really enjoyed this movie. I never saw the 'Alien' trilogy because I'm 25 and they were before my time. I went into this movie expecting an edge of your seat space-survival drama and got exactly that. As with all good stories it leaves a lot of questions unanswered and I very much prefer it that way. I found it was a nice change of pace from a lot of movies today that force the plot down your throat. The movie doesn't pander to the dull witted or people who need every question answered. If you like this type of movie and you're willing to think a little bit then you should enjoy this film immensely. Expand
  28. Jun 10, 2012
    empty and pretentious all at once! there must be a better version out there than this one, i.e. the director's cut. otherwise, how could one make a movie out of such an empty and crappy script?

    multiple discontinuities, no character development other than that of the android, so many contradictions, blah blah blah.

    what a waste of $12.
  29. Jun 10, 2012
    I waited a bit for the hype to die down but also had some preconceptions going into it that it would "not be very good after all" thanks to people thinking it acceptable to flood social media with spoilers, I also know this was part 1 of probably 3 films which all helped to raise my satisfaction with film.

    Had I seen it on opening night with the idea it was the greatest film in 30 years
    (as I was starting to believe based on the trailers) then I too would have been gutted by so many questions being raised rather than answered. Expand
  30. Jun 10, 2012
    Entertaining, with a plot that leaves a lot unanswered for, seemingly, a reason. The film sets itself up great as we slowly are absorbed into its world. As the film goes on, the mood changes and the final scenes had me on the edge of my seat. Sure, the plot is as full of holes as swiss cheese, and Ridley Scott seems to throw a new idea into the mix about ever other scene then completely abandon it, but I can't help but feel that I have been incredibly engaged and immersed by this film. If you can get past its "hush-hush" attitude about 50% of the core plot material, you will definitely enjoy yourself. Expand
  31. Jun 10, 2012
    Upon seeing Prometheus I was very disappointed with the movie. It was rushed, abrupt, answered no questions that were presented because of a lack of story and the characters were one dimensional. The special effects were great and the action, when there was some, was good. The movie just didn't flow. It didn't off set the negatives though. However, I went back and watched the original Alien film and it made Prometheus much better because you can see how the two are connected. Fassbender's performance was the highlight of the movie. Expand
  32. Jun 10, 2012
    Well the marketing previews showed us nothing sort of like PT Barnum with his EXITorium. And when we finally got to see the movie there was a reason they showed us nothing. It's moronic and I am being kind. Just a waste ot time and money. They promised us nothing and that is what we got. Avoid.
  33. Jun 10, 2012
    Some nice visuals and lots of symbolism, but the basic delivery of the plot is terrible. Characters act like complete idiots without any regard for even the most basic safety procedures (or even concepts) and the plot is driven more by their idiocy than anything else. Fails to even address the concept of the movie or the questions raised by that concept, instead opting to focus on a bunch of stupid people doing stupid things. Honestly at times it feels like a grindhouse slasher flick. Unrewarding, unentertaining and intellectually shallow. You can derive some enjoyment from the interpretation of symbolism and the stunning visuals, but this does little to make up for the very poor delivery of the narrative. Expand
  34. Jun 10, 2012
    Two days before this review was written, I watched Alien. Two days later, I saw it again, except this time it was in 3D, and not as good.
    Perhaps I should elaborate? The films (plural) are about the crew of a spaceship with a quasi-meaningful name and their discovery of an alien structure. They investigate at first and then attempt to flee after things slowly but surely hit the fan. All
    the while, their efforts are impeded by members of the crew with ulterior motives. I canâ Expand
  35. Jun 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Big and beautiful film, which I enjoyed, but which had literally dozens of plot holes. I feel like a couple of guys got into a room and came up with the story, "yeah, and then when we charge the head, it comes alive, and then explodes, yeah, cool", and "we can make the robot kinda evil," but without any motivation to be? While if you can ignore so much nonsense, you will enjoy this movie, I can't help feeling, over and over, every time I see a big budget film that either the producers are stupid (because it would be so ridiculously easy to patch the plot holes), or they think I am. Expand
  36. Jun 10, 2012
    Awful script with shallow, underdeveloped characters and massive plotholes. One of the worst pieces of sci-fi writing I've seen in years. Even the great acting and direction can't redeem this film.
  37. Jun 10, 2012
    Don't waste your time and money. Hype aside, this movie was worthless from start to finish. Not exciting, not scary, and the lack of storyline just makes it a painful experience. I'm a huge fan of Ridley Scott as well as the Alien franchise and yet I found this movie utterly and totally useless. I'm being particularly brutal about it so that I can hopefully save someone the disappointment of wasting a Sunday afternoon on this. Expand
  38. Jun 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I saw Prometheus on opening day in IMAX. I really was drawn in at first but felt like there needed to be more, like an hour more of backstory. Like was this the Weyland from the Aliens movies? or is this his father? Many questions left unanswered except for one, we helped create the Alien. I like many other yearn for more. Do I smell a sequel? Expand
  39. Jun 10, 2012
    My friend and I saw this movie with low expectations after reading many negative reviews and we were blown away by how awesome this movie was. I would recommend watching the original alien up until where they explore inside the alien ship before seeing Prometheus. It helped us enjoy the movie that much more. Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace had the best characters in the movie IMO. Here is my checklist of why I loved this movie.. Very good cinematography, the best CGI and visual affects to date, alien references, tense scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat, and finally this is just an awesome sci-fi movie. Prometheus had its flaws however as other reviewers have pointed out. If you go into this movie with high expectations you will be let down. The movie raised more questions than answered. There is little character development and over all the script could have been better. I would definitely recommend seeing this movie. Just go to be entertained. Expand
  40. Jun 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Possible Spoiler.
    If your an Alien franchise fan this movie helps explain the genesis of the Xenomorphs, at least the early genesis. Still leave a lot of unanswered questions and raises a few more. Overall a solid sci fi film with A LOT going on.
  41. Jun 10, 2012
    PROMETHEUS: feh to meh. Kinda turgid. Doesn't know what it wants to be, as though plot strands ended up on the cutting room floor. Meandering, no real suspense save for one scene. With few exceptions, pretty lackluster performances, though the actors need to be extended some credit for being saddled with lame, underwritten characters. And why dress Guy Pearce up in freshman year old man makeup when you could get, like, a real old man?? Pretty awful, imho. (Upon reflection, obviously there must have been footage of a young Guy Pearce that didn't make the final print. Even more laziness; my g.f. and I sat there the entire time thinking "why is this guy MADE UP??") Good to know: $200+ million and you can still suck. Expand
  42. Jun 10, 2012
    Too many people haven't done their research before posting a review on here. A lot of people are saying that the movie sucks and had great potential. Did it actually suck?

