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  2. Negative: 14 out of 28
  1. Reviewed by: Kyle Smith
    RV stands for "Retread of 'Vacation,'" or possibly "Robin's Vehicle," but to me it's funnier than "National Lampoon's Vacation." I always found Chevy Chase's road trip more unpleasant than outrageous, but RV has laughs spilling out of its overhead bins.
  2. What makes RV work are some genuinely funny bits (one of which is not an overlong sequence in which Bob has trouble emptying the R.V.'s toilet) that should ring especially true to any parent forced to cajole a recalcitrant child into having a good time.
  3. Robin Williams is such a great comic virtuoso that it can almost hurt to see him straining to pump life into a conventional, uninspired, sometimes-goofy big-studio comedy such as RV.
  4. The funny thing about RV - no, it's not the jokes, which mostly bomb - is that the characters are actually pretty likable. It's an odd achievement for a road-trip comedy that wants desperately to be loved for its potty jokes, not its humanity.
  5. With the exception of one long improv riff on a campground basketball court, Williams nicely underplays his role. Unfortunately, Sonnenfeld also underplays his. We should expect more of him.
  6. 50
    There is nothing I much disliked but little to really recommend. At least the movie was not nonstop slapstick, and there were a few moments of relative gravity, in which Robin Williams demonstrated once again that he's more effective on the screen when he's serious than when he's trying to be funny.
  7. 50
    Once you get past the lengthy, graphic geyser-of-liquid-excrement gag, it's not as irredeemably vulgar as it might have been.
  8. Reviewed by: Winda Benedetti
    A family-friendly comedy with some gut-shaking chuckles and a heartwarming message. Sadly, it's also a fine example of what happens when talented people settle for utter mediocrity.
  9. Reviewed by: Jordan Harper
    The result is a workmanlike family comedy with enough pratfalls and poo jokes for tykes and enough sentimentality for parents.
  10. Reviewed by: Justin Chang
    RV works up an ingratiating sweetness that partially compensates for its blunt predictability and meager laughs.
  11. As Williams ricochets between playing submissive soft-drink executive tethered to the whims of a hysterical boss and pathetic dad at the wheel, trying to cajole his family into vacation satisfaction, we can be excused for getting carsick.
  12. The biggest disappointment is the rigorously rote nature of the characters and story line in Geoff Rodkey's script
  13. Reviewed by: Angie Errigo
    Williams' virtuoso hijinking and Daniels' Huggy Bearish bonhomie save this from complete ignominy, but we’ve seen it all before.
  14. 40
    This miserable comedy is enlivened occasionally by Jeff Daniels and Kristin Chenoweth as a cheerfully tacky couple who keep crossing paths with the dysfunctional clan.
  15. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    RV has teeth -- more teeth than the last few Steve Martin films, anyway -- but it's terrified to bite down, knowing that the paying audience would feel it more than anyone.
  16. 30
    In RV, the downwardly spiraling career trajectories of Robin Williams and director Barry Sonnenfeld intertwine like the ropes of a tangled parachute, and all the helpless viewer can do is look on aghast as the whole abortive fiasco plummets toward Earth.
  17. 30
    The bedraggled movie limps along to its phony hogwash of an ending, adding the ignominy of sentimentality to its previous sin of being so derivative.
  18. Reviewed by: Jeannette Catsoulis
    Nowadays no family movie is complete without a values-oriented agenda and a bountiful supply of fecal matter, and RV supplies both.
  19. Reviewed by: Grady Hendrix
    RV is another disturbing entry in the dark cycle of movies that began for Robin Williams with "One Hour Photo" and "Insomnia" and has continued with "The Night Listener." I look forward with queasy dread to what he'll do in "Mrs. Doubtfire 2."
  20. Why did director Barry Sonnenfeld take on this project? Just to sully a fine comedic resume that includes "The Addams Family" and "Get Shorty"? And one last one: Which one of these levers do you push to send the RV careering off the mountain for good?
  21. I would have told you that its title refers to recreational vehicle. Having seen it, I now know the initials stand for reeking vulgarity.
  22. RV is a horrible movie about horrible people, and just because they call it a comedy doesn't mean we have to play along.
  23. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    Unfunny, sappy and massively predictable.
  24. 25
    On those rare occasions when RV stumbles across a comedic moment that is legitimately funny, it drains the humor out of it by milking it dry.
  25. Yes, Virginia, there is a poop fairy, which is why studio heads persist in tucking the likes of RV under their pillows, confident they'll awaken Monday morning to find all that brown turned straight to green.
  26. 25
    Apart from a funny turn by "Arrested Development's" Will Arnett as Williams' evil boss, nobody appears to be having a good time. And the feeling is infectious.
  27. 20
    The recreational vehicle has a long and storied tradition in American cinema, from "Damnation Alley" to "Lost in America" to "Stripes." Sadly, RV shares little of its namesake' nationwide appeal.
  28. 0
    Isn't it time to put Robin Williams out to pasture? There's precious little mirth to be had via RV after the comically nasty opening set-up.
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  1. Marlene
    Sep 11, 2006
    I really liked it. I was impressed that there was no nudity or cursing. It showed real talent.
  2. StanV.
    Jul 12, 2006
    Didn't think I would enjoy this much when I took my daughter. But I did. Lots of genuinely funny moments, gratifying slapstick and cogent commentary about modern life and family. Not perfect, of course, with its relatively contrived plot leaps. But a good time. Full Review »
  3. AmandaJ.
    Jun 7, 2006
    It wa stupid but funny when Robin William was acting like a white rapper!