Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 22
  2. Negative: 14 out of 22

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  1. 60
    Speed 2 is a well-above-average armrest-gripper with little in it to upset the children excepting, perhaps, Dafoe's lengthy white teeth, and the fact that UB40 provide onboard cabaret.
  2. Despite huge resources at Mr. De Bont's disposal and the fact that both he and Ms. Bullock have achieved stellar status since ''Speed'' screeched onto movie screens, the sequel is still a B-movie at heart.
  3. It's all idiotic but energetic, directed by Jan De Bont in his usual techno-action style.
  4. 50
    The last half-hour is a decent enough ride, with Dafoe controlling the ship by Powerbook and product placement, while Bullock and Patric demonstrate the triumph of American gumption over high tech, the better to save all hands on deck.
  5. Nathanson's script has a disheartening let's get on with it air, and the film feels like marathon training...
  6. Reviewed by: Emanuel Levy
    Lacking the manipulative structure of "Speed," which shrewdly interspersed rousing set pieces throughout the story, Speed 2 is vastly uneven, trying in its second hour to recoup energy and compensate the audience for all the exposition of the initial reels.
  7. 40
    Not nearly as clever at taxing the audience's knuckles as its forerunner, Speed 2 still manages to stay above board long enough to merit a look-see, if only to relish the once-in-a-lifetime pleasure of Mr. Dafoe and his pet leeches.
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Overwhelming dislike- based on 86 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 14
  2. Negative: 9 out of 14
  1. sLm
    Sep 23, 2012
    Just 3 words: Mobile phones existed?
  2. Sep 28, 2015
    Horrible and hideous to the extreme it shouldn't have been made! What a horrible, **** sequel to an awesome film! Disgraceful! A good exampleHorrible and hideous to the extreme it shouldn't have been made! What a horrible, **** sequel to an awesome film! Disgraceful! A good example of a horrible sequel. You can tell EXACTLY why Keanu turned it down and rejected Speed 2 even though he was offered a $12 million paycheck. Just watch the entire film and you'll see why: it's flat out boring and lame. Unnecessary sequel. For me, that was a very wise move, Keanu! I would totally give him the props (bro fist) and five thumbs up, not for ditching Jan and Sandra but for criticizing the film's plot, setting and script. He knows what a horrible, **** sequel is when he sees it. Even if Keanu returned as Jack, he would truly shine as Jack but that's not enough to save this movie. You're better off watching the first film. Great decision Keanu! You truly deserve a raise! Jason Patrick, although he does do his best to shine as Annie's new policeman fiancé, let's face it: NOBODY, not even Jason can replace Keanu's role (no offence). Jack has just the right facial appearance and the right amount of mischief in his eyes to be a born heroic cop. He's the MAN! Although Sandra, Willem and director Jan try to prevent this already waterlogged sequel from sinking to the bottom of the ocean by inserting some twists and turns, a few action sequences and some laughable dialogue, the biggest flop of this sequel is the lack of thrill with a slow-moving cruise ship rather than a fast, wired-for-explosive-destruction bomb laden city bus zooming above 50 MPH through the streets of Los Angeles and ending up at the airport. Even when the ship crashes into a beach town of Saint Martin bringing it to a halt, look at how slow the ship is, even at full speed. It BARELY damaged the area. I mean, look at the substantial amount of deceleration in this film. It was slower and poorer, like a garbage truck or by watching paint dry. As soon as Kenau declined to reprise his role as Jack, Sandra (as Annie) should have followed. The director Jan could have done a better job at the plot line and setting like have Daniel Payne (Howard's son) avenge his father's death by rigging a huge C4 in the cargo area of a Boeing 737 that Jack, his wife Annie and their two sons are flying on vacation to Hawaii activate if it accelerates above 185 knots and ascends above 2300 feet (the captain or first officer gets injured leaving the other pilot to fly the plane with Jack and Annie assisting him. After ALL the hostages parachute to safety from the moving plane, the out of fuel Boeing 737 nosedives into the ground. Jack, Mac and Annie continue to defeat Daniel using a slightly different scam than from the first film. After Jack, Mac and Annie kill Daniel, they all head home into the sunset or eat pizza in a restaurant. That's more like what the plot should have been; on a fast moving vehicle, with Keanu and Sandra's characters married (they make such an adorable couple) and a few newcomer child actors for the two sons. This flopped sequel just killed the speed film franchise. I doubt there will ever be a Speed 3 (Keanu declined the possibility of a third film) and if there is and reunites Keanu and Sandy, I just hope they can still maintain their young looks from the '90s. Annie's character is significantly reduced here. Also, Glenn Plummer, Joe Morton and Sandra Bullock are the only ones to reprise. Jan should have abandoned the project for a sequel when Reeves quit. Honestly, Keanu is so smart and generous to decline and explore other opportunities. WELL DONE KEANU THUMBS UP! Full Review »
  3. Aug 17, 2015
    best thing about this movie was temura Morrison and his acting but the plot was week but i recommend watching this movie with your girl friendbest thing about this movie was temura Morrison and his acting but the plot was week but i recommend watching this movie with your girl friend its fine then Full Review »