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  • Summary: In this psychological thriller, a distraught young man announces to his psychiatrist that he plans to commit suicide in three days. The psychiatrist's desperate attempts to help his new patient lead him through the city on an incredible, nightmarish trip to the place between life and death. (20th Century Fox) Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 29
  2. Negative: 8 out of 29
  1. 88
    The ending is an explanation, but not a solution. For a solution we have to think back through the whole film, and now the visual style becomes a guide. It is an illustration of the way the materials of life can be shaped for the purposes of the moment.
  2. Despite the actors, the visuals and Forster's directorial swagger, the movie lacks impact.
  3. 58
    In Stay, the director, Marc Forster, fresh from "Finding Neverland," turns Manhattan into a nightmarish dreamscape and his characters into self-destructive ghosts.
  4. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    An ultra-arty "The Sixth Sense" that deliberately inhibits comprehension of the story until the very end -- and arguably continues to inhibit it even then -- pic features certifiably talented people on both sides of the camera collaborating on a project that probably shouldn't have been undertaken in the first place.
  5. There's really not much of an audience for this picture. The movie demands that its viewers put the fragmented images and information together like an intellectual jigsaw puzzle, but it never gives those viewers a good reason to do so.
  6. 40
    It's become a tired cliché for characters in "serious" science-fiction movies not to realize they're dead or dying, but Stay as a film doesn't seem to realize that it's dead from the outset, an unconvincing automaton grimly going through the motions.
  7. 25
    Neither thrilling nor psychological, but it's chicly shot and edited and is pretty much art-directed to death.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 39
  2. Negative: 12 out of 39
  1. LindseyH.
    Oct 24, 2005
    The only thing about this movie that I find confusing is the abundance of poor reviews it has been getting. Stay is a beautiful film, with a superb cast, and an excellent storyline. There is no trickery involved, as it is quite apparent throughout the film that it is NOT taking place in reality. I found nothing pretentious about it. It was definitely arty, as are all of Marc Forster's films - he is attempting to impress the importance and influence of art in everyday life. I've seen a lot of films in my short lifetime, and in my honest opinion Stay is one of the best. Expand
  2. Aug 18, 2013
    This movie is a piece of art, It's like a dream. I have watched it several times and each time I've enjoyed it more. The acting is remarkable, especially Ryan Gosling who plays Henry. The directing is super artistic! I felt like I was in a dream when the scenes blurred into each other. The story was brilliant! The ending was so breathtaking and made me stay with the film after it was finished. This movie is so deep and some people may not enjoy or understand it completely, but for me 'Stay' is the greatest movie of all time! Expand
  3. geofd.
    Oct 28, 2005
    If you understand what you see. You will love this film. Well Done.
  4. PavelR
    Mar 28, 2009
    The directing, the script, the editing, the clothes, the colors...all add up to a means that makes the films more transcending than your average thriller. Expand
  5. NathanB.
    Nov 22, 2006
    Excellent artistic and cinematographic work. The ending is convoluted and requires a lot of thinking but if you're willing to think, you should be satisfied. On the other hand, they worked too hard to throw you off and it kind of impedes their message. Expand
  6. blatkakakakack
    Sep 16, 2007
    Boooooo. I'm not smart enough to understand this genius film.
  7. MalcomM.
    Oct 20, 2005
    A pretentious piece of film trying desperately to find some sense from itself, which come to think of it, should commit suicide in itself (in the real world). Heck, after watching the movie, i can barely even make sense of what I'm saying here! Expand

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