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  1. Jan 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I was expecting a sci-fi horror, and that is not what I got. It had the sci-fi,and it had the horror, but the wrong kind of horror. Truly a disturbing flick, with the bisexual screwing/rape from a transgenic... Really nasty. Not enough good stuff at all to make up for it. Expand
  2. Jun 10, 2013
    This is kind of an interesting sci-fi movie worth recommending if the characters weren't so stupid. It is a good time while you are watching it, but the more you think about it the more you shake your head.
  3. Jun 7, 2013
    It never quite makes the leap into being a bonafide sci-fi flick. Like a few other people have stated, it wavers between having a thought provoking message and being a simple horror movie. It never fully commits to either. There are some really tense moments to be sure, and these are the best moments in the film. Overall, I think Splice was just a huge missed opportunity. I own it, and every time I watch it, that's what I think to myself. It could have been a challenging moral film or a terrifying horror film, but it never gets its identity in line, doing both only marginally well. Pretty forgettable to be honest. Expand
  4. Apr 1, 2013
    Atrevida bioetica y volteretas a la moral, con interesantes propuestas como la identidad propia así como la sexual. No es terror por el ser creado sinó por lo que nos mueve en nuestro interior.
  5. Mar 16, 2013
    I didn’t enjoy this film as much as I was expecting to; I guess I wanted better from the director of Cube. I felt there wasn’t enough character development and so I found it very hard to sympathise with either of the leads. It is alluded to that one of them may have had psychological problems as a child but this is just skated over and when it later becomes a major plot point it has lost all of the impact it might have had. I thought the performances were all right with nobody really standing out. I do have to give a little praise to Delphine Chanéac though for her portrayal of Dren though; it was more of a mime because there’s no dialogue, but I thought she did it well. Over all, a disappointing film that promised much but failed to deliver by the end. It all became a little too predictable from the point the cat appears on the scene; you *know* it’s going to end badly for the cat what is it with filmmakers and cats!? Let kitty live! It might gain you an extra point!

