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  1. While the film’s desperately sad finale indicates that Philippe Garrel knows the truth of '68 better than most and might have suffered a crisis in faith in the years since, this magnificent film is itself proof that all was not lost.
  2. 90
    A magical and supernally beautiful meditative drug-trip head-space picture (a full-fledged ZZM, q.v. above) for which all Euro-film masochists should rearrange their schedules. It'll be out on DVD soon, and that's great. But Garrel's films are almost never seen on the big screen, and this one's worth it.
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  1. SammiB.
    Jan 28, 2007
    I am a foreign/art movie lover, but this was too slow and dragged out, even for me. Painfully long, could have been an hour shorter. Had a bit more energy and a few interesting lines in the last half hour, but by then I had little interest in the characters, who hadn't done much but smoke dope up til then. (Was tempted to walk out, like many in the theatre, NYC Cinema Village, did. ) Maybe that was the point of the movie...? Full Review »