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  1. Jun 5, 2014
    The worst thing about this movie, is the editing! it does NOT flow, it hard too watch. 2nd, the director is awful as well. the movie half way through is alright, but then its garbage! so sad! Makes the orginal look like a classic!
  2. May 30, 2014
    Not equal to the original, but surprisingly, one of the better adaptation of 80's classic we've seen so far. The stays true to the spirit of the original while adding new things of its own. Some great supporting casts from Keaton and the ever reliable Samuel Jackson helps.
  3. Mar 13, 2014
    The original Robocop was an amazing movie. The reboot was decent. Sure, it had some action and some cool bits, but it really didn't do the original film justice and in fact strayed quite a bit from the original plot. However, it did have redeeming qualities in the few action scenes and quite well-done acting. As the old phrase that we all remembered goes, "I'd buy that for a dollar!"
  4. Jun 11, 2014
    Unfortunately this rebooted version of the 1980's classic, Robocop, was the exact opposite in every way. In the original, the plot and the characters were fantastic but the direction and effects were plagued with the typical 80's garbage that ruined so many potentially great films of that decade. This movie had decent effects and improved acting, at least from Abbie Cornish, who delivered a great performance, and Michael Keaton, but they ruined what made the plot fantastic. Ultimately, a great story with terrible acting and effects will always be better than a horrible story with fancy editing. Overall I was very disappointed. Expand
  5. May 3, 2014
    Robocop lacks a human element that is crucial in a film like this. For the most part its a generic action film with some moderately good fight scenes. Its mostly all flash and no substance but still contained entertaining moments.
  6. Mar 31, 2014
    Overall a fun movie with strong action sequences. There were some weak parts in the story and acting but I did enjoy it for what it's worth. My main complaint was that the main character really did not seem to play the part very well.
  7. Aug 12, 2014
    I actually liked this film as it focused more in depth of psychological pressure of what's left of the man in machine more than the cheesy but fun dark humor of the original first two films.

    I think the naysayers missed the point of this reboot it dared and had to be different from the first films or it would be nothing more than a stale cut, copy and paste.
  8. Aug 16, 2014
    A great remake of a classic movie, that many of us grew up with. Robocop stays true to it's predecessors while still making the movie it's own.

    It includes a interesting and in-depth explication of Murphy's back story, while adding an interesting twist to the entire cooperation, it's intent and inner workings.

    Once and awhile the movie is a little slow, but never enough to make you
    want to shut the movie off. Expand
  9. Mar 8, 2014
    Great Reboot, sadly, this reboot doesn't have enough blood, violence and profanity to make it a cinema classic, however the movie does do great job at re connecting you with Robcop and reminds you of why you love the franchise, ya know **** this 3 is a peace of **** Its all about the Guns, Robots and JUSTICE:

    Robocop (2014): 8/10
  10. Jun 24, 2014
    This movie reminds me a lot of Terminator: Salvation. While they are both good movies, it feels like the people making them thought that they were better than they actually were. What I mean by this is that the whole "what makes us human?" plot is WAY too heavy handed and while I appreciate what they were going for, I don't watch a movie called Robocop to think about huge moral dilemmas when I walk out. Still, I was able to look past that and find a very enjoyable, though somewhat sloppily paced, action movie. Expand
  11. May 19, 2014
    This is the definitive remake that never needed to happen. Think about that? Who was clamoring for a Robocop remake? No one, not even Peter Weller the original Robocop. The action is over the top yet boring, and don't approah this film with any knowledge of science because it'll make your head explode from the amount of stupidity it throws at you. Just wait until you see Alex Murphy outside of his Robocop body ;) The acting is boring and not done very well across the board with two exceptions: Sam Jackson plays a Chris Matthews/Hardball-type News Analyst and does a damn good job at it, and Gary Oldman as Dr. Dennett Norton is superb. Unfortunately the same can't be said about Michael Keaton as OCP's #1 guy who seems completely uninterested in the film. Likewise Joel Kinnaman falls flat throughout the movie and often comes across as trying too hard to do a Peter Weller impression. This is a dumb popcorn movie which tries to make some political statements about the use of drones in today's Obama War on Terror world. Yet it doesn't do a very good job of it at all and so it should be taken with a grain of salt and watched with a tuned out brain. Expand
  12. Mar 15, 2014
    Solid performances and action highlight this clunky, yet effective reboot from Jose Padilha. "Robocop" is an exciting and fresh look at a long-dead franchise.
  13. Feb 23, 2014
    The movie was awesome. It's very different from the original and so good in it's own way that compare it to the original makes no sense. Great cast, it has a focus on the story, drama and science fiction. Action scenes are great too, with CGI only on the robots, it's not like the actions scenes of Iron Man. The movie is different and have no gore, but it has a lot of impactating scenes even with no gore, and this is even better. All the suits are great, even the black suit, and Robocop is kick-ass in the police department! Expand
  14. Jun 29, 2014
    Okay, so I finally sat down and watched the new Robocop and it was a waste of time. First, I love the original Robocop and it's first sequel, but I couldn't let those two facts play into my viewing of this movie. I wanted to take it on it's own merit. It starts off alright we see the US in Iran with drones, one of them being ED-209 from the original, we get some decent action topped off with what's supposed to be a shock moment then we move into Detroit. This is where the movie begins to fall apart for me. The big argument as to why they need a Robocop is because Detroit is plagued by crime, yet in the scenes of Detroit they show us the city looks like it's doing great. The sun is always shining, there's no visible urban decay, we get no shots of random crimes or violence. The most we get is a scene where we're introduced to Alex Murphy and his partner undercover buying rifles from some guy. Hell, the film crew could've just drove around real life Detroit and captured all the decay and violence they needed without having to resort to sets. Everything just seemed too clean and okay, that also goes for the police station Alex worked in. For a city laid to waste by crime the police station seems quite enough to be a station in Podunk, Iowa. There were no shots of other officers bringing in gang members or hookers, there were no citizens damanding the police do something about the crime in their neighborhoods. Again, Detroit just seem like an ideal place to live in this movie, thus eliminating the need for Robocop. As for the actors in this movie only Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton are worth mentioning. The guy playing Murphy is bad, his wife and child are horrible actors, if we can't connect to Murphy then we're just watching a tin man ride around and pout. And yes I said pout, Robo seems to do a lot of that in this movie. I get it being turned into a machine would suck for some people, but you're a cop who's just been turned into a superhero, you're not confined to a wheelchair or stuck in a bed for the rest of your life. Robo cries about this to and beyond the point of annoyance add together the scenes of awkward interaction with his dull family and you'll be letting out tons of yawns. The supporting cast outside of Oldman and Keaton are 100% forgettable, aside from knowing Murphy's partners name none of these characters stick in your head. Now on to the effects, while good for the most part some shots made me feel like I should have been pressing "A" to skip. Since this is the future we have to see people using float screens and being able to control and manipulate them by waving their hands. There are humanoid drones who react better than humans and every aspect of life seems to be captured by CCTV cameras. It was hard to suspense disbelief since they only set this movie in 2028. It would be a little more believeable if it was set in say 2050 or higher. And since cameras are everywhere doesn't it seem difficult to pull off crimes if you're being watched in nearly every place you're in, thus eliminating the need for Robocop. Just watch what people are doing on the cameras and send police to the scene since you're watching a crime in progress. Also we're shown this exoskeleton worn by military to help on the battlefield, I'm assuming it makes you a little faster and stronger so why didn't they just take that put some light armor plating on it and give it to the police? Thus eliminating the need for Robocop since you can give officers the gear to make them stronger and tougher than the criminals. Robocop almost doesn't make sense in his own world in this movie, if you wanted to put a machine on the streets of America so your evil company can make more money you've already proven you can make the exoskeleton, so why make Robocop and go through all the hassles. The story is dull and predictable too since a multi-billion dollar company is involved you know they're going to be the final bad guy, it just takes so long for the movie to get to the point where Robo brings down said company your just glad it's over. And that's how I felt once the credits started I was glad it was over. This could've been a good action movie, but there's so many boring scenes and even the action scenes seem tame. Like something pulled from a video game cutscene. As it stands on it's own Robocop 2014 is dull and boring, as part of the Robocop line it's worse than Robocop 3. At least that movie is so bad it'll have you laughing. Expand
  15. Jul 28, 2014
    What stars as a very interesting character and could have turned into a very slick and cool action film quickly evolves into a canny remake remake that had me checking my watch every couple of minutes to see when it was going to end!
  16. Apr 24, 2014
    Surprisingly found this a cool movie and fun time at the cinema. A much need reboot, though it doesn't add too the original too much, it dwells deeper into the concept and emotional affect of what it means to put a man inside a machine. Great action and pacing!
  17. Feb 23, 2014
    The Brazilian director José Padilha has overcome is making a totally different remake of the original but preserving the roots of such a tone of political satire (especially trainers and handlers of public opinion U.S. programs and commercial way Americans treat the public safety and dehumanization of an individual for the sake of the profits of an executive director) and brings the action scenes mixing stages of a shooter game with a halftone action eighties, definitely a triumph of the Brazilian film director and that proved to make an American action movie American but better than the other type of Americans, it is no wonder that the movie was not very successful in the U.S., her tone critical explains everything. Expand
  18. May 11, 2014
    As far as remakes go this I consider a success. Great movie, the plot is good, it has action, drama and everything needed not to make you fall a sleep. I found Novak pretty annoying and wanted to punch him in the face hahahahaha.
  19. Aug 1, 2014
    Look, it's Robocop, so if you expected anything better than this, blame yourself. This was a relatively average movie, with average acting, even from some greats, and an average script. It was Robocop as you'd expect it to be. AVERAGE
  20. Jun 3, 2014
    Let's get this out of the way: I expect to be thoroughly entertained, in one way or another, by every film I see. Unless it directly states an ulterior motive at the onset, I want to be moved on my way out of the theater or after ejecting the DVD in a way I wasn't before I watched the film.

