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  • Summary: On the edges of Las Vegas, 17-year old Andrew is spiraling out of control. Unable to cope with the loss of his father, Andrew's descent into drugs and violence is gaining momentum, and the once-promising young man is heading for self-destruction. Andrew's mother, helpless to control her son and fighting an addiction of her own, refuses to watch idly as her only child destroys himself. As a last resort, she hires a private company to forcibly kidnap and confine him in a locked-down (and corrupt) psychiatric hospital. As Andrew is subjected to the physical and emotional abuses of the program, something inside of him is reawakened. He decides that it is time to rebuild his life, but in order to do so, he must face his demons head-on. Based on true events. (THINKFilm)
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  1. 75
    On the basis of this film, Monty Lapica, at 24, has a career ahead of him as a director, an actor or both. He also has a life ahead of him, which the film does a great deal to make clear.
  2. There's a palpable element of honesty in Lapica's writing and lead performance that gives this indie production, the edge over other troubled teen dramas.
  3. A compelling small-scale drama, and Lapica is a talent to watch.
  4. Though buoyed by Anthony Marinelli’s moody score and Denis Maloney’s gutsy cinematography, Self-Medicated suffers from severe dramatic droop.
  5. The vision of him pretending to be a sullen teen is a distraction the movie never overcomes.
  6. 42
    It's a personal story that feels like it's been constructed from other movies.
  7. Before the movie reaches its climax, it has created a mess that requires divine intervention.

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  1. Nov 28, 2012
    This is an indie film made for a low budget. Considering the limited resources the filmmakers had I must say they did an outstanding job. This is a very well made movie that is resonant on many levels. I would recommend this film. Expand

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