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  1. Nov 20, 2012
    A great movie nonetheless with an excellent theme song and great action, but with some boring scenes, a gun-barrel at the end of the movie that doesn't fit right and a plot that looked like it went mission impossible. It's been four years before a comeback drew more attention to this.
  2. Nov 19, 2012
    I have mixed feeling about this film. Overall, I was disappointed and the main reason was that the nothing was developed to make it really interesting. Let's start with the villain. Bardem is a great actor but you need some back ground to make him villainious. They actually did have some of the best scenes in the movie when Bond meets Bardem. However, there is no depth given to how he becomes a villain and little face time with Bond. The same with the new Q. He just shows up. The plot has no depth either. We get little of Bond except in the first scene working on this. The movie really becomes about him protecting M and that really is not that interesting. The final scene reminded me of "Strawdogs" but without the tension or excitement. I had hopes for this series when they got rid of Roger Moore and the supervilian with the hugh fight scene at his hidden lair. However, the improvements are marginal with each new film and that takes several years. I don't know if I can wait for them to put an entire film together that is entertaining. Expand
  3. Nov 19, 2012
    A solid 007 movie. QOS was awful, and this was a good followup for Daniel Craig. it has little action scenes, but they are well performed, and it has a great story. See it.
  4. Nov 19, 2012
    The greatest Bond film ever, Skyfall is modern but at the same time a throwback to the old films. Javier Bardem excels in creating a brilliant villain as Raoul Silva, while Daniel Craig is amazing again as James Bond. The final third in my opinion shines, with a brilliant twist at the end to cap it off. All in all, not only has Sam Mendes succeeded in making a brilliant Bond film, he has smashed all expectations I had for this film. There is only one phrase I can say to describe this film. Simply Bond. James Bond. Here's to another 50 years! Expand
  5. Nov 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After just returning from watching the new James Bond Film, Skyfall, there are a few words that I would use to describe this film- great but not amazing. Ashamedly I have only seen one film before hand of the 23 films- Casino Royale- but I would say that this film is the anti-climax to what was an exciting array of movies this year and in the 50 years Bond has been on screen. Initially I enjoyed the idea of the film, Bond gets shot, Bond comes back to fight a former agent but there are some plot holes throughout the movie that seem glossed over merely for continuity and some forgettable acting that spoils the movie slightly. There were publicised rumours that Pinewood Studios were cash-strapped and had to rely on heavy product placement to help pay for the movie, but you would never had known at times. This film is a visual delight! From the frantic chases through Turkish Bazaars (via CGI) to the neon lights of Shanghai and the mossy hills in the Highlands, this film really is eye candy. The plot revolves around the attempted recovery of stolen records, of which will endanger undercover NATO agents all over the world. James Bond is no longer the spy he used to be, espionage has aged his hair and his shooting isn't as good as it used to be (for some reason) but he will need all of his dull wit and courage to overcome what lies ahead in this movie. Daniel Craig and Dame Judy Dench both reprise their roles as James Bond and M respectively, with the welcomed inclusion of new characters such as Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) and the cyber terrorist Bond bad guy Raoul Silva (played by a bleached-blonde Javier Bardem). Albert Finney makes a late appearance at the end of the film as Bond's ex-groundkeeper and he almost steals the show with his welcomed humour. His role was rumoured to be originally offered to Sean Connery as the ultimate nod to Bond's 50th anniversary but he manages to justify why they casted him instead.... sort of. The inevitable Bond girls as a whole were mostly forgettable and I didn't really care for them if they were under threat or killed (Sevarine you know who you are). Sometimes the plot just baffled me, why the hell do you have the locations of hundreds of secret NATO agents being carried by an agent? Why can't you just store it in MI6? Are Bond Expand