    Now, in regards to RoboCop, I expected to at least be as happy with the results as I was with the
    first two, Peter Weller installations. The trailers for this film made this look unlikely, but I wasn't going to be deterred. I'm glad I wasn't.

    This film is far from bad. But it is disappointing. With a strong cast (and one of Gary Oldman's best roles in recent memory), more might have been done. That would have necessitated some fleshing out of the script, more intensive relationships between Murphy and those close to him, etc. As it ended up, I enjoyed myself, but was left wanting something else. A weird combination, but an all too common one with major Hollywood productions.

    Those who saw and enjoyed the WellerCop films, you'll enjoy this. You might end up wanting more, as I did, but enjoy it you will. You already know the bar wasn't set terribly high to begin with. Those who are virgins to the franchise, start from the beginning and then compare and contrast the old and the new. You don't want to start here. You almost need the plot of the originals to understand how today's technology could lead to that of this film. That, and to understand some of the clever homages to the originals, little treats that definitely made for enjoyable moments.
  21. Mar 1, 2014
    Surprisingly decent movie even for the ones who would be rather negatively biased. Great actors and great scenes attached, yet without a decent closure to it.
  22. Jun 30, 2014
    Unique and eventful, those two words truly represents what RoboCop is.
    I was surprised that this movie didn't suck so much as i thought would do, because the actors are very good and there are good amounts of sci-fi and action in this movie. But the story in RoboCop really is weird, and combined with the awful SFX and the worst ending ever, isn't it as great at all.

    RoboCop might not
    be highly rated, but it's still a cool (and weird) movie.

    RoboCop gets a 6,5/10
  23. Mar 12, 2014
    This movie has to much sheen and polish to be serious . It was all flash no substance not one trace of humanity trying to break free from his condition and that ailment is UNNECESSARY REMAKES .
  24. May 25, 2014
    You know i was really wanting to like this movie and hoping that it was going to be good but it sucks that the movie ends up in the REMAKE trash bin. It pisses me off that Hollywood likes to take a **** over old great directors and make crappy movies out of great ones. This being the second Paul Verhoeven remake in the last 2 years the other being Total Recall a movie that i thought was garbage and now this lets hope they keep their hands off Starship Troopers beacause ill flip. RoboCop suffers from various plot holes, pointless characters, and for a movie having a $130 million budget the CGI is average at best.

