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  • Summary: The Robin Hood adventure chronicles the life of an expert archer, previously interested only in self-preservation, from his service in King Richard's army against the French. Upon Richard's death, Robin travels to Nottingham, a town suffering from the corruption of a despotic sheriff and crippling taxation, where he falls for the spirited widow Lady Marion, a woman skeptical of the identity and motivations of this crusader from the forest. Hoping to earn the hand of Maid Marion and salvage the village, Robin assembles a gang whose lethal mercenary skills are matched only by its appetite for life. Together, they begin preying on the indulgent upper class to correct injustices under the sheriff. (Universal Pictures)
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 40
  2. Negative: 6 out of 40
  1. 88
    Head and shoulders above the sort of lightheaded epics Hollywood typically offers during the summer season.
  2. 75
    A dark and brawny version of the Robin Hood legend that anchors itself in English history and loses some of the merriment in the process.
  3. 75
    What this Robin Hood lacks in fun it makes up for in epic sweep.
  4. Can they really be setting up a sequel at the end, with Robin as an outlaw? Let’s hope so--that’s the movie you actually wanted.
  5. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    Cate Blanchett brings little but an arch toughness to the role of Marion, and, in a highly improbably climactic scene, proves herself a veritable knight. Crowe and Blanchett share a perfunctory romance, with few sparks.
  6. 42
    A distinct lack of merriment marks each frame of this film, with Scott determined to erase all fond memories of past Robin Hoods.
  7. Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood is a pompous, interminable hash.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 79 out of 130
  2. Negative: 33 out of 130
  1. Sep 26, 2010
    The most definitive Robin Hood made to date. The original classic, around 1939, was accessible to all age groups (though oriented toward the youth group), and was very entertaining, but this modern version is an example of great movie making. Keep in mind that all that is known about Robin Hood is that he may have been a robber known to help out poor people, but no one knows for sure who he was. The elaborate details in a movie are completely contrived. So, this version is totally different from others, and this likely upsets some viewers. This version is superb in all departments, in epic proportions. It is obviously a part I, and I look forward to the sequel. Expand
  2. Oct 13, 2010
    A great movie from beginning to end. I am guessing that the majority of people that didn't like it probably just didn't understand it, because it is deeper and more complex than previous goofy versions of robin hood. Definably watch this movie, but really pay attention to it, otherwise you probably wont get it. Expand
  3. Sep 13, 2010
    Albeit, not the greatest of Ridley Scott's works, this action drama certainly falls well above the majority of the genre. The strong cast harmonizes to bring to life a clever, though somewhat cliche, portrayal of the beginnings of the Robin Hood legend. Well worth the time spent watching, I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would recommend to anyone looking for a nice cockle-stirring evening. Expand
  4. Oct 4, 2010
    The action sequences did not stun, the story was not very entertaining and overall, it really wasn't that impressive. Only when Cate Blanchett's character is introduced does this film take off, slightly, and the comedic chemistry between her Marion, and Robin Hood, make this film enjoyable. Definitely one of Ridly Scott's weaker films, but even that doesn't mean that it's a dud. Expand
  5. Sep 29, 2012
    Mediocre, tepid, clichéd, trite. Despite having some actors whose work I usually enjoy (William Hurt, Max von Sydow), the film is littered with historical inaccuracy to the point of ridiculousness, characterization is very poor to non-existent but has some nice cinematography. Above all, for what it is, it drags on far too long. Good to riff over in a MST3000K style though. Expand
  6. May 12, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. From what I saw in the trailers for this film, I was expecting a fast-paced action flick. Sadly, the movie is far from it.

    Following the death of "King Richard the Lionhearted" (Danny Huston) during the Crusades, "Robin Longstride" (Russell Crowe) and four men come upon the aftermath of an ambush, and find a dying British knight who tells "Longstride" of a plot between France and a British collaborator -- a British knight.

    "Longstride" promises the dying knight that he will return the knight's sword to his father. But, when he returns to his homeland, he poses as the knight, and helps those in need.

    Based on centuries old legends from Great Britian, Robin Hood is far from the typical depictions we have seen over the years in popular media. In other depections, including a popular BBC television series in 2006, "Hood" is either arriving from his journey home from the Holy Land or he has been back for some time, and already declared an outlaw. This movie is focused more on the events leading to the title character becoming the legendary "Robin Hood". But, unlike other depictions I've seen, this one is not a strong representation of the legendary outlaw.

    The first 75% of the film is unbearably slow I thought, and I noticed I was paying more attention to my computer (I watched it on HBO this afternoon) than the television. To me, the scenes between any fight scenes just lagged and had poor development for the characters.

    It appears that those behind the scenes relied on the audience already knowing the characters, and gave them little to no development. They introduced some new twists with the characters, which worked fairly well, but they were just not presented in an interesting way I thought.

    I felt little to no chemistry between the characters, especially between "Marion" (Cate Blanchett) and "Longstride". All the main players are there, but they were one-dimensional in my opinion. None of them stood out.

    One thing I noticed is that non-British actors had a terrible time with the British accent. Sometimes they sounded British, while other times, their accents sounded Irish or even Scottish. It was very obvious that the dialect coach hired to help the non-British cast members failed in his or her job. It got quite confusing at times when I heard the wrong accent.

    Probably because they were working with a well known story, the movie is pretty predictable. The actors in this movie failed at attempting to make their lines believeable, which didn't get them out of the one-dimensional feel I was getting from them. The worse of the characters had to be "King John" (Oscar Isaac), who was absolutely horrible. Isaac's performance was uneven, and came off as trying to be comical when he most likely wasn't trying to be that way.

    Cinematorgraphy wasn't that great either, but was slightly better during wide angle scenes during battles. There were no bright colors in the scenery, nor wardrobe. It was a pretty bland looking movie, which went along with the bland performances.

    One thing you need to know is that this movie is fairly violent. I would not suggest this for a young audience that the Disney version of this story targets. You will see a lot of gruesome wounds like an arrow through a hand or chest. It looked as if they did a fair job at focusing at main cast members in close-up shots during large battles, but those close-ups were rushed and just did not work out if you ask me.

    If you are a fan of the legend, this is going to disappoint you. If you are new to the legend, I would suggest the superior BBC television series that ended about a year before this movie came out, and all three seasons of that version would be a better addition to your Netflix queue or your personal DVD/Blu-Ray collection. The BBC series has more interesting depictions of the main cast of characters, and is more family-friendly.
  7. Oct 25, 2011
    this is the most boring film in history, it does not tell the real story of robin hood, i got sleep 4 times watching this in a cinema, terrible

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