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  1. Mar 17, 2014
    A Great Sequel From A Wonderful Movie !!!

    ** Star Trek Into Darkness **

    * This movie has everything to be best of its franchise its a very successive sequel with great scripting , screenplay and perfect visual effects .This movie has more awesome stuffs with a good story which is packed with lots of action, humor and excitement that drives this movie as a complete success giving us a
    great treat once again !! .

    * The factors that gave the previous movie of this sequel a huge success its being repeated once again in this movie giving the huge advantage and clarity to the whole movie .

    * The characters in this movie were perfect because they did their work perfectly without any faults ,mismatch & mistakes they were all well developed their performance was great during screenplay because it was beautifully executed thus its makes this movie more entertaining and exciting .

    * The Actors performance were fantastic they gave the life to their characters to this movie they deserve applause to their works reigniting the same efforts that are done to the previous movie and for new comers in this movie did there excellent performance as well ! .

    * The Screen play was brilliant it utilized all the characters perfectly displaying correct amount segments need to be executed that gives all that excitement and adventure that we are seeking from this movie .

    * Visual Effects are utilized up to the core with all essentials it has gathered during the screenplay its sparkles with all the clarity .

    * The Director J.J. Abrams has once again gave us the wonderful movie he deserves an applause for making such a great sequel that is both exciting and wonderful !! .

    * The Movie is overall great and awesome !! with all the clarity it has gathered it shines like sparkling gemstones !! .

    Star Trek Into Darkness :**********

    (10/10) Stars
  2. Mar 8, 2014
    It's just as awesome has its predecessor. There's a ton of intense action, humor, powerful acting - everything you expected from this sequel. This is a fantastic visionary roller-coaster ride.
  3. Mar 2, 2014
    I liked it cause it was fast moving, and no where as slow as I thought it might be. The main villain was really interesting. It was the most interesting movie overall that I have seen in a few months.
  4. Feb 22, 2014
    It might not be as awesome as the previous movie, but as a huge Star Trek fan I really liked this movie, because it's so spectacular and thrilling to watch, GO ABRAMS!!!

    The first thing I got to say about this movie is the opening scene, it's one of the greatest opening scenes I've ever seen, and it's even better than in the previous movie! The actors in Star Trek Into Darkness are
    flawless, and combined with the newcomer Benedict Cumberbatch couldn't the actors be more awesome. When it comes to the quality and the special effects in Star Trek Into Darkness do I really think they did a great job, because the film is so well made and it contains so much details, not to mention the lens flares and the new "warp effect", even thought I liked the old one more. Star Trek Into Darkness is truly an awesome movie, because I never got bored, and I really loved the high amount of action and adventure in this movie. The movie also contains many unique and new awesome scenes that just got me of guard, especially the scenes on Earth. The story in Star Trek Into Darkness is flawless, and it truly is an enormous cool movie, that truly is packed of Star Trek references from the original series, which I truly admire as a Star Trek fan. The music is just as awesome in this movie as in the previous one, even thought it wasn't that vigorous as in the previous movie.
    The ending in Star Trek Into Darkness was wonderful, and I can't wait until the next movie comes out!

    The negative thing about this movie is that it wasn't the same high tempo as in the previous movie, but also that it wasn't so much adventure, just darkness and corruption, and it wasn't that much "Star Trek" really. The movie also contains many illogical decisions from some of the characters which made it weird, so it wasn't as great as the 2009 movie.

    Star Trek Into Darkness is an awesome and logical movie to watch, because it's so fascinating, although it wasn't that great as the previous movie.

    Star Trek Into Darkness gets a 9,5/10
  5. Feb 3, 2014
  6. Dec 21, 2013
    What more feature of this movie are the special effects and achieve a great 3D makes you feel like you are in space. No becomes epic as Star Wars (the first released), but manages to be very good. The performances (especially Zachary Quinto perfectly honoring the great Leonard Nimoy) are perfect. The various plot twists, and an unexpected array of characters manage best left to the movie. The action scenes and fights are brilliant. The bad: some dull moments. Expand
  7. Dec 10, 2013
    Starts in the same manner of good old goofy fun as the first film did. We can't get enough proof of Kirk's style of reckless, life-threatening circus stunts which the Starfleet still seems to take for unusual leadership qualities. By my count he should have been court-martialled a long time ago.