    The movie has a great cast though with Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Jay Baruchel, Jackie Earle Haley, Abbie Cornish it just sucks that the sript wasnt better for them although i actually like Joel Kinnaman and was excited to see him as RoboCop and he did a pretty good job so that was great it would haved sucked if he did bad. The action was decent but it wasnt what i was hoping and CGI lacked in some of these parts. Dispite the film being 2 hours long it feels longer then that becuase of how the story roles out and it takes some time before you even see RoboCop hitting the streets for action. A big problem for the movie and i have seen this with some other reviews is how OmniCorp deals with RoboCop/Murphy's memories its pretty much 20-30mins of wasteful minutes.

    Overall i give it a 5.0 Not sure if i want to watch this movie again but if i do it will be only once when its out on blu ray because of Joel Kinnaman.
  25. Jul 14, 2014
    Whilst it was far better than originally anticipated, RoboCop still suffers from a thin script, wooden acting, poor chemistry, and is quite frankly, boring.
  26. Mar 7, 2014
    A review about the media Manipulation, the form how the government controls our lives with the premise of security, criticism about the wars in the middle east.
    Excellent film
  27. Feb 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First thing, I am not a Robocop fans, though I like action movies and I prefer lots of quick action than drame movies and thriller movies.

    As in all action or superhero movies, the plot is mostly known, that somehow the good will triumph over the bad. Only a few movies could change that, and certainly not movies that feature famous superheroes like Thor, Ironman, Robocop, or Batman. Sure, some of the heroes allies may be killed off, but the hero itself will not die. We may reduce all superhero movie score because of this factor alone. And not only superhero, the "regular joe heroes" will most of the time triumph, but do have a bigger chance to be killed than the superheroes.

    On with the movies.
    The beginnings are great, though nothing is extraordinary, all is expected. The great scenes are when Murphy starts kissing with his wife, until Murphy sees what he had become. The moment is great because I can relate to Murphy's feeling that he couldn't possible to enjoy bodily delights again, and how much he had lose. The character who play his wife is also beautiful and plays great.

    Then the movie become bland and more expected.
    The hero starts up good. The action while Robocop is beating the robots is not great.
    The action when Robocop beating his killer are bad. The thugs are foolish enough to fight in darkness. Yes, they have NV googles, but Robocop's own vision has infrared. I guess this is fought in the dark to keep the movie PG-13.
    The heroes become villain for a while, then the heroes snaps back because of his family.
    Right after the hero snaps back, the hero hunts the big goon by himself.

    The problem is that :
    - The action, through many, is lame, most of the actions are robot vs robot while I want see Robocop killing humans.
    - The final action and fight are boring, and Robocop directly takes off to kill the big goons, so boring.

    But the overall movie is pretty much enjoyable.
  28. Mar 6, 2014
    I wouldn't buy that for a dollar! It's like they tried to jam as much violence and 2014 Hollywood action into the 100 minute running time still trying to keep it at a PG-13 rating. Still, it had some good moments.
  29. Jun 7, 2014
    RoboCop might have cool visual effects and some decent social commentary but is however hampered down by its dullness, weak plot and lack of substance.
  30. May 31, 2014
    This movie was semi-decent. The action sequences were good but I'm still questioning some of the plot decisions they took. Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton do the best with what they were given. It is what it action movie.
  31. May 1, 2014
    Originally released in 1987, RoboCop has garnered a huge fan base and the reboot was eagerly anticipated by both the old guard of 80's action fans and a new generation of movie goers. So Padilha has his task cut out for him, could he satisfy both factions?
    Unfortunately the answer is no and it would be surprising if either group were satisfied with the finished product. It seems like yet
    another case of the-man-behind-the-curtain syndrome, most notably in the decision to aim for a PG13 rating, against Padilha's wishes, in order to ensure a film that went severely over budget recoups some of its investment. I agree that graphic violence is not necessary in order to make a good action movie, just look at The Dark Knight or Star Trek, but RoboCop falls short of the mark here and delivers a very placid final product. It can be argued that's what happens when the creative control is limited but perhaps hiring a director who's previous work is rated 18+ was the greater mistake.
    The cast however is strong and Kinnaman(The Killing) executes his role efficiently, with support from veteran actors Oldman, Keaton and Jackson but even this solid foundation seemed somewhat hollow. In a throwback to the satirical nature, that flowed seamlessly throughout the original, Jackson's portrayal of the rhetoric spewing media mogul appears a little disjointed and does little to add to an already inferior reboot.
    In total RoboCop 2014 does its best to recreate a character that criminals of Detroit should fear but in the end only offers us a modern day Tin-Man and by the closing credits I could not help but think, 'I wouldn't buy that for a dollar'.
  32. Mar 7, 2014
    It was... Alright. The action scenes and concept are pretty cool, and the struggle of being a robot is explored in it. However, there are also quite a few things I did not like...