  6. Nov 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Where to even begin with how awful this movie is??? First, I LOVE action films. I LOVE Bond films. I LOVE Sam Mendes. Does that mean they should all be in one movie together? Um.... no. As a preface, I was really excited by all the hype for this film and waited in line for two hours to redeem my $22 IMAX ticket at the only "real" IMAX theater in NYC to get the very best seat in the house. And what did I get for this dedication? A meandering story line that was derivative, ridiculous, and at least thirty minutes too long (how does this "old guy Bond" that can't even pass a simple fitness test survive being shot with a high-grade weapon and falling several stories into a huge waterfall??); scenes and subplots that barely even made sense (why does Bond meet the Bond girl and determine she is a former child sex trade worker, then suddenly appear like a CREEP in her shower, promise to save her, and then let her die in the next scene commenting callously that her death was a waste of good scotch-- POINTLESS if not creepy); idiotic plot devices (why do people need a flashlight to find a huge building in a field lit up by massive explosions and flames? Ummmm, let's see... to make them easy for the villain to find...??); lame, lame LAAAAAMMMMMEE fight sequences (that Shanghai club scene was so ho-hum after all the build up. Not to mention it contained the ONLY bit of pay off on the supposedly "cool" gun. Why does a Chinese body guard not carry his own gun and how does he not know there is a huge dragon in this pit in the place where he works, nor manage to see it coming?).
    The gadgets were boring- an iPod mini is cooler than that radio- and the scenes were overall, way too drawn out.
    How, how HOW have we forgotten the primary rule of cinema-- SHOW don't tell???? I don't want to hear a long monologue about a Chinese prison sentence, I want to SEE it. I don't want to watch Bond follow two steps behind, discovering Patrice's trail of dead bodies- I want to see the kills! I want to SEE Javier Bardem's awesome escape from this airtight cell, instead of leaving Q to "suddenly realize" that he must have been planning it all along and somehow magically foresaw all these incredible details blah blah blah. Show me how this crazy cool fingerprint gun works! Give me a tour of your awesome Aston Martin that's so much cooler now than it was in Goldfinger. At least let me see the CGI scorpion TRY to sting Bond.... SOMETHING. And why oh why is the cleaning guy at the little beach bungalow bar watching Wolf Blitzer on CNN conveniently at sunrise...? Are you serious?? That's REALLY the best you can do with a team of three accomplished Hollywood writers? I want to SEE how Bond survived his crazy fall, if he's so old and has a bullet wound. The pacing of this film was slow, WAY to slow for an action film. Bond lost, in my opinion, all his sex appeal- the shower scene was so far from steamy and the shaving scene was loooonnnnngg and went nowhere. There was no build at all to the momentum of this film. Points where the suspense should have been at a high (like in M's hearing) plodded along with the efficiency of a three-toed sloth. Points where Bond could have been a hero (like for example, SAVING the Bond girl to make her three scenes at least kind of pay off) were missing entirely. With all the technology today, you would think they could have come up with some cooler gadgets and taken the time to show us how they work, because the HOW is really the awesome part of action movies anyway.
    And why oh WHY did we witness at least ten minutes of film establishing how old and beat up James Bond is these days, and how he can't even pass a fitness test, only for NONE of this information to ever pay off anywhere else in the story??? I'm all for exploring the aging super hero thing, like Batman as a shut in facing foreclosure, but this just seemed like an unresolved, half-explored idea.

