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  1. Sep 3, 2014
    Steering away from purely kids humor like Dr. Seuss adaptationsm, in my opinion a good thing, this Pixar film is unconventional in that it directly parodies the western genre, with violence and mature humor. This is not as endearing a story as 'Toy Story' or 'The Incredibles', with less importance and a more external focus but it certainly is unconventional fun.
  2. Aug 1, 2014
    Rango es una película que no solo cuenta con buenos efectos de animación, si no que además ofrece una historia entretenida e interesante situada al estilo de "viejo oeste".
  3. May 6, 2014
    A funny movie that is definitely re-watchable, terrific voice-acting, a great storyline and many funny moments is what makes this such a great movie to watch
  4. May 3, 2014
    To all people who're looking for some intresting,dramatic and fun animation with deep story... Ignore all critics and just watch the movie till the end! First 20 minutes are boring that's true but how can people vote negative by only watching the beginning? For me it was a nearly perfect animation....
  5. Nov 1, 2013
    What a glorious surprise ‘Rango’ turned out to be, it isn’t a dumbed down animated comedy or a family-oriented cartoon, its a very smart and beautifully rendered adventure that is a treat to look at, with a vast array of colourful and larger than life characters that look bright and cheerful as they light up the already bright screen. The setting of of the film is first and foremost, a Western, it delivers subtle but also not so subtle nods to the genre that defined an era, even if you haven’t seen the many films it borrows its content from, there is still enough to like about it, especially Rango himself. Johnny Depp lends his voice to the character, a run of the mill lizard, but his journey to an unknown location is disrupted after a roadkill, so he ends up deceiving his way into a local town called Dirt, which is running dangerously low on water supply while also being held under fear from the various villainous creatures of the town. As the film progresses, its clear to see the linear it follows, much the same as a Western, it has the stranger who isn’t part of the town, he breaks social order by confronting the rulers of the town, while he also has the chance to become honest. Rango tries his best to pull the wool over the eyes of the citizens, but birds, snakes and other unsavoury creatures make this quite difficult. Each character has been excellently brought to life through their voice actor, and through their relevant roles on screen, Bill Nighy and Ray Winstone are the ideal villainous cretins who terrorise the town, so Ned Beatty’s mayor decides that Rango should wear the Sheriff’s badge. The witty and smartly-drawn humour of the film is brilliant, it’s sort of a grown-up animation that has a variety of deadpan humour. Director Gore Verbinski shows his skills when commanding the great action sequences, there is a delightful chase sequence in the many canyons of the wild west that sums up the brilliance of the whole film, fast-talking, fast-paced and full of characters who could easily belong in a real film, they have limitless amounts of energy while the film has limitless amounts of opportunities to parody classical films such as Apocalypse Now and the endless amount of Westerns, it even use the talents of Timothy Olyphant to nod in the direction of the “Man With No Name”. This is a surprising and uplifting comedy that is colourful, breathtaking to look at and definitely raises the bar for a first rate story along with some excellent involvement of Hollywood stars, they bring the added flavour to the characters involved as Rango tries to figure out the water problem. Beauty and first-rate entertainment at its finest. Expand
  6. Aug 16, 2013
    While Rango’s story and characters are cliché it is not that distracting because of how entertaining the film is. It is edgy with some mature writing, the characters are edgy and likeable, and the presentation is fantastic with some great animation and character designs. Had the filmmakers come up with a more original story this film would have been amazing but as it is it is still really entertaining and definitely worth a watch. Parents just make sure your little kids do not see this or they will learn a lot of fowl language. Expand
  7. Jul 10, 2013
    Un excelente comienzo para Paramount Pictures logrando una excelente pelicula, Rango demuestra gran diseño artistico y una gran enseñanza, agradezco a los productores por este gran Film.
  8. Mar 24, 2013
    Unworthy of its Oscar win. A boring plot line finished with a dull climax.
  9. Mar 11, 2013
    Not a johnny Depp fan but since I didn't have to see his hobo looking self, I sucked it up and agreed to make this a date night movie. What a surprise. It ended up being my favorite animated film. An action packed animated film that looks and sounds great. Love the Clint Eastwood reference. The snake was pretty bad ass! Packed a lot of punch for a Kids movie!
  10. Feb 21, 2013
    Rango seems to have divided opinions a lot. I don't think kids would enjoy it much, as the humor is dry and so is the setting. It may easily be perceived as dull and slow, but i think it's a clever movie. People may not be able to relate to the protagonist but there are other great movies and TV shows where the main character may come across as pretentious and annoying, but only confident artists would take such risks. I would always appreciate the avoidance of cliches of likable heroes, as the world is not made that way. But having said that, this is an animated movie and perhaps it should have done something to make it more accessible by children. Or maybe the time has come to deal with serious matters in animated films that should be targeted at grown ups. Rango had excellent visuals and script. The plot and the characters were all engaging. This is my opinion anyway. Expand
  11. Jan 26, 2013
    It`s pretty interesting! I say it`s a decent movie since it`s "unique", but it is kind of slow. Also the start really scared me, and made me think it might be worst then it was.
  12. Jan 10, 2013
    The beginning and end of this movie are the only parts worth watching. Those are the parts when you figure out the true meaning of the story. The middle is unbearable. If the town could turn cliches into water, the movie would end early in a much-needed torrential rain. I almost stopped watching. Usually cliches don't bother me so much, but none of the characters were likable. I couldn't hold on to anything worthwhile. If you watch this movie, just watch the first and last 15 minutes, and you'll have seen a decent short animated film. Expand
  13. Jan 1, 2013
    It looks great and has good voice acting. However, It's not all that funny. It got a chuckle or two out of me but that's about it. Don't get me wrong, It is enjoyable to watch, It simply isn't funny.
  14. Dec 6, 2012
    Great! The best animated film of 2011, hands down. The perfect combination of the Western genre and modern animation capabilities. Add to that some great voice work and you have a very entertaining film.
  15. Nov 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I don't understand why people say their kids didn't like this, (they just simply didn't understand the movie) but it is a great movie. It's not full-blown comedy, it's a mix of comedy, westerns, action/adventure, and, even some drama. I was thirteen, I believe, when this movie was released. I admit, I wasn't very interested in it, but my younger cousin rented it and asked me to watch it with him. He's only nine, and he really liked it, (maybe because I introduced him to "non-little kid" movies when he was younger." I ended up buying the movie. I was very impressed, the presentation, the blending of how the characters interact, and the story. Rango is a story about a pet chameleon, no, not lizard, who is stranded in the desert after a car near-accident. Within minutes, he meets an armadillo, who was the cause of the incident. He tells Rango about a town with water where he can go to survive. So, Rango sets off across the desert to find the town, Dirt. Along the way, he encounters a hawk, who attacks Rango until he manages to escape. Rango finds a drainage tube and spends the night. When he awakes from water suddenly pours out, with Rango "swimming" in it, he meets Beans, a "western" female armadillo who agrees to take Rango to Dirt on her wagon. Upon his arrival, Rango walks into a saloon for water, however, he finds that water is a very rare thing in Dirt and the lack of water is forcing the citizens to sell their land and move away from the town. When asked his name, the chameleon gives us the towns folk the false name Rango, who they believe is responsible for killing the Jenkins' brothers (7) with just one bullet. Soon, the citizens and Rango bond and tell stories, just when outlaws Bad Bill and his gang arrive. When Rango inadvertently embarrasses Bill, he is challenged to a duel. Just before they shoot, the hawk returns behind Rango, scaring away the outlaws. It then proceeds to chase Rango through the town, at which point Rango hides in a vending machine and uses candy to climb out. However, the candy is still wrapped around Rango's waist and the hawk catches him just as he grabs hold of the empty water tower base. Rango points the gun, but then decides to split the candy with a bullet. The bullet accidentally snaps a rope and the tower falls on the hawk, killing it. The towns people proceed to look over the hawk, realizing only one bullet was used. Rango then meets the town mayor, an old turtle. The mayor knows Rango isn't what he appears to be, but to keep the citizens' mind off of the lack of water, the mayor makes Rango the sheriff. Soon enough, Rango becomes entangled in his own deception. When the mayor appears to be behind the mysterious water disappearance, Rango and his group of rag-tag citizens set off to uncover the mystery.