    -Robocop, as cool as he looks and acts, is overall not that Interesting a character. His actor is bland and emotionless, which I guess is implied, but it overall steals from the emotion and depth of the story.

    - the plot jumps around, like, a lot. It first starts out showing how US robot drones are terrorizing citizens over seas, but by the end, robo cop is on a vendetta against the guy who made him, and it has nothing to do with the first premise. To put it bluntly, the movie lacks focus.

    -some of the acting in this movie is really bad. The jerky weapons guy is bad, the guys wife is 'eh', the doctor who made Robocop is kinda bad, robocops partner is AWFUL, and Robocop himself just doesn't get enough focus to be an interesting character.

    So yeah, overall, Robocop is a 'so-so' flick. Sure, it has good fight scenes, an interesting concept, and a pretty in depth look at how being a hero can turn political. But it also doesn't spend enough time building Robocop's character, and lacks the focus on a single story to be a good tale. It's not something I would really recommend, but I did, for the most part, enjoy it, and there are definitely worse movies out there.
  33. Feb 25, 2014
    The new Robocop is placed in a real world. The corruption of the government and police makes a perfect background for this new and outstanding vision of Robocop.
  34. Feb 23, 2014
    Robocop is a remake of Paul Verhoeven's 1987 classic robocop.The story once again focuses on Alex Murphy ,an honest cop and loving husband,as he is critically injured in the line of duty,the milion dollar company omnicorp,sees the opportunity to revive Alex Murphy ,and put him in a robotic suit,enabeling him to bring justice to the city more swiftly and accurately.

    Honestly when i saw
    the trailers,i actually had high hopes for it,after all DREDD 3D ,proved that remakes can be better than the originals.Robocop is directed by Jose Padilha,who directed 2 briliant elite squad movies,which i love,and after watching them the second time my expectations rose even higher,and i am glad to say that the movie lived up to them.

    The story this time had a lot more political edge to them showing viewers,the advanteges and disadvanteges of drone use in war-torn countries ,but also in native countries.Joel kinnaman plays Alex Murphy really well,he is no Peter Weller,though for a movie that's as different as this one it makes sense ,the story itself is both notebly simmilar ,but different enough to have something of it's own ,for example in the original movie after Alex gets revived as robocop he doesnt remember anything here he does,where as in the first he was trying to find out what it was like to be human ,here Alex Murphy finds out what its like to be a robot ,how to deal with the suit ,the family ,people around you and trying to find the place in the world.Although without any spoilers ,something happens towards the very end that brings it back to the original ,where Alex looses his humanity once again,which feels like you walked around a big circle and came to the same place.

    As far as the action and throwbacks go ,there is plenty here. From tazer gun emerging robocop's leg,to the use of that classic revamped theme that gave me goosebumps in the beggining and brought and immediate smile to my face,Jose Padilha even cared as much as to make ED-209s say :YOU NOW HAVE 5 SECONDS TO COMPLY;or Alex Murphy say :THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION.all those effective nods make you feel like they actually gave a **** about the original.

    And at last the action,now the original robocop was known for hardcore rated-R action,that blew my mind as a kid,this one is PG-13,my god ,i don't give a **** because it's still FREAKING AWESOME,seriously why complain about gore and violence ,when you have a badass robocop kicking 3 ED-209s ass ,at the same time or neutralizing 54 robotic drones,in a field test,while being backed up by the kick-ass soundtrack from focus-hocus pocus,which was a badass scene itself,the only action scene i didn't like was the dark room section where he puts on thermal optics to kill human targets,anyone who has seen the movie nows what i am talking about.