    Javier Bardem stole the show as always, and actually held my attention with his two very lengthy monologues. In the hands of another actor, this role could have been ridiculous but he brought out the creepy sadism and kept it bubbling just under the surface for the whole film, justifying as best he could WHY (why oh why, Writers??) a man with such "limitless power" might wait fifteen years to kill the woman he hated most, biding his time with stock market manipulation, and why it seems like such a process to kill her when he can apparently blow up MI6 with undetected ease. Judi Dench and Albert Finney were both excellent as always, and truly made up the only emotional core of this film, being the only actors who were able to achieve a measure of compassion or depth.
    Daniel Craig was pouty and plasticky as usual and his body language continues to seem put on and unconvinced. Eve Moneypenny had all the vim and vigor of a corporate lawyer and I really wasn't sold on that casting choice. All around- LAME BOND.
  7. Nov 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. One of the worst Bond imho. Most of my reasons are:

    Main villains in Bond movies have crazy world crushing plots with machines of massive power and destruction, not a hacker in a room full of servers. QoS for example: controlling a water supply, brilliant! not some hacker scheme, Anonymous is already doing that.

    You don't go blowing up a vintage Bond car for the fun of it. Watch the opening car chase of QoS and tell me it's not awesome. Even the rooftop bike chase was a ripoff of the rooftop running chase from QoS.

    A huge stone house in Ireland doesn't blow up and burn like it's full of gasoline and made of dry timber.

    Javier Bardem should not have been the villain, it should have been a lesser known actor, and his opening rant was far too wordy and childish.

    The new Q was a joke, most of his on screen time was blundering around with his giant screen contributing nothing to Bond's journey.

    So many predictable plot turns and scenes, I almost forgot it was a Bond flick.

    I walked into that theater with such high hopes and walked out shaking my head saying "what were they thinking when they made this".

    Now reading comments on Twitter and the 007 facebook page, people just wearing rose coloured glasses cause it's "Bond" and we're told to like that guy.

    I believe it's a sad turn for the franchise.
  8. Nov 19, 2012
    Hm, okay, there is something new in this Bond film, vut especially the ending sequence at "Skyfall" was unrealistic and much too similar to an average action movie. The villain seems unmotivated, certain actions are not comprehensible, and then M's dead at the end, which destroys James' invulnerable image ... absolutely a matter of taste!
  9. Nov 19, 2012
    This was the most surprising Bond movie I've ever seen. It has everything you see in a Bond movie but also everything you don't see in Bond movies so much. This one felt like it tried to be a different film while still remaining a Bond film at the same time. Bond just proves that he is a superhero you don't see in comic books. He is a badass and knows how to kick (or shoot) butt. How does he not qualify as a superhero even if he doesn't have powers?

    Watch this movie. If you're a Bond fan or not you'll love this movie. It is designed for both fans and non-fans. It has all the action you'd expect from a James Bond movie, while having a strong script that is executed in a way that will appeal to newcomers as well.

    The Second act of the movie is the best part, that and the (INCREDIBLE) opening chase scene. Also, this could be the first Bond movie to definitely be a period piece of modern times. However it will live on as one of the greats in the series. The cyber-terrorism plot is not exactly what you would expect from Bond, but the way it's done here, it's right at home.

    Skyfall is a breakthrough in the James Bond franchise. Watch it on the big screen before it is out of the theatre altogether. You'll be surprised.
  10. Nov 19, 2012
    The 50th anniversary of the James Bond series is acknowledged in this latest installment. Not literally, but in a thematic approach that pits human skills and basic weapons against technology and 21st century tactics. The villain (a blonde Javier Bardem) has devised a lame plot to release the names of spies and a bigger mission to destroy M (Judi Dench). Meanwhile, Bond (Daniel Craig) hasn't fully recovered from the opening sequence (the best action in the film). There are a few other passable encounters, but nothing spectacular. The locales are sufficiently attractive and the new ladies are a minor attraction, but this one relies more on character and discussion than on traditional 007 style and fun. Intellectually, it's an interesting exercise, but is that why what we want from 007? Expand
  11. Nov 18, 2012
    Casino Royal was a very good movie. Craig became a new Bond, a rougher Bond, a more "realistic Bond. All this is swept away in Skyfall and replaced by a dull, boring, regrettable image of a Bond character that is put together with traces of Startrek and Batman movies.
    This is one of the worst Bond movies ever made (in comparison Casino Royal was one of the best).
    Sam Mendes provided
    cheap script work....what can I say....bad, bad, bad. Expand
  12. Nov 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I went into this movie expecting "the best bond movie yet" and what I got was far from that. The story line is horrid and for most of the story to even take place we have to accept that even though the characters are supposed to be the best and brightest England has to offer, they make some of the worst choices possible. 1.) The British government compiles a list of every nations undercover agents real names, puts said list on a laptop that some how finds it's way to Istanbul. - Really? MI6 is smart enough acquire that information but dumb enough to put it on a laptop and let it get out in the open? 2.) The villain is introduced as a genius computer hacker with some brilliant strategic skills. This might be true in the very beginning but quickly disappears. Rather than just shoot Bond and be rid of him, he blows a hole in the ceiling so that a subway train will coming crashing in and maybe kill Bond. - I thought we were past the days of "let's try to kill him with some crazy method where we don't actually see him die". Because that method works so well.... 3.) Q claims to also be a genius with computers but then he goes and connects the villain's laptop to their network which just so happens to also be running the security system. - Worst part of the movie for me was this moment because the second they connect his laptop you already know it'll have some "virus" that takes everything down in a matter of seconds thus freeing the villain.