    They are giving it such a low score on bases that it wasn't what they expected. People wanted xenomorphs but they didn't get that. Everything is explained, this film is most definitely original and the people that don't
    understand it are giving it such a low score! This film does not deserve a zero, or a two. Those are ridiculous ratings based solely on what you didn't get within the film.

    Just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean that things didn't get answered. They did get answered, it's because you don't understand it to truly see what the answers were!
  43. Jun 10, 2012
    Story, characters, ideas, visuals - nothing in Prometheus surprised me. Which is the worst thing you can say about any piece of entertainment. (Gross-outs don't count as genuine surprises.)
  44. Jun 10, 2012
    you know in horror movies where some teens are out in the woods and they see a house with severed heads outside, and they say 'hey let's go in there and ask for help' and the whole audience groans and also rubs its hands and waits for the monster to come and chop the idiots to pieces? well sadly transfer that level of idiocy to space, and substitute scientists for teenagers, and you've got Prometheus. There are SO MANY holes and 'WTF???' moments. From people pointing at a totally vague cave painting and deciding it's an accurate star map and an invite from aliens zillions of miles away, to approaching an obviously mad space snake, and petting it, (guess what happens next)... to opening the spaceship door to totally bonkers monster men just for the hell of it... oh you get the idea. Enjoy it, but for lords sake, don't take it seriously. Expand
  45. Jun 10, 2012
    Let's get this out of the way: Prometheus is not Alien. It's a very different beast. It's a movie with big ideas, big questions and big mysteries. The weakest aspects of the film are its poorly developed characters and some perplexing story beats. However, it features some gorgeous cinematography, good performances (including a brilliant turn by Fassbender as the android, David) and the courage to pose questions without spoon-feeding the audience all the answers. Prometheus is not Alien... and that's not a bad thing. Expand
  46. Jun 10, 2012
    Prometheus is a true prequel to Alien but not of the same caliber. Great cinematography but as hyped as this movie was, it fell short because of a serious number of plot holes and things that were left unanswered. If your the type of person that is in it for the suspense and entertainment then you will be satisfied but if you find yourself asking questions your gonna find no answers.
  47. Jun 10, 2012
    I am a fan of the Alien films, but this movie is based on the old plot that gives sci-fi movies a bad name: Take a group of insane misaligned people, that no intelligent being would choose to go far away on a possibly dangerous mission, and watch them react their own misery against each other - they will break apart even without any alien help!
    And while the good old aliens was
    understandable as a natural predator that simply does what a predator does, there is no understanding given to something that should be an intelligent species, but reacts like just another wounded animal.
    In short: It is all very beautifully made, and has a new cool female lead role, but the story has been told too many times before without giving any new twists. But as a fan of Alien, you of course still need to see it, just to see the old spacecraft again :-)
  48. Jun 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I haven't watched any previous alien films apart from Alien Vs Predator but this was pretty scary for me. Although it felt like it was lacking at least 45 minutes worth of extra footage, there were so many times where I was so confused. For example, you expected to stay with the two men in the tomb for a lot longer instead of skipping back to the ship and watching a head explode. And then magically one of the men somehow becomes like a zombie later in the film which to be honest has no explanation in the slightest. All in all I thought it was quite enjoyable but certainly lacking. Expand
  49. Jun 10, 2012
    After a long and excited wait, I finally saw Prometheus on release day. It started out promising, but I first saw little red flags when the characters tried to present their pseudo-philosophy as deep and meaningful. Performances were good for the most part, but some dialogue seemed incredibly forced and the script made the characters do things they obviously wouldn't consider if they were realistic. Be prepared for a very shallow and loose ending that doesn't tie any of the plot up and might as well shout "Hey guys we're making a sequel!" Expand
  50. Jun 10, 2012
    Brilliant film, it is not as Scary as it should have been but it makes up for it in it's awe inspiring cinematography, locations, visuals and pretty much everything else. The story is great, a massive fan service.
  51. Jun 10, 2012
    If you are a fan of Sci-Fi genre you will probably enjoy this movie than other more casual film goers. Visually some scenes were breathtaking whether or not you see it in 3D the movies really pops. The acting was fine overall, but the story was convoluted and underwhelming. Way too many slightly interesting characters and almost no time spent on any of them. Overall the biggest problem with the movie was we really don't get a good grasp what is or was the bad guy or what the point of anything is during the whole film. They casually throw a couple of twists here and there and it all falls a little flat. However, if you were able to disregard a bunch of muck including poorly written lines and some incredibly stupid and unrealistic actions taken by the side characters and just followed the protagonist grueling battle to stay alive it's overall a fairly good albeit confusing movie experience. Expand
  52. Jun 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Who wrote this dribble?Scientists who remove their helmets on an alien world because the air seems fine.Scientists who try to take shelter from a storm by leaving cover to race it... to different cover.Scientists who refuse to investigate life signs,then attempt to pet the alien worm cobra emerging from the black ooze a few minutes later.The sissybot who,for no discernible reason,poisons a crew member,who then has sex,immediately impregnating his girl,to which she then performs her own abortion with the only side effects being some pain while running.Scientists who transport an alien head in a sandwich bag,only to destroy the head in the most unscientific way possible,lessmorelessmore Boom!.Let's include a razorhail storm that inflicts zero damage,the odd mutated human attacking humans for some reason(Braaaaains maybe?),waking a giant alien,who then proceeds to kill all humans(I call him Bender),some tentacles,a sissybot head that can fly an alien ship,some running and avoiding an alien ship crashing by rolling 3 feet to the right,more tentacles,a glimpse of a true ALIEN,and then finally the credits.It also had Biff from Back to the Future in it trying to find the secret of eternal life,but he is killed in 5 min flat so who cares.I'd talk about the story but The Cat in the Hat is far more coherent and entertaining.30 odd years waiting for this S..T! Expand
  53. Jun 10, 2012