    As it stands robocop,is a different kind of animal from the original it provides a deep human story,like the original,respects it in some ways,shows satisfying action and ultimately shows that its not neccessary for a remake to be totally like the original for it to be good.

    p.s that black suit is pretty cool too.
  35. Feb 23, 2014
    Great movie! Another way to see a killer machine like Robocop. I loves to see Alex without armor, clearing showing the psicological stress of him, and also helping the build of the person/Robot that is Robocop. Not only a machine without feeling blowing heads everywhere.
  36. Feb 26, 2014
    It is a fun movie and unlike most remakes was as good or better than the original. The acting was very good in that they don't look like they are acting. Abbie Cornish is way hot. She is going to be someone. I thought that the two best actors were Jackie Haley and John Paul Ruttan. I went early show and only paid $5. I got more than my money's worth. They left it open to a sequel and I guess the box office take will be the judge. There was a couple of very good action scenes and one biological scene that I closed my eyes for. I liked it. Expand
  37. Mar 5, 2014
    I thoroughly enjoyed watching Robocop. It was an awesome amazing action packed movie. I really enjoyed Abbie Cornish's portrayal of Clara Murphy. It was a great movie.
  38. Apr 29, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It is obvious that this Robocop is not a remake and therefore I do not see the point of negatively assessing this movie basing it on how it does not have what the original has. It is not funny, it is not vulgar, it is not witty and it is not violent as the original movie that is true but the new Robocop achieves what the it goes for - it certainly elaborates on some dilemmas, it has a certain emotional depth to it and it has just the right amount of action. As a stand alone movie, it is a great one. It is not a step forward in the movie history but it certainly is if not the best, one of the best remakes I have ever seen. I did not like two things and they are related to the action scenes. Some action scenes seemed clouded because of the shaky cam and I think Robocop was too overpowered for its opponents so action scenes seemed like a hunting scene most of the time. Basically there was not a built up tension during action scenes. "Overriding the computer system" was also overused. On top of my head for example at the end he is able to shoot the guy but if he was able to use something else to neutralize or kill the bad guy instead of shooting him directly that would be better. Anything else would have worked out better - is it too much to ask for a smarter ending when the plot of the movie is too obvious from the beginning? You can point out the villains during the first scenes that they appear. Expand
  39. Mar 7, 2014
    Nice reboot for the Robocop franchise. Special effects and story line are in high quality and create the possibilities of a sequel. I expect more from the depth of protagonist's actual feeling and the story of his family.
  40. Mar 11, 2014
    Loved this movie. Pays homage to the original without copying too much and follows an original storyline which I liked a lot. Great action/SFX and acting. Only docked one point cos it takes a while to get to get going. Highly recommended.
  41. Mar 13, 2014
    A mostly satisfying film that does it's best to distance itself from the original, and is somewhat successful at it. Majority of people who have seen the original going into this film will probably strongly dislike or downright hate it for turning the bloody, vicious world of RoboCop PG-13, but, if you can take the film for what it is and where it stands as its own work, then there are things to be enjoyed. I would not rush out to see it, but catching it on a matinee or a second run theater would not be a complete waste of time or money. Expand
  42. Aug 8, 2014
    Robocop ofrece una historia interesante al público, que al principio mis expectativas eran un poco bajas (tampoco tanto) pero después de ver el film resulto ser algo mejor.
  43. chw
    Jul 17, 2014
    The new RoboCop was just as good as the original RoboCop in my opinion, although this one had better effects which made it more badass and people I actually knew.
  44. Mar 23, 2014
    I was hoping this reboot would avoid the over the top grotesque that was prominent in the original. For the most part I was pleased. I liked that in this version Murphy was presented more as a human being with something to lose.
  45. Mar 25, 2014
    Robocop was directed by a Brazilian company that makes a good action movie with good story, script more or less, and special effect but not excellent've seen better'll hit more with the idea that it passes.
  46. Apr 29, 2014
    I liked it. It was well paced, kept me interested, had some good action. It's no where NEAR as good as the original, which is one of my top 5 favorite movies ever. But, it's a good flick.
  47. Apr 28, 2014
    The original Robocop series was one of my favourite. This remake was a good attempt to reboot the franchise, consisting of a semi-strong story line. The one way this move remake benefits is from the advances in CGI creating some stunning visual effects, especially if your watching in HD. My only main complaint about this remake is the ending, it's short, abrupt and let's it down quite badly. All in all a good watch but as a fan of the originals not one that will be kept in my collection. Expand
  48. May 3, 2014
    Plain dull, but compared to the original Robocop movies it's a lot better, with a plot that makes sense, somewhat, and with a bit of humor involved as well when we see the TV news presenter being so biased. You won't lose anything by not seeing it, but if you're a Robocop fan, then watch it, it's much better than the original movies.
  49. May 15, 2014
    Although a solid reboot with nice effects, movie is very predictable and lacks thrills the original had. Just another generic blockbuster flick than leaves you in the middle of the road to catch a ride back home.
  50. May 16, 2014
    This is not a bad movie per se, but Robocop fails to leave a lasting impression. The cast is strong; Joel Kinnaman has a good bit of presence on screen, but playing a character defined by his robotic, in-human qualities is hardly a task any actor would relish. Keaton and Oldman are fine, as is Abby Cornish in a pretty thankless role as the put-upon wife. The story never really engages, and for all it's puffed-up social commentary, it struggles to drive home its point. Expand
  51. May 23, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Defiantly an underrated movie! I gave this movie a ten to help balance out all the overly negative reviews influenced by fanboyism of the original. I think this movie deserves a solid 8. It has it's pros and cons like any other movie. I'll start with the bad first.

