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  1. HalB.
    Feb 2, 2007
    Geez, why do viewers/critics take themselves (and this film) so seriously? It was a generally entertaining diversion, some laugh-out-loud moments, some light musical videos, lots of vulgarity and political incorrectness. Not everyone's cup of tea, but pretty damn funny nonetheless.. Jokes about 9/11 (actually, soy lattes), blacks, asians, hispanics, jews, caucasions, genitalia and "dooty" make up the bulk of her material. Sarah Silverman is undoubtedly talented and this movie showcases those talents. I'm not sure she's truly "edgy" or even trying to be that. She's just funny in a very offbeat and perverse way. And she happens to be very attractive & sexy. Not the girl to bring home to your mother, unless perhaps your mother is a jewish stripper who laughs at potty humor. Full Review »
  2. JoshC.
    Jan 23, 2007
    What Bruce did with obscenity and Mr. Pryor - especially in his first concert film - did with race was to find the outer boundary of the audience's tolerance and push beyond it, confronting and confusing the satisfied self-image of the liberal, sophisticated public. This kind of transgression has long since become ritualized and normalized, and Ms. Silverman's act is the latest evidence that mocking political correctness has become a form of political correctness in its own right. Her version of insult humor is actually flattering, both to herself and to those who find it funny. She depends on the assumption that only someone secure in his or her own lack of racism would dare to make, or to laugh at, a racist joke, the telling of which thus becomes a way of making fun simultaneously of racism and of racial hyper-sensitivity. (Like many young, otherwise deracinated Jewish comedians, Ms. Silverman falls back on her ethnic identity as a way of claiming ready-made outsider status.) Everything she says is delivered through enough layers of self-consciousness - air quotes wrapped in air quotes - to make anyone who finds it offensive look like a sucker. She even makes fun of the idea that she might be thought of as an "edgy" comedian. And indeed she isn't. Ms. Silverman is a gutless comic who is just playing it safe. Full Review »
  3. brette.
    Dec 28, 2006
    Wildly funny. sarah hits it out the park with the deliverance of her matieral.