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  1. 100
    Cornish's raw, nuanced performance and Shortland's sympathetic but unsentimental portrayal of Heidi's fumbling steps toward maturity are underscored by Sydney-based band Decoder Ring's catchy, angst-ridden score.
  2. 88
    Showcases a brilliantly realistic performance by Abbie Cornish as Heidi. She's a provocative mix of naivete and ripe, unbridled sexuality.
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  1. Aug 28, 2014
    A quirky, odd, yet strangely attractive movie about a girl who is looking for... something in entirely wrong places - and in the most curious fashion - and a guy who definitely has issues, but I have no idea what those are.

    Besides one insanely awesome gay moment (yes, I'm easy to please), Sam Worthington totally stole my attention in this movie. Heidi's role was prominent, but also a bit strange, and I liked it how they gave Joe (Worthington) a lot of room to play his part in the story.

    Besides some strange relationship drama, this was a harsh approach into a woman's sexuality, I guess, and how wrong it can all go when one is seeking for closeness, affection or love. Not that I'm too sure about that because I never really caught the deep meaning of the story itself. I guess I need to watch this movie again some time and see if I can detect it then.

    The story moved steadily, but sometimes it seemed a bit aimless - just like Heidi's existence and attempts to connect with Joe, only to be rejected at times. She seemed almost out of it sometimes, but that gave the movie a bit of an artsy flavor as well. Joe remained a big mystery to me, really. He was there, he did his thing, he wanted to be there, and then he didn't. Maybe it was fear, of confusion, or a lack of knowledge about what he wanted. In a way that was also a rather real portrayal of a man's uncertainties and fears.

    Definitely worth one watch, and perhaps another as well. There's a good story there, albeit a bit confusing sometimes because it seems to drag while still moving forward. See for yourselves.
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  2. ChadS.
    Aug 21, 2006
    Heidi(Abbie Cornish) does slutty things, but she doesn't come off as being a slut. Heidil is carnivorous, and yet she projects a vulnerability that prevents the audience from turning on her. Even when the girl is at her sluttiest, or to put it more kindly, when Heidi is at the apex of her self-debasement, the potential eroticism of drug-addled promiscuity is neutralized by our recognition that this sex-bomb is largely unformed and hurting. "Sommersault" is like a cross between "Lolita" and "Ruby in Paradise". It's marred somewhat by an overabundance of nudity, and the filmmaker's insistence that Joe(Sam Worthington) is a figure compelling enough that warrants a breakaway from Heidi's narrative. Full Review »
  3. PallaviK.
    Jun 19, 2006
    Visually so powerful. Very moving. Just so.... lovely.