    Save yourself the time and money, go see something else.
  13. Nov 18, 2012
    Awesome action flick - Not a Bond Movie.
    This is definitely the best bond movie staring Daniel Craig but it still does not give me the vibe of a true Bond film. It's does not give out the vibe the pre- Daniel Craig Bond films did, key elements are missing such as the feeling of adventure or making Bond a likeable character to the audience. When watching the old bond movies you actually
    want to be bond and overall the movie made you feel happy. These new Daniel Craigs are darker and different, not holding to their true ancestor films, so when you watch the film don't go in with a mindset of watching another Bond movie (because it's not), just take it like a really well made Action / Drama movie. Skyfall is very well made, great lighting, scenes, characters, sound and especially story. Javier Bardem was perfectly selected for the role of the villain and will be hard to forget long after watching. Overall if you want to see a very good movie and let me stress not a James Bond movie watch skyfall, you shouldn't be disappointed. Expand
  14. 4DI
    Nov 18, 2012
    Mixes up the bond formula in a good way.
  15. Nov 18, 2012
    skyfall is such an awesome movie, that i literally had a heart attack (sort of). i hated the previous bond movies, because i thought that daniel craig sucked as james bond, because james bond is not really a character in the traditional sense. he's more of a tour through a magic land full of guns, one-liners, secret spies and lovely ladies. casino royale and quantum of solace tried to give him a back story, but ended up making him a gritty hardass that's no fun to watch at all. and that made me think that i could never love this new james bond. but after having seen this movie, i know that they weren't bad because they tried to give bond a back story, but because they made a poor attemt to give bond a back story. this james bond brings the same fun i remember from the classics, and the back story didn't impede that at all! in fact, it elevates the previous movies to a certain extend. skyfall is a great action movie, but it's especially good to finally have james bond back. Expand
  16. Nov 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Quizá la más interesantes de las 3 de Daniel Craig. Porqué cierra la trilogía, por el final de M, por enseñar que el propio sistema a menudo crea a los peores villanos, y sobretodo por la magistral interpretación de Javier Bardem.
    Lo mejor de la película, cuando Bardem sobetea a Craig, y éste sabe aguantar el tipo. Magníficos los dos.
  17. Nov 17, 2012
    Loved Skyfall from start to end. Amazing action, brilliant acting, and the story is awesome. I'm glad they killed off M and the Bond girls were super HOT. Action sequences were explosive, sound quality was ground shaking, and cinematography was perfect. Every Craig-Bond film has been absolutely stellar, can't wait to see his next.
  18. Nov 17, 2012
    I'd give this a solid 4.5/5

    Increadible movie. Fans of the Bond series will love it but newcomers might not. I loved every second of this film. Bond is such a great character and he is very well portrayed by Craig. Dialogues are great and the cinematography and shots are just well shot. This film focuses a lot on character but it doesn't get distracted by them if that makes any sense.