    An incident in which Kirk saves Spock's life fails to make him notice why the captain risked
    all to go after him. Kirk is demoted soon to be promoted again. He and his crew are sent to hunt down a mad man named John Harrison on a planet controlled by the Klingons. Needless to say, conflict takes place time and again to spice up the narrative. There's plenty of opportunities for everyone in the crew to display heroics.

    Harrison played by Benedict Cumberbatch was the most interesting part of the movie. Frankly, he is the reason the sequel managed to distinguish itself so well from the first movie. There is not much else going on that does that. Coming with a definite advantage in the acting department, the intensity and raw emotion he brings to the screen make him the most enduring character. He is a baffling individual. Another important character who plays a role in the conflict is Admiral Marcus, who heads the Starfleet. A female character also joins the cast.

    Spock steps up as a character. Many of the most crucial scenes were centred around him. We see more of his half-human portion. I'm coming to believe that Chris Pine only seems to come into his own when he is playing Captain Kirk, who seems to have the same attributes he has in real life.

    The plot was intriguing, and oddly, what kept me excited was the fact that more than halfway through the running time, I still had not made up my mind about who the real villain was. The fighting scenes were thrilling and kept my adrenaline pumping. The score was riveting and an improvement over the one from the last film. The visual effects were spectacular. J.J Abrams took it a bit easy on lens flare this time around.

    Alien species were better handled. Nothing seems to zap someone out of the story faster than an alien interacting with humans as if it were nothing. It immediately makes the sceptics cry out in protest about the non-seriousness of the subject matter, so please no funny looking alien sidekicks for comic relief. If it doesn't achieve anything to advance the plot or show something extremely important, it is probably for the best that they stay out. Klingons, however, do not count in this argument, for they are essential to the story, or will be, hopefully.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The climax was mind-blowing and so were the visual effects. We get to see some very nice-looking new spaceships. The Klingon vessels looked the best and oddly the most like the aircraft from our world. The narrative did not suffer from the focus on the effects, set design, costume and make-up. In pursuit of creating a world which felt real and complete, Abrams did not lose sight of the object of telling a good story. At two hours, the movie felt short. I was ready to go for a bit longer. A few more scenes with Harrison could have perhaps succeeded in bestowing upon the movie a timeless quality. He could have been the Joker of Star Trek's universe.

    Though people would always prefer a good story over an amalgamation of quasi-science and debates about whether something qualifies as science fiction or not, I'm nevertheless pleased that Star Trek universe was brought to mainstream attention with such flare by Abrams. Star Wars may still be the most beloved for reasons other than being set in space (I've always believed that it was liked because of the characters and the conflict rather than the fact that it was set in space), I'm still content that Star Trek managed to show us something that could actually be our future rather than something that is absolutely impossible. For sticking to the limits imposed by the genre, I shall always admire Star Trek more than Star Wars, for the latter would be much better described as a blend between science fiction and fantasy.

    A sequel outshining a first instalment is not so rare, but I've still seen too many which were botched up and left me distrustful of the whole notion. Fortunately, this was not one of those times.
  8. Dec 1, 2013
    I kinda hate star trek. But even I loved this movie. Everyone in the movie was great. All around great movie. Definitely worth seeing if you can. Best Star Trek ever done.
  9. Nov 29, 2013
    It lives up to its hype and predecessor with a very strong script, great acting, great action sequences, a surprising emotional scope and a landmark antagonist.
  10. Oct 1, 2013
    Everyone who gives this movie 0-5 are butt hurt star trek fan boys who have not hand an original thought in their entire lives. The ONLY reason this movie gets less than a ten is because, yes, it wasn't anything like the original Star Trek. This, in my opinion, added to the creativity and allowed the creators to go in directions that would be impossible had they followed the original. I like to view this as a different interpretation of the same story. Just because it's different doesn't mean its bad. For a space cowboy action flick, this one was awesome with a hint of the original to add nostalgia. Kirk developed into a character I was willing to feel for. Spock evolved as well. Kahn was deceptively cunning and evil. The action was grandiose but not over the top. The special effects were done very well and the movie had a good amount of wit and humor. Overall a great watch! Expand
  11. Sep 30, 2013
    Stunning visuals, great plot (slightly complicated but well written), impressive sets, great character chemistry and development, really nothing to complain about with this brilliant movie.
  12. Sep 18, 2013
    It Was the Best Movie I Ever Watch. The Scenes Are Very Epic And Awesome I Watch This Movie 2 Times And I Love It! Is Soo Amazing. Star Trek Was The Best!
  13. Sep 18, 2013
    First, let me begin by simply stating that this is a fantastic movie featuring a well-paced and authentic screenplay that takes advantages of the best audio and video production available.