    There are a few haters out there. and i can't understand why?! Besides the reason of "It didn't have many references to Alien or it wasn't as good as Alien." Prometheus was a excellent film and although it is a prequel to Alien (Somewhat) its a damn good stand alone movie. Did it have a few flaws umm maybe one or 2. but as a package the movie was fantastic. The acting was decent, noomi rapace was pretty good, charlize therone was decent being a **** again (Snow White). Idris elba was the ships captain again decent acting nothing major. As For everybody else i felt they were fillers their acting was decent and for small roles you didn't need much acting. The standout actor in this movie is Michael Fassbender he steals the show! his acting was superb and his character was definitely the most interesting. while watching this movie i honestly didn't care much about the other characters than i did about David (fassbenders character). And while fassbender really wasn't a "Main" character he was a supporting character who actually turns out to be a main one he definitely has a huge role and is one of the main reasons for watching this movie. The story is simple 2 archeologists along with the prometheus crew go to another planet in search for their creators (human like aliens) and they do find them! and **** hits the fan (people start dying etc. etc.) definitely a good movie i don't wanna spoil anything but it is a good time, it is a great movie, it looks fantastic beautiful movie, i really have nothing bad to say about this movie GO WATCH IT! Expand
  54. Jun 9, 2012
    It was a good movie. Definitely recommend. Really engaging story with decent suspense and effects. The movie is set in the Alien universe and explores some of its backstory. It is gritty, dark, and mildly violent with good si-fi horror/thriller moments. I give it a 7 because it is somewhat hard to follow since the background story and everything revolving around it is very intricate and events and aspects of the movie are not totally explained. I ended up reading more about the Alien universe and fans' take on the movie and its connects afterwards which really helped me understand it more. I think a great movie wouldn't require that effort. Regardless I liked the story and mythos around the whole thing and still recommend highly. Expand
  55. Jun 9, 2012
    Go and see it, with moderate expectations, and you'll enjoy it. You can then make your own mind up about its class. I'd like to see it for a second time, to enjoy the visuals again (for which it earns my '7') and to check to see whether the plot holes were as big as I remember! ("Plot holes" implies that there was a plot in the first place, of course!) It's difficult to believe that a director of Scott's capabilities could possibly have put together such a vacuous story. I can only assume that the ageing Ridley is fretting about What Lies Beyond and is either wholly cynical about mankind, or melancholic at the thought that man's quest for purpose and meaning in life is as fruitless as Shaw's quest for the aliens depicted in ancient man's primitive paintings. Or both. Of course, he could just have been fretting that he failed to make Alien anything more than a 'boo' movie so decided to invest Prometheus with the significance that critics claim was missing from his 1979 masterpiece. I've not read any critic who has actually explored the significance of David's modelling of himself on TE Lawrence. Is it to show that David has chosen a deeply flawed model, and thereby given himself a Sisyphean task? He'll never be a warm human while he chooses to emulate one of life's most famous Outsiders. Expand
  56. Jun 9, 2012
    Prometheus returns to the series' roots in so many welcome ways, particularly that it is adventure story first and foremost. An exploration of the unknown with many surprises in store, and many of those shocking. Good cast and a decent script almost completely void of space movie cliche quips, thank goodness. The film also possesses something so many science fiction movies, for all of the work that went into them, critically do not --suspense and tension. That alone is worth an extra 10 percentage points. Negatives: one too many loose ends and a completely forgettable musical score that only supports the action instead of buoying up the film and really being a third of the experience. Whoops, there went that 10 point lead. Expand
  57. Jun 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have a few questions to add to the list that everyone here seems to have covered already...why did the pasty giant alien guy drink oily ooze in the beginning anyway? What was the motivation there? Why did the captain leave the bridge with guys trapped ina storm on the planet to have sex with Charlize Theron? Why was she even in this movie?!?!? All she did was bark out husky commands that belied everything that was happening. Why did people who were infected with alien embryos turn into raging zombie creatures? Why did Charlize and the other chick keep running forward when the ship was rolling at them instead of to the side where they easily could have avoided it? Why does the big pasty guy "birth" the alien in the escape pod. According to the first Alien movie, he's in the pilot chair on his ship where it crashed. Nice job everybody. And my biggest question of all: where can I have surgery that opens up my entire abdomen, removes a substantial lifeform, staple me back up and then I can run, jump, hang from cliffs, barrel roll and only have to stop once in a while for a quick stabbing pain that seems more like explosive diarrhea than major surgery after effects. Wow. This movie sucked. Nice to see Ebert and company taking studio bribe money so they don't trash this pig **** of a film. They'd never recover the advertising loot if they did. Don't waste your time. Collapse Expand
  58. Jun 9, 2012
    This movie had such great potential, good actors, good special effects and cinematography and plenty of budget to work with. However the script let it down miserably, with a horrible predictable and unengaging story. From a sci fi fan perspective it was dull but with great cinematography and from a horror fan point of view the predictability combined with lack of suspense or anything at all to get you on the edge of your seat just made the whole thing fall flat. without a doubt the most disappointing movie of the year. Expand
  59. Jun 9, 2012
    Prometheus dared to go where many sci-fi movies dare not tread, a good plot. While this isn't the most astounding or amazing concoction that sci-fi has to offer, it is visually arresting and (moderately) satisfying. Prometheus had a lot to live up to as it is a spiritual prequel of sorts to Ridley Scott's first jab at the horror, Alien. To be fair Prometheus does a good job at keeping the horror vibe strong, that is until the action packed end. Prometheus does well enough as a stand alone film in the alien series, but there is a certain charm missing this time around. Prometheus does a lot of things right though, It answers some long time questions about certain elements in the Alien series and even throws it's own mysteries out there as well. Prometheus is also a looker, there are beautiful moments of the environment and even the technology, as well as some of the slimy creatures that would give Avatar a run for its money. This all tied together by solid performances by the lead cast members. But the film is not perfect unfortunately. Prometheus is not a horror movie, it's more of a sci-fi thriller than solid horror, this is especially apparent during the last thirty minutes. This isn't to say the film isn't without its surprise horror/ gross out scenes like that of the chestburster The movie also bites off more plot than it can chew, resulting in a half-way decent story that may leave some scratching their heads. regardless of the movies shortcomings, it is still worth it to give it a watch, the film does not answer every question it puts on the table, it answers most of them. Expand
  60. Jun 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Warning, this is all spoilers