    One thing many others noticed about this movie is the lack of a clear villain. The inside job arc with Anton the weapons dealer starts OK with the build up but ends pretty weak, with him being unceremoniously killed off in a gunfight. I did like how it lead to uncovering corruption in the police force, but overall it wasn't built up too well. Then it changed gears and painted the CEO of Omnicorp as a bad guy. It was clear he was a scumbag from the start, however his ultimate fate sends mixed messages. It appears as if Robocop has killed him in the end, but was his rampage really justified? I believe it would have been better if they either made him more of a villain instead of a petty **** or dealt with his attempted murder differently. The in between treatment just doesn't work. He's not evil enough to warrent death, but enough of an **** that viewers feel something must be done. It leads the ultimate ending unsatisfying. The actions scenes did shake a bit too much.

    Despite the above flaws, Robocop is still a very entertaining watch. It does more right than wrong. First I really enjoyed seeing the robotic side of Robocop. They attempted to add a bit of "hard sci-fi" to Robocop instead of just making him run on mysterious magic technology. The way they "fed" him and choose which "parts to keep" made a twisted kind of sense. All the simulations and HUD data was also very entertaining to see. It gave Robocop a very robotic feel haha. Also the CGI actions scenes were fun to watch. This Robocop is a lot more fluid then his original. Although there is a complaint I have to make. Since they went the "hard sci-fi" route with Robocop, they should have went all the way. There were some scenes where he magically overcomes his programing and no explanation whatsoever is given. The characters themselves litterally had no idea! That's a huge cop out considering how much detail they went into about his creation and programing. It would be a lot more satisfying if they gave a token scientific explanation and tied in with Robocop's human side overcoming his machine side. It would also give the movie a clearer message.

    Overall this was a pretty good movie. It works as a modern film remake of an original. It isn't going to be a classic, but it does stand pretty well on it's own despite what angry fans of the original tell you.
  52. May 25, 2014
    Underwhelming springs to mind. Some good action sequences saved me from rating this film lower. Samuel L. Jackson's appearance seems quite irrelevant to the story. Robocop is portrayed well and it is easy to empathise with his character Murphy.
  53. Aug 26, 2014
    RoboCop is a classic franchise that has survived the test of time that Hollywood believed it needed a reboot. Entertaining but with a PG-13 rating, it misses the edginess of the original. Easily forgettable.
  54. Jul 21, 2014
    Chances are if you saw the Original RoboCop with Peter Weller in the Movie Theater, like me, you were pretty blown away by it... It's nice that they are 'trying' to bring it back... this one isn't that bad but the wife and kid are still around, and those 4 bad guys in the original film aren't around. Remember that line? "Can you fly, Bobby!" Michael Keaton is in it, and I haven't seen him in a movie since Batman, although I did see him once about 15 years ago at My Neighborhood Ralphs.