    although the script and story were great I can't say that the plot and structure is great either. Some of the things at the end of act 2 and beginning of act 3 was just kind of mediocre and done "too fast". The villain is kind of predictable around this stage. I was waiting for sth more elaborate than what happened. Some action sequences, as i said, are pretty bad at times and it's very distracting. However those bad moments are saved by the great cameos and character moments which are very fascinating and intriguing
  19. Nov 17, 2012
    Maybe there are lots of The Dark Knight elements and there is no exploring in some characters, but the spectacular acting (I think Javier Bardem will win another Oscar), good action and funny moments makes Skyfall still an interesting and sexy blockbuster.
  20. Nov 17, 2012
    Skyfall is brilliant, it truly is. The acting and portrayal of James Bond and all of the other characters is amazing. The action is gripping and exciting. The plot/story line is really interesting, there are great moments concerning the plot, like: spoilers which I won't tell you, because if you haven't seen it yet, it will spoil the film. You get to know the character's personalities very well. The special effects are very impressive. The music is some of the greatest music in any film ever. The suspense. The classic feel of the James Bond films is perfectly portrayed. The whole film is just brilliantly done, it's gripping, exciting, action-packed, it's got an incredible and classic feel to it. Skyfall is one of the greatest film of all time, if you haven't seen it yet, you have to see it, it's highly recommended! 10/10. Definitely. Expand
  21. Nov 17, 2012
    This bond film was different from the others. This, in my opinion, means that it is better and worse in some ways, for one simple reason - there are less chases and typical bond scenes and the film is much deeper and thought-provoking because of this. This made the film more adult which was good but I still missed typical bond scenes. This is a really good film that will appeal to a wider audience, however hardcore fans may be disappointed. Expand
  22. Nov 17, 2012
    To be honest I had never seen another Bond movie before but when I went last night with some friends to see it, the screen definitely lit up. The story and how it led to the ending was magnificent and I truly enjoyed the new addition to the franchise and cannot wait for the next one, for I am sure it will come back guns blazing 007 style. The only thing that actually bugged me were a few minor details that the average person won't spot, so definitely one of my favorite movies. Expand
  23. Nov 17, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Once the credits roll, you will have only one question - why did that stupid b*tch not aim for his head and kill Bond for good. For me, he most certainly IS dead. Expand
  24. Nov 17, 2012
    This movie, like Heineken beer, leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. Skyfall's version of Bond is so cold and lacking in charm that he will likely inspire your contempt rather than your sympathy. Javier Bardem is nowhere near as scary as he was in No Country for Old Men, but that's not his fault- the part is just poorly written. Gone are the witty one liners so famously associated with the series. I can recall laughing twice during the entirety of this film. Bond movies need to have a good sense of humor, which you won't find here. On the romantic front, things are equally grim: there is no chemistry between Craig and his legion of shallow female sidekicks. This is partly because the script sucks, but it's also because Daniel Craig is just downright ugly, pardon the crassness. He is not easy on the eyes. I'm glad this is his last Bond movie, to be honest. I think Michael Fassbender could play the kind of Bond this series needs in order to get back on track. I found myself feeling quite bored for the majority of the movie. Strange that such an explosive action movie would be so devoid of intrigue and suspense. I'll give it a three for the gorgeous title sequence and Roger Deakins' photography. Expand
  25. Nov 17, 2012
    Best James Bond Movie Yet Bond Girl didn't last to long but other than that the movie is good. This Movie had the best opening in the history of the Franchise
  26. Nov 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Overall, Skyfall was enjoyable, visually stunning at times, and Daniel Craig continues to be a top-notch Bond. All of that being said, I was a little let down plot wise. I really, really liked Javier Bardem's character but was constantly disappointed with how the script played out his actions. He's a supposed cyber genius, and his mastermind plot was (at one point) to enter a major courthouse dressed as a cop and shoot it up with a glock and two goons? Also, I loved the idea of his character revealing 5 new agents a week (similar to the Joker's plan in the Dark Knight when he killed someone every day) but this part of the story was dropped completely! By the end, the townhouse "Homealone-esch" showdown really seemed forced to me. I like the idea of disarming Bond and leaving him with only a knife, a pistol, and his creativity but I really didn't understand why they couldn't at least call in for some undercover backup at the farmhouse and overall it just seemed like a pretty sketchy plan considering it was crafted by the head of M16 and one of her best agents...I went into this movie just wanting to enjoy a good Bond flick and ultimately I would say I did but throughout I was scratching my head at some of the plot choice and by the end couldn't help but feel a little letdown. Expand