    Wow, I was excited about Prometheus the moment I saw the first trailer. Aliens is arguably one of the best movies of all time IMO and Ridley Scott has made a bunch of really amazing movies. Blade Runner, Alien, Gladiator wasnâ
  61. Jun 9, 2012
    Too much world not enough characters. The people on the ship were so faceless, I didn't care when they started dying. I had no idea who they were when they started saying names. it felt so flat and average.
  62. Jun 9, 2012
    Prometheus is a movie I'm deeply split on. On one hand, you have some truly awful writing, cringe-worthy dialogue, and idiotic characters (with the exception Michael Fassbender's performance as the android "David"). However, it's wonderfully creative imagery as well as the exploration of space jockeys give the movie something many films lack: The ability to discuss what was left unanswered. The fact that it's been nearly a full-day since I've seen the movie and I'm still discussing it is a good sign.

    In short, Prometheus, despite being marred by bad writing, dumb characters, and poor pacing, is worth a watch.
  63. Jun 9, 2012
    I give this movie a 96% and I could write this review and explain why (the perfect acting, the amazing special effects, and the incredibly gripping story), but you can read all about those things in the other 9 or 10 reviews. I'll be taking time to explain why this movie got extremely mixed reviews. Simply put, a large quantity of people only enjoy movies that have the plot-line spoon-fed to them. Alien was, although a quite possibly perfect film, one of those movies. In order for a movie to be great it doesn't need to have an amazing plot, really the plot of "Alien" is incredibly simple with pretty much one plot-twist, but it was still a quality film. Prometheus is the opposite end of the spectrum. Prometheus has an incredibly large plot-line, literally striving to explain the existence of humanity, a controversial and mind-crippling topic. However, it leaves much of the explaining up to the audience. It's a movie that you'll find yourself thinking about for weeks afterwards, still coming up with a plethora of theories. It's not just the plot that's incredible, though. This movie doesn't strictly rely on scares and thrills like Alien did, but it still has well placed moments that are chilling and appropriate to develop the plot and make you think even more. In fact, it contains possibly the most disturbing and tense movie scene I've ever witnessed. The movie is written by the same guy who wrote LOST, Damon Lindelof. Did you like LOST? Then you'll love Prometheus. If not, then you should be spending your money on movies like "The Expendables". Expand
  64. Jun 9, 2012
    I LOVE the premise of the movie. But the writing is lacking. Afterwards, my friend kept saying, "That movie could've been awesome." I don't blame it on the fact that we were all looking forward to it. The main problem was that the characters were written poorly. I won't go into the other problems (editing, other story telling elements).
  65. Jun 9, 2012
    There are so many plot holes in this film it's ridiculous. I have no problem with the mysterious relationship between aliens and humans, but it is littered with leaps in story that defy logical progression. Characters disappear and reappear whenever it is convenient for the writers. And for a seminal moment in the history of humanity, the voyageurs treat the trip with the nonchalance of a visit to the Grand Canyon. Please Mr. Scott, stay away from Blade Runner before you tarnish that film also. Expand
  66. Jun 9, 2012
    This a great film and a must see, the acting is top notch and the special effects are out of this world.
    Though it has confused me and left many unanswered questions in its rear view mirror.
    I think it would be better to have not seen Alien because this film will make less sense if you had. Don't to show spoilers so just don't go seeing this film and expecting for all the unanswered
    questions about the space jockey to be answered.
    It provides all the needed tension and all of the alien life (I do not mean the the alien from previous films) that a sci-fi film needs but it does not provide all the answers it should have.
    Though this does not mean you should not see it because this film is amazing just don't expect perfection. Anyway Michael Fassbender is reason enough to see this.
  67. Jun 9, 2012
    I am somewhat surprised that this film seems to have such a diverse range of opinions on whether it's worth seeing or not. In my view, the work is a near masterpiece in that it successfully presents a gripping an engaging sci-fi story, whilst simultaneously posing timeless questions that we, as the human race, have been asking for centuries. The film also does a lot to dispel the myth of academic assumption as fact - showing very clearly that the assumptions and interpretations offered by modern 'experts' are fallible and flawed at best, and at worst... downright wrong. The art direction is exquisite, the setting is epic and the characters are believable. I think the film challenges it's audience a little more than your average sci-fi flick, and it's satisfying fare if you enjoy cerebral undercurrents. I loved this movie and I'd see it again. Highly recommended! Expand
  68. Jun 9, 2012
    There are no mind boggling horrors or astonishing new concepts presented in this prequel to Alien. But it does fill in the blanks on the "space jockey" and provides some really wonderful vistas of space exploration.
    The story and acting are no better than average yet it still managed to entertain a lifelong scifi fan like me. For viewers without a soft spot for the genre, the film will
    be a disappointment. Expand
  69. Jun 9, 2012
    I did not watch many of Scott's movies (I watched Alien long time ago and kinda forgot about it) so I was not expecting anything to be repeated nor any hints and nods to director's previous work. I saw trailers and Theron speaking briefly about the movie on TV and decided it must be fun sci-fi blockbuster to watch so I went to cinema and watched it. I liked many things - performances were mostly great, beautiful cinematography and design, but I left the cinema puzzled. In most cases being puzzled after watching a film is indicative that the movie raised great questions and the film itself was really good, but in this case I just felt it was lazy story writing/telling. Death and dealing with death/mortality is one of the biggest subjects, but really everything said sounded heard before and half-baked. Religion is the other subject - with nothing worth remembering from what is said about it in the movie (cross gets a prominent screen time; faith/do you have faith/do you believe mentions as well; references to relationship to the god/creator are everywhere). Creation vs. destruction, new vs. old, father vs. son, creator/creation, losing parents/killing parents, androids yearning to have a soul -- all these topics seem to be raised just for the sake of raising them (sounds deep) and none of them are dealt with in an interesting way.
    Having in mind the amount of hype that preceded the film it seems to me that much of the actual story was left for the sequel and this summer viewers had to get to know the context, freshen up on the Alien references and get used to Scott's visuals.
    It's a shame because overall the story has had great potentials, actors were great, visual effects and cinematography were stunning.
  70. Jun 9, 2012
    Spoiler Alert! Ok, Lets get this clear from the beginning. anyone looking for an Alien prequel is going to be disappointed in this film!
    Apart from a couple of strategicely inserted scenes, the creatures in this film bear NO resemblance to the Aliens we know and love. No eggs, no face huggers, aliens look nothing like the ones we know, egg transferral by kissing and drinking a glass of
    doped wine. Basically the writers and Ridley Scott took all the aspects of the Alien we know and...well..ignored them. It's obvious that the alien prequel tag is there purely as a marketing ploy to get the story lovers through the doors. The film never even properly answers the question we all asked, how did the guy get in the seat of a ship on LV-426? Where did the eggs come from? This film isn't even set on the same planet and there are no eggs..only some black slime.
    As a film it's own right, Prometheus is....ok, nothing special, lots of big camera angles, good music score, acting was ok, but a pretty weak story, no real surprises, no shock twists..
    In the end you will leave with the same questions you had 30 years ago...and a lot more new ones. But the key here is the new ones are questions I don't even care about anymore. This film spoiled the mystery created in the original and didn't replace with anything even close to worthy. A real shame!
  71. Jun 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Here's the thing about Prometheus: When this film was nearing release, Guillermo Del Toro said in interviews and online that it basically killed his hopes of adapting H.P. Lovecraft's horror novella "At The Mountains of Madness", because Prometheus and his film would be too similar. He was absolutely right. This film IS an adaptation of Mountains of Madness, even if Ridley Scott and the writers didn't strictly intend it to be. I will admit, some key points are different, but the more you look at Prometheus, the more it screams Mountains. For me, this is something of a conundrum, because as much as I loved this movie, it may mean never seeing Guillermo Del Toro's vision of Lovecraft come to fruition.