    Truly a great film and a solid 8-8.5/10
  16. Nov 17, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A studio-produced animated film that didn Expand
  17. Oct 10, 2012
    There's a lot going on in Rango, some good, some bad, and come outright confusing. The good; the cinematography and action set pieces are absolutely astounding. There are funny moments, for young and old, as well.
    The bad; you can argue that the plot is more or less nonexistent and was probably thought up in perhaps 2 minutes. Poor execution of said plot as well.
    The Confusing; There is
    some language that seems more orientated towards older audiences, such as a few mild swear words. And for a movie that was supposed to be directed towards children, perhaps not suitable. But, to older viewers, the dialogue is a refreshing bit instead of "Ah Crud," or "Heck!" Expand
  18. Aug 10, 2012
    What starts as a simple story about a lizard turns into a hero tale, parody, and spaghetti western all tied into one. John Logan's script is pure genius while Johnny Depp brings the small lizard to life.
  19. Mar 26, 2012
    Rango is the most unusual animated movie out this year, it is an original title from a studio that has never produced a film like this. Also it marks the first western in animation. While the story is like a typical western, it is still quite interesting. It tells the tale of big business taking advantage of the little guys. And how the little guys are just as important as the big leaders.

    Another note worthy achievement is in the animation. The textures are so real and the movement is so fluid especially with the villain, a giant rattle snake. It goes for photo realism and achieves in creating realistic looking creatures. However, certain characters fall into the uncanny valley. Characters tend to look unappealing and quite disturbing. The musical score is also good. It captures the western vibe.

