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  1. Nov 10, 2011
    I am a huge Bond fan. I have read the Flemming novels and I have seen all movies. Quantum of Solace is my favourite Bond movie by a mile.
    It has everything that you could want from a bond film. Awesome action, excellent acting, hot Bond girls, a realistic plot and a realistic villain with a genius plan. The car chase and fight scene are better shot and easier to follow than anything in the
    Bourne films. They're hard hitting and thrilling to watch.
    It pays homage to most of the great early movies like Goldfinger and The Spy Who Loved Me.
    Sean Connery played Bond just like the character in the Flemming novels but Daniel Craig is by far the best actor to ever portray Bond. He looks classy and he kicks ass when he needs to. Highly recommended.
  2. Jul 19, 2011
    I find the negative reviews of this film laughable: 1. I DOES NOT UNDRSTAND DER PLOT... why? because the film does not pause to explain everything like so many modern films do? Everyone I watched this film with understood the plot without many questions. 2. WATER? WATER?... being completely unaware of how valuable water is makes a poor excuse for disliking a film. Having no understanding of current events and problems is just sad. 3. SO MUCH AKTON IS NOT BOND... yes, it is. This film does action sequences better than the slow and clumsy Bond films of yesteryear and that is a good thing. 4. I LIKE BROSNAN BETTERER... yes, those were great movies. No one should question that. Expand
  3. Dec 14, 2011
    An underrated gem of a Bond film. No, its not your usual epic, lavish Bond adventure. It is instead a very taut action thriller in the vein of films like Taken and euro-thrillers. I have no doubt that in years to come it will become more highly regarded as other "different" Bond films like On Her Majestys Secret Service and Licence To Kill have.
  4. Aug 4, 2012
    I'll tell you straight! The film Quantum of Solace is not for everyone. Those who watched movies as a child because of the steep Bond shootouts, chases, fights will be very upset because of their absence. And those who watched them because the story will be completely satisfied. You can also recommend this film to those who did not sign with the Bond. They will appear in this film a masterpiece. I belong to the latter. So I put it the highest rating. Expand
  5. Nov 29, 2012
    I'm going to go against the grain here and say that I really, really like this movie. I am not a fan of old Bond - I loved Casino Royale, and think that this film really stands up as a sequel to it. I liked that it had one, clear plot, and tied in well with Casino. At the end of that film, Bond realizes he has been betrayed by the only woman that he ever let himself love - he responds by shutting his feelings off entirely, and beginning a mad quest for revenge. The action scenes are smart and quick, and Olga Kurylenko as Camila is extremely beautiful, but also very interesting with a subplot of her own. There are so many small character building moments in this film, and the villain leads us to believe that there is a sinister Bilderberg type group pulling the strings for all of these coups in major countries. Nice to see Felix back again, and the political intrigue parts of the film were sharp. M's maternal relationship with Bond is subtly expanded upon. The Opera scene is flipping brilliant. Overall, I think that this is one of my favorite action movies of all time, and honestly it's super underrated. Expand
  6. Sep 30, 2013
    I watched this movie with skepticism but was truly surprised and happy with the end result. The action sequences are sublime and the story is more than entertaining. Bond is well represented and well played. I may be a minority for loving this film but I feel it has everything that makes the Bond character amazing. Love the movie from start to finish!

Mixed or average reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 38
  2. Negative: 2 out of 38
  1. Reviewed by: Kim Newman
    As with "The Dark Knight," the only real caveat is that while it's exciting and imaginative, it's not exactly anyone's idea of fun. To keep in the game, perhaps the next movie could let the hero enjoy himself a bit more.
  2. Reviewed by: Jay Slater
    Quantum of Solace may be explosive with images of fiery infernos, but it's convoluted and confusing, the plot playing second fiddle to its set pieces.
  3. The new picture allows hardly any flourishes of style and character in the 007 tradition, but moviegoers seeking an adrenaline rush will be well pleased.