    The movie features a new villain, new in the sense those who watch the first movie (2009) have not met him before as well as introduces a number of characters and races we know in ways that are
    believable and fun. While at times the movie is predictable, the film includes some twists and turns that keep you enjoying the entire ride. While some fan favorites may not feature as central a role as one would hope, the characters all play an important role in making this a believable environment. For those with families, this would probably be good for anyone 10-12 years old or older. The movie features some lingerie (well, "sexy" underwear) and a few instances of profanity (s word being the worst). Obviously whether this movie is appropriate would depend on your family, but my personal opinion would be as stated above.

    The audio in the movie is fantastic and features strong low frequency extensions (aka will make your subwoofer work) when ships go to warp and other events occur which I won't spoil for you. The highs are warm and vibrant and not shrill or harsh. The sound field envelopes you a few times in a full 360º experience for those with surround sound, with phasers firing, characters talking and action occurring on all sides. Overall, the Dolby HD track on the Blu-Ray would be considered a reference quality audio that is perfect to show off a home theater or to marvel at with your family. This is engaging and purposeful sound that truly transforms the experience.

    The video is sharp and crisp, in beautiful 1080p (Blu-Ray version) with saturated colors where appropriate. The film benefits from a larger screen as you can get more details and can truly appreciate the scale and work that was put into this, but any device will do. There is a little bit of film grain (the little speckles on the picture) which is really only noticeable if looking for it on the darker scenes and in some of the fog like effects. Throughout the film, the camera is very close to the characters, showing detail and color, but can get a bit much if the constant camera motion bothers you. CGI was well done, and never appeared "fake", all of it blended well and felt like part of the set. For some viewers, you may want to watch this at night, or in a room that you can control the light as the sunlight on the TV may wash out some of the blacks, causing you to miss some of the detail that can be found in the dark colors and the blacks.

    Overall, this film is a wonderful experience. It will stimulate all of your movie-goer senses (auditory, visual, and touch if you have a subwoofer). The script is well written, nicely paced, and albeit predictable at times, wholly enjoyable. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys Sci-Fi, Action, and great character interaction.
  14. Sep 18, 2013
    I don't know what some people are saying.... LOL!!! Phisigna and, what do you mean you were okay with how it deviated from the original? You mean the comparative scene between Spock and Kirk in Wrath of Khan?? I'm no Trekkiw, but, um,I just saw the film and, like the first, it is a PREQUEL not a sequel. They are doing a scene that will be 'echoed' in Wrath of Khan as this material is happening decades earlier in the Star Trek universe.

