Mixed or average reviews - based on 32 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 32
  2. Negative: 6 out of 32
  1. I'm talking cheap visual gags, painfully embarrassing moments and other sophomoric humor guaranteed to get you and your friends almost vomiting with laughter.
  2. Grosser than "American Pie"! More penis jokes than "There''s Something About Mary"! Nudity more gratuitous than "Porky''s"!
  3. 80
    Like last year's "American Pie," Road Trip crisply delivers the goods: vaguely rakish heroes, vaguely kinky sex and highly naked nubiles.
  4. Reviewed by: Cody Clark
    It's a larky hoot in its best moments, and it has a refreshingly unforced sense of fun that buoys the scenes that are straight out of Lame Movie Laffs 101.
  5. The jokes, fast and furious enough to satisfy both teens and intrepid parents, are far funnier than they are raunchy.
  6. 75
    A cheerfully crude, well-cast (and frequently uproarious) campus comedy in the tradition of "There's Something About Mary."
  7. Slightly more mature and better assembled, Road Trip goes one better on "American Pie" by teasing out the idiosyncrasies in four guys existing in a personality grab bag.
  8. Slick, reasonably amusing, never asking its audience to swallow anything too wild for consumption.
  9. 70
    As long as Green is onscreen, which is not nearly enough, Road Trip is easy to get revved up about.
  10. Reviewed by: Joe Leydon
    Be forewarned: After you see Road Trip, it may be months, if not years, before you can order French toast with a straight face and a settled stomach.
  11. 70
    It satisfies your appetite for totally tasteless but deliciously flaky boy movies.
  12. 70
    At a relaxed pace, accompanied by restrained pop music.
  13. 67
    Silly, simple and sophomoric -- and also intermittently hilarious and, surprise of surprises, directed with unexpected craft.
  14. 63
    Plot? There is no plot. You want plot, go read "War and Peace."
  15. Not as consistently or uproariously funny as "American Pie," but it does have a Zen zaniness that gives it center as well as edge.
  16. Reviewed by: Mike Clark
    We all know grossly moronic behavior can, in the right situation, generate hearty guilty-pleasure guffaws - at least until overkill wears out the welcome.
  17. 60
    Gets a lurching spring in its step whenever Tom Green shows up to, say, cram a live mouse in his mouth.
  18. Bad taste is timeless. And sometimes it can be so funny that you can't help laughing.
  19. Reviewed by: David Edelstein
    This isn't an objectionable movie, just a mild, obvious, and rather limp one, with plenty of little jolts but no ejaculatory payoff.
  20. 50
    It's sweet when it should be raunchy, or vice versa, and the result is a movie that seems uneasy with itself.
  21. The film's real find is D.J. Qualls, who is very funny as a jug-eared nerd who blossoms into a wild man after three days on the road.
  22. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    When it's not wasting time with character, this deliberately dumb collegiate comedy is good for a few laughs of the big butts and sex variety, but not much else.
  23. This is a familiar journey and director/co-writer Todd Phillips sidesteps every opportunity to inject a little edge or originality into it.
  24. 50
    Genially moronic, Road Trip will tide you over until the next slice of "American Pie" comes along.
  25. 40
    All I know is that guys are strongly advised to avoid this on a first date.
  26. Reviewed by: Tom Keogh
    When Phillips is out of the zone, however, Road Trip slows down, awaiting another redemption.
  27. Reviewed by: Marc Caro
    Degenerates into a slow-moving game of connect-the-gross-outs.
  28. Reviewed by: Jay Carr
    Occasionally wills itself to rude, crude life. But most of the time it's pretty limp.
  29. Reviewed by: Sean Means
    But as objectionable as its subject matter is, the most objectionable thing is that it's not funny.
  30. The animals in Road Trip are pretty hilarious; as a five-minute short on cable TV's "Animal Planet," this film would be a stitch.
  31. 5
    A cinematic lowpoint, even within its decidedly lowbrow genre, the teen gross-out sex romp.
  32. It ranks (indeed, it is rank) among the most soul-deadening movies ever made; it has no pulse and seeks to steal yours with a cynical vengeance.
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  1. Jun 3, 2013
    One of the best teen sex movies to hit the market. Our heroes include the very complementing trio of Breckin Meyer, Sean Williams Scott and DJOne of the best teen sex movies to hit the market. Our heroes include the very complementing trio of Breckin Meyer, Sean Williams Scott and DJ Qualls who are all people to root for as Josh, E.L and Kyle respectively. The cast is excellent, the jokes are big and the antics are filled with michief. Tom Green MAKES this even more fantastic as the mouse toting Barry. Loses two points for a few boring scenes featuring forgettable characters... Rubin is also a slight weakpoint. (being pressed inbetween American Pie and American Pie 2 didn't do any favours to this great movie) Full Review »
  2. Eric
    Apr 19, 2008
    A classic of the trashy-teen-comedy genre. They rarely make them like this anymore.
  3. BenH.
    Jul 22, 2007
    Very funny movie. Even my 60 year old dad laughed during several parts of the film. One of the best comedies I have ever seen!