American Broadcasting Company (ABC) | Release Date: November 22, 1996
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RickyB.Aug 21, 2006
You guys are all wrong!! Dis movie is really boring and no fun, it was soooo boring that it keeps making me fall asleep.
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Delta_AssaultSep 28, 2011
This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm gonna go ahead and explain one of the biggest flaws I found with First Contact. And this isn't one of the common ones like Picard being an action hero or Cochrane being silly or whatever. Those have all been covered.

The flaw is... the Borg Cube at the beginning of the film is destroyed.

Now, this wouldn't be a problem if it was destroyed in some way that made sense. Like at the end of The Best of Both Worlds, that was a really creative and interesting way to defeat the Borg. Also, it was really the only choice they had, because the Borg were **** unstoppable juggernauts of no-resistance-making and you couldn't defeat them through sheer firepower or combined arms. That was what Q Who and Best of Both Worlds taught us. I mean, the Battle of Wolf 359 is still scarred into every Trekkie's living memory, right? That's for a reason. Wolf 359 was probably the most memorable space battle on the series, and it was one we never even saw! That sorta thing stays with you for a long time.

Well, First Contact comes around and shows us that Q Who and Best of Both Worlds were both wrong. You apparently can defeat the Borg through sheer firepower and combined arms. And that's just wrong, man. That is straight up **** retarded. The Borg are as scary and powerful as they are for a very big reason. It is not because they build giant **** cubes. That helps, but that by itself wouldn't make them all that special.

The Borg's main advantage comes from their ability to adapt. It always has been. This is the trump card that they revealed in Q Who. You fire phasers and photon torpedoes at a Cube, and you'll be able to get in a few shots, but afterwards they will adapt, regenerate, and your weapons are now completely useless. This is an amazing ability which means that they are able to access God mode from the console after you hit em a few times. Even with changing phaser frequencies, you'll only buy yourself a few more shots before they adapt. This has been shown over and over again in the series.

Well, for some reason... the Borg Cube in First Contact seems to have lost the ability to adapt. It's true, don't think I'm making this whole schtick up. After the battle begins, the Enterprise E goes from the border of the Romulan Neutral Zone to the Sol System. This presumably takes some time. I dunno how long, let's just say a couple of hours at least, right? That's probably pretty reasonable. And the cube battle begins from the Typhon sector and ends up at the Sol System. So from start to finish, it's a couple of hours. And the Cube apparently doesn't adapt in that amount of time. Because when we finally get to see the battle, on Earth's doorstep, the Borg Cube's still taking hits from phasers, photon torpedoes... all manner of crap. Enterprise E shows up and fires phasers and quantum torpedoes... no adapting on the Cube's part. Where did this adapting ability go? It was on the TV series, but didn't make the transition to the films? WTF guys?

And don't tell me that the Enterprise E's quantum torpedoes worked because they were new weapons and the Cube hadn't had time to adapt yet. Yes, the quantum torpedoes were new, but you can't honestly expect me to believe that the Enterprise E was the first ship at the battle to employ them. There was an enormous fleet fighting the Borg for several hours before the E arrived, surely some of them must have had quantums. I mean, the Defiant has quantum torpedoes, doesn't it? The Defiant sure fought the Cube for a long time. So it surely must've used quantum torpedoes.

So they're peppering it with everything, and the Cube's taking all kinds of damage, even though the Cube from Best of Both Worlds decimated the entire Wolf 359 fleet without taking a scratch. Because they adapted to phasers and photon torpedoes in Best of Both Worlds. Something this Borg Cube apparently can't do. Now Picard on the Enterprise E hears something in his head that lets him know to fire at a certain spot. So all the remaining ships fire at this spot and the Cube blows up.

Now, this is ridiculous in several ways. First of all, how the hell does Picard know what the Borg are thinking? He hasn't known what the Borg were thinking during the last few goddamn seasons of TNG. He was completely cured and rehabilitated after Best of Both Worlds. They drained all the borg nanites and implants and whatnot from his body, right? He doesn't have any Borg stuff on him anymore. So what the hell, how is he receiving it? And why would he be receiving nothing other then the exact way to destroy the Cube? Why would the Borg feel like telling him the exact weakness to exploit to destroy them? In I Borg, did the Borg also somehow tell Picard to insert a virus into Hugh to destroy them as well? And if he has the ability to read the Borg's thoughts, doesn't that mean it could also work both ways?
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