    It is a homage to the original source material.... and a foreshadowing of what is 'to come'. They are changing nothing as it is not the same movie. They are not young cos they will look hotter for Hollywood (this is just a happy by=product), they are the younger versions of themselves. Sorry to state the obvious. And also there is no 'cheating' at the end The other stuff has not happened yet. They could and did do what they wanted. No, my issue is that it was not as good as the first film... but that was a bit of a modern classic. This is good though... and the you know what moment during fight at end is hilariously awesome XD
  15. Sep 17, 2013
    What I admire most about the new Trek films is how they manage to act alongside the previous era, they incorporate the stories and find room for them alongside these new films, Leonard Nimoy had a significant role in the 2009 reboot, but his role wasn't merely a nostalgic track, he was pivotal to the plot and was excellently written to co-exist with his younger Spock counterpart, Zachary Quinto. Into Darkness is another powerful return to the Trek universe, the main reason for this is how much the world is still evolving and characters are still trying to fit into the iconic roles filled before them, most sequels tend to establish their characters as the first film closes, but this return to the Enterprise still finds Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) in an uneasy friendship with Spock, while still making reckless decisions aboard his ship, but the most dire of enemies is just on the horizon, a man within the very ranks of Starfleet itself, Benedict Cumberbatch cuts a very calculated and driven individual in the form of John Harrison, a man whose motives are, at first glance unclear, but as the film progresses, Trek fans know exactly who he really is, the acting from Cumberbatch who speaks in a solid and unshakable tone as he has a mission which he intends to see through, one which tears the crew of the Enterprise apart. There is plenty of character development and also chemistry between the characters to give the whole lot purpose, impressive to look at, but still full of unique individuals.
    While sticking true to its roots, JJ Abrams has also brought many new and fresh devices to reach out to the blockbusters of this generation, where the real visual marvels of the film, what we truly have is a riveting space adventure full of tasers, politics and a nice touch of humour from Keith Urban as the darkly comedic Bones and Simon Pegg as the talkative but amusing Scotty. The comedy comes alongside a very well-written tale of friendship and grief, Harrison isn't a run of the mill villain, he at times shows the demeanour of an anti-hero, out to exact revenge on those who wronged him and his companions in the past, but at other times he is cold and truly calculated in getting what he wants.
    Into Darkness proves that the new generation of space explorers can confidently take the reigns, they take on the mission on explosive fashion, with Abrams having the eye for detail and resolution which is apparent in the film, it may not be as fresh as the first instalment, put this was an ideal continuation and a well-written piece to take its place among one of the best films of the year.
  16. Sep 14, 2013
    If you thought the casting of this group of people was perfect when Bad Robot re-energized the franchise in 2009 then you haven’t seen anything yet! The entire ensemble works so well together, you really get that sense of family that Star Trek perfected in the original series movies and onward. The cast has it in spades. Once again the writers have found a big moments for every single member of the Enterprise family and they did it with even better style than we saw in 2009.
    Yes there are many homages to past Star Trek shows and movies (most of which will only be caught be the real die hard fans) and yes there are one or two very notable call backs to a previous Star Trek film which I thought was done as good if not better in some places than the original. Everything seemed to be done with even more emotional punch than I expected.

    The casting of Benedict Cumberbatch was a stroke of genius. He was so cold and calculating with his words that he virtually stole every scene he was in. In fact he was so convincing that I am pretty sure there even a few Trekkies out that that actually believe he wasn’t really the bad guy in this film. They would attribute that to Peter Weller’s Admiral Marcus. Weller played Marcus so obvious that you could tell he was going to be a villain from the get go and I think that was the point. Marcus was the idiot bad guy who thought he controlled the man who is the real bad guy and ultimately he pays the price for it.

    The film looks better (if that is possible) than its predecessor with a new warp effect and lots of new imagery (especially of 23rd century Earth). The movie didn’t lose it’s breakneck pace even though I think they did slow things down more properly in this film as opposed to the last.

    Overall this felt much more like a traditional Star Trek movie as opposed to the first movie which did remarkable well considering it needed to be restricted to also telling an origin story. Star Trek Into Darkness is a thrilling action/adventure movie if you want it to be that, but it also has deeper meanings underneath the surface about giving Government too much power, war mongering, and whether or not it is worth the cost of war to stop one man. As with any good Star Trek our heroes wrestle with many of the same questions we wrestle with today.

    I can’t believe I am saying this…but…watch out Wrath of Khan. Star Trek Into Darkness is my new favorite film in my favorite film franchise.
  17. Aug 28, 2013
    This film is epic. It's even better than the first film. If you even liked a little the first movie you will love that sequel. It has epic action and moments right from the first scene and it has so much suspense that everyone will love that movie. It's just what epic means in movies. The special effects are excellent as well as the sound that sounded extremely good. Director J.J.Abrams made a great work again though I dont really understand what's all with that sparkles in his movies which were at some points a bit annoying. Despite that little fact that doesn't really matter the film is epic and it surely is a must-watch. Expand
  18. Aug 28, 2013
    Great story. Great plot; not easily given away. Very very few clichés. Great effects. Great actors. Great movie.