    The movie has a lot going for it, except the humor. The humor to me feels forced and it tries too hard. It becomes pandering and quite ridiculous. The film and characters try really hard to be funny and weird for the sake of some cheap laughs. The movie also takes a while to start up and I mean a while. The movie doesnâ
  20. Mar 11, 2012
    Never seen anything like this. If people can't handle the originality about it, they should really not be saying anything about it. It reflects a lot of people. Lost and not sure who they are or where they belong, but in the end, realize they can be that heroe people need to look up to. You gotta be a little older to understand this movie, if not, you couldn't appreciate the point of this movie. It makes YOU grow a bit too... Expand
  21. Feb 7, 2012
    I was bitterly disappointed by Rango. It tried to be a cross between a Western and kids' movie and failed. The title character is an idiot and the storyline was mediocre. Save your money for another movie.
  22. Feb 4, 2012
    Rango is a film with lots of symbolism and witty humour. The film is very well acted by Johnny depp and is also masterfully animated, making visuals that are incredible to watch. However the film has a problem. I felt very distant from the story and it's characters I have no reason to think that but it's a reasonable feeling I had while watching this film. This feeling is enough to ruin the climax but still recognise the skill of writing and acting was put into the film. Expand
  23. Jan 21, 2012
    Rango is animated version of Jack Sparrow. Plot is not good. It is parody of masterpieces. It is not original. Characters looks so ugly. The onlly good thing about film is Depp and Verbinski collaboration.
  24. Jan 16, 2012
    Rango is a hilarious burst of originality, charm and humor with even a bit of chills. The film benefits from dazzling animation and Johnny Depp's colorful vocal performance. The film even succeeds even if it does have a bit too much innuendo. I give this film 83%.
  25. Dec 28, 2011
    I loved this movie. It is really interesting and well written and goes into the problem of teenagers and how it is difficult for them to find out who they really are and where they fit in this world. Anyway, that's what I got out of this movie. I can understand how many children may not be entertained by this movie. I would not recommend taking your kids to see this movie, bu I think parents complaining about the use of foul language need to get a grip of themselves. Your child, whether you like it or not, is probably constantly exposed to "foul " words like hell and damn at their school. It is not that big of a deal. If your that sensitive with your kids then do some research on the film you take them to watch Expand
  26. Dec 19, 2011
    I did not give a perfect score not to exaggerate, but certainly one of the best animated films of all time. A true delight that shows that not only PIXAR entertain and knows to send a message.
  27. Nov 19, 2011
    I fell like this movie misses any kind of audience, it's not one for kids for it's language, killing, and other controversial things, but also not one for older audiences because of it's juvenile sense of humor, it's starts off slow but picks up later but I was never really invested in it, I never cared about the characters or they're fates, and I feel the movie adds some stuff I'd just rather not see touched on in the movies I watch, it's not fun, funny, or really enjoyable, and I don't think it really knows what it wants to be, so this is one you can pass on. Collapse
  28. Nov 18, 2011
    Rango has a great story. There is a big mystery behind it too, which also keeps you guessing. The visuals are amazing. The characters are so realistic.
  29. Nov 18, 2011
    The movie was good but certainly not what I was expecting to see. I was expecting a comedy but it turned out to be an action film. Yeah, a full on action film. So, if you're expecting to watch a funny comedy film with your kids or whatsoever, - this isn't the right choice. Some may even consider it scary.
  30. Nov 13, 2011
    It is like an average movie its little bit boring the jokes are also very dull. It is good to watch it once or twice the max. A very simple topic of the film the desert creatures are fighting for water and going on a stupid adventure. I didn't expected an average movie from Johnny Depp.
  31. Nov 3, 2011
    The voice talent is undeniably awesome, especially Johnny Depp, and the story is highly original and creative. Rango thoroughly exceeded my expectations. 4/4 stars.
  32. Sep 18, 2011
    The western animation "Rango" is impressive; its realistic graphics, dark & mild humor, and sparse bits of deep meaningful symbolism makes the movie equal to those of Pixar's.
  33. Sep 12, 2011
    Rent-it - Johnny Depp truly is Rango, a pet chameleon accidentally stranded in the Nevada desert, and just like Depp, Rango is charming, smart, creative, beautiful, and definitely not for kids! Though it definitely is an early front-runner for Best Animated Picture in 2011.
  34. Sep 10, 2011
    ts...Very...Weird, But in a good way, Depp did a fantastic job as Rango, along with Bill Nighy as the snake, and Ned Beatty as the mayor, Though my only problem is that, well one its very weird and by weird i mean, weird like its never mentioned again, like the tunnel in willy wonka, And there is al ot of stuff that could be skipped over and it wouldnt have made a difference on the plot, Half the animals i couldn't tell what they were. But the movie was just decent overall, its at least worth seeing once but its a movie that you have to make your mind up for yourself, the weirdest part however is when Clint Eastwood (known as the spirit of the west) Appears in a vision or something to rango. Its a very strange movie and is definetly not for kids, There are several sexual references, And 9 uses of hell and one point the snake says "Sign the Damn Paper!!!!" But it pays homage to some of the old western movies with a funny little reference to "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" Which is also funny knowing how Depp was also in that movie. All in all a fairly decent movie with some good action, plot, and some good comedy Expand
  35. Sep 5, 2011
    Having a young daughter means I often get pushed into watching family movies, most of which bore me **** but RANGO is an exceptional movie, the stark contrast of city slicker pet vs wild desert critters in a western themed story is brilliant.
  36. Aug 24, 2011
    Movie makes up for a few story faults by the gorgeous animation and quirkiness. My 6 & 9 year olds kind of liked it and I kind of liked it so that is good enough for a 7.
  37. Aug 23, 2011
    A la fois parodie et hommage aux films à la Sergio Leone, Rango est un véritable bijou d'animation qui use de bon nombre de trouvailles comiques et de références à gogo (Las Vegas Parano, Arizona Dream, Apocalypse Now, Pulp Fiction...), dont les personnages reflètent à merveille le jeu des acteurs (ah, Johnny Depp...). Un film d'animation? On pourrait même dire un véritable western spaghetti!! Expand
  38. Aug 19, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view.
  39. Aug 19, 2011
    For graphics, I give this movie a solid 10. Everything was crisp, bright, and highly detailed. The overall movie gets only a 7 because I felt that it was too busy paying homage to old Westerns rather than developing its own thing. The core movie seemed to lacking and I found none of the characters memorable. Still, it was an entertaining watch.
  40. Aug 18, 2011
    i think that this movie is absolutely awesome, i really like cartoons and the new ones like rio, how to train your dragon, cars 2 and this are work of a genius! johnny depp was amazing, as always, and rango is the coolest lizard i have ever watched!
  41. Aug 16, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is not a movie i would have payed money to see in theaters.But when i ended up watching it with my nephew , i was sucked in by the childish antics swirled together with serious issues.I was surprised that a movie with Johnny Depp as a cartoon lizard ; would address such issues as political corruption , resource manipulation , and political assassination.That coupled with a very monkish armadillo , had my interests peeked and i had to watch it till the end.The only thing i had trouble with was the villainous turtle .But as the story unfolded , the depth of his evil became very apparent.If your looking for a movie to watch with a young one , i highly suggest it ! Expand
  42. BKM
    Aug 15, 2011
    Rango is certainly different than most of the other computer animated films out there and it is visually rich as wel. But the story never fully engaged me. I was always aware that I was watching a movie instead of being swept up in the story. Combine that with an undeniable sense of smugness resulting from the film's "not as funny as it thinks it is" brand of humor and the end result is an astonishingly dull creation. Expand
  43. Aug 7, 2011
    I must admit, I didn't know what to make of Rango five minutes in. The story does take a while to get going, and even longer to engage you. But when it does, you're in for a real treat, especially for film buffs. The bulk of the plot is a loving homage to Chinatown, but there are numerous other film references throughout, particularly, and understandably, to classic westerns. The film looks great, filling a wild-west frontier town with hyper-real anthropomorphic animals, and giving your eyes a feast in extremely creative action set-pieces. The voice acting is top-notch, particularly Johnny Depp who makes Rango a classic good-natured lovable loser, Ned Beatty who tips his hat to John Huston as the town of Dirt's devious mayor and Bill Nighy who channels the venomous spirit of Jack Palance's bounty hunter character in Shane. Gore Verbinski is back on form, having made a clever, quirky, funny, character driven film more akin to the first Pirates of the Caribbean than their overblown and hectic sequels. The ending of the film is a little sudden and unsatisfying (though, happily it does contain the classic "riding into the sunset" shot) and the eco message is crow-barred in, but there is plenty in this rich, intelligent and humorous animation to satisfy. Expand
  44. Jul 31, 2011
    I never heard of this movie until i went to see it in the cinema on the kids club a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it and my 7 and 8 year old did too. Its not the traditional animated movie id thought it be. It has a strong story coupled with some amazing voice acting and some truely breath taking animations. Its fun, silly and sometimes serious in places but this is the best animal crossover modern western movie ever put to film. Its not suprising that this is up for oscars next year. Very very good film, Johnny Depp is amazing as Rango and his supporting cast are fantasic too. Highly recommend to see this film and own it on DVD, I hope they make another style of movie like this. It is truely an epic tale. Expand
  45. Jul 30, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Incredible animation. A little slow occasionally and a little slack on the plot. In a sense there was not a single original scene but I think that was the point. Check out the snowman in the snow globe, fear and loathing in Las Vegas, every Western ever made but especially high noon and all the Clint Eastwood pics. The clock looks like it was out of dark city. How about the Lord of the rings and the mines of Morea. Star Wars, Mad Max and above all Chinatown. I am sure somebody who really knows movies could find a few more. (I say the snake looks like Clint Eastwood not to mention Clint Eastwood looking like Clint Eastwood.) Expand
  46. Jul 27, 2011
    I sat down recently with Rango, Not really expecting too much from it.
    The movie was Surprisingly, good!