    So what is there to say about Prometheus? There's certainly the obvious. For one, this movie is gorgeous. Everything from the sweeping, desolate landscapes down to the tiniest, nearly microscopic details, are near-perfectly conceived. For the cinematography alone, this movie is worth seeing. Of course, there's more to it than that. Michael Fassbender stands out in his role portraying the android David, sitting comfortably somewhere between the bottom of the uncanny valley and the peak of convincing humanity. He's like HAL 9000, if HAL were a little handsomer. Noomi Rapace and Charlize Theron both do excellent jobs in their respective roles, each echoing different parts of what made up Ripley's personality in the previous movies. The rest of the cast turn in solid, albeit somewhat stereotyped performances, but that's forgivable seeing as they're basically the horny teens of this movie's Crystal Lake. They're certainly more likable than the cannon-fodder of most horror movies.

    A common criticism of this film is that it tries too hard to be profound and cerebral, and that the plot leaves too much unresolved; the people who feel that way have probably never read Lovecraft. Sure, the ideological tug-of-war that goes on throughout the film isn't anything too new, but here it's played out in a fairly novel and interesting way, and trust me, you often won't have time to poke holes in the characters' arguments before something a little more immediate and visceral moves the plot forward. As far as I'm concerned, that's just good pacing, not a movie that can't decide whether it wants to be scary or smart. As for the supposed "plot-holes", what people are actually complaining about is the lack of explanation for why a lot of things happen in this film (why is that guy a zombie now, where did that snake thing come from, what's the deal with airplane food?). What many people don't understand is that we aren't supposed to understand, that we are dealing with forces we never could understand. This is a big element in Lovecraft fiction, and it also plays strongly into absurdist and nihilistic views (which, conveniently, are played strongly against more orderly, religious views in the film). One of the key elements of creating fear in people is taking control away from them, and by extension, also taking away understanding. This is why many things in the film go unexplained. If they had wasted 10 minutes of the movie technobabbling about mutagens and DNA and what-have-you, if what happens in the film could be understood, it would severely undercut the horror. A world without rules, without certainty or consistency, is truly a terrifying thing. The film's creators know this, and it is for this reason that they choose not to explain the whys and hows of the so-called Engineers and their creations. It makes for something truly disquieting; a universe where God isn't one of us, and he isn't on our side.
  72. Jun 9, 2012
    Prometheus was a major let down especially considering that it was directed by Ridley Scott. The casting , acting and special effects are decent but the story is lacklustre and never seems to get going. Prometheus not only lack tension that made the original Alien movie so good but also ruins the mystery surrounding the space Jockey race. Somethings are best left unmade
  73. Jun 9, 2012
    Well, it wasnt horrible. but it really never explained the hole beginning of the aliens, they skipped how the alien was created and why they didnt use them on earth, and i thought it was suppose to be a prequel. well they failed at that too. the ending didnt have **** to do with alien
  74. Jun 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I was dragged to cinema the other day and since I was dragged there I was told I can choose what we watch. I chose Prometheus, I saw the advert a few days before and thought it looked alright, so we went in (having to sit row) and I molded myself to my seat ready for a what I expected to be a mediocre sci-fi film. I was utterly mistaken, for me Prometheus is one of the best films I have seen all year. It was thought provoking and thoroughly enjoyable, the film did provide a few parts that made me jump and a few parts that where extremely gory and gritty (including a cesarean to remove an alien baby). The characters where great, especially Micheal Fassbender's character, David, an android with intense loyalty to his creator. It was fantastic to see how the different characters from different backgrounds react to meeting there creators, it ended with everyone dead but two characters, one of whom was missing his body. It was defiantly a great film and I would thoroughly recommend it to any cinema goers. My favorite film of the year. Expand
  75. Jun 9, 2012
    Excellent move and well worth the time. At first I was confused, but once the movie got going, it completely explains a part of where the "Space Jockey" and alien creatures came from. It starts out slow, but if you hang with it you will thoroughly enjoy watching the entirety.

