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  • Summary: When a tourist from Hong Kong comes to New York City to attend his uncle's wedding, his plans include a little relaxation, sight-seeing and helping out around the family grocery store. But somebody forgot to tell him that the market was located in the middle of the South Bronx. (New Line Cinema)
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  1. Reviewed by: Barry Walters
    Rumble in the Bronx has the explosive escapades that Stallone/Schwarzenegger followers crave - hair-raising free falls, hovercrafts out of control, crazed turf wars, collapsing buildings, gun-happy gangsters and other boy-film staples - plus the kind of oddball comedy and independent spirit usually found only outside the current Hollywood empire. Chan is a true artist of a genre that ordinarily does all it can to avoid art.
  2. Freed from the tiresome constraints of plot and character, Rumble in the Bronx is the distilled essence of action entertainment. [27 Feb 1996, p.D1]
  3. 75
    Any attempt to defend this movie on rational grounds is futile. The whole point is Jackie Chan, he does what he does better than anybody. He's having fun. If we allow ourselves to get in the right frame of mind, so are we.
  4. Reviewed by: Joey O'Bryan
    While not quite up to the standard of Chan's finest movies, Rumble in the Bronx is fast-paced, funny, and exciting, and should serve as a nice introduction for the uninitiated to the hyperactive world of Hong Kong action filmmaking.
  5. 63
    Although Rumble in the Bronx isn't Chan's best work it's still ninety minutes of solid, campy entertainment. Most of the running time is devoted to the slickly choreographed action scenes, leaving virtually no room for plot or character development.
  6. Reviewed by: Bruce Diones
    The movie is disjointed and, at times, unintentionally funny, but its ineptitude is so good-natured that it makes a charming alternative to the mind-numbing professionalism of American action movies. [23 Feb 1996]
  7. An awkward hybrid of Asian and American film techniques. It's also an uninvolving story that casts Chan in the role of a fish out of water and gives him little opportunity to show his exuberant personality.

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  1. Jan 18, 2011
    watching it you deeply desire to know more about the person the movie is about. Man on the Moon did this for me. It gave me a deep desire towatching it you deeply desire to know more about the person the movie is about. Man on the Moon did this for me. It gave me a deep desire to learn more about Andy Kaufman and a want to have witnessed the man before his demise (or is he still around somewhere still pulling pranks? ;) Whatever the reality is Carrey gave a performance of the life time, I can't say he portrayed Kaufman perfectly as I never really witnessed anything Andy had ever done, but if he was as Jim Carrey portrayed him than I am sure he was brilliant. Bravo to Jim and bravo Man on the Moon a movie for anyone who appreciates good drama, comedy, and a person who was so revolutionary in both that he was never was appreciated for what he did but now we can appreciate it. Expand