    - Excellent visuals
    - Enjoyable characters
    - Funny!

    The bad:
    - Did drag a little
    - Somewhat predictable/cliché

  47. Jul 21, 2011
    A very good movie that is definitely not intending for kids. Not every animated movie is meant for kids people. Read some reviews of movies before you take the kids out and you won't be surprised. The dry humor and comedy in it had me rolling in laughter, but I do have a very sarcastic and dry sense of humor myself. If you want a laugh and a good time watch Rango.
  48. Jul 18, 2011
    It started out, what the heck did you buy this for? I then started hearing all kinds of different lines from all the old westerns from the 70's and 80's and then realized my wife did right. Awesomely funny! The Spirit of the West was the absolute. Who'd of thought Olyphant as Clint, perfect. Loved it, Loved it, Loved it.
  49. Jul 17, 2011
    Lots of kids' movies use adult humor, but Rango makes the jokes so blatantly and repeatedly that it's painful for a mature mind. And it's not just here and there; every other piece of dialogue contains some kind of embarrassing sexual joke, or poop joke. Rango has it's own brand of humor; too ahead of children to understand, and too immature for adults to laugh at. Some teens may possibly like it. So yeah, the humor will confuse intelligent moviegoers and the younger generation, but anyone else who doesn't really care will enjoy the amazing visual direction and great character designs. I myself like this movie for the art piece that it is, and it's sad that Rango is chained down by crap writing. Expand
  50. Jul 15, 2011
    This is not a kid-friendly movie! It contains mild profanity, violence, jokes about "private parts," and characters that would scare small children. Highly disappointed because the trailer looked so entertaining, but it wasn't remotely funny, even for adults. Not worth the rental fee
  51. Jun 26, 2011
    From me its a solid 10 ! So far the best animated movie this year, well developed characters with good voice acting and top notch CGI.But to be honest I had feeling this movie was made for little bit older audience especially with all violence and gun fighting...
  52. Jun 25, 2011
    yeah this movie was awesome. it wasn't for kids. it was violent and funny too. good movie. i enjoyed it. it was weird too. it was a odd strange movie. i liked it. i thought it was good.
  53. Jun 18, 2011
    My 7 year old daughter wanted to buy this on DVD when it came out. She took me on a tour of the film via the multitude of extended clips on youtube. I was BORED senseless. I found this website to try and determine WHY I was so BORED with essentially a very colourful, beautifully rendered film. Thankfully I found many reviewers shared my CONCERNS. Many reviewers her have given this tedious and uninspiring film high scores. To me it's a bit like saying," Dad has a new car. It is visually stunning and beautifully realised. However it has no interior/engine/gearbox etc and can never be driven." The characters are dull. The story is even duller. As someone else here has articulately pointed out; there are themes here and language used that are inappropriate for children's entertainment. "Rango" and "Entertainment" should never appear in the same sentence. There is an insidious move in the film industry to push adult themes further and further down the age-ladder. I for one am bored senseless with the pretentious notion of films like this "Paying homage to.....blah blah." If you have a serious problem with INSOMNIA then I highly recommend purchasing this as a bluray DVD....You will be fast asleep in 10 minutes. To conclude: A colour rich, well-rendered film for adults who enjoy juvenile entertainment that masquerades as a children's film. Expand
  54. Jun 12, 2011
    I always said Johnny Depp should do more voice acting but in Rango he manages to combine several of his past characters into one oblivious chameleon,the humor the pacing and the rest of the actors are amazing,it's missing a bit of grip,some cultural references could have gone better but some moments your guaranteed to remember,anyway if you like Depp and animation than this film is for you
  55. Jun 8, 2011
    Who said animation has to just be for kids. The film tries to run with this idea but falls short with a overall childish plot. I have to give credit where credit is due, though the plot was lacking the film stayed true to western film culture leaving a child friendly 21st Century wester that can be cherished and because of that it gets a bump from 5 to 7.
  56. Jun 5, 2011
    After watching this movie I felt compelled to write a review. Im a 3D artist, so I could appreciate the incredible work gone into the animation, but if its doing its job right, you're supposed to forget about that and just be engrossed by the story. Also, there is only so much that you can play with scale before you start to lose all grip on any form of stability with the characters. With such a realistic visual quality, I just don't think you can sit a fox next to a chameleon in the same shot and have them the same height when there are much more accurately sized humans, birds and snakes in the film. All in all, I think its a visually stunning piece of work, let down by a flawed story, poor script and unappealing characters. Expand
  57. May 31, 2011
    Just plain boring. The animation and cinematography is beautiful, but the whole film is just as dry as the desert it walks. The voice talent really isn't that great either. One can't help but compare this film to all of it's genre predecessors, and to that respect, this one simply isn't worthy. This one by itself is just......well, read the aforementioned.
  58. May 14, 2011
    Hands down the best movie ive seen this year so far. I enjoyed every second of this awesome animated picture. It is Gore Verbinski's best film and i hope that they make sequels because this was well worth $10.50
  59. May 7, 2011
    So beautiful, so perfect, so perfectly timed. Finally Pixar has meet its match. This movie was perfect on all fronts, I didn't find myself bored or upset at any time in this film. Gore, please do more animated films!
  60. May 7, 2011
    I absolutely was lost from beginning to end. The visuals were okay, but I fell asleep 2/3 into it. The biggest gap between the critics and my own personal review in a long time. Not recommended.
  61. May 4, 2011
    PG - 107mins - Animation/Adventure/Comedy - 4th March 2011

    With western films seemingly on the comeback in recent years, it was only a matter of time before an animated version of the wild wild west made it to our screens and it has done so in the guise of Rango.

    Rango (Johnny Depp) is an eccentric chameleon with ambitions of one day becoming the thespian that he believes he is destined
    to be. Fate casts him a die and as with many animated films these days catapults him from within his comfort zone, accompanied by his ever trusty sidekick Mr. Timms (a plastic goldfish) into the barren and unforgiving wild... the wild west in fact. As usual Depp brings his own unique style to the character of Rango really making it his own.

    Rango meets up with many other inhabitants of the desert (20+) who are quirky and unique animals in their own right giving the movie real depth and I have to say that the visuals in this are stunning. They are some of the best out there and it really is starting to get to that point that you forget it is an animation with the scenery and hot dry climate being portrayed looking top notch. Add the gritty aforementioned critters who look like they have been worn down by the desert sands over time and it's a hats off to the animators who have outdone their Pixar/Dreamworks rivals (it's a Nickelodeon production for those wondering).

    The movies humour is great and combines lots of slapstick, good one liners and excellent facial expressions that really got me going but this I felt is traded off, if only slightly, as the movie advances so that the plot can develop further. As usual with these films there is some subtle and some not so subtle comic references for the older generations that are likely to swoop over a few younger heads. Links to old wild west films are strewn in as well with the spirit of the west and the man with no name making their traditional western appearances. In fact more so than usual I would say that the humour is based more towards an adult audience than that of a children's one.

    Throughout the movie four singing mariachi owls accompany Rango narrating his tale a la the three mice from Babe, well not quite but you get the gist- maybe more akin to the rooster from Robin Hood and provide another perspective that does well to break the movie up and add to the comedy of it all. The mariachi owls music and the movie score also draws you in and any movie that can play Ride of the Valkyries on a banjo and still make it sound good wins my vote! Hans Zimmer (Batman, Inception, Gladiator, Lion King to name but a few) working his musical ability once again.

    All in all Rango has managed to combine great jokes, funny characters and stunning visuals within a solid story. The combination of Depp and Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean 1,2,3) has worked well again and it seems to have broken the mould in so far as it's a children's animation and yet I can see the adults coming away with the bigger smiles.

    Favourite quote: Owl 1 (In your best Mexican accent): "Here in Mojave desert animals have had millions of years to adapt to the harsh environment, but the lizard -- he is going to die."
    Owl 2: "When is he going to die."
    Owl 1: "Soon."

