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  1. Reviewed by: Richard Corliss
    The subtle colors and textures of the food alone make Ratatouille a three-star Michelin evening.
  2. 100
    In Ratatouille, the level of moment-by-moment craftsmanship is a wonder.
  3. 100
    This is clearly one of the best of the year's films. Every time an animated film is successful, you have to read all over again about how animation isn't "just for children" but "for the whole family," and "even for adults going on their own." No kidding!
  4. Reviewed by: Ian Nathan
    That feeling you have as you leave the cinema - that buzzing in the fingers and lightness in the heart - is called joy.
  5. Brad Bird and Pixar recapture the charm and winning imagination of classic Disney animation.
  6. Reviewed by: Justin Chang
    Ratatouille is delicious. In this satisfying, souffle-light tale of a plucky French rodent with a passion for cooking, the master chefs at Pixar have blended all the right ingredients -- abundant verbal and visual wit, genius slapstick timing, a soupcon of Gallic sophistication -- to produce a warm and irresistible concoction that's sure to appeal to everyone's inner Julia Child.
  7. Bird clearly knows the great silent clowns: The slapstick he devises is balletic.
  8. Its sense of humor is more sly, more sophisticated and more interesting than most PG-13 or R-rated comedies at the moment. The film may be animated, and largely taken up with rats, but its pulse is gratifyingly human.
  9. 100
    A nearly flawless piece of popular art, as well as one of the most persuasive portraits of an artist ever committed to film. It provides the kind of deep, transporting pleasure, at once simple and sophisticated, that movies at their best have always promised.
  10. 100
    Ratatouille is as audacious as they come. It takes risks and goes places other films wouldn't dare, and it ends up putting rival imaginations in the shade.
  11. The characters are irresistible -- why would anyone want to resist a hero who so gallantly transcends his rattiness? -- the animation is astonishing and the film, a fantasy version of a foodie rhapsody, sustains a level of joyous invention that hasn't been seen in family entertainment since "The Incredibles."
  12. 100
    If there is a genius working in Hollywood today, it's animation director Brad Bird, who tops the delightful "The Incredibles" with arguably the finest 'toon in the Pixar canon, Ratatouille.
  13. 100
    Ratatouille is a sublime dish of a movie, and the company's piece de resistance.
  14. The most difficult task in Pixar's 20-year history: to make an un-Mickey-like rodent appealing enough to admire.
  15. Reviewed by: Staff (not credited)
    Superbly rendered CGI animation.
  16. A gorgeous, wonderfully inventive computer-animated comedy.
  17. Reviewed by: Glenn Kenny
    The slapstick-comic set pieces involving Remy and Linguini's cooking struggles might solicit the admiration of Buster Keaton and Jacques Tati.
  18. 100
    Bird is one of the great modern animators -- as well as an astonishingly gifted filmmaker, period -- precisely because he doesn't set out to wow us.
  19. Reviewed by: David Ansen
    A film as rich as a sauce béarnaise, as refreshing as a raspberry sorbet.
  20. 91
    Bird and his co-writers leave room for quiet moments and gentle morals, but for the most part, they send visual gags and verbal punchlines tearing past at an enjoyably demanding speed, whipping up the film's energy at every turn.
  21. Long for an animated feature and too demanding for very young children, but it's also filled with delights.
  22. 91
    Hilarious. And more proof that Pixar is in a class of its own.
  23. Reviewed by: Scott Foundas
    Ratatouille is as much a feast for the senses as it is food for thought.
  24. Observed mostly from Remy's rat's-eye view, Gusteau's kitchen is a memorable world-in-miniature with its vivid old-fashioned stoves, bright, brassy pots and general air of frenzied industry; never did sliced red onions or simmering soup look so fresh and real.
  25. 89
    Pixar's animation is simply flawless; colorful, deeply realized, and ably conveying both the chaos of the kitchen, and the sensual allure of food well prepared.
  26. 88
    What makes Ratatouille such a hilarious and heartfelt wonder is the way Bird contrives to let it sneak up on you.
  27. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    Like the best French cuisine, Ratatouille is ambitious and delightful.
  28. 88
    All the voice work here is excellent, especially Oswalt's. He sounds like Paul Giamatti but with a greater capacity for confidence.
  29. Remy, the little rat who stars in the big, beautiful, funny Ratatouille, isn't gross at all. In fact, he's adorable.
  30. A French rat as a master chef? Absurd. But a brilliant French chef with an American accent? C'est grotesque!
  31. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    A clever, ingeniously animated film filled with many shining moments.
  32. As was also true of Pixar's last movie, "Cars," Ratatouille is better at pleasing the eye than the other senses.
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  1. ValerieW
    Jul 19, 2007
    This is a Pixar film that really appeals to both children and adults. The beautiful animation, the humor, the look inside a French restaurant This is a Pixar film that really appeals to both children and adults. The beautiful animation, the humor, the look inside a French restaurant kitchen are for the grown-ups. And there's also plenty of silliness and excitement for the kids. And this animated Paris is breathtaking - I wanted to jump right on a plane. Full Review »
  2. Sep 29, 2011
    "Ratatouille" is a movie created for only the Westerners and ends up appealing to both western and eastern people.
  3. Apr 7, 2011
    Let me just say that I hate and have no respect for Patton Oswalt whatsoever for reasons I'd rather not discuss. But watching this movie, ILet me just say that I hate and have no respect for Patton Oswalt whatsoever for reasons I'd rather not discuss. But watching this movie, I could easily forget he's the voice of Remy, becuase I loved everything about this movie. As always Pixar, great job! Full Review »