  27. Nov 16, 2012
    Hm. Skyfall was not a bad bond movie, but it only came close to being decent one. Overall, the pacing was off - each scene could have benefited from being cut by 10% on average. The only appearance that was way too brief was the Bond girl, who stopped showing up abruptly and early. The story has some horrible holes on the "what computers can do" front, and some hints are being dropped all too forcefully (especially at the end). The music wasn't particularly compelling and occasionally didn't fit the action on screen. On the other hand, the main actors did an impeccable job - Craig and Dench are my all-time favorites. In addition, the villain in this movie had actual real character, a really impressive achievement. This could have been a great movie to rival the Casion Royale (my 10/10 standard for awesome and impressive Bond movies), but fell short. Maybe we'll see a recut one day. Expand
  28. Nov 15, 2012
    What the **** did i just watch???? I' was looking forward to watching 'the Best Bond movie yet!' well **** me, i bought into the b.s. hype and critic reviews again. Silly me. This is the worst James Bond movie ever made...It just sucks the soul out of the mind has been blown by how bad this movie was....and this movie has been receiving so much praise since release?! seriously what the **** is wrong with people nowadays??? Is it really hard to think for yourself???. This movie set the nail in the coffin for me...I'm certain now that movie companies really believe people are dumb as hell and they can make the crappiest movie ever but as long as they advertise it as the best thing since slice bread, it will sell. Everything nowadays is so hyped up, you almost are always consistently disappointed with the final product yet people are so brainwashed and ashamed they bought into it, they can't admit they've just been duped :( **** is ****ing sad...i mean just admit the movie was **** and spare the rest of us. At least there's still some people out there who can see past the b.s. thank ****ing god...anyways this is just another reminder why I haven't been watching movies lately. I'll stick to my videogames thank you very much. Expand
  29. Nov 15, 2012
    A classic with modern touch, although with taking many cues from Nolan, Skyfall is the most entertaing blockbuster this year. With high A production value in any capacity , Skyfall is another example of masterful filmaking can be so much entertaining. I don't see it as Best Picture contender, but Academy loves Mendes. We'll see.
  30. Nov 15, 2012
    While it's easily one of the best movies I've seen all year, I can definitely see why people might be turned off by how it all played out. First the good: another great performance by Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem delivers one of the best bond villains I've seen in a VERY long time. He really steals the show and the only problem with his role was how little he was actually in the movie. You don't see him till at least an hour into the movie. Daniel Craig does a fine job, as he has in the past two movies, and Ben Whishaw's Q was very well done. Overall it was a very well acted movie and the characters really carried the movie here. The plot was kinda sketchy but serviceable. The biggest problem with this movie, to me, was the super slow pacing of the film. Sitting at 2.5 hours, you would think there would be alot going on plotwise but there are only a few things that happen here and there with alot of talking done in the middle. While the dialogue and action scenes were good, it just felt like more could have been done with those 2.5 hours. Plus with the lack of a true Bond girl, of which neither of the two leading ladies could be classified as, M sorta took on that role in a different light than what we are used to seeing in the past. It was different and I see where they were going it but it just doesn't do anything for me. They could have done something special with either of the other two girls in the movie but they just didn't pursue it. But it's still a great movie and one of the best movies to be released in the past few months. It probably won't win many rewards but it's still a great experience. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 43 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 43
  2. Negative: 0 out of 43
  1. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    Nov 9, 2012
    Skyfall leaves you wondering whether this incarnation of the character has anywhere left to go. It's the portrait of a spy at the end of his rope by an actor who seems close to his.
  2. Reviewed by: Rene Rodriguez
    Nov 9, 2012
    Mendes' approach to action is classical and elegant - no manic editing and blurry unintelligible images here - but what makes the movie truly special is the attention he gives his actors.
  3. Reviewed by: Mike Scott
    Nov 9, 2012
    The sky is far from falling on the Bond franchise. In fact, it is as good as it has ever been. What's more, Craig is reportedly on board for at least two more outings, so Q had better get to work on those bifocals because 007 is no where near ready for retirement.