    For further reviews feel free to check out:
  62. May 3, 2011
    This is the best animated film I have seen in a long time. Beautiful movie, absolutely fantastic to look at. Btw, all you over-sensitive idiots, this is what I would have wanted as a kid, a film that treats you like an adult.
  63. May 1, 2011
    Neither an artful Hayao Miyazaki nor a glossy Pixar production, however Rango stands on its own, with a bonkers of a story, great animation, intelligent directing and lots of fun!
  64. Apr 25, 2011
    Alright all you cinema lovers youâ
  65. Apr 23, 2011
    I am partial to Pixar, but this was nice and cute. Did Johnny Depp help? I guess getting people to see it, but anyone could of voiced Rango. Pixar is just better at this medium.
  66. Apr 18, 2011
    I just noticed that one of the few people who gave Rango a "0" also gave Sucker Punch a "10." Make of that what you will. Rango isn't as good as it could've been but it was entertaining and I wasn't sorry I'd spent the $12 on a theater ticket afterward. Great animation and it's intelligent in that it doesn't rely on bodily functions or T&A to get audience interest.
  67. Apr 18, 2011
    i watched it for ten minutes and was bored out of my mind, this film has no storyline and i could only watch ten minutes of it now that has to say something
  68. Apr 15, 2011
    This movie was wonderful and fun it is really a good start in 2011 for Disney, I have heard that some people hate it, I mean how can they say this the person that says this movie is terrible is really bitter and doesnt enjoy life, im tired of reading this reviews with people keep saying that most movies are terrible, come on people we must learn to love everything not matter what, execept violence! i recommend YOU to watch this. Expand
  69. Apr 10, 2011
    This is a very good movie that should appeal to both adults and older children. It may not have enough silliness for toddlers and there are a couple of places that might be a little scary for very young kids. The animation was very well done. The plots is fairly predictable but it has a few twists. The plot delves into topics such as: what it takes to be a hero, greed, and cooperation, so Rango has some good positive messages for kids see. There are a lot of computer animation films released each year, and the bulk of them are terrible. This is an exception. Expand
  70. Apr 8, 2011
    Rango is a dark, dry, frightening, ugly film. I honestly can't understand how it could be considered a children's film; I was genuinely surprised. There's smoking, swearing, death, gun violence, cults, sexual innuendo, and very scary images. The characters are not very lovable, with the exception of a cute possum girl. Most of the humor is cheap slapstick or tired pop culture references. On the plus side, Rango does have an interesting style and the animation is technically very stunning to look at; there's more texture and fluidity than a lot of animated films. But I would not put this on the level of Pixar or even Dreamworks. It breaks my heart because I like Johnny Depp and am a fan of CGI films, and I really wanted to like this movie. But it just left me feeling empty inside. Some people may enjoy the dark tone of the film but I would strongly recommend parents not to take their children. Expand
  71. Apr 7, 2011
    BLEW MY MIND INTO PIECES AND THEN FIX MY MIND THEN BLEW IT AGAIN. Johnny Dep more like Johnny Deep for the role of Rango I felt as if i was in the old west his acting was unbelieveable. I divorced my wife because of this movie she said she saw a problem i said I saw her leaving the house. Anyways Great movie have a great day.
  72. Apr 3, 2011
    Bland passable fair. It's not crap butit's not epic either. It's just there and it will entertain you... mostly. You will wait a while between laughs but you won't walk out of the theater out of outright boredom. It's fine but completely forgettable.
  73. Mar 31, 2011
    I am reviewing this as a parent not as an adult, my wife went into this movie thinking it was a kids film with our 5, 6 and 7 year old, it is PG and animated, yet it says the "hell" constantly and even said "son of a **** ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME YOU ELITIST HOLLYWOOD HACKS!? I know you idiots like imposing your lack of standards on every person that goes to the movies, but advertise that it might not be best for my preschooler!!!!! All of this was only in the first 40 minutes but we were able to get our money back. So there is most likely more. Not only the language but my kids had not clue what was going on and my 6 year old told my wife that he was scared and wanted to leave, same kid that watched the Clone Wars Movie two years ago. This will make us think twice about our kids watching Nickelodeon or going to any movies by them, trust has been broken. Expand
  74. Mar 31, 2011
    This movie is NOT a kids movie. Sure there's an anthropomorphic lizard, and there's a wild west setting, but many of the jokes and even the art direction are not directed at kids. I did enjoy the film though. It was fun, and seemed very well made. Don't watch this movie and expect a pixar production though.
  75. Mar 28, 2011
    "Rango'' is the most bad-ass, well done animated film I had ever saw. The graphics are unbeatable, it definitely deserves a nomination for best animated film. If you love western movies, you will love ''Rango", because it has those classic moments from old western movies (such as bad guys, gun fights, the girl, etc). It wasn't just an ordinary animated movie. The actors really had to ''play'' the scene in a studio (with all the technological materiel) in order to really incarnate there voices. I must say, it really showed that incarnation in the voices of the actors. Everybody did a good job, especially Johnny Depp (as Rango). It's a fun movie for all ages ! Expand
  76. Mar 28, 2011
    Rango is one of those kids movies that you wouldn't take a young child with you to see, but more of a movie that you would want to see for yourself. There honestly aren't that many jokes scattered around the movie and many of the characters swear or threaten to kill each other. So if you are looking for more a family oriented movie, you may want to look elsewhere. Rango is similar to The Nightmare Before Christmas in ways. While it markets itself as a kid's movie, you don't watch it to get a good laugh or a happy little story, you watch the movie because of it's atmosphere and because of it's story. Rango is amazing in terms of it's visuals and character design. Everything is so detailed it's hard to take all the scenery in at once. Rango is probably the best looking animated movie that I have seen in a long time. Rango isn't too strong story wise though. It has a predictable plot that's been done many times before in different forms, but the dialogue between characters just flows so nicely that it's fun to listen to. Rango is definitely not a good movie for everyone, but if you are a fan of animated movies, then you must see this movie. Expand
  77. Mar 28, 2011
    What a disappointment. This was not a kid friendly movie. Swearing? Smoking? Since when are these things appropriate for a "kid" movie? This movie reminded me of a Clint Eastwood movie only animated. I wish I would have read the reviews before going. Parents please don't waste your money on this one.
  78. Mar 27, 2011
    Rango is the best looking film I have ever seen. This movie puts ILM at the top in terms of graphical detail, modeling, special effects and animation. BUT where it falls down is in the story department. There is absolutely no originality, with the plot being entirely predictable after the opening 20 minutes. Overall i would still recommend seeing this movie, just wait till it comes out on Blu-ray and watch it in HD to get a taste of the visual spectacle that is Rango. Expand
  79. Mar 26, 2011
    Rango is indeed a quirky film; certainly not for kids, but still very satisfying. Not only a great comedy, animation, and adventure film, but also a great western. Rango is probably the first good film of 2011 and most people would agree with me. Plenty of great action and dialogue push this film along and it keeps on pushing until the end. The movie's theme is much more deep than I expected and the writing is excellent; something you would expect from a Pixar film. In short, I was happily surprised with Rango. Expand
  80. Mar 25, 2011
    Overall I would say one of the better 3D animated movies in a long time (IMHO). Visually unique and a funny movie for kids (and sophisticated enough for older viewers). I'm very happy we're starting to get movies like this and not just repeats of Pixar-clones.
  81. Mar 22, 2011
    Poissbly the best animated film this year will grab all awards from animation giant pixar, absolutely enjoyed it and loved how it page homage to the great westerns, amazing animated film :)
  82. Mar 21, 2011
    I remember seeing the snake in the commercials but I never saw it's tail. when I finally went to the movie I learned the snake, instead of a rattle on the end of it's tail, had a MINI-GUN! A FREAKING GATLING GUN. That was awesome!
  83. Mar 21, 2011
    This is one of those movies that everyone that I know likes, but not me. When I was watching this, I kept thinking that "this supposed to be interesting, right?". There was great animation, but most of the stuff that was going on was not compelling. I was begging for this to end when it got to the 20 minute mark
  84. Mar 21, 2011
    This was a terrible family movie! Ugly, gruesome characters combined with jokes in bad taste. Definitely not a good movie for kids! What do they think kids want to see?
  85. Mar 21, 2011
    A great children's movie tainted by the director and screenwriter into a decent adult movie. Gore Verbinski directed the Ring and the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movie. He was fired as director of the BioShock movie because he wouldn't direct a PG-13 version (he insisted on an R rating, not that I'm complaining). The screenwriter, John Logan, co-wrote Gladiator, wrote Sweeny Todd, Time Machine, Star Trek Nemesis, and The Last Samurai. So neither are known for light-hearted child entertainment. It's clear this movie wasn't intended for children under 14, but it was certainly advertised as such, to the film's discredit. That being said, changes were obviously shoe-horned in to make the story more accessible to the Expand