    I have to admit, JJAbrams knows how to make a sci-fi movie.
  19. Aug 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really enjoyed this movie it's got action, guns and a chase between Spock and Khan. The only reason why I rated this 9 is when Kirk died if the door was locked, how did they get this body out of that room? But besides that great directing by J.J Abrams and very good acting by Chris Pine Zachary Pinto and Benedict Cumberbatch Expand
  20. Aug 21, 2013
    A pesar de que su predecesora Star Trek (2009) es bastante mejor, Star Trek into Darkness no queda atrás y entrega unos efectos especiales de última generación, visualmente espectacular y nos da un orígen de la serie de TV y películas originales de una manera genial.
  21. Aug 8, 2013
    I was never a big Trek fan but Into Darkness was a movie that I was pleasantly surprised with and wouldn't mind watching again. The performance by Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing and I was not disappointed by any moment. It had a good plot and the best part about it is that the action scenes were nicely put together and didn't in anyway like it was forced.
  22. Jul 18, 2013
    This film is so visually dazzling and epic that it tops the original films and the 2009's film by a ton. The film is so entertaining that there is not a single dull moment. This film is so well acted, scripted, directed that I cannot wait to see another one. Superb entertainment!
  23. Jul 16, 2013
    Filled with beautiful cinematography and visual effects, excellent performances, a clever script, awesome humor, and an emotional attachment to the characters, Star Trek: Into Darkness is not only a great summer blockbuster, but also one of the best films of the year. The additions of more Trekkie references, an awesome villain, and beautiful 3D also boost the film to make it even better than its predecessor. Expand
  24. Jul 14, 2013
    My rating is for sci-fi only, which I don't normally see because it's unbelievable for the most part. But this movie is good fun, and super well-paced, keeping the plot moving quickly. I had no problem with the effects, which means they didn't get in the way. Of course, it is silly fun but as sci-fi goes, it doesn't get much better than this.
  25. Jul 12, 2013
    Fantastic sequel to 2009 reboot phenomena from director J.J. Abrams. Star Trek Into Darkness displays all of the qualities of a sequel done correctly with astounding special effects and enthralling characters who are each sculpted into their own intriguing individuals which allows the viewer to be allured by each and every one. ST:ID is the example of a sequel done right and one that, ever so rarely, surmounts the accomplishments of its predecessor. Expand
  26. Jul 12, 2013
    "Star Trek: Into Darkness" is a sleek, smart, well-crafted movie that takes the Star Trek genre to a whole new level. The characters are funny and witty, and although we've seen much of the plot before in older movies, the movie is well worth the price of the ticket. "Star Trek: Into Darkness" is a step-up from 2009's "Star Trek", with smarter action, smarter dialogue, and a smarter plot. "Star Trek: Into Darkness" is the movie we've all been expecting: it's clever, engaging, and thrilling. "Star Trek: Into Darkness" is sure not to disappoint, and will keep you engaged until it's end. Expand
  27. Jul 10, 2013
    I wasn't a big fan of past Star Trek movies and TV series but the new star trek movie made the world interesting for me and Star Trek Into Darkness added to that interest. Great movie.
  28. Jul 10, 2013
    As someone that watched the original series and ST: TNG more times that I can admit, I love these new movies. This second installment is very, very good. I enjoyed seeing Peter Weller do a turn as an admiral. Story isn't as strong as it was for the first, but still decent, and the acting is again superb. I don't think I can ever tire of seeing Chris Pine go from anguish to calm in under 30 seconds. Benedict Cumberbatch was a wonderful new Khan, even if he's British and much younger than Ricardo. Changes from Wrath of Khan like this did not take away from the enjoyment factor of this film. Fantastic special effects (again), wonderful score, and good costumes. Awaiting the Blu-ray release to watch it again. Expand
  29. Jul 8, 2013
    Considering I have not seen any other Star Trek movie I was pleasantly surprised. I came into the theater expecting this movie to completely suck. In the end I was very surprised and impressed by a decent plot of this movie by todays standards.
  30. Jul 7, 2013
    Cumberbatch made this film. His character is simultaneously terrifying and pitiable, horrible yet caring, and his unpredictability makes his every moment of screen time priceless.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 43 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 43
  2. Negative: 1 out of 43
  1. Reviewed by: Matt Zoller Seitz
    Jun 11, 2013
    Abrams and his screenwriters (Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof) are so obsessed with acknowledging and then futzing around with what we already know about Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Scotty and company that the movie doesn’t breathe.
  2. Reviewed by: Anthony Lane
    May 21, 2013
    You wind up feeling doubly bullied -- first by the brutal enormity of the set pieces, and then by the emotional arm-twisting of the downtimes. [20 May 2013, p.122]
  3. Reviewed by: Lawrence Toppman
    May 17, 2013
    Is it too much to ask that he take a risk next time and kill somebody off, however much we’re used to having them in the “Trek” universe?