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  1. Positive: 8 out of 9
  2. Negative: 0 out of 9
  1. Reviewed by: Nathan Lee
    On the plus side, 100 percent sober when I watched it, I can say with some authority that Dylan Haggerty has written an eleventh-hour candidate for the funniest movie of 2007, that Gregg Araki has directed his finest film since 1997's "Nowhere," and that Faris, flawless, rocks their inspired idiot odyssey in a virtuoso comedic turn.
  2. Reviewed by: Staff (Not credited)
    Uproarious pothead comedy.
  3. Gregg Araki's delirious Smiley Face is an unabashed valentine to Anna Faris, an opportunity for the actress to show that she can carry a movie composed of often hilarious nonstop misadventures.
  4. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    Working from a script by TV actor Dylan Haggerty, Araki manages to capture what he's been trying to say all along about the lives of the stoned and indifferent with the kind of effortlessness those earlier attempts sorely lacked.
  5. 75
    It's a fittingly loose, shambling little nothing of a comedy that's occasionally inspired, but at least a draft or two short of its potential. Still, it's a pleasure to watch Faris--a gifted, likeable comedian who tends to be the best element of many terrible movies.
  6. Reviewed by: Zack Haddad
    This movie is all over the place. One giant discombobulated stoner trip that goes from one obscure adventure to another. And you know what? It is quite a fun, odd journey.
  7. Reviewed by: Matt Zoller Seitz
    Despite its laid-back script, “Smiley Face” is as prankishly political as Mr. Araki’s “Doom Generation,” evincing a deep unease with the media-saturated capitalist nation that Jane crawls inside her bong to escape.
  8. This is a midnight stoner movie if there ever was one.
  9. Reviewed by: Dennis Harvey
    A sterling space cadet performance by Anna Faris floats the genial if slight pothead comedy Smiley Face, a distaff "Dude, Where's My Car?"
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  1. Mar 12, 2011
    This movie is one of my favorites. I bought it after the first time I saw it. It has an awesome cast and the movie is hilarious. Anna Faris is always so funny and this movie is so different, and so much fun. You apparently have to get the humor because I find this movie to be hilarious. Check it out! Full Review »
  2. CesarA.
    May 20, 2008
    This movie is the best ever! Aif u are a true stoner its all about you! its poking fun at the true stoner life and I am so glad I saw it, and still am forever this is my favorite way better than "super bad". Full Review »
  3. DanS.
    Apr 1, 2008
    Clever approach to comedy..... Some of the other reviews remind me of music reviews by people complaining that, "Radiohead sucks compared to Phil Collins." Full Review »