  86. Mar 20, 2011
    Great animation. Fun (though not entirely original) story. Sweet characters. This is not a movie for a wide audience and DEFIANTLY not for younger kids. Anyone who is a fan of classic spaghetti westerns, The Andy Griffith Show, and Johnny Depp will have a good time.
  87. 007
    Mar 20, 2011
    Wow, this move was spectacular. Its visuals were stunning, its characters were incredibly believable, and it's humor was like some I have never seen before. Just one tip, if you are planning to see this movie, just remember to get a ice cold drink, because by the end of the movie, you will feel as dry as hardened glue.
  88. Mar 19, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Unoriginal script about the guy who inspire everybody , all find out he is a fake, and turns out to be a hero after all. Not even a refreshed looked at the same story. It is slow and I believe that it has a high score because it is Johnny Deep voice. Expand
  89. Mar 19, 2011
    The film is worth paying full price just to see the mind-blowing animation. It's like watching the most detailed painting ever... in MOTION! Seriously, you will be entertained watching each character move. Doesn't hurt that the film is a hilarious, clever and surprisingly traditional western full of exciting set -pieces, nods to classic cinema and one of the most bad-ass cameos ever. Surreal brilliance. Expand
  90. Mar 18, 2011
    My boys and youngest daughter liked it. My middle daughter fell asleep. My 15-year-old said it was OK. My wife thought it predictable, draggy, and inappropriate for kids (they said the H-word a lot!). I thought it wasn't very funny or interesting.
  91. Mar 18, 2011
    Rango will almost certainly win the Oscar for Best Animated Picture next year, unless something absolutely brilliant comes out in the near future. Even if Pixar was putting out something this year that was among their best, it might still have trouble competing. Rango is just that good. It's a fantastic tribute to old spaghetti westerns, with a gorgeous animation style, great voice acting, a strong story, and great characters. And the thing is it doesn't even feel like a kids movie. There are the talking animals, and that's about it. While this might be a concern for some, the category this film should be labeled under is "animation" not "children's". What it is instead is a western. And a good western at that. And it's dry as hell. But that's one of the movies *best* traits. Instead of going for the usual humour that we're so used to in animated movies, Rango has a kind of wit about it that a lot of other movies in the genre are lacking. It's also worth pointing out that the movie has some quite impressive action sequences, that manage to look amazing even without the aid of 3D. Really, the only complaint that I have about this movie is that I wanted it to be longer. The ending seemed kind of sudden, and I would have liked a few more scenes to wrap things up. But in conclusion, if you enjoy westerns or animated movies even just a little bit you'll want to check this out. You're in for a hell of a treat. Expand
  92. Mar 17, 2011
    Based on favorable reviews I selected this movie for my sonâ
  93. Mar 16, 2011
    Rango isn't a kids film, and it knows it. Riddled with adult humor, violence, and some pretty ugly characters, it's the perfect playground for a western lover such as myself. It pays little bits of homage to various westerns and is absolutely gorgeous to watch. Great animation, great humor, great story, and most important of all: A great western.
  94. Mar 16, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Who is the movie buff: the filmmaker or the protagonist? Is "Rango" the culmination of all the films that the hammy chameleon may have glimpsed perchance from behind his terrarium glass over the course of time in a home with a nearby television. In other words, is Rango's misadventures in the hallucinatory town of Dirt a moving picture, a post-modernist one to boot, that unreels psychically through his tiny reptilian head? It sure looks that way. From time to time, the domesticated(and cultured) animal constructs an invisible box in the air with his finger, which would seem to indicate a screen, as if he was setting up the next shot. It's a little bit of self-awareness on the film's part suggesting that it's the chameleon calling the shots, like a John Ford with scaly green skin, filling the mis-en-scene with costumed critters in a tribute to the old west that's more cracked than Alejandro Jodorowski's cult-classic "El Topo". "Rango" could be entitled "El Dopo". It's almost a stoner movie. If Rango is indeed the true author of the film-within-the-film, the next question we should be asking is if he's even alive? After all, terrariums don't come equipped with either seatbelts or airbags. When the chameleon is jettisoned from the back of his owner's crashing vehicle, does the impact of the road leave him unconscious, paving the way for his dreaming self to conjure up a glass shard, the remnant of a blown-out back-window which allows him to skid safely along the highway? If the armadillo(Alfred Molina) with the missing midsection offers any indication, Rango probably never did survive that vehicular accident, because only roadkill can hear other roadkill speak. Arguably, death is the best thing that ever happened to the chameleon with directorial aspirations. (This decidedly avant-garde offering actually has a lot in common with Brad Bird's "Ratatouille".) In life, Rango suffers from writer's block, somebody who is long on theory but short on story; somebody who can't even decide on a genre, mulling over as he does on a multitude of genre-specific roles, among them, a sea captain, a rogue anthropologist, and a Casanova type. Limited by the inanimate objects that make up his sorry compliment of ensemble players, the chameleon also seems to be disenchanted by his apparent medium, the play, as suggested by the demarcations of the imprisoning glass which confines the lonely varmint to a single setting, thereby converting his terrarium into a stage. Throughout his opening soliloquy, steeped in metafiction and existentialism, Rango interacts with "actors" who can't act back; he yearns for the collaborative experience that mere props simply can't offer, and a change of scenery from the fixed mountain range and sky which comprises the backdrop of his controlled environment; his laboratory for artistic development. Stuck in a sort of Brechtian hell, Rango indicates his desire to escape from the terrarium(which is, for all intents and purposes, a metaphor for experimental theater), and then to enter the filmic world, a diegesis, when he draws that first rectangular screen, a sort of portal which leads to the place where dreams come true. No more aimless soul-searching: this chameleon wants to break free and live. Construed as a death metaphor, the allusion to the "other side" that the sage-like armadillo imparts to his new scaly friend, can also be taken as a showbiz one, meaning the transition from stage to screen. Later in the film, Rango successfully crosses the highway, and on this other side, he meets the High Plains Drifter himself, which to the chameleon, is the perfect being, a god who looks over the weird array of cowfolks that populate his movie. In reality, Rango may be near-death on the highway, or on the side of the highway, so what we're actually seeing is an imagined life filtered through the cinema as it flashes before his(and our) eyes, which encompasses a span of diverse films(especially Roman Polanski's "Chinatown") that met the chameleon's approval. When one of the minor characters uses the term "man" in a speech(rather than "critter" or varmint"), the fourth wall is broken, because in this self-contained world, there are no humans to speak of. It's Rango who is providing the lines; it's Rango who is doing all the talking. His reptilian consciousness forgets to convert "man" into animal terms. Being domesticated, maybe the chameleon forgets that he's an animal, as well. Look at his god. It's Clint Eastwood, not some animal version of the venerable actor/director. Rango flatters himself. He may think that he was made in god's own image. Expand
  95. Mar 14, 2011
    I very much enjoyed watching Rangoo, I thought it put a great spin on the old Clint Eastwood Westerns. What stuck out the most to was creative the townspeople were. It had a simple but wonderful storyline and it didn't try to get to complicated but just stuck with the basics.
  96. Mar 14, 2011
    I'm giving it a 7 based on the fantastic visuals, otherwise it would be closer to a 5. I saw this in a theater that was almost full and kids were bored and making noise the entire time so I don't recommend it for kids. The biggest problem for me was the lack of humor. The film will keep your attention because of the great animation, but this could have been great if the movie was funnier. The script writers also pay homage to many other movies, (Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, High Noon and many more) by copying the most famous scenes from those movies. The actors doing the voices do a great job. Overall, a good animated film aimed at adults, but not enough humor to make it a classic. Expand
  97. Mar 13, 2011
    This movie was entreating as an adult movie but certainly goes way beyond what I think is appropriate for children. Several scenes including the beginning showed a female naked torso of a mannequin, the phrase 'go to hell' was used and among other things, the word lesbian was used in such a way that an adult would understand and choose to like or dislike the connotation, but not a child. My 9 year old granddaughter stated in the car on the way home " I liked the movie but there were some inappropriate words". I couldn't help but agree with her. Great animation but also somewhat violent with lots of gunfire and in my opinion a reference to low self esteem that might lead to suicide. Unacceptable for children. Expand
  98. Mar 12, 2011
    Absolutely fantastic. Funny and quirky and incredibly enjoyable. Perfect for Johnny Depp and Depp was perfect as always. Also easily the best looking animated film I've seen. A bit more adult in language than expected but and amazing film none the less.

