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Summary: Canadian/Swiss/French production that tells the tale of Hannah, a tomboyish 13 year-old hitting puberty in 1963. An unhappy and uncomfortable family life leads Hannah to seek escapism in the world of cinema. Specifically, she repeatedly watches and appears enthralled by Nana (Anna Karina), the character from Jean-Luc Godard's "Vivre sa vie" (1962) about a Parisian woman's descent into prostitution. Her confusion surrounding what is real leads to a crush for her female teacher and her actively pursuing what it's like to be a prostitute for an evening.
Runtime: 95 min
Production: Haut et Court
Genre: Drama
Countries: France, Canada, Switzerland
Language: French
Director Credit
Léa Pool Director
Writer Credit
Isabelle Raynault Writer
Léa Pool Writer
Nancy Huston Writer
Cast Credit
Alexandre Mérineau Paul, Frère De Hanna
Carl Hennebert-Faulkner Martin
Charlotte Christeler Laura
Gary Boudreault Boulanger
Jacques Galipeau Grand-Père De Hanna
Karine Vanasse Hanna
Marie-Hélène Gagnon Propriétaire
Michel Albert Gardien De Sécurité
Miki Manojlovic Père De Hanna
Monique Mercure Grand-Mère De Hanna
Nancy Huston Professeur
Neil Kroetsch Prêteur Sur Gage
Normand Canac-Marquis Client De Hanna
Pascale Bussières Mère De Hanna
Suzanne Garceau Infirmière
Producer Credit
Alfi Sinniger Producer: Catpics
Carole Scotta Producer: Haut Et Court
Lorraine Richard Producer: Cité Amérique Cinéma Télevision
Louis Laverdière Executive Producer
Louis-Philippe Rochon Line Producer Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by: