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  1. 63
    Smile feels like one man's answer to movies increasingly overloaded with sex and violence.
  2. Causes don't get much worthier, and Smile is a labor of love, a portion of the film's proceeds earmarked for the humanitarian group.
  3. Overall, it's pretty elementary stuff, along the lines of a Disney Channel TV movie. It's uplifting, and it's in a good cause.
  4. 50
    If the dialectics here are strictly Hallmark, the film is lifted by some nice location work - all of the Chinese scenes are shot around Shanghai - and deepened somewhat by the bleak depiction of the emotional lives of Katie, her family and her friends.
  5. Reviewed by: Justin Chang
    Well-meaning but dramatically lopsided tearjerker bogs down in generic teen angst and domestic squabbling.
  6. Smile is like a dose of cod liver oil: It may be good for you, but it's no fun.
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  1. JebS.
    Jan 23, 2006
    I really wish I liked this movie. I tried and tried and tried, but it was just torture. The film would be a great illustration for a film class on editing on exactly what not to do. You can't keep showing the same thing over and over and keep the viewer interested. Full Review »