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  1. Reviewed by: Loren King
    Riveting tale of family dynamics packed with as much drama, conflict, and poignancy as the best feature film.
  2. Rarely does a movie combine so much genuine human drama with such vivid exemplifications of "identity politics" and other sociocultural issues.
  3. A documentary with the emotional power of the very best in narrative film. It has characters impossible to forget, moments impossible to shake and an ending that leaves the audience both moved and rattled.
  4. A work of intimate and wrenching humanity.
  5. 91
    Aronson's intriguing, complicated and well-filmed documentary will keep you talking for days.
  6. Reviewed by: Holly Willis
    Perfectly situated in the maelstrom of the personal and the political, Sound and Fury creates a space for serious, obstinate contention.
  7. Josh Aronson's Sound and Fury, as illuminating and comprehensive as it is heart-wrenching, is an example of what the documentary can accomplish at its most vital and engaging.
  8. Most fascinating about this PBS documentary is the unflinching look at the dynamics of the three generations involved.
  9. 88
    By the time the film is over, you may not feel differently about the key issues than you first did, but you will have many more facts (sound) and opinions (fury) to consider.
  10. Both intellectually absorbing and emotionally gripping.
  11. 80
    Josh Aronson's thoroughly engrossing documentary Sound and Fury is as much about children's rights as it is about the impact of cochlear-implant technology on a family in which deafness runs through three generations.
  12. Reviewed by: Anita Gates
    Powerful, insightful, important and emotionally wrenching.
  13. The real revelation of Sound and Fury is how it introduces hearing people to a culture they insist on ignoring.
  14. In 80 minutes, the film accumulates a staggering gravity.
  15. 75
    Extremely well-made (and evenhanded) film.
  16. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    A moving look at the choices parents make on their children's behalf, and the reasons behind those choices.
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  1. Sep 16, 2014
    Sound and Fury is among the best human interest documentaries that I've enjoyed despite it having identity politics as a primary theme. TheSound and Fury is among the best human interest documentaries that I've enjoyed despite it having identity politics as a primary theme. The producers had the unique opportunity to follow two brothers, both parents of deaf children, and explore how different values led to different decisions. Full Review »