    Can't wait for the next one.
  76. Jun 9, 2012
    Fantastic visuals. Great acting. Doesnt answer the main questions it ask but whos to say it had to? One of the best Sci-fi movies in a LONG time. Best IMAX movie ive ever seen!
  77. Jun 9, 2012
    After seeing the Previews I had mixed feelings about Prometheus. Yes it looked like it would be visually pleasing, and I love the original Alien, liked Predators and Alien 3, but all of the other films set in the fictional Alien/Predator universe are pretty terrible, especially AVP2 which was one of the worst films I have ever seen. After AVP2 I vowed I was done with both of the franchises for good. But after some coaxing by a couple of friends, I reluctantly went to see the Prometheus opening in IMAX. Couldn't be happier. Amazing visuals. Intriguing plot lines. Excellent character portrayals by most of the cast. Intense edge-of-your-seat thrill ride, but not only was it thrilling, it was gripping. The cinematography was excellent. The character development of David was spectacular. The story line exceeds all of the other movies of the Alien/Predator franchises, except for the original Alien, combined. I'm glad I spent the money to see the IMAX version, and I am planning to see this at least two to three more times in IMAX before its run is over. Last movie I saw in a theater more than once? The first Matrix film. Saw it twice. This movie is right on par with it as far as an overall experience. Surpassed even Avatar, far surpassed in my opinion, in overall 3D movie experience/entertainment. This is a must see. Anyone saying it was boring, or hard to follow, doesn't know what a great movie is. There is no hand-holding through the movie. You must think for yourself and form theories as you as you go along, and this film kept me guessing through the end, but not to a point that I ever felt I was "lost." Wonderful Experience. 9.7/10 Expand
  78. Jun 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. For those of us who have waited thirty years to see the prequel to Alien, it is either a love or hate relationship. Ridley Scott's Prometheus starts out on a roll, as in 2001 with the origins of mankind, but unravels in an ending that basically shows God as a huge, caucasian with bi-polar disorder. Visually, the movie is a triumph, showing how much better the original could have looked with the newer CGI technology. But, whereas the original film is what it is ( a monster on the loose thriller), Prometheus tries to balance the big universal questions, while adhering to Scott's original intention for Alien (the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in outer space). The viewer is awed by the visual spectacle, then shocked at the transition to all-out horror for the remaining hour.

    I will admit though, that the acting is superb (especially from Michael Fassbender who replaces Ian Holm's Ash from the original). But, there are many plot holes, kind of like a celluloid swiss cheese. A new alien birth, that doesn't even get mentioned to the rest of the crew, and a race of alien overlords, who are mysteriously hostile toward their own creation. It is difficult nowadays to justify spending between ten and fifteen bucks for eye candy. Eye candy, like confectioners candy has the same type of substance, it fulfills at the moment, but fails to resonate in the long run like a meal of substance does. I am giving the movie two and a half stars simply for it's glorious visuals, but am truly disappointed with a story that begins with great potential, but eventually becomes lost in space.
  79. Jun 9, 2012
    After reading many of the reviews here prior to seeing the movie, I expected it either to be great or terrible, but it turned out to be somewhere in between, but definitely above average and worth seeing. Sure the movie failed in some ways. Some of the dialog is cheesy, some of the plot doesn't make any sense for a movie geared towards 'realism'. I think some of the reviewers here, were turned off by apparent plot holes, but for me the plot holes in this movie make you think and wonder which is a good thing. True the movie wasn't as scary, mysterious, and suspenseful as Alien, but this film stands on its own. It is a different kind of move really. It stuck with me for different reasons such as the big questions of where we came from and, in the movie, why thing were the way they were (not to give away the story). There are a few action scenes and creature scenes that were pretty well done, not to mention an incredibly disturbing scene which perhaps was meant to rival the shock we all recall from Alien when the alien first bursts out of a chest. There is some truth to some of the reviews that the characters were a little superficial, the story a bit lacking in depth, and some surprising predictability, but it is far from being the worse sci fi movie ever made, and far from being Space Odyssey. Expand
  80. Jun 9, 2012
    One must remember why most people attend the movies: to escape. As a passive voyeur, the movie viewer anticipates being taken away from the mundane and dreariness of everyday life to an artificial world of endless possibilities. And IMO, Prometheus accomplishes this.

    Sure, there are holes and unanswered questions scattered about, but think about the last time you were told a story in
    person. Would you have remained engaged with the teller if each and every detail were painfully elaborated upon? Probably not, you possibly would've disengaged (physically, mentally or both). For me, Prometheus is a better movie for leaving some gaps and unanswered questions (within the plot).

    If you want to escape reality and just have a good time at the movies, then Prometheus is for you. However, if you tend to over-analyze and critique for faults, then go on and read the low score reviews and save your money for when Prometheus goes to Blu-Ray.

    Remember, it's just the movies :)
  81. Jun 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Simple Phenomenal. I have been waiting for this movie for a loong time. I avoided all trailers and clips so I don't spoil anything from this movie made by one of my best directors Ridley Scott. People probably expected more mostly because they ruined most of it by doing what I didn't do. The problem is that people don't know that there's going to be a sequel called, "Paradise". The other is that people don't like to think and use there brain on what happened and why? It has to be the first movie in along time that actually made me talk about all the theories of it. I have my own theories but I'll explain it later. I have to say this has to be on of the best Sci-Fi movies I have seen since Sunshine. Sci-fi movies are not popular in the movie industry because no one wants to understand it. I love it. I will keep it short. The creators(space Jockeys) came to earth to create us. Then use as a weapon to probably fight a war or invasion that they are involved in. Something goes wrong with there experiment and they have to eliminate some of there own and try to escape. When the crew arrives at there world which is not LV 426 from the alien movie the human crew enters a closed quarters and some worms appear from the soil that evolve later on from the contents of the canisters. The space jockey ship in this movie is not the one that crash landed on LV 426 because Weyland industries knew the location of this world so they would have sent more people to this planet again. Plus the crew from the Nostromo would have bumped into the canisters if this was that ship which its not. If you watch Alien even the planet and system they enter is completely different.

