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  1. Handily beats back the evils of boredom.
  2. Reviewed by: Helen O\'Hara
    It's heartfelt, hilarious and a highly satisfying adaptation of the book. You don't have to be a geek to adore it; you just have to remember being young. But one word of caution: Hollywood, don't try to make a hundred of these. It won't work.
  3. 100
    Its speedy, funny, happy-sad spirit is so infectious that the movie makes you feel at home in its world even if the landscape is, at first glance, unfamiliar.
  4. 100
    Michael Cera elevates deadpan to an art, starring as a slacker turned action hero in this wildly inventive comedy that's one of the most vivid and spirited adaptations of a comic book since Spider-Man--and one of the hippest since Ghost World.
  5. 90
    As he did in "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz", Wright immerses his heroes in pop culture's detritus and diversions, but doesn't drown them in it. You don't have to be dazzled or tickled by the movie, or get every joke, to be touched by it, too.
  6. Wright takes the tools of a bloodless medium, the video game, and crafts an action-comedy with a true-blue beating heart.
  7. 88
    Scott Pilgrim is a breathless rush of a movie that jumps off the screen, spins your head around and then stealthily works its way into your heart.
  8. 88
    This is not the first time Wright has shown his understanding for such things, nor is this the first occasion in which he has displayed a strong sense of comedic timing, but Scott Pilgrim vs. the World feels fresher and more inspired than his previous outings, and that makes it an excellent source of late-summer entertainment.
  9. 88
    Of all the gonzo-goofy comic book adaptations that embrace video gaming sensibilities, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is the gonzo-goofiest.
  10. There's a running joke that this epic of also-ran heroism is set in eternally modest Toronto; but its real locale is an alternate universe without parents or the unhip.
  11. The first rock & roll kung fu videogame youth love story.
  12. 83
    Wright and company do a splendid job of distilling it down to a fresh and entertaining joyride of a film.
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  1. Aug 13, 2010
    Absolutely fantastic! There is a reason I believe that Edgar Wright is THE best film director we have today, and SPvTW adds to it. Wright fully captured the essence of the gamer/gen-Y crowd and the modern teen comedy. Creativity oozes out of it. It's a movie that isn't afraid to not take itself seriously. I can definitely see how a critic or viewer would give it a low score, because they just don't get it. It doesn't interest them. It's ok! It won my heart. I smiled the whole time. If you love games, subtle humor, any of Edgar Wrights past films, teen comedies, or fresh ideas...Go see this film! Full Review »
  2. Aug 13, 2010
    First things first, it was Not a cut and paste of the books.
    It was as funny, as innovative, as lovable, as heartfelt, and as humble as the
    My favorite part of the books though, was that they were just really fun. I felt a smile on my face while I read it.
    The movie version doesn't lose that.

    This movie acknowledges the Nintendo Generation like no movie ever has.
    Some characters are far gayer (weird, I expected to see a red line under that word), and some characters are far less.
    Some lost face time and others gained, but I can't think of a single Book-to-Movie edit that was a bad call. (considering they had to cut about 75% of all character development/back stories)

    It feels inappropriate to use the same old words and phrases to praise a movie that was slathered with completely new things I've never seen in a movie or script. I owe Edgar Wright and Brian Lee O'Malley an attempt though.

    -Any one scene from this movie could be viral on YouTube on its own.
    -My 'Love the Movie' to 'Hate the Wait til DVD' Ratio is equal at â
    Full Review »
  3. Aug 22, 2010
    Jesus Christ! When will you people learn... This movie is rubbish.
    The plot is awful (see Biodome), the style of the movie is unoriginal (see
    Blur (PC Game)), the acting was obviously as bad as it will always be with Michael Cera (see Arrested Development). This movie does not succeed in any genre whether it be romantic comedy, drama or action. Scott Tobias has a habit of overrating movies, but he gives a good review with "So why, given its moment-to-moment surplus of visual imagination, does the film feel so hollow and unsatisfying?". Also to other amateur reviewers out there who say "I can definitely see how a critic or viewer would give it a low score, because they just don't get it. It doesn't interest them. It's ok! It won my heart". That's exactly what Twilight fans say on Metacritic. I went into this movie expecting something different and amazing like something from Charlie Kaufman, but instead i find a movie with no real plot just doing something random to keep the idiots watching from becoming bored. Oh and in case any of you are ageists, I'm 18 and i love playing video games. Full Review »