  55. Aug 19, 2014
    While I did enjoy this movie I didn't think it measured up to the original. The action scenes were good but seemed somehow muted. I don't like some of the updates they made. I prefer the original silver suit he wore as opposed to the black one in this movie. Also the voice was very fitting in the first one but his voice in this one just didn't fit as well. I thought the acting was great and the storyline good. I gave this movie a 7 out of 10. Expand
  56. Jul 28, 2014
    Net bir şekilde beğenmedim. eski filmle karşılaştırınca ; hem görsel efektler hem de gerçek hayattaki teknolojinin ilerlediğini düşünerek eski filmi de potansiyelin çok altında bulduğum için daha iyi olur diye düşünmüştüm fakat olmadı, olamadı. Ne eksik bilmiyorum ama can sıkıntısı içinde geçen 2 saat ve filmin sonunu zor getirdim. açıkçası birçok yönden eski dizisini bile arattı halbuki ne iyi bir cast var filmde, yazık olmuş... Expand
  57. Jul 28, 2014
    The movie is good in my opinion, lots of action and good CGI. However in terms of story and plot I feel the movie is somehow lacking, maybe its the sudden cuts inbetween situations which end rather abruptly or the fact the movie lacks the "feel" of the first.

    I think its the lack of character depth which spoils the movie from being just another action flick to one I will watch time and
    time again, robocop himself is not a "machine" as in the first movie but basically a cyborg with a completely grounded human element.
    whereas in the original movie he was "born" a machine and most of the movie was based on him finding his missing human element In this installment the main point of the film seems to be robo battles with very little if any depth to of the characters, they tried I give them that, but the main focus was solely on action as any scenes dealing with "emotion" were quickly interrupted by a hail of bullets and fire.

    Its a good one to watch on a weekend for the battles but for any meaningful story give it a miss.
  58. Aug 11, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. the list of the things I hated... the suit being black, the motorcycle scenes reminded me of the not too distant T mobile commercials... and then again the new batman movies ...hey the suit being black also is like a lets steel from batman... me connecting the dots.., oh well back to what I hate about it, the floating Adams family hand [that for some reason has not deteriorated yet], literally I laughed when I saw it, the fact that he has no prime directives, no real bad guy to speak of,[sorry Michal Keaton I love your other work.], also Murphy's character has a bad personality,his wife and kid are given poor dialog in the movie but the acting was okay, I think I also felt a lot of iron man here too, why cant they just do something original to the series in here...other then the ed209s, I can't really recommend this movie it 's not a good movie compared to what we could have had here.

    The things that made the original robocop was... among other things his trademark chrome and black suit, and because of it's absence through most of the movie, I think the movie could be easily mistaken for many other films in todays cluttered market, this could be batman movie, it could be an iron man movie, it could even be a T mobile commercial... but I digress if you like this movie I apologize for my harsh criticism It just was not for me. some people really liked this movie, but I have the right to my own opinion and while I respect all your opinions I cant say this film was really enjoyable for me, but then again you might like it, so don't skip it just because I say so, watch it and make a post on here of what you thought.
    Thanks for your time.
  59. Aug 15, 2014
    I like the different angle for this robot story. It adds a lot of human perspective, not just shooting.
    Also, i can see different characters surrounding this "almost" robot. Therefore, i enjoy watching this movie.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 41
  2. Negative: 6 out of 41
  1. Reviewed by: Ian Buckwalter
    Feb 14, 2014
    It's well made, polished, and hits every mark — but is it crazy to want a futuristic sci-fi action flick about a motorcycle-riding metal supercop to be just a little more fun?
  2. Reviewed by: Peter Travers
    Feb 14, 2014
    Brazilian director José Padilha (Elite Squad, Bus 174) soldiers on stolidly, but lacks the Dutch Verheoeven's abiding sense of mischief.
  3. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    Feb 13, 2014
    Neither Alex Murphy’s internal moral conflict nor the larger, vaguely satiric portrait of a global culture dependent on high-tech law enforcement seem to be the main point of this Robocop remake, which raises the question of what is meant to be the point.