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  • Summary: One night after leaving the paper, sports reporter Erik Kernan sees a gang of thugs beating up a homeless man. He notices how well the grizzly old fellow can take a punch. He bobs, he weaves, he lands a few good ones himself until Erik chases the thugs away, who leave jeers of how they beat "The Champ" in their wake. Erik realizes he has just rescued the legendary "Battling Bob Satterfield" and stumbled on the story of a lifetime. Rumor had it that Satterfield was dead...and yet here he was. An article about the rise, fall, and resurrection of a former heavyweight contender could get Erik's career off the ropes and breathe life into his confidence. A story like this could be the title shot he has been waiting for; a chance to change his life forever. (Yari Film Group Releasing) Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 28
  2. Negative: 2 out of 28
  1. Reviewed by: Zack Haddad
    It is great to see a boxing movie that portrays both boxing and Jackson in different lights.
  2. About a guy who stood on the brink of greatness but, because of one flaw he could never overcome, had to settle for being pretty good before he faded away. Strange, then, that the movie works exactly the same way.
  3. It's more intelligent than most Hollywood movies you'll find in the heat of summer, and its saving grace is the quality of its acting, including Jackson's uncompromising turn as the old fighter, and delicious bits by David Paymer and Alan Alda as veteran editors.
  4. 60
    Delivers a heckuva story marred by some credibility problems but lands the majority of its punches via subtly powerful performances and a moving undercard of paternal connection.
  5. 50
    The thoroughly unconvincing drama Resurrecting the Champ might be based on a true story, but that doesn't mean you're going to believe a single frame of it.
  6. Reviewed by: Jason McBride
    The relationship between reporter and subject is always a tricky one, but in Resurrecting the Champ it's downright delusional.
  7. 25
    Well, it smells, all right, but authentic isn't the word I'd use for this maudlin male weepie, a compendium of the worst clich├ęs of sports and journalism movies.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 7
  2. Negative: 1 out of 7
  1. JeremyP.
    Aug 23, 2007
    Samuel L Jackson should win an Oscar for this role. His potrayal of the Champ is spot on and very authentic.
  2. G.M.
    Aug 23, 2007
  3. StephenD.
    Aug 26, 2007
    Will be a classic. A film which works on many levels. Jackson should win an Oscar.
  4. JudyT
    Aug 25, 2007
    Good attempt but missed the mark for greatness. Samuel is good and Josh Hartnett tries, but in the end the writing lets them down as the two main characters are not well fleshed out. Pales in drama to "Shattered Glass". Expand
  5. John
    Apr 3, 2008
    Hey Jared you ever see a movie called Pulp Fiction, because in my opinion Sammuel L. was pretty good in that. Just a thought. Oh and it's called a comma, try using it one day. If your going to give a movie a 3 ouf of 10 please come up with something better thatn "its not crap its just not very good" because if you give something 3 you are saying that it is crap. Expand
  6. JayH.
    Apr 2, 2008
    Not too bad but I did find it rather boring. The acting is good, as is the story but I just never got involved in the film, it never drew me in. It lacks spunk. Expand
  7. JaredC.
    Aug 20, 2007
    It may be inspirational, but its a letdown. Everytime you watch Samuel L. Jackson, you have to expect something, and that is greatness. His only good movies (Jurassic Park and Coach Carter) are big hits. But his acting in other film's (including this one) he is just weird in. This is no powerful movie, it dissapointed me completely as the whole idea which is superb ends up being way too hard for the writer and director to make because its a hard story to make of. And thats what sucks about it, but it still made me cry a little. But it just never really came together. Its not crap, its just not very good. Expand