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  1. Mar 21, 2012
    "Requiem" is, by all accounts, a surprising film. Being about an exorcism experience, it is unusually subdued and controlled, which is quite refreshing. The film manages to be fully engaging and interesting, despite the fact that it's rather slow, and that very little happens in it in actuality. The cinematography and production design are the most amazing aspects of the film for me. These technical tools provided the credibility for the film to be so effective and believable. It felt as if it had been actually filmed in the 1970s, not in 2006, which is always commendable. The performances were overall great, with a stellar lead by Sandra Hüller, as the tormented girl. More than anything, this is a psychological drama and it hits full force. No fancy visual effects, no gimmicks. Just plain emotion and storytelling manage to do what most films in the 'exorcism' genre fail to do. This is not a horror film for those who want to be easily scared. It is truly scary because it ultimately shows how subjective and perceptive the whole notion of possessions is. One day you may not believe in it, while the other day you just might think you are possessed yourself. Very good film! One of the best German films I've seen. 8/10 Collapse

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  1. Reviewed by: Jim Ridley
    Sandra Hüller, a young German stage actress making a harrowing feature debut, invests Michaela's terrified, possibly schizophrenic outbursts with unholy conviction.
  2. While "Exorcism" focused on a murder-trial battle between the priest and a prosecutor, Schmid's film beautifully details the behavior, events and socio-religious pressures that lead to the decision to perform such an extreme ritual.
  3. Reviewed by: Eddie Cockrell
    Stunningly played story of faith vs. family.