    I think the sequel will shine on all these questions which I can't wait. Think about this.
  82. Jun 9, 2012
    I'll start off by saying that this is unquestionably an Alien prequel, so those rumors are true. That's all I'll give away though. I will admit that I had unrealistic expectations going into this movie. Aliens 1 and 2 are two of my favorite movies of all time, so to say I was excited for this movie would be an understatement. Did it live up to my expectations? Not quite. However, I really enjoyed this movie. The atmosphere is what makes this movie, and the cinematography and effects are truly incredible. The movie immediately thrusts you into this mysterious environment, on a planet far away from Earth. It sounds fairly cliche or standard for a sci-fi space movie, and that's because it kind of is. The story leaves a little to be desired, mainly because of some plot holes that the movie never wraps up. This does help the mystery of the movie, and even when it's over there are still plenty of unanswered questions. I wouldn't be surprised at all if there are sequels to this movie considering the cliffhanger ending. There WILL be a sequel. The bottom line is that Prometheus is an experience that is rare in cinema. It creates another world that is intoxicating and very interesting. While I was mildly dissapointed in this movie, I am still ecstatic for the sequel that is sure to come. Expand
  83. Jun 9, 2012
    This film was not quite a 10 but I will give it that anyway because it was easily the best movie I have seen in a theater in some time. Many of the complaints against it are somewhat justified but for the most part it is just people who were over expectant and self entitled ("I want my money back.") I personally hope that Lindelhof does not return to pen another script as there were moments that clearly needed more definition. That said, Prometheus truly sets the stage for what could be a remarkable series of films, explaining the evolution of humans and aliens as a sort of binary weapons program. If you just want another Alien movie, don't waste your time. If you enjoy incredible CG, interesting philosophical quandaries and a couple freaky monsters it is well worth a few bucks. Expand
  84. Jun 9, 2012
    A friend asked me; if I could sum Prometheus up in one word what would it be? My answer: inconsistent, nonsensical, clichéd or stupid. Visually appealing with excellent cinematography but terrible writing and forgettable characters - Prometheus is Alien meets von Däniken meets Supernova (2000) and suffers from "space madness" (a disease that also affected Sunshine, Event Horizon, Mission To Mars and nearly every other SF film of the past two decades) wherein every character becomes an idiot twenty minutes into the film and does stupid things for absolutely no reason other than to propel the plot ... except there wasn't one. Expand
  85. Jun 9, 2012
    Prometheus should be renamed to Prometheus a ship full of idiots. The simple truth about this movie is that the characters make incredibly idiotic decisions that lead directly to there death. Many scenes were like looking down the barrel of a gun then pulling the trigger to see if it's loaded, as if that's the way you do it. The choices that the characters made ranged from slightly odd to WTF did they do that for? This was more then a bad movie it was almost like no one read the entire script all the way through. I truly believe that someone like me.. Someone who has never made a movie, someone who doesn't know the intricacies of movie making would have said at some point during the making of the movie, " Hey man.. that doesn't make any sense and only an idiot with a death wish would do that" Expand
  86. Jun 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Prometheus, the new movie of Ridley Scott, and what happen? have a some low score, sorry but the critics have some mistake because the movie is fantastic. Prometheus is an indirect prequel of Alien. The story is amazing and have an awesome development. The performances are amazing, Charlize Theon, Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace OMG!! Excellent. The effects are incredible (thenw oscar winner?). Prometheus is a fantastic movie, and yeah one of the best movies of this year. Expand
  87. Jun 9, 2012
    BORING! UNBELIEVABLE! I had great expectations only to be disappointed. The movie goes nowhere. The action scenes are unbelievable. You can't help but feel you have seen this all before, but only in better movies. Stay away from this and go see the three stooges instead,at least the laughs in that movie are supposed to be there.
  88. Jun 9, 2012
    I feel that the main characters lacked development throughout the film, especially Noomi Rapace character apart from Michael Fassbender character. The plot was confusing and slow. Towards the end the action was better, however the build up throughout the film was disappointing leading to the end. See this film if you have seen Alien. If you haven't, stay away from this film.
  89. Jun 9, 2012
    If you enjoyed the Aliens series, you will certainly enjoy this. Satisfiable cast. Remarkable visuals and environments. Delicious information into the Aliens series if the viewer likes that. Minimal gore scenes resulted in each one being unique and obvious to the amount of work put into it. Profound plots not entirely obvious to the viewer that the viewer should investigate. One character's makeup was very questionable. One scene was questionable, but could be reasoned. I want to watch it again. Expand
  90. Jun 9, 2012
    We have a contender for worst film of the year and its called Prometheus. I felt the movie struggled to identify itself. Is it a science fiction film? Horror? Adventure? A religious purgatory of some kind?? Who knows...who cares actually. I think the main focus of the film was to try and impress you with its special effects and sound and neglect the story completely. I was very angry and disappointed at the end of the film and felt like I should go to management and ask them for my money back. I feel this film is the equal to Star Wars the Phantom Menace minus the super annoying Jar Jar Binks. Just like Star Wars, there are moments in this film that I call WTF moments where you feel like throwing up your hands in the air and saying "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??" I HIGHLY recommending this film as a rental and don't see it in the theatre.
    Again, all this film is, is bells and whistles and if you dive into the actual story and character development while watching this film, you'll realize how poor of a film it is and you'll leave the theatre angry and confused. I'm still shocked and sad this film is as bad as it is.
  91. JYT
    Jun 9, 2012
    Ridley Scott tried to push the limits from previous Sci-Fi/Horror done before and in all directions at the same time: more picturesques, going further with the creation of manking, the horror of the self-surgery, smotther special effects, etc... Charlize Theron plays very well also. Good to watch.
  92. Jun 9, 2012
    Very Very poor attempt to remake "Alien". Director, writer and actors SHOULD have watched Alien before they made this film ... then maybe the plagiarism would have been flattering instead of pathetic.
  93. Jun 9, 2012
    I was a bit disappointed with this film. I only go to the movies today for big spectacle 3D showings. Iâ
  94. Jun 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Wow. My first impression of Prometheus was simply, wow. While it didn't quite reach Alien or Aliens in terms of brilliance, it was damn close.