    I bet that Geico Lizard is super pissed he wasn't cast as Rango
  99. Mar 10, 2011
    Let me get the good stuff out of the way first. This was a beautiful movie, visually. Industrial Light & Magic has given Pixar Animation a run for it's money. In some ways, the visual beauty of this film surpasses anything that Pixar has ever produce. The humor is indeed quite dry, which is right up my alley. And there were some times where I genuinely laughed out loud and enjoyed myself. These are the good things; on to the bad.
    This is not a kid's film. It doesn't matter that it's being promoted as one. It doesn't matter that the trailers before the movie were all kid's films. This isn't one of them.
    As several others have commented, the language is borderline atrocious, especially compared to other animated films. There are some very heavy themes in this film. There are scenes of intense violence, compared to other animated films. There are scenes of the protagonist's "mystical revelations" that will go right over your child's head. In fact, trying to wrap your mind around this film will only result in a headache, as it is designed to make the viewer search for some kind of meaning, when there is none. There are MANY occult references in the film. References that only those adept to spotting them will notice. Meanwhile, the rest of the audience (esp. the kids) will soak it up subconsciously without ever noticing. There are vague Luciferic references, alongside references to the lost city of Atlantis, the Zodiac, etc, that make me feel like this film is meant to convey a certain message to a very specific group of people.
    What else can I say? I fell asleep about an hour in, woke up with about 30 minutes left. Perhaps the best parts of this film were between the 17 minutes that I slept through, but I kindly doubt it.
    Jonny Depp fanatics will love the film. Young adults on drugs will also love it. Your kids? Probably not.
  100. Mar 9, 2011
    Why did I love this movie? Well, you got a director who directed one of the best trilogies ever, you got Johnny Depp, and you got George Lucas's ILM, the guys behind some of the best special effects seen in movies, animating the movie. Not to mention a great homage to the Western genre. 10/10!

Generally favorable reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 30 out of 35
  2. Negative: 1 out of 35
  1. Reviewed by: James Berardinelli
    Mar 7, 2011
    Rango is the poster child for those who are anti-3-D, and a great reminder that genuine creativity doesn't need a gimmicky crutch to appeal to audiences.
  2. Reviewed by: Kim Newman
    Mar 5, 2011
    A certain percentage of the audience will instantly sieze on this as their favorite movie of all time, and a small, but not insignificant demographic will have nightmares. Verbinski and Depp probably like it that way.
  3. Reviewed by: Peter Rainer
    Mar 4, 2011
    The best of Rango is a lot like the best of the first "Pirates" movie – crazily funny and rambunctious.