    SteelMonster’s verdict: NOT RECOMMENDED

    My score: 5.2/10
  6. Feb 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Science Fiction is my passion. I write it, I read it, I watch it, I love it, but movies like Splice are what keeps people away from the genre. This film is twisted, disgusting, and just up. Two scientists decide they can splice human and animal DNA to create a genetically perfect being. This being would naturally produce cures to many diseases and could change the world. The whole time I was waiting for this thing to go crazy and kill everyone, but it doesn't quite happen that way. First, the scientists treat it like a pet, than a baby, than they it... Oh no, I'm not joking! This film is disgusting! ...and how come everything these scientists make looks like a big penis? Seriously, I have never seen something that is just so pointless and disturbing. I can honestly say I wish I hadn't seen this film. Expand
  7. Apr 15, 2012
    Not a bad film, just not great. It reminded me of a classic 80's horr film that started out very strong and then moved just slightly too far from it's initial promise, Good? yes, Great, no. A little to ham-fisted in it's drive to discuss the implications in genetic manipulation, while still telling an interesting story. Worth seeing at least once.
  8. Mar 7, 2012
    The failure of this film comes from the rapid-fire and never ending series of embarrassingly awful decisions made by the two main characters and how easily they get away with all of them. Suspension of disbelief is the film makers' responsibility.
  9. Nov 11, 2011
    Splice is a weird and funny film with many moments of shock.
  10. Oct 9, 2011
    This movie, simply and shortly: didn't make any sense. It's actually pretty funny to watch, that's how silly it is. I get Sci-Fi, I get scientific thrillers, but you know what I don't get? Splice.
  11. Sep 27, 2011
    "Spice" is a movie that urges you not to observe the plot, but to observe the maturity and growth of a CGI'd SF creature. The movie's pretty fun to watch like looking at a science experiment.
  12. j30
    Sep 22, 2011
    This is one disturbing movie that's really hard to recommend to anyone. I thought it was really good up until the ridiculous ending. But I guess the whole thing is kind of ridiculous anyways.
  13. Aug 22, 2011
    what can i say this is one of the stupidest movies not just in 2010 but in the the 2000s. The movie 100% predictable whitch uasally doesnt not bother me most movies but this just sucks. the story is just simply and dumb as all that happens is a science experiment went wrong, thats it. As for a horror movie, its far from it as i didnt jump once and i sure many other people didnt either. unless its free dont see this one as its one of the worst of 2010 Expand
  14. Jun 27, 2011
    its like the movie spieces except not even near as good as that movie was. its basically 90 min of absoulutly nothing going on then in the last 10 min some thing starts to happen but by then you wont care and just want this mindless dribble to end .
  15. Jun 1, 2011
    I remain split with this film. While always enjoying a good gore flick, I am not sure that this film really satisfied my taste for gore the way i wanted it to. It achieves in making you realize just how sick and twisted it is to experiment with human DNA and the result is truly heartbreaking. When the film takes the "horror" turn, it looses it's originality and becomes just another monster chase instead of sticking with it's roots in the first act. Not really that good, and I would not watch it again for pleasure.......but perhaps just to enjoy the occasional train-wreck. Expand
  16. Dec 27, 2010
    I haven't seen a movie this bad in awhile. The audience I saw it with was laughing along with me at all the really stupid people on the screen that kept making stupid decisions. One after the other. If this was a typical scary movie that might be acceptable, but these are supposed to be brilliant scientists. There are so many eye-rolling moments in this film you have to see it to believe it. I was in the mood for a good Sci-Fi movie because I hadn't seen one in awhile, and this was a total disappointment. Expand
  17. Dec 16, 2010
    Vincento Natali has directed the most stuningly original pictures in recent memory. Both Cube and Nothing were definitely polarizing, but their concepts remained novel as well as practically unmatched in their respective genres. Splice doesn't differ from these movies in this matter a lot. It follows a pair of scientists who successfully has been creating genetic hybrids of various animals. When they attempt to add human DNA to the their formula, the results are both surprising and potentially destructive. The movie's premise may sound quite preposterous at first, yet Natali manages to craft his very own genre hybrid that cannot be labelled as one-dimensional or shallow. Splice effectively blends a sci-fi theme of cloning with observational drama and gruesome horror forming the movie quite reminiscent of David Cronenberg's early work. Splice is also wildly unpredictable taking viewers to uncomfortable places without any warning. In this way Natali explores numerous fascinating themes concerning moral dilemmas on cloning, the relation between creators and a clone and many others I'm not going to mention in order not to reveal any spoilers. What's more, the movie clearly benefits from its complex central performances delivered by Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody. The dynamics between these two actors feel strikingly authentic throughout, which grounds the movie in reality. Overall, Splice is a treat for everybody interested in cinema that doesn't provide easy answers. It's equally ingenious and shocking. 9/10 (A-) Expand
  18. Dec 14, 2010
    A really bad horror movie not one part of this movie will scare you. the plot is very weak and is so so., The climax is built very slow and the ending is very dissapointing dont go see this movie unless its free.
  19. Nov 30, 2010
    I don't really know how to rate this movie. It freaked me out and really disturbed me. It's not scary, but is just morally confusing. The acting isn't great, the plot could be better, and some of the effects were a tad on the lame side, especially the giant living boogers they make.
  20. Nov 22, 2010
    "Splice" is definitely a unique and engaging sci-fi flick. First movie of 2010 that I actually like (7th time out this year). Hollywood, you finally have it right. The creature named Dren is part human, and part alien basically. The movie centers on Dren, as their two creators call it. They're both biogeneticists that feel they're on the verge of a scientific breaktrough and they create this creature that attaches to them like a baby. But things turn ugly when genetics become out of control. The crew did a fantastic job with the build-up of suspensful scenes and camera angles, which allows viewers to focus more on the film, and not how well it's produced, because of the fact it's produced well. Splice is for anybody who likes a creature feature, and is the perfect start for the Summer Movie Season for 2010. Expand
  21. Nov 7, 2010
    Somewhat predictable, but its kind of sexy. A better than average sci fi. Who would think a new species with chicken legs, bald head, feathers, a tail, and four 3 fingers could be hot. But Dren certainly is. The director had a lot of guts to leave in the "impaled cat scene." A good Saturday night popcorn movie!
  22. Nov 5, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well, that was educational. As a scientist, I should make note never to fool around with human DNA. And if I do, never to let subjects grow into freakish but at the same time strangely cute girls. And at any rate, never ever to have sex with them; well, maybe just once. (Note to self: same goes for aliens and other monstrosities). Sometimes it doesn't end well.

    Seriously now, the movie is not all bad. It doesn't work as a horror and the storyline is ridiculous. However, I found it fresh and amusing enough to be worth watching.
  23. Nov 1, 2010
    One of the worst movies lately. TERRIBLE script, terrible acting, special affects good. Impossible premise and totally stupid. Monster has sex with husband and wife not too upset about it. They argue for two sentences then kiss each other. Later, monster changes into a man and has sex with the wife too!! If you like this at all...either your totally perverted or have no brains or are too young to have seen a good movie and mistake this for one of them.
    Total waste of time and money.
  24. Oct 25, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I thought that this was going to be some type of scary, suspenseful sfi-fi creature flick and was very disappointed to find out that it was just a boring, un-scary, STUPID movie. Believe me a (3) rating is quite generous, the main characters were bland and the majority of the movie was about a couple of rouge scientists raising their pseudo human/kangaroo/bat/fish creature in a barn as their own child. And if you start to feel like this is some type of ET movie halfway through, that will change when they have sex with their man made humanoid, like I said, STUPID. Some of the reviews that I read here said that this movie is funny or hilarious, perhaps, if you are completely baked, don't waste your time or money. Expand
  25. Oct 25, 2010
    The movie has great special effects, but the storyline is just sick. Acting is O.K. but far from outstanding. It was supposed to be a horror movie, but it didn't frighten me at all.
  26. Oct 16, 2010
    whoever thought that adding weird manimal sex scenes to this movie was a a good idea should be ashamed of themselves it was an extremely unpleasant and disturbing way to make a bad movie even worse
  27. Oct 13, 2010
    disturbing + boring plot = don't bother Not nearly as good as an hour long episode of outer limits, sorry I watched it. Scifi horror is one of my favorite film genres, and I have watched a lot of disturbing crazy horrible stuff in my days, but this was the only one I wished I had not watched. Nothing high minded here, don't even bother to watch. Especially sad since Adrien Brody usually makes every movie worth watching. Expand
  28. Oct 13, 2010
    This movie isn't good. It isn't scary, but it is quite disturbing. Although Dren looks human, she is mostly other animals, so Adrian Brody has sex with an animal. Bestiality isn't something I wish to see, and even when the animal looks human, it just creeps me out.
  29. Oct 13, 2010
    As a Canadian I can tell you that we are are much less prude like in our examination of sexual topics. This film bring Canadian deals with some weird stuff that I imagine makes audiences uncomfortable. That's why everyone is laughing I would suppose; they don't understand it or it makes them uncomfortable. I'm not saying it's a great movie, but it's entertaining and examines some weird/controversial topics that I imagine freaks people out. It's definitely an unsettling movie Expand
  30. Air
    Oct 8, 2010
    Really, don't expect anything stellar here. The biggest fault of the movie is that it tries to blend elements from various genres into one, mediocre package. The premise is intriguing; you are in a reality where gene splicing is already being used to cure many diseases of creatures other than humans (or something along that line). Two scientists who are in a romantic relationship decide to do the bold, and try using human genes in the splicing process. It is from that moment where they create the hybrid creature until the next hour which you must endure what can be called a "child-raising" sequence. However, right as you begin to think this is what the movie is all about, it takes a huge right turn and puts it in more of a horror-movie style setting, but only for a couple of minutes. Literally. It's obvious this was just put in there so they could snag the horror fanatics in their marketing, but if you come into this expecting a deep, compelling, and thought-provoking Sci-Fi film, or a scary and thrilling Horror film, then you may have come to the wrong place. Collapse
  31. Oct 8, 2010
    I thought this sci-fi/horror film was well done. Some parts were very disturbing which I like to see in a horror film. But for me it just kinda went on too long. But I enjoyed it very much and I would watch it again. But it's probably one of those movies where you can only watch once and think it's good. I give it a good and a MEH.
  32. Sep 30, 2010
    Smart and funny pretending to be dumb and serious and cranking the lunacy to 11. A ridiculous script and tonal clunkiness are well compensated by a genuine sense of overall wrongness and transgression not seen since Cronenberg's venereal horrors. This mad scientist, my-god-what-have-we-done creature feature will make you gasp and thoroughly creep you out. And I'm not talking about the "scary scenes" or inter-species sex/rape/incest interludes. Not quite in the league with "Dead Ringers", but miles ahead of fluff like "Species" and most of the CGI driven contemporary SF/horror films. Expand
  33. Sep 25, 2010
    What began as a truly interesting and unique piece of sci-fi somehow ended up an absurd mess of impossibilities. It's as if the director decided to throw in every plot twist imaginable into the last half hour of the film. As a whole, credit is due for the unique content but the atmosphere established throughout is spoiled by the insane ending.
  34. Sep 19, 2010
    The spawn of Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley takes after her two lab nerd parents in the sci-fi shocker Splice. Genetically concocted Dren - loopy, endearing and freakish - has the smarts of both rebellious scientists Elsa and Clive. Dren's got the unpredictable, relentless will of Elsa, and the soulfulness of Clive. Very much like E.T., she wants to phone home. Alas, she has no home except where she finds herself now, in the spooky land of her creators.

    With spot-on acting by Brody and Polley as hotshot splicers who are romantically involved, Splice soon becomes a horror treat. It immerses us in the ethical drama created by the two scientists. The violent scenes whet one's horror appetite, and only become gratuitous later in the film.

    Chafing at the restrictions set by the pharmaceutical company that sponsors them, Elsa and Clive have set up their own lab (called "Nerd," from which they derive Dren's name). It is here where Dren is born.

    The pleasant surprise here is Delphine Chaneac as Dren, whose complex performance rivals her computer generated chicken legs and barbed tale. She's all yearning and devilish mischief. Howard Berger crafted the special effects.

    Oscar winner Brody is the conscience of the film. Exasperated, he reminds Polley about right and wrong even while he crosses that line himself. The plot is predictable as we worry about genetically engineered creatures run amok. The puzzle of Dren's fate is a smart, perplexing understory. Dizzying wealth drives the company's research while remaining its ultimate motive in creating genetic cures.

    Polley renders a particularly cold, hungry, vulnerable genius in Elsa. There's a subplot about Elsa's insane mother. While she doesn't avoid the possibility of passing along those genes to Dren, her Dr. Frankenstein creature will yield precious cures for chronic diseases. Splice is chilling to the very end, and makes one wonder whether creatures like Dren already exist here on Earth.
  35. Aug 15, 2010
    A truly disturbing and thought-provoking movie, far better than your average pop-corn scary flick - so I can see why some viewers disliked it. But the creepiest scenes aren't gratuitious at all. What's human? What's a beast? Are our behavioral patterns dictated by nature or culture? And most of all... was Sigmund Freud right? These are some of the questions posed by the film which. Good work, Natali, and congrats for casting two real actors and not random bimbos (like other horror movies.) Expand
  36. Aug 14, 2010
    Average sci-fi movie. It's worth watching it for free, but I'm not sure I would pay to see in the theater or on DVD. It's a hair better than the made for SyFy movies.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 35
  2. Negative: 2 out of 35
  1. Despite Brody and Polley's reasonable efforts, they can't compensate for a script that undermines its curiosity about humanity.
  2. A cheeky, great-looking, thoughtfully loopy creature feature about the lure and dangers of cutting-edge gene splicing.
  3. Reviewed by: John Defore
    Writer/director Vincenzo Natali takes his tale in some truly icky directions, not quite making it into Cronenbergland but going far enough to elicit solid 'ewww' laughs from the crowd.