    Lets talk plot: I like the idea of the mysterious Engineers that leave their marks all over prehistoric Earth, and an intriguing opening sequence captured the visuals which left my jaw hanging open. Find a huge screen to watch this film, that way you enjoy it exponentially more. Introducing the character of David first was wise, Michael Fassbender is sheerly brilliant as the sinister but polite android David. Noomi Rapace is watch-able but a bit flat as the lead role. Sean Harris and Rafe Spall make for an entertaining but big-mouthed double act. And the way they cop it was very gross-out as there was a lot of in-your-face (literally) creature action. Although suspense in these moments would have been welcome. The exploration of the alien pyramid was enjoyable on a whole because of stunning visuals that welcome 3D with open arms. The holograms of the Engineers were very well presented in leading the characters to the story. When the ickiness began, it was pleasingly grotesque, but not shocking, in the way it could and should have been for a 15 film. Although that factor is picked up very well in a later scene with Shaw on the medi-scanner in a "pregnancy" scene that was horrific and scarring in the sheer amount of blood that was involved. But I like that bit a lot, because it gave Prometheus a backbone where it lacked in true horror. I don't want to drone on, so I'll say the ending was satisfactory in that it showed us the "Space Jockey" ship and pilots chair from Alien, but it was a bit disappointing that the film ends with a fight between tentacled monster and Engineer, like something out of King Kong vs Godzilla. The ending with Shaw and David going off in to space to find answers is obviously setting up a sequel, without promising one. Sensible, and Scott ends with a scene which was so utterly brilliant in its sense of giving the audience satisfaction it almost gets a 10 for the entire film. The Xenomorph appears in all its glory! Which was a fan-pleasing appearance especially since Scott stated it probably wouldn't appear. It's a perfect ending scene, and made me long for a sequel more than I could say. Overall I loved Prometheus, it really lived up to its status as a prequel to one of the best Sci-Fi films ever made, but sadly doesn't quite level with it. For the sequel, if it is made, an upping in suspense and true gross-out horror would be the driving force to get a 10/10. BUT DON'T TONE DOWN THE VISUALS, SCOTT! THEY WERE BRILLIANT!
  95. Jun 9, 2012
    I went into movie only having the trailer once and seen/ read no reviews to not spoil it. I had hopes this would be a movie that would rival the Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers Assemble quality and as best summer film.
    I was wrong. The plot is well average in everyway, the characters apart from one exception are generic and the action feels limited.

    The plot - very generic and
    follows a storyline you've seen before
    Characters but David ( Fassbender) - All generic , 2D dimensional with little backstory or development, so you dont really care what happens to them.
    But I will address the positives, the CGI is absolutely amazing and I give credit to Ridley Scott for this, its trully beautiful. Then there's David, one of the best characters I've ever seen, you constantly question his motives and actions and his performance is truly stand out.

    To conclude I would say you should see the movie but only at a reasonable price , and if you wait for it appear on TV or DVD , your not missing much
  96. Jun 9, 2012
    I've never felt this underwhelmed for a film in a while. I'll put it simply: the editing and writing was truly horrible. The only thing that kept me watching was hoping that it would turn around. I did love the visuals and cinematography, but it's kind of hard for the cinematography to become even greater when a shot doesn't last. Acting was also great, but could of been greater if the story was written better. The end. Expand
  97. Jun 9, 2012
    I went into the cinema without any expectations or the immature Alien fanaticism of my teens, I went in there to watch a very good science fiction film, and that is exactly what I got. Tense scenes, style, effects, a storyline that doesn't spoon feed you (like most Americans need unfortunately) but actually has you thinking long after the film ends. The film essentially sticks two fingers up and the Alien franchise, and I loved that. Rather than pander to childish fans and try to tie in with the ever weakening series of films, it started fresh; a bit of the old but mostly new. And this has given the whole concept of the Alien a new and fresh direction to grow in. My only gripe with the film is that we don't have an opportunity to connect with the characters. Which is a shame. I was very happy with this film and I recommend that people with intelligence and appreciation of a beautiful film and a fresh start go and see it. For the hardcore Alien fans and the monkeys in society, go and watch paint dry. Expand
  98. Jun 9, 2012
    the visal experience of promethus is stunning, it really keeps your mind and eyes at the screens,. script has some flaws, but u know u do not discuss a movie s flaws if it is a bad movie. i personally enjoy it very much. if u are looking for 2 hrs of entertainment, i highly recommend this movie
  99. Jun 9, 2012
    Ridley Scott makes a return to the Sci-Fi genre, but is it as triumphal as many would expect? Not quite. On one hand, there are outstanding visuals and quite tense atmosphere. The sight of Prometheus, the planet and the alien ship are breathtaking, and you'll probably get goosebumps in certain moments. Those are the moments where you can actually see the director of Alien. On the other hand though, there is a whole lot of plotholes, unanswered questions and frustratingly stupid characters. Some of those questions might be just a set-off point for the sequel, but a movie's got to have a finished story to be fully enjoyable. However, I must say that most of the plotholes didn't spoil my impression of the movie, I started thinking of them a bit after I got out of the cinema. All in all, it is a cool sci-fi thriller with immersive 3D, but don't expect it to become a cult classic like Alien. Expand
  100. Jun 9, 2012
    I must say I went into this film with high expectations. Did it meet my expectations? In a way yes in a way no. For the positives it was certainly entertaining and very suspenseful. It grabbed my intrigue from the opening shot and kept me into it the whole film. However sometimes entertaining is not enough. The trailer promised a film with deep themes, but it really fell short. The ideas were not developed. They were laid out near the beginning almost never to be referred to again. Prometheus' main flaw lies in it's lack of explanation and loose ends. Many things went unexplained and in the grand scheme of things the viewer is left asking why and how. It is also important to take note of the performances in the film. Fassbender is incredible pretty much carnying the film on his back building the intrigue and suspense which is the thing it solely relies on. Noomi Repace is terrible in one of the leading roles and is a total miscast. All in all Prometheus is a mixed bag that won't forget to entertain. Expand

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  2. Negative: 1 out of 42
  1. Reviewed by: David Denby
    Jun 11, 2012
    Scott may always have had an eye on the box office, but from "Alien" and "Thelma & Louise" on, he has made women into heroines. In that regard, he's still ahead of the curve. Rapace's scene is a classic of its kind; it tops John Hurt's notorious misfortunes in "Alien."
  2. 70
    It's a different sort of experience: a stately, somewhat plodding but endurable science-fiction saga.
  3. 75
    There's definite mastery here, but it's hardly a masterpiece.