Feature Presentations Releasing | Release Date: October 12, 2012
Summary: What does it mean for our collective future when we are too divided to address the challenges we face as a nation? SPLIT: A Deeper Divide is the riveting investigation into the partisanship paralyzing our politics, going beyond the bitter rancor to reveal the truth of why our country is more polarized and our politics more gridlocked than at any other time in recent memory. Through unparalleled access to the most insightful and recognizable names analyzing politics and society, the documentary unpacks the partisan wedges that have been driven ever deeper into our national fabric and the devastating impact these have had on our democracy. The film moves beyond the headlines of conservatives vs. liberals to the deeper questions of why: Why have we become two Americas? What are the forces - social, cultural, economic, political - that divide our nation so deeply? (Feature Presentations Releasing)
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Runtime: 72 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: www.splitdoc.com
Production: Feature Presentations Releasing
Genres: Documentary
Country: USA
Language: English