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  • Summary: Think everyone over 17 has forgotten what it's like to be 16? John Hughes hasn't. Now Hughes delivers another funny, savvy, crowd-pleasing look at adolescence in this story about high school misfit Keith (Stoltz), who falls so head-over-heels for the senior class siren Amanda Jones (Thompson) that he's blind to the charms of his beautiful and devoted best pal Watts (Masterson). (Paramount) Expand
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  1. It has a light touch, a disarming cast, a well-developed sense of humor and a lot of charm. [27 Feb 1987, p.C17]
  2. This is kid stuff, but such well acted, well made stuff that inside 15 minutes you're sitting there like a teenager yourself wondering which girl Keith will wind up with. [27 Feb 1987]
  3. 75
    A hand-me-down cast? Far from it. Masterson and Stoltz possess talent and charm to spare... Wonderful aspires to be little more than the hot-and- happening teen flick of the moment. At that it succeeds.
  4. Reviewed by: Richard Schickel
    Thin, gulpy, awkward, it stands before us, artlessly begging sympathy but betraying its creator's worst weakness. [9 Mar 1987, p.86]
  5. 50
    It's Mary Stuart Masterson, bringing a depth and tenacity to her role that nowhere appears in the screenplay, who leaves the lasting impression. She escapes the airiness of Hughes's vision to establish something like a human being. [22 Feb 1987]
  6. Did you miss "Pretty in Pink," with the glowing Molly Ringwald? No problem. Some Kind of Wonderful, which has the same director -- Howard Deutch -- also has the same story... The real complaint, however, is that Hughes has absolutely nothing new to report -- no fresh perspectives, no gratefully received maturity, nothing added or depleted. [27 Feb 1987]
  7. John Hughes pours his usual slickness and sentimentality all over everything. [27 Feb 1987]

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  1. Sep 6, 2011
    Love it. Another classic Hughes movie. I have the biggest '80's Boys Crush' on Lea Thompson. The acting is good, the dialogue's witty, this movie is just sweet in every way, even though the final decision seems a little sudden Collapse

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