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  • Starring: , ,
  • Summary: Renaissance is a bold vision of a stark near future drenched in hidden secrets and technological frontiers. It takes film noir to its most stylized edge, utilizing live action motion capture, animated in 3D and rendered in high contrast black and white to create graphic novel come-to-life. (Miramax)
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  1. 88
    The film's look is impressive; it's the most successful rotoscoping effort to date (far surpassing Richard Linklater's duo of "Waking Life" and "A Scanner Darkly"), and causes every frame to drip atmosphere.
  2. The result is something both fluid and stark, cinematic and comic book-y, and incredible.
  3. Reviewed by: Lisa Nesselson
    A melancholy actioner that shines a new light on film noir. A sort of "The Third Man" for the 21st century, chiaroscuro curio's level of graphic invention is exceeded only by its pleasingly mournful approach.
  4. 60
    Volckman and Miance are undoubtedly superb draftsmen; what they need is a writer of comparable skill.
  5. Reviewed by: Bernard Besserglik
    Pitched as "animation for adults," Renaissance will find an audience among those in the 20-35 age group who enjoy graphic novels, but will disappoint anyone hoping for emotional or intellectual sustenance.
  6. Although intriguing to look at, Renaissance -- the latest animated film geared to adult audiences -- is undone by a plot that is ridiculously hard to follow and hackneyed.
  7. 40
    The director is Christian Volckman, whose skills as an animator greatly exceed his grasp of an idea worth pursuing.

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  1. SorenA.
    Dec 3, 2006
    This movie shows why the everyday american film is for gotten around the world, with it's georgeous visuals, enthralling story, well written dialogue, it shows what american sci-fi films are lacking. This move overcompensates for this years "American" films *cough* Ultraviolet *cough*. Every true sci-fi fan should watch this movie. Collapse
  2. AndreR.
    Nov 18, 2007
    Great movie. Very original. If you enjoyed Blade Runner and SIn City you owe it to yourself to watch this.
  3. ShaunC.
    Mar 25, 2008
    It's....I'ts interesting, and visually stunning...for a while and then the characters take over...which are quite...shallow, and the dialogue is not the most amazing you've ever's worth a watch, once Expand
  4. JayW.
    Sep 20, 2006
    Animation exercise was interesting for the first, um, two minutes. Then it was sheer boredom all the way, from the hackneyed female-in-peril plot to the childish dialogue. An insult to the film-noir genre. Expand
  5. Mike
    Jan 12, 2008
    The visuals got really boring after 10 mins. I felt like there was so much to see, but the black and white animations were very limiting. The story was really boring as well. The movie really didnt have much going for it. Boring, bad story, not intresting characters, and to top it all off bad